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     Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, Thursday, July
23, 1936.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky met in President McVey's office at 10:30 a.m,
on Thursday, July 23, 1936.   The members of the Committee present
were James Park, R. Miller Holland and Robert G. Gordon.   Presi-
dent Frank L. McVey, D. H. Peak, secretary of the Board, and James
H. Graham, Dean of the College of Engineering, were present.   In
the absence of Richard C. Stoll, Mr. Park was elected chairman of
the meetings,

     1. ALproval of Minutes,

     The minutes of the meeting of June 16, 1936 were approved as

     2. Financial Report Deferred.

     Business Agents Statement:

          We are unable to make complete financial report
     for June and the fiscal year ending June 30, 1936, be-
     cause under the state laws books are not closed until
     September 30, 1936.

          Total income, however, is as follows: General
     Fund, $1,232,655.97; Patterson Hall Funds, $58,559,50;
     Experiment Station Funds, $401,319.34; Agricultural
     Extension Funds, $694,526,51; Trust Funds, $4,965.54.

          Practically the entire amount of funds was expend-

     3. Requisition Committee Report.

     The Requisition Committee filed written report of its action
each week from May 21, 1936, to July 23, 1936, inclusive.    The
report shows that orders had been made by the Business Office on
the authority of the Requisition Committee in the manner prescrib-
ed by the Board of Trustees and state laws, running from No.
7293 to No. 7779, year 1935-36, and from No. 1 to No, 204, year
1936-37.   The report was examined, and on motion and second the
orders named therein were ratified and approved and payments on
said orders were authorized and approved.   The following budget
additions, shown in the report, were approved: Library stacks,
$la74.03; Administration Building, $76.80; Business Office files,
$89.26; Library room, $725.00; Building materials, $;2665,91
Building repairs, $193.20; Library construction, $812.5O0



      4, Allotments,

      The Board of Finance and Budgetary Control at its meeting,
1936, made allotments for the University of Kentucky for the first
three months of the fiscal year 1936-1937 as follows:

                            Appropriation             Allotment

     Division of Colleges    $660,000,00              56,750,00
     College of Agriculture    24,000.00               4,000.00
     Summer School              8,000.00               8,000.00
     Experiment Station        48,000.00              11,400.00
     Service Laboratories       21,000.00              6,500.00
     Nursery Inspection          21000.00                600.00
     Princeton Substation       14,000.00              3,325,00
     quicksand Substation       14,000.00              3,325,00
     Agricultural Extension    120,000.00             28,500,00
     Repairs                     8,000 00              6,000 00

     5. Interest on Land Grant Bonds.

     President McVey reported that the amounts due the University
by the State as interest on the Land Grant bonds, amounting to
812966,75 had been credited to University account by the Auditor
of Public Accounts as Morrill-Nelson Revolving Fund and that the
fund is available for expenditure under terms of the grant. There
was due July 1, 1936, interest for six months, $4322.25.   The
Business Agent waa directed to take proper steps for collection

     6, Audit of Business Office Accounts.

     President McVey referred to the question of' annual audit of
Business Office accounts,   The Business Agent stated that under
the state law the books may not be closed until September 30X
1936,   It having been suggested at a previous meeting of the
Board of Trustees that Kentucky accountants be given an opportunity
to consider making the audit and to bid thereon, it was decided
that the matter be called to the attention of Lexington, Louisville,
and other accounting concerns by members of the Committee and the
Business Agent.   Further action was deferred to the September
meeting of the Board of Trustees.

     7. Student Deposits.

     President MoVey presented a statement by the Business Agent
in which he stated that the operation of the General Deposit plan
had not proved as satisfactory as was contemplated.    The members
present were not willing to authorize return to the system of
special deposits, stating that such system would be too great a
burden on many students,   However, on motion and second, it was


ordered that a room deposit of $5.00 may be required of applicants
for residence in the residence halls, this  to be in addition to
the general deposit of $6.00 to be required of each student regis-
tering for eight or more hours.

         Sundr  Ledger Accounts: Revolvn, Trust and Federal Flluds.

