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1.51;,“ SERVICE " ‘_ _
'Sx‘ffg‘tfi'ffl'fllcky APRIL 2004
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization
Volume 19 Number 4
WILL HONOR ASHLEY KRUIZ On April 4th, the Coalition for Hate Free
The Academy of Drag Arts and Lexington, Lexington-Fayette Urban Co.
Sciences will bestow its Lifetime Human R'ghts Commissmn 8er the
Achievement Award on Ashley Kruiz at the Nat'?”"”" Conference for Community and
8th annual Falsies Awards ceremony on Justice (NCCJ)_ WI” hold a Hate Free
Tuesday, April 6 at the Kentucky Theater in Lexmgton Rally In downtown LeXIngton at
Lexington. The awards program spon- Triangle Park from 4:30 pm. until 6:30 pm.
W. . This rally is commemorating the rally in
A g,” K November 2002 that protested the visit of
5 “g? 2 Fred Phelps and is extending the concept
H ' u to include all forms of hate. We want to
,‘fiifllsm have a large GLBT presence at this rally.
L 1? l There will be entertainment including
E ”,5: h; «a z Mecca dancers, a step team, singing,
y 9: if; , a» speeches and more. The Hate-Free Zone
" Initiative will be unveiled during the rally as
sored by the Imperial Court of Kentucky a next step in moving from a reactive mode
traditionally attracts sellout crowds for an to a proactive'one inlour community.
over-the-top evening featuring world-class . Posters WI” be distributed and “edges
entertainers and presentation of awards for signed by area busmesses and organiza-
Outstanding Achievement in Hair, Makeup, tions to proudly declare their establishment
Costume, Dance, Dramatic Performance, as a “Hate Free Zone". These posters Will
Comedy, Bartending, DJ'ing and more. help continue a broader dialogue in
Although based in Atlanta and beloved Lexmgton about ...continued on page 2
by audiences in Louisville and throughout gfififlflflflfliwfiflpfig
the Southeast, Kruiz began her career per- Ei Sponsor of the Month %
forming for the Imperial Court of Kentucky, E3} _ E
(then known as The Imperial Court of the {j i:
.‘ Bluegrass Empire,) and has remained a 5C0“ E?
active with the organization throughout the E Ackerman Fl
,_ years. Her numerous titles include Miss figl i? g;
Kentucky America, Miss Tennessee {L2 ‘7'?“ in
Continental, Miss Hotlanta International, Pi 859'338'8483 3‘}
Miss Gay Orlando and Miss Gay National. E 859-269-7331 ‘g:
She was first runner-up to Miss Gay 5 1
Falsies ...continued on page 2 igflfiaflfififimfiflfitfiifitjm

 FaISIeS Continental, Miss Gay USofA and
._....‘ .-~';’ GAYm‘l National Entertainer of Year.
\ Eli‘s/113$ Kruiz has app on several nationally
5. ORGANIZATION acclaimed talk show ”oluding Phil Donohue, Jenny
’5." Lexington, Kamcky Jones and Maury Povich.
A number of nationally recognized entertainers
will be on hand to honor Kruiz including former F
Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Kruiz's ‘
@LSQ NEWS "drag mother" Chelsea Pearl, Shawna Brooks, "The 6
Volume 19 Issue 4 Dancing Diva" and Lauren LeMasters, "Queen of I
published monthly by High Fashion both of Atlanta, Bianca Paige of t
The Lexin ton NashVIlle, Robin Dupree, Bronze Beauty of the _
g, Universe" of Indianapolis, Margo DaVIs, "The
Gay Les‘m’m _ Showgirl" and Taylor St. Martin. i
Serwce Organization An opening production by Reigning Empress 23 i
389 Waller Ave- JD Vaughn and members of her female line will kick 1
Editors off the show. Proceeds from the evening will bene- 1
fit charities of the Imperial Court including Moveable
Mary Crone Feast, AVOL, The GLSO and Bluegrass Fairness. i
Jackie Cobem Tickets are $10 at the door, which opens at 8 PM. ‘
Ceremonies begin at 9. '
Board Members ‘
Thomas Collins President Hate Free Rally .the meaning 9f inCIUSion' i
Joan Branon, {lice-Pres. NCCJ youth leaders Will de5ign and distribute the ‘
Ben Salyers, Sec. posters and pledges throughout the community. ‘
Mary Crone, Editor Please turn out and help make this rally a success. .
Jiggecim" AIDS Walk for Life ‘
Sarah Martin The 12th Annual AIDS Walk for Life will be on
Ginger Moore Sunday, April 25 at Triangle park. Raise pledges
Terry Mullins individually or as a team and join us to walk to ben-
efit AIDS Volunteers of lexington.
In additon to the walk there will be activities
GLSO Annual Dues 8‘ including a pre-walk party with music , entertain-
Newsletter. ment, raffles, and team photos. Come join the fun
Individual _ $15 and show your support. For information and to
Couple _ $25 download pledge sheets, go to AlDSVqunteers.org.
i:_::;i.;_i;.1; 22.51123123.flziiLi'grj-DL'JD;;::i;=';ijr1=z1;m:qgg . :v.:.1yi;u;_":;.:i3*;;i.;.:;'r_'.‘r:.'j
Opinions expressed in the GLSO Trl’de (gallery :
35:32:33.7.iLLtsszitizizszi .sztprti 1 o - May 8
wglcSrIi—‘iioangosatradff rigng/Sjtfiiesrigiet a carat cross, F
to edit submissions and advertise- a :22
ments as well as theright to reject Thotographer J
submissmns or advertisements. : b
see page 19 ~ .
GLSO Page 2 - LAMMAAFLQWWHM” ____,_.._,-,___L-L

