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. ‘ ‘ l “o I \

Sponsored by:

Lexington Pride Festival

 ce|ebrating Community, Also, Emmy Award winning comedian
Awards and Entertainment Bruce Vilanch will be showcasing his
. comedic talents. You will remember
By Craig cammaCkr Bruce from his time on Hollywood
Contributor Squares, as Edna Turnblad on Broad—
way’s production of Hairspray and his {
Lexington Fairness is honored to once multi-decade stint at the comedy writer
again bring the Fairness Awards to Ken— for the Academy Awards (Oscars). We l
tucky. Each year, the Fairness Awards are so excited to have both of them ‘
take place the night before the Pride for this year’s event and we know
Festival as a celebration of the LGBT you will enjoy their entertainment.
community and the leaders who work
hard to promote fairness. This year’s But, in addition to this celebrity en-
event will bring both the LGBT and tertainment, we will also be working
ally community together in celebra- with the 2011 Summerfest production
tion of diversity and fairness for all. of Rocky Horror Show. Similar to last
year's Summerfest cast of RENT, this
The 4th Annual Fairness Awards will be year, the cast will delight the crowd
held at the Hyatt Regency Patterson with a few numbers from the musi-
Ballroom. Bringing together celebrity cal. We are very proud to bring this l
entertainment with local honorees, this local talented cast to the stage for |
night is always one to remember! The the night’s entertainment lineup.
Fairness Awards focuses on the com-
munity members who work on fight— For the second year, we will also be
ing for LGBT fairness. The awards featuring a silent auction. This year’s I
include Ally for Fairness Award, Fair- auction will include gift certificates, i
ness Leadership Award, Jennifer Cros— vacation packages, celebrity auto-
sen Out for Fairness Award and the graphed items as well as gift baskets.
Ernesto Scorsone Political Leadership It’s going to be a great chance for
Award. In past years, award winners you to get the perfect gift or an item l
have included Senator Kathy Stein, you’ve always wanted for yourself. |
Mary Crone, Mark Johnson, Pastor Bill |
Kincaid, Councilwoman Diane Lawless, Don’t forget, this event is the chance
Joey Rose, Jane Minder, Ginger Moore- for our community to come together
Minder, Jackson Cofer, Terry Mullins, and celebrate diversity in Kentucky.
Sandy Linville, D. Wayne Swope, Wes- This will also serve as Lexington Fair-
ley Nelson and Caitlin Powell. Now is ness’ opportunity to explain Project |
your opportunity to nominate someone Speak Out, our developed program-
for a Fairness Award. Just visit www. ming to help end LGBT youth bul- 3
fairnessawards.org to find more details. lying in middle and high schools.
In addition to the award honors, Lex— Buy your tickets today, be a ta- 1
ington Fairness is bringing in two won- ble captain and don’t forget to
derfully entertaining celebrities to the nominate someone for an award. I
, event. Grammy Award winning Disco All information can be found at
and Motown legend Thelma Houston www.fairnessawards.org. We hope
will be bringing her sultryvoicefeaturing to see you Friday, June 24th for
her single “Don't Leave Me