     On motion, duly seconded and carried, it was ordered that all
orders of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee hereto-
fore made and recorded in the Minutes, relative to Sundry Ledger
accounts, Revolving, Trust and Federal Funds, be reaffirmed and ap-
proved,   This order is to apply especially to the order made by
the Executive Committee at meeting of June 30, 1934, Sec. 10, and
to the order made by the Exeoutive Committee at meeting of October
23, 1934, See, 7,   It was further ordered that the amount collect-
ed for post office box rental be classed as a student activity col-
lection, to be credited for each fee for eight or more hours,    It
was further ordered that a student activity fee of 50 cents be de-
ducted from each summer school fee, this latter to be used for the
purpose of providing lectures and entertainment for summer school

     9, Uncollected Student Fees.

     The Business Agent made the following report;

         I have had checked the unpaid fees for the year 1935-
     1036.   The total amount for the first semester is
     $1,241.18; the total amQunt for the second semester is
     $2,732.12, making grand total of $3,973.30,    Of this
     amount approximately $l,0OO.00 is due to the NYA.
     The total amount of fees collected for the year was
     .232,425,50  That makes the unpaid amount.0l1  per
     cent of the amount of paid fees,

          Part of these fees will be collected this year
     so that I think the percentage will be reduced possibly
     to one per cent.   It Is my opinion that the above
     amount of unpaid f ees should be charged of' and not
     carried as an asset,

     It was ordered that all unpaid student f ees and $tudent ac-
counts for fiscal year ending June 30, 1936, be charged off and
not carried as assets on the books of the Bustnews Office,



     10. rire and Tornaado Insurance,

     Report of Business Agent:

          I have taken up with the Insurance Department the
     problem of Insurance on University property and I sub-
     mit herewith the blanks that the department has sent us,
     showing what insurance has been placed on buildings and
     contents.   The amount br Experiment Station and College
     combined is $l6,789.45), Eperiment Statiorn being $3,605.29
     and College being 813,184.16,

          I am Infor~lled that the State Insurance Department
    has had the excess of insurance over $200,O00 on any
    one building insured In old line companieQ, the cost
    of which is included In the above.

          Klair and $crtt has written part of the insurance
     on the dormitories and another company has been given
     $15,000.0 of this insurance.    The bill of Klair and
     Scott Is 8194.l14,  1hile I do not have bill from the
     other company, according to Klair and Scott's charges,
     this should be approximately $12.00.

         Alfred G. Powell has written the insurance on the
    Service Building, bill for which I am submitting amount-
    ing to 8634.U0

    11, Sales Tax -   ot    licable to  ducatlonal Institutions.

    The Business Agent reported that he had received the commun-r
loation that follows regarding tax on certain sales,    He stated,
however, that In a letter to Mr. James Atiorris, manager of the
Ganpus Book Store, that the ruling in the letter seems to have
been qualified so as to apply only to sales maae during the
service of meals.

                                         June 23, 1936

     W, D. H. Peak
     Business Agent
     University of Kentucky

     Dear Mr. Peak:*
                    We have just completed a conference
     with the Attorney Greneral, as a result of which we
     are ruling that sales of oommodities subject to tax
     under House Bill 5D of the   xtraordinary Revenue Ses-
     sion are not subject to tax if made by an educational
     or charitable Institution.



                    The fact that the Commons and High
     School Cafeteria is operated by the University would
     render it exempt,
                              (signed) James W. Martin
                                        Commissioner of

     12, New State Financial Cohttrol,

     Report of Business Agent:

          The Business Office is endeavoring to adjust its
     accounting to the new financial system of the state,
     The new system seems right in theory but changes may
     have to be made in actual practice,
          All purchases must be mnde through the State Divi-
     sion of Purchases.   This is causing some difficulty
     and delay, due largely to the necessary reorganization
     of that office,

          It is proposed that the State Treasurer make checks
     for all salaries and all bills of the University,   The
     salary checks have been made In this way for the first
     summer school,   On the whole, it is causing considerable
     difficulty, but it is expected that difficulties will
     disappear as $tate and University employees become
     familiar with the system,

     13, R   anitor's House,

     President McVey presented the following communication from the
Superintendent of Buildings and Groutds:

     Memo:.-?resident F. L. MoVey

                                Re: Heckler House

     During the past few weeks Mr, Heckler has been spending
     his own money and time painting and fixing the house up.
     He has asked me to request he be given free rent until
     the University needs the ground for building purposes.
     It Is understood that all maintenance and upkeep expense
     Is to be borne by him.   He Is asking this in lieu of
     salary  increase,

     I am recommendirg this arrangement and trust it meets
     with ycur approval.