 Beaux A"; Ball 40+ Women’s Group
Without further ado, the Beaux Arts All lesbian and bi-sexual women over
Foundation, lnc., is proud to present the 40 are invited to attend our regular meet-
annual nostalgic, legendary, sultry and ings and social events. In April we meet
eccentric, bold and glamorous Beaux Arts at the Pride Center 0“ Sunday April the
Ball on Saturday, April 3rd, 2004. 18th. at 2 pm. (Third Sunday to avoid
Unleashed this year in a new venue, Easter) After the meeting we Wt" PtCk a
the Beaux Arts spirit will infuse the former restaurant and 90 OUt to eat.
Tobacco Warehouse of the Lorillard Loft Project We are going to Red River Gorge for the
by transforming roughly 40,000 square weekend of May 14-15. The deadline for
feet of space into the most boisterous art cabin space has passed bUt YOU can join
and culture events to occur this year. some Of US who are camping. For more
Patrons flocking to the Ball are masked info call Ginger 253-0061 or email her at
from headdress to stiletto, by feather or ggc|r@hotmai|.com.
plastic wrap, steal mesh to lots of flesh, We have a IOtOt events planned tOI'API'”
Styrofoam, latex, cotton and everything with two different phone numbers to call for
else you think impossible. Masquerade details. We Wt” 90 as a QFOUP to Thunder
attire is a must, normality a hush! Over Louisville on Saturday, April 17, to see
The event eases into the night as the the airshow over the river including firworks
doors open with a cocktail jazz social at 7 after dark. The next weekend some Of US
pm. The night heats up as the hours tick will go to The Rolex Three-Day Event at the
filling the space with an array of talent KY Horse Park, April 22 - 25- COSt varies
from Drag shows to several Fashion depending 0“ number 0t days attended.
shows, from the beats of Club Dubb to the Call 879-0599 it you are interested in join-
thunderous dance of electronic artist thQ US either weekend.
superstar Behrouz. (Recently received That phone number is 3'30 tO" informa—
best "Breakthough DJTM in the world tion about the following events for which we
award by Dancestar Inc. for 2004) have not set a specific date: Comedy Off
As the party continues into the morning Broadway, Brett Butler Show and Elayne
hours for charitable will, it is our intention BOOSter ShOW, Keenland Spring Racing,
to pledge an exceptional gift from all of our and a trip to the Modern Art Museum in
proceeds of the Beaux Arts Ball to benefit Cincinatti.
Moveable Feast of Lexington- a non-profit YOU can call Ginger 253‘0061 it YOU are
organization that provides meals to those interested in joining US to see Robbie
living with HIV/AIDS as well as HOSPICE Bartlett at the Poor Man’s Derby on April 30
patients in the Lexington/Fayette county area. at The Legends Ball Park, from 9 pm to 1 am.
Come experience the rumor, as the Also call Ginger about a trip to Louisville’s
Beaux Arts revolution will again, redefine Speed Art Museum, High on Rose to hear
sensuality. All pre-event tickets are $17 blues, and a Legends game. We are plan-
per person, ticket includes free ride on ning t0 90 t0 Berea for their yearly Art
shuttle from downtown to the event. Festival in May unless that is the same
weekend as our trip to Red River Gorge.
GLSO page 3

 Pride Month Men Of All Colors Together
The Pride Month Committee is seeking _ KY Men Of all COIOIS Together (MACT)
participation from all interested people. is a local chapter of a national gay multira-
We will be meeting on Thursday, April 8 at cial organization which fosters a supportive
7 pm. at the Pride Center. environment where friendships and part-
Here is our calender of events. Please nerships can be celebrated free of racial
contact Terry if you are planning an activi- and cultural barriers. For information email
ty during June. MACTky@aol.com, call 859-351-4453

(Jon) or see www.mactky.com
June 2 Miss KY Pride Pageant
June 4 - 6 Imperial Court Coronation
June 10 Dining Out For Life Lexington Lyons Levi/Leather Club
June 11 Lesbian Movie Night
June 12 Pride Reading The Lyons meet every other month at
June 13 Bowl-a-Thon the Pride Center. The next meeting will be
June 18 _27 ActOut Play in April. Anyone interested in learning
June 20 Pride Picnic more about the Club is welcome to attend.
June 27 VolunteerAwards Banquet We will also be meeting for brunch at Mia’s

Venders interested in setting up at teh :2 Sufinday April 25 it: pr: Plegiggnir; Pds'
picnic should call mary 266-5904. There P f yofiharZEgog Ptjd C8: at n e
are additional events in the planning a ron 0 e n e en er.
stages including a youth event. If you are
interested in volunteering come to the UK Support/“newton; Group
3:221:agitEHrInZectapleiife-szsa Thls The UK Counseling & Testing Center

' offers a weekly Therapy /Support group

R _ NbOMIN:TIONS tor tshe Wass:n agd for GLBTQ folks to talk about issues relat-

aifelnnofiwaeiEg‘traESntyThZWZiv ;vsar r: ed to their sexual/relational orientation.
. e er a .

The rou is led b Anne Edwards, Ps .D.
for ;the individual (Wasson Award) and the and 30le Cohen-Archer Ph D Studelnts
sgmrflggfifgs SORianOOVg :gfgttrgggntj taking at least 6 credits at LCC or UK are
munit in the last ear or ears An one eligible. The group is meeting on Mondays

y _ y y ' y from 1-2 . Anyone interested in joining is

can nominate a person or group for these encouraged to call 257-8701

awards. Write a short paragraph so peo- .

pie will know of their accomplishments. ,1” n ,

This year any individual can vote by com- ”W" egg: Keep the IOVe you find,”

ing by the Pride Center in the first week of 143$ ' " Get the love you want-

June" Jessica Bollinger LCSW
S's't'e'sefld Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

SisterSound is in rehearsal for their couples, family, individual
May concert. For more information call
Patti (806-0243) or Toine(276—0753), or imagoconnectioncom 859-552-6533
see sistersound@hotmail.com.
GLSO page 4

 :8 Real Estate Service With
ive '
lal ' I ‘ i .
I53 l .
us. ,
.d . A
1 6 When your needs turn to Real Estate - Turn to Scott i
: Whether you are buying your first home or planning a move -'
iter up, the help of a trained, experienced professional can 7-
)up ‘ make all the difference. I can help make the buying/selling %
Iat- process a fun and enjoyable experience! j
on. . ,
(£9; " Give me a call! Scott Ackerman
2;: f Mobile: 859-338-8483 7
3 is Voice Mail: 859-294—2055 i‘
I Office: 859-269-7331 }
E-Mail: SAcker4224@aol.com
, m Serving Lexington & all of Central Kentucky 9W .1-
‘3 , Call me with all your Real Estate Needs .
"" WW