                            (Signed) M. 01. Crutcher



     Mr. Heckler is head janitor and is living in one of the cot-
tages on Graham Avenue belonging to the University.   The proposal
by Mr, Crutcher was approved, Mr. Heckler to bear the expense of
maintenance, upkeep, and desired improvements of the property.
The Superintendent of BSuildings and Grounds was directed to see
that this is done without expense to the University,

     14, Board of Commerce Membership.

     President McVey stated that he (as president of the Urniversi-
ty) has been a member of the Lexington Board of Commerce for years
and has been paying the dues from his own fundj.   Wherefore, it
was ordered that the University make application for memibership In
the Lexington Board of Commerce and that the dues, $25.00 per an-
num, be paid from University funds.

     15. Bonds of' Business Aaent.

     It was ordered that the bond of the Bus;Iness Agent as cus-
todian of petty cash fund, filed with State Finance Board, be re-
newed in the s.um of $5,OOO.O0, and that the premium, $20O,00, be
paid to Klair and Scott, Lexington, Kentucky,

     It was ordered that the bond of the BiustIness Agent be renewed
In the sum of 8l6,QOO0Q0 and that the premium, *860O, be paid to
Bedford (Ky.) Insurance Agency.

     16, Bills for Insurance,

     Under contract with the Security Trust Company, the fire and
tornado insurance on the men's dormitories, Kinkead and Breckin-
ridge Halls, and the Service Building, must be carried in old line
companies and not under state insurance control,   Therefore, the
bill of Klair and Scott, Lexington, Kentucky, for $194.14, premium
on $2025,000.0, fire and tornado insurance on Kinkead and Breckln-
ridge Halls, was approved and order-ed put in line for payment,
Also the bill of Alfred  G. Powell, Lexington, Kentucky, for
$634.50, premium on $75,000OO0, fire and tornado insurance on Ser-
vice Building, was approved and ordered put In line for payment.

     V17?, Erigidalre Atem, Patterson Hall.

     President MoVey presented a request of Mrs, Sarah B. Holmes,
Assistant Dean o" Women, f or repair of the Frigidaire system In
Patterson Hall,   Mr. Crutcher suggested that new equipment be
purchas ed,

     On the recommendation of the President, it was ordered that
new equipment be purchased, the cost being estimated at $456.00.



     l8,    Report of Athletic Council,

     The following report of the Treasurer of the Athletic Council
was received and ordered Inserted in the minutes:



     Cash Balance     May 31, 1936 --- $3,623.11


          Football Program Ada -----   --                42.50

     Cash Balance and Receipts -- -         -    -   -  3,665 61

           Traok --                    53.59
           Laundry-                   216,39
           Publicity -----         -1165
           Telephone and Telegraph     25,15
           Water -                      6,00
           Field -                     26,991
           Freight       -             1793
           Office --        148- 148
           Tennis --- 77,18
           Gol  --    -     ----       25,00
           Basketball --      ---       26,12
           WI* p4 A,  _ _  _   --- t34 49
           Basketball Tournament       12,24
           Correction on Ck #350         .01

                    Total Disbursements 1)87,7

                    Balance - June 30, 1936  ------     817.7

Note - First National Bankt & Trust Company - $7,975.0o
       Due September 14, 1936

Note - First National Bank and Trust Company    $6,000
       Due November 1, 1936



     19, Student Loan Fund Report.

     The following report of Dean Jones was received and ordered
inserted in the minutes:

     Report of Student Loan Fund       May 14, 1935 to June 20,

     Number of Loans  --      --      -   -  -----          5
     Of a total value of -- _                        8$153,2$

     Number of collections on principal --------         377

     Of a total value of ---                       $4,710.00

     Total amount of interest collected1 -,8 y816.4$

     Notes outstanding, May 14, 1936 ---5          -   ,647.16

     Notes outstanding, June 20, 1936 -- S1,901.42

     Cash on hand May 14, 1936-

     Cash on hand June 20, 1936      ---        -    3$840,33

     Amount irom All-Campus Dances      ------       1273.09

     Total Cash on Hand -                           - q,, 269.89


     Collections on principal and interest from June 20 to
            July I, 1936 ----           --              -5,31

     20, Grou Insurance Committee Report.