389 Waller Ave. 859-253-3233 Mon-Sat open at 10 am '
- We have extended the hours that the Pride Center will be .
open. On Mon, Tues, and Sat. we will be open until 5. On Wed until 7.
You may want to call to be sure a volunteer is here.
15531” VIDEOIIIGIIT Lex. Dress and Gender Alllance
Stop by the Pride Center at 7 pm Fri., . . _
April 9 for the 1983 "groundbreaking" (The LexDGA is a peer discussmn group for
Boston Globe) film, Lianna. Independent anyone who transcends gender norms or
filmmaker John Sayles (Passion Fish, IS questioning their gender identity. This
Lone Star Casa de los Babys) wrote and includes transsexuals, intersexuals, effem—
directed this "sympathetic, realistic portrait" inate men, masculine women, drag kings,
(Boxoffice) of a wife and mother, who drag lqueens, [gender queers, gender
leaves her husband for a woman. You questioning indIVIduals...and more. We
won't want to miss this lesbian film classic, meet the first Saturday _Of each month at 8
so bring some popcorn and someone spe- pm, Email Kelli for info and location
cial to lesbian video night in April. Lianna kellindell@hotmail.coml. .
is rated R. COMING IN JUNE _ Gina Family and supportive allies who would
Gershon in Prey for Rock & Roll. enjoy discussing trans issues are also wel-
comed. This is not a therapy group.
Pride Librar Article see a e 18
The discussion group meets every y P g
Wednesday night at 7 pm at the Pride _ _
Center and is open to all. We strive to make Gay Straight Alllance for “mm
:2; 23:13:53: :thjicjeeys:n;:notf)ioy;:: The Gay Straight Alliance is open to all
‘ ’ outh a es 15 - 20. You do not have to
some serious, some hilarious. Some peo- y g . .
_ , . label yourself to pm. We meet every week
ple pm when they are coming out or have t . t l t' S t' . t
just moved to Lexington others attend a a priva e oca ion. ome imes we JUS
’ hang out and talk, other times we have a
because the en'o the conversations. .
For more “:20 cjoztact Jane at lad _ progam. Thanks, Tiffany, for the show and
, k h y the discussion of drag.
Jane y@ya oo.com For information contact Mary Crone at
PRECISION 266-5904 or lexgsa@yahoo.com or
Sistahs in The Life
Providing you with your
- . . Sistahs in the Life is a support group for
Mort a e and Financial Plannin needs.
9 g 9 Black Lesbians and Bi-sexual women. Join
. us for provocative discussions about our
Mlke Blake lives and experiences. We meet at 7 pm
859'255'5574 Office every first Tuesday at the Pride Center. For
859-338-2733 C611 information contact Joan at 859 539-2657
or email Jweslie@aol.com.
GLSO Page 6

or § ! ,
liS (
|S, ' a I?!“ ;’ QWA'“3W% I
er "i ,’ mfi‘tlah‘nl. «ILA? ~' ’ r,
Ve ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ W W. Wmfim
W fifiwww
on “ " t W: W «— * -
WEWWW ' W ”3%
‘3' "I? ' ”*1: 1 .W :5. .. A ‘ W WM n‘- :3 .-, 46;! ~% '11:: rnfifiL‘iifi" ‘:
el- A“. ll 69 gum 7:55 n.2- mu» "5"" ‘
State Theatre
8 $11) donation
The ”Best of” Lexington. vie for top homrs in
all categories such as: W
t: Amt/Lie Cummiwgs Achievement in Ba handing v_
!e ; I I /
ust OutstaWdLL/bg Aomevevwmt LVL Haw
a a ' Niagara FaLLs Commuw’uta service Award
'“d § Mama, WWII/b5 more...
t at
or ' WW W Featuring wows other than,
W Miss AshLegj Kmiz
2004 Escapist/Lt of the
ff" ' Lifetime Achievemewt Awa r0!
pm . _. a
For httPJ/Rewtuckaa.meoowtorg
357 W , a ;
— -~ W’ ,, ,, ' " ' "”“""'”"‘mm‘”m“'.——-_—-——W

 (Slatru'wa' (figment: Unitarian Universalist
Integnty The U.U. Church of Lexington wel-
The April meeting of Integrity, a sup- comes visitors at any time. Worship
port group for gay and lesbian Services are at 9:15 and 11 am every
Episcopalians and friends is usually held Sunday. We are located at 3654 Clays Mill
the second Sunday of each month. Rd, one block from Man O’War as you
However since Easter falls on April 11th, drive towards town.
the April meeting will be rescheduled to Unitarians define community in terms
Sunday April 18th. The meetings are at 4 that are inclusive, not exclusive. We have
pm. and are held in The Chapter Room of gay, lesbian, bisexual. straight and trans-
Saint Michael's Church on Bellefonte Drive. gender members, members Of a variety Of
Light refreshments will be served and all racial and cultural backgrounds, and inter-
are welcome! For further information esting people from all walks of life. Over
please call Sandy Stone at 277-7511 or the next few months we will be sharing
email stmintegrity@yahoo,com, activities from a UU Welcoming
Congregation Curriculum to encourage
SoulForce church members to deepen their under-
' f LBT ' . V' '
Soulforce Lexington follows the princi- standing 0 .G.‘ Q issues. lSItors .are
. . welcome to jom us. for details about films
ples of non-Violence practiced and taught and discussions see UU CL or
by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. to ' ' g.
confront “spiritual violence" against GLBT i '
people. Members come from a variety of D gnlty
religious backgrounds. They initiate conver— Dignity is a national organization working
sations with conservative religious organi- to." respect and JUStlce for all gay, lesbian,
zations and develop other projects to bisexual, and transgender persons
. . through education, advocacy and support.
address the negative messages coming
f th . t' F . f II The local group meets on the second and
mm ese organlza ions. or m 0 ca forth Sundays at 6 pm. For place and
Jamie at 859'230‘5625 or check OUt other information, contact Rchard at 850
www.Sou|forceLexmgton.org. 4944 933
' . » ~ , GAY 8. STRA/Cf/Z MEN & womw,
. 1350 Eastland Dr, Lexington, Ky
7 V ~ (859) 389—9418
~ The Orthodox Catholic Church of America
see article — page 14
GLSO Page 8

 flliu (Kentucky $112k: 2004 g
zl- E E
ip 3 Wed, gum, E‘
E. o '3'
ry 2 9.30 a
’u E (Featuring: E
19 E ' I E
g a} i,{;.-:;‘. g
% . g
g Club 141 141 West V1112 St. E
g . E
l? g Lex1ngton, KY Cover $5 g
n; g g
tl’t. é]! ' %
nd E r Other Entertamers Include: g
50 g m“ gag, glam. ”mu-“e E
a %
% %
g Impress 0f1.C.K XXII ].D. Vaughn E
E , , "a
g Madlson Bacall Helgllts, E
% . . . . [a
E C stal Dlamond All ssa Wllltams E
a W V a
E“: E
% a
E Prizes included $300, crown and scepter. Must be 21 by pageant date. E
E For info or application contact Greg or Latoya at Club 141.(859)—233-4262
"'" GLSO Page 9
f'ii’f-‘Z'm' ~———-————-———————-——"" _-_,,,, _, W; . w

 Miss 61‘8“" (108$ 10 Frankfort Cynthia Cain of the Lexington UU church
GI also spoke, flanked by several elderly peo-
By Sarah E' enn ple carrying the UU banner. i am often
d tth u b f e ' h
9 am March 16— Met at Pride Center, met amaze . a e n m er 0 S niors W O are
. supportive. She told us of the two UU min-
several new people. Also discovered mem— . .
. isters in New York that have been charged
ber of extended Pagan church family there; . .
arran ed to ride to ether for moral su ort Wlth marrying same-sex couples. Gotta
g g pp ' love those UUs! NY wants to levy all sorts
9:30 — 10:30am — Drove to Frankfort, of fines on them.
learned that the elevators in parking garage Wishing Chair led us in a sing-along of
are numbered top to bottom, not bottom to “Higher Ground’, followed by ‘Chapel of
top. No wonder things are done backwards Love'. It was lots of fun; I have enjoyed
there! Tunnel connects garage with Capitol, Kiya’s music since I met her at UK. | wish I
so at least we didn’t get rained on. Went had brought my drum; we Pagans love a
through checkpoint, provided ID. Security good sing—along. It was a great way to end
decided I was not an axe murderer and the rally on a high note.

I' t t . d . . .
gave me a lttle yellow do .0 wear Onwar 12:15 pm — Sent out into the Capitol With
through the tunnels, followmg our Fairness .