     Dean Edward Wiest, Chairman, made annual report of Group In-
surance committee.      This report has been printed and is ready f'r
distribution.     The following excerpt was ordered inserted in the
minu tes %


To the Employees of the
University of Kentucky:

     The Group Insurance Committee submits below Its
Fourth Annual Report covering the status of our group
insurance system. for the fiscal year ending May 31,
1936.  The Group is insured by the Prudential Insur-
ance Company and has been operating since June 1, 1932,

                EXPERIENCE RECORD

     MIortality and disability claims paid from the time the
Group was organized to the present have been as followsz

     Year              No. of Claims         Amount of Claims
  1932-33                                           00                       5
  1933-1S34                 4                  $8,000
  1934-1935                 3                   3,000
  1935-1936                 3                   3,500

     The growth of the Group as shown by the number of
lives insured and the amount of insurance in effect at
the close of each fiscal year is as follows:

    Year               No, Insured           Amount of Insur-
   1932-33                575                  1,-003,500
   1933s-34               591                  1,060,000
   1934-35                649                  1,158,500
   1935-36                744                  1,983,500


     The premium rate continues for the present at eighty-
four cents per month per $1,000 of insurance.  This rate
resulted in the payment by the University during the last
fiscal year of a total aggregate premium of $11,390.56 and
in the payment of a dividend by the Prudential Insurance
Company to the group amounting to $5,686.63,   As already
stated, the Company also paid us mortality claims amounting
to 8Y,500,   The dividend payable to the Group Is the
amount that remains after a sum sufficient to meet reserve
requirementst administrative expenses, and mortality claims,
Is deducted from the total aggregate premium.

     The Oommittee declide  to assign $350 of the group
dividend to the General Contingency Fund and to use the
remainder in paying a portion, of, the premiums during the
eight months from October to May inclusive.   This means
that for those who have been In the group for a year the
regular rate of 84 cents will be reduced to 52 cents
resulting in a net premium rate of 32 Cents per $1,000
per month from October to May inclusive.   For those who
have been In the group for a shorter period than a year,
the premium reduction will be proportionately less




          The General Contingency Fund is being accumulated
     gradually out of relatively small portions of the annual
     dividend received from the Company,   The sums so set
     aside during the past tour years are as follows:

                1932-33 ---- $733.82
                1933-34 --              --       IS
                1934r35             -----    365,64
                1935-36 -- 360.00
          The purpose of this fund Is two-fold,   First, It Is
     drawn upon to meet any administrative expenses that have
     to be incurred by the Committee,   Second, It can serve
     to equalize dividends and stabilize the average gross premiAum
     rate in periods of emergency.

          The balance of the Fund at the close of the present
     fiscal year, as shown below is S1,837.62 but a correct
     statement of the balance requires a deduction of the cost
     of printing this report, because this is an expense
     properly chargeable to the fiseal year, 193b-36,    The
     fund will be invested In approved bonds.


           The following statement shows the expenses paid out
     of the General Contingency Fund during the fiscal year,
     193541936, and the amount of the Fund at the close of
     the year:

     Balance of the Fund at beginning of year    ,,.,$l,506,62
     Less Expenses:
         To Kernel for printing 19o5 report ..*.... ..
                                                     $1,) 47, _62
         Add Dividend allocation .                      3*o*.0*
         Balance of Fund at end of year ..,..,,     $1,837.62

     21 SumMer School Session -      t Weeks.

     President MoVey stated that he had appointed a committee to
make plans for the Summer Session of' 1937, a change from two
sessions of five weeks each to one session of eint weeks being
contemplated,   The comittee, by its chairman, Dean Boyd, made
report of Its action at meeting of July 3, 1936,    The appoint-
ment of the committee was approved, and the President was author-
ized to act on approval of the committee's suggestions,



      22. Advertisin=,

      President McVey brought up the question of advertising in
papers, publications, etc,, stating that it has been his policy
to avoid it but that in some instances circumstances arise that
make avoidance difficult,   The value of such advertising was
questioned by the Committee members.   The question for the present,
however, was left to the President's judgment.

     23. Lease of Rome        ent House.

     Letter of Dean Cooper.

                                    July 10, 1936

     President Frank L., McVey
     tiniversity of Kentucky

     Dear President McVey:

          The lease on the property at 162 Bonnie Brae
     Avenue which is occupied as a home management house
     expires July 31, 1936.   I recommend that It be
     re-leased from rs. May K. Duncan, the owner, for the
     period of one year, namely August 1, 1936 to July
     31,, 1937, at a rental of $60 per month.  The item
     for this is provided in the budget of Home Economics
     teaching division of the College of Agriculture.

                                  (Signed)  Thomas Cooper
                                            Dean and Director,

     Dean Cooper was authorized to renew the lease.