. . . the suggestion that we speak to our sena-
gwde, till we reached the cafeteria. .
tors and reps. Extended family member
10:45 — 11:15am Congregated in basement and I went in search of them.
cafeteria with other rally participants, dis— Unfortunately, it was the thCh hour and
covered mutual fandom connections (X- many Of them were trying to grab some-
men, X-Files, Lord of the Rings, etc.). Felt thing to eat before the afternoon session.
my age when l had to explain that ‘The New They only had 8 more days to get through
Mutants’ was a precursor to “Generation X’ all the bills. Left messages scrawled in my
(sort of like explaining that Paul McCartney execrable handwriting.
was in a band before Wings). Learned that The only politico we were able to meet
Boom-Boom had been renamed Jubilee. with in person was Ed Worley. He told us
Must admit I preferred Boom-Boom (I was a that 90% of the calls he received were in
Welcome Back, Kotter fan), favor of the marriage amendment. He had
11_15 R ll t rt d F , l to represent the will of the people, or he
' am — a y sa e ' airness peop e would be out of a job. This underlines the
handed out target Signs and prowded mark- . . . .
, importance of calling in about important
ers for us to add personal message. Sign . , . .
_ _ issues, call often, folks, espeCIally Since
did not stay on my back, eventually disap-
_ , _ they have a toll-free number.
peared into crowd Without me. Fairness
- bumper sticker on front remained due to 1245 PM — Left the Capitol after getting
superior monitoring. turned around a time or two. It’s a maze,
The rally was great. l had been afraid I folks, even W'th S'gns' Reminded me Of my
would wimp out and try to hide in the crowd. Old Dungeons 8‘ Dragons days, I expected
Instead, I thought I was wimping out to be attacked by orcs (or'at least. giant
because I couldn’t shout or sing loud rats) at every turn. Emerged into daylight at
enough. Ernesto Scorsone, Martha last, knowrng I had fought the good fight.
Barnette, Katherine Goodman, and other Unknown yet what treasure Will be reaped.
leading lights of our community spoke.
GLSO page 10

ire W Curt ”Momma"... ”M14
:1; A Charity Organization
“8 200’: Pride Monti! Sponsors
3‘; Scott Ackerman. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (voice) 294-2055
red For all your real estate needs (mobile) 338-8483
;h |
ea TheBarCompIex ...........................255-1551
and 224 East Main Street
Pride Patron

na- Lexington Lyons Levi/Leather Club. . . . . . . . . . 272-0408
:2: GLSO News Sponsors 20044
ion. Fairness: Bluegrass Chapter . . . . . . . 859-806-4114
”if; Promoting equality for all people

ErnestoScorsone. ...............................254-5766
‘eet Attorney at law
L”; SisterSound ....................................268-0113.
had Diverse music for all women
- h
m: Richardson Vision Center .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .278-4201
tant 1757 Alexandria Dr., Gardenside

Unitarian Universalist Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .223—1448
tting Seeking a Diverse Congregation
:2: Debra Hensley Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .276-3244
cted 1513 Nicholasville Road
if; WindyKnoIIFarm ................................299-741o
ight. Riding Lessons, Trail Riding, Boarding

— GLSO page 11

_~__. t,___________=?._——————:e- -——M

 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
To schedule events grsfncfgtgfg‘egelfn':
at the Pride Center, Call number 'n 7 pm Beaux Arts
. ' Ball
call 13111 at 253-3233. Directory for
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
9315 & 11 am UU ChUtCh World 7 pm GSA for youth 7 pm SiStahS in The 7 pm Discussion Group 7 pm Pride Month _Ci'l'. . . ~ j ii- , Pride Center Open 10-5
£0130 “13$?SEIMYChe'mett/l'fgyr ages 15 to 20 (Call Life - Pride Center Committee Meeting ; Afr?" 73'i'.i“»~ "em - O _ R t'
pm + ‘35 tans mee 7pm GSA youth ages 15 - . open to all - Pride pemng eceP to"
6 pm SisterSound Rehearsal for place ' 266—5904) 20 (Call for place) 8 pm Gay/Lesbian AA Center 7:30 pm Gael/Lesbian AA Carol Cross
Landsdown Presby Church 8 pm AA Step 3“” 9 pm Falsies Awards Pride Center Open “33' f°l place) Pride Gallery
4 pm Hate Free Lex Rally (Ca” f” p'ace) KY Theater every Wed until 7 p Photography Show
Triangle Park 5 til 9
11 12 _ 1 , 14 15 16 17
9:15 & 11 am UU Church pm AAStep Study 7 pm Gay Straight 7 Pm t-NSCUSSW'l GVOUP GLSO News 7:30 pm Ga /Lesbian AA Pride Center Open 10-5pm
10:30 Sunday Mass, sr. Mychal (Cali replace) Alliance (Call for 8 G”)? if“; Deadline lealtrcr place) 4o+emup. Thunder
6 SisterSound 6 pm imperial Court place 266-5904) Pm i‘éaliafsorlirl‘ace) . OverLouisvme can
6 pm Imperial Court PC ,, 1 Special Meeting 879-0599 for info
7:30 Sculforce Pride Center open til 7
5,2 .92. Pride Center Open
Happy Easter at 3 every Wed until 7 p
1 3 19 20 21 2 A 23 . 24
9:15 & 11 am Worship Services 7 Pm GLSO Board 7 pm Gay Straight 7 Pm DISCUSSIO" Group 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA Pride Sager Open
UU Church Meeting, Pride Center87 - 8 pm Gay/Lesbian AA (Call for place) ' pm
10:30 Sunday Mass, St. Mychal pm GSA (Cari r0, place) Amanfse “gym” (Call for place) AvoL AID-S Walk For
2 pm 40+ Pride Center 8 pm AA Step Study ages ' Life - Triangle park
7 pm MACT Pride Center (Call for place) 93" 266'5904 for ,
5 SisterSound Rehearsal, info & place Pride Center Open 40+ Lesbian Women - Rolex Three Day Event
Landsdown Presby Church every Wed until 7 pm call 879-0599 for info
2 2 . 27 2 i ° 30
9:15 & 11 am W Church 7:319fo 33:27:“ 7 pm Fairnes Streeing 7 pm Discussion Group Meeting at the Pride Center
10:30 Sunday Mass, ' C - p - 8 G /L b' AA .
St. Mychal the Martyr for place 266-5904 0mm'ttee’ ”0'8 pm ay 83 'a“ may be abbreVIated to PC
_ Center (Call for place)
1 pm Lyons Brunch at Mia’s
6 pm Imperial Court PC Pride Center Open Call for Place may be
every Wed until 7 P abbreVIated to Call
GLSO Page12 GLSO Page 13

 Coming Home for Easter God" and then closed the doors to
By Rev. Ken Waibel Blacks and refused to allow women full
_ participation in worship. Modern
Most Of US have had the experience, Christian denominations are certainly
posmve or negative, 0t parents who not the only religious groups that have
tried to expose us to some form of reli- chosen to exclude. Thankfully some
gion. Well intentioned though they may things have changed in modern times.
have been, this experience is often Sadly it seems that a new enemy has
tainted by their personal prejudices and been chosen.
the prejudices/misunderstandings of that In this new millennium it is more
religion or denomination. For us GLBT important than ever for those of us who
persons the "church' experience is oftena are religious minded to stand up and
very bad one, espeCIally when that church declare that the extreme right wing
loudly professes the "sin" of homosexuali— does not speak for us and that even
ty. Religion becomes hate; Church well intentioned church leaders do not
becomes a pain and often God becomes speak for all of its membership.
'“V'S'e'e or the enemy. _ Regardless of background or religious
It '5 very sad to admit that we GLBT foundation we know our own personal
persons are not the first Victims of well- holiness and dignity in the eyes of the
intentioned churchgoers. Over the mil- Eternal One.
lennia most religions seemed to choose Separating ourselves from church _
a common enemy ' a certain "immoral." refusing to go at all - only furthers the mis-
persen or tribe ' that becomes the tht conception that we don't belong there. If
outSIders that are not welcome. For the our church leaders and membership see
Hebrews 't Wee the Gentttee' for Jesus' the wonderful families that we are, the great
own people tt was the 'Romans and commitment of love that we are willing to
Samaritans.- Later tn history as the make, and the depth of our Spirituality then
Christian tribe Settt Into factions they they will come to understand the error of
began. finger pomting at "one another their ways. "Come home for Easter."
decla'rllng the other to be excommuni- Visit us anytime at St. Mychal the Martyr
catec'l' . and net welcome at the table. Church, 1350 Eastland Dr, Rev. Ken can
Very righteous groups Setd that e" peo- be reached at (859) 389-9418 . and..” Don't
ple were equally loved in the Sight of let the bastards get you down."
Couples. Weddings and
Counselmg Union Ceremonies
Rev. Kenneth Waibel, MDiv., MPS
Professional Spiritual Direction
Ecumenical ’Holistic *Inclusive
343 Waller Ave. Ste #208 kypadre@aol.com
Lexington, KY 40504 (859) 338-1195