     24, City Street ajiht of Way over Exeiment Station Farm,

     No action was taken Inasmuch as the matter was closed as
shown by the following memorandum:

     President'8s Jemorandum*


          Memorandum relating to the inquiry made by Com-
     missioner James J. O'Brien proposing a right-of-way
     through University property from Rose Street to the
     Tate's Creek Pike.

          I made an appointment to see Commissioner James
     J. O'Brien at 10 o'clock on Wednesday morning, June
     24.   Dean Cooper went with me.   I stated to Com-
     missioner O'Brien that there was a fundamental princi-
     ple Involved in the request that came from his office.
     It was very important.   This principle is to the ef-
     fect that the taking of Experiment Station property
     for City improvements would result in timt; in the Farm
     being materially reduced and that once this started
     there would be attempts to move the Experiment Station
     and Agriculture College to some other place,   I called
     to the attention of Commissioner O'Brien the fact that
     proposals have been made to build service roads across
     the Experiment Station Farm.

          Dean Cooper indicated the effect upon the property
     as it now stands and the resulting loss of experiments
     carried on the existing lots,

          It is pointed out that a connection between the
     Tates Creek Pike and Limestone Street could be secured
     through Columbia Avenue, and that in the construction
     of this road of approxirtely two blocks, a communicat-
     ing road would be secured to the two parts of the
     City Wt. O'Brien indicated that the matter had
     been brought to his attention and so far as he was con-
     cerned, nothing would be done about it,

                            (Signed)Frank L, McVey
                                    president of the University

     25. Tobacco Research Laboratry,

     On motion duly seconded, it was ordered that the minutes of
the meeting of the Executive Committee of May 5, 1936, be correct-
ed so that section 11 may read as follows:

          11. Tobacco Research Laborator  - Contract.

          On April 23, l936, President F. L, MoVey, Dean Thomas
     Cooper and the architects, Frankel and Curtis, met in
     President Molcey's office for the purpose of opening sealed
     poposals for the construction of the Tobacco Research Lab-
     oratory for the Kentucky Agricultural Dtperiment Station.


      The proposals were opened in the presence of representa-
      tives of the contractors that made the proposals.

           The Committee that opened and tabulated the bids
      recommended that the base bid of Smith-Haggard Lumber
      Company, Inc., Lexington, Ky.,, 815,895,00; the electric
      wiring bid of Allen-Harper Company, Lexington, Ky.,,
      $SeS,26; the plumbing and heating bids of J. J, Fitz-
      gerald, Lexington, Ky,,, $3,633.00 be accepted,

           After construction of the bids as tabulated, on
      motion of Mr. Park, seconded by Mr Andrews. the Execu-
      tive Committee accepted the proposal of the Smith-
      Haggard Lumber Company, base bid; the proposal of the
      Allen.-Harper Company, electric wiring bid; the proposal
      of J. J. Fitzgerald , plumbing and heating bid.,  Con-
      tracts with the contractors; Smith-Haggard Lumber Com-
      pany for $15,895 00; Allen-Harper Company for 500.,00
      in part of base bid; J. J, Fitzgerald 81,100.00 in part
      of base bid; were signed In open meeting by R, C. Stol1,
      Chairman of the Executive Committee.

           Contrn-cts for the remaining amount of base bid.
      of Allen-Harper Company and the base bid of J. J. Fitz-
      gerald were authorized when properly certified by
      Frankel and Curtis, architects,

      The action of R, C. Stoll, Chairman of the Executive Commit-
tee in signing contracts, dated July 2, 1936, made In accordance
with the minutes as corrected was approved and ratified,

     26, W. P. A.- Proosed. roe cts.,

     a. Field House.

     The proposed project for a field house or athletic practice
court prepared by request by Professor D. V. Terrell, the cost
being estimated at from $8,000,Oo to 8l0,000.00 was presented.,
The need, the location, the cost and other features of the enter-
prise were discussed at length,   The oonclusion was thrt funds
not being available to cover costs of oonstructioh, no action
should be taken on the proposed project, at this time.,

     b. Dean Graham's Proposals.

     Applications for following projects proposed by Dean Graham
were authorized and approved

          1, The construction ot a concrete lined trench through
     the entire length of the East Engineering Bullding or machinie
     shop,   This trench Is designed to carrr the return-water
     conduit of the tSteam distribution system", electric oondults



     for this and other buildings, steam lines for this
     building, water and compressed air pipes for the ma-
     chine shop itwelf ,  This trench will be an integral
     part of this east building and if included in contract
     for this building, It would have added at least
     $4,000 to the contract cost.   Our out-of-pocket ma-
     terial expense on this project willbe less than $1,000.

          2, A project for removing present equipment in
     the Wendt Shop and storing same and preparing present
     floor for future use.   No materials necessary,

          3, Laying of electric conduit.   This is the first
     step or leg In the study and reconditioning of the
     electric light and power system of the campus,   The
     Utility Company has agreed to supply the recording
     meter for this proposed system, and we believe the
     plan will afford a considerable saving in power costs.
     This particular part of the general plan is needed
     because of The power requirements of the boiler-
     house of the Central Heating Plant and new buildings
     such as the Student Union, etc,   The out-of-pocket
     cost will be approximately $3,000 mainly for the electric
     cable involved,   To perform this work under contract
     with PW.A. will cost near $10,000,

          4, A project for removing equipment and wrecking
     the West Engineering Building If and when this may be
     desirable. No out-of-pocket expense f'or materials --
     a labor job only.

          You may remember that we negotiated a contribution
     of $5,000 from the College of Agriculture, as part pay-
     ment of cost for extending heating system to the ex-
     perimental farm,   I suggest the use of this fund to
     old In the financing of the materials needed in these
     projects,   Mr. Peak now holds this $6,000 In separate

     c. Superintendent  Crutcher's Proposals.

     Applications for following projects proposed by Superinten-
dent Crutcherx were authorized and approved:

     1. Room 303, Frazee Hall

          (a)Remove old plastered ceiling which Is in danger-
     ous condition and replace with 1II celotex.
          (b)Remove stage and erect 8 x 10 platform on east
     side of room,
          ( tInstall additional Radiation.
          (d) Cut door through wall between rooms 303-A and
            University Materials cost ---------        $16500.



   2. Bxtension of W. P. A. Road and Sidewalk Project,
           They are -prepared  ofur-ns  all .a or ana
           $l500OO. in materials to finish the entire
           road system consisting of 33000 sq. yds.
           The Uirversity's share of Material costs
           would be 81780.00.  If such roads as Euclid
           AVenue Entrance and those around Dairy
           Produlcts Building, Stock Pavilion and Agri-
           cultural Engineering Building are eliminated
           the total area to be paved would be reduced
           to 24000 sq. yds., which lowers University
           Materials Cost to $12*96.00.   I am strongly
           in favor ojohing the entire job now
           while th:e opportunity Is here,   To finish
           the 9000 sq. yds. left off by contract
           would cost $5400.00.

           JAp roved as to 24,000 sq. yds. cost estimated
           at  1296,.00.  Consideration of the remaining
           part of the proposed project was continued).

      3. Service Build.

           (.) Building second floor in present locker room
      to provide more space for new lookers purchased by
      Physical Education Department, to be ready at beginning
      of first semester.

      27. P. W. A. Construction. College Docket Kentucky 1013,

      a, Contracts:

      The President stated that at 11:00 abm. on July 22, 1936,
bids had been reoeived in his office and there publicly opened
and read in accord with the advertisements therefor under date
of July 8 and July 15, 1936.

     "The University of Kentucky will receive Proposals from
reputable contractors for

     COntract No,,  
         Central Heating Plant Buildings excluding Electrical

     Contract No, 2
         Pulverized Fuel Burning Steam Generating Unit

    Contract No. ' a
         Sprea~der Type Stoker and Forced Draft Fan
    Contract No. 4
         Coal Handllng and Storage Equipment



      Contract No, 5
           Asi Conveyor System, Hoppers and Storage Tank

      Contract No. 150
           Movable Partitions for South and East Unit8,
           College of Engineering Buildings
      Contract No. 160
           Heating and Ventilating System
           South and East Units, College of Engineering."

      The President then presented all the bids, which had been
 received and opened, together with a summary sheet for each
 group of bide and read the report of Dean Graham thereon.

      After the reading of the report, the Committee decided to
 consider each group of bids separately as set forth upon the
 several summary sheets.

      1. The bid of the Babcock and Wilcox Company of Cincinnati,
Ohio, to furnish and erect one pulverized coal steam generating
unit, as specified and bid on July 22, 1936, for the sum of
$27,825,00 was discussed and upon motion duly made and seconded,
it was resolved t