 IO . '
ill I I
. It is Tax TimeI
ly I
e I
. Don t Put It Off Any
Lon - er!
,6 ,
d o
9 i
n o
)t o
3. o
S t
al .
e O
O . .
. . Professmnal Tax Preparation
‘ o
if z - Servicing Both Individuals & Businesses
Ie .
at 0 - Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual
10 ¢ Accounting and Tax Services available
in .
3f ' ' . --—-
: Stewart’s Accounting Sewices
A . , 4390 Clearwater Way #1109
.4: S 7% Affine" ' ~ -

n ArgtfiwAeAflv Lexmgton, KY 40515
it A». .. A. .. 859 971 3429
A... AAA. ( )


AA A»: A WM .
@gg erebifififim Keith A. Stewart, C.P.A.
"4} :13? diam}, _ ”ingjufgmé. 12%;? iégggg if}.
Aw ., 3 A WA KeithStewa rtCPA@aol .com

gfifie‘fi Call to schedule a time to fit

KAA@?%§,A§A¥A.A your schedule.
' GLSO Page 15

 On GneVLn most intimate details of their lives. I sat ,
by Kelly O'Ferrél there in peace one Saturday morning. i ,
_ had on the jeans I've owned forever - the |
"Grief IS a most peculiar thing; we're so ones with the hole in the knee. I remember ,
helpless in the face of it. It's like a window playing with the fabric around the hole, lis- t
that will simply open of its own accord. tening to people talk. My fingers were .
The room grows COM! and we can do drawing a pattern on my jeans and I began .
nothing bUt shiver. BUt It opens a little to realize something. There's a rhododen- .
less each time, and a little less; and one dron bush in my back yard and when Tam ‘
day we wonder what has become Of it", and I moved into the house, the backyard
Memoirs ofa Geisha needed some work, so we enlisted some :
By the time you read this article it will help. in the process, the rhododendron
be three years since she left. I know, you bUSh ended UP With a big hole right in the
can't be thinking anything I haven't middle Of It-
thought before — "Good Lord! Get OVER it! My fingers were drawing the outline 0f
It's been three years, for Pete's sake, let it the rhododendron and I that you'd never
go; move on; GET ON WITH YOUR knowthere'd beenabig hole cutinit. Over
LlFEll" That’s why I’m writing this article. the last three years, it's filled in. It's as if the
Not to say that l’m not getting over it, but entire bush spent the last three years help- .
to say that, for me, grief has been about ing ft“ in that one spot. If you IOOK deep
more than “getting over it". It’s like the enough, WhICh I have done, you can see
ocean waves that lift me up and down. exactly where the limbs were CUt-
When l forget to go with the flow, it’s like a I knew in that moment, that my life has
roller coaster that jerks me from side to no more been in “th than the rhododen-
side until l am gently reminded, “it's time dron has been. I've spent the last three
forthe ride to come in forthe night and for years filling in my life. l've kept my house
me to get off of it until tomorrow." and my dog Lucy happy and healthy, dated
I remember right after she left that some, changed jobs a couple 0f times,
some of my friends were also in shock. It increased my income, made new friends,
made them aware that it really can hap- Stayed tight With my OId ones.
pen and to be mindful of their relation— I remember about a year or so after she
ships. And I saw from the inside some- left, I was missing - something.
thing I had heard about - that my grief Unfortunately, I was also dating someone. I
went on while their lives went on. While I say "unfortunately" because It couldn't have
sat in this house, went to work, hung out been Pleasant for the woman I was dating.
with them - even dated - I still saw their We had some fun times, bUt the hole that
lives going on and yet, somehow, I felt was there when we met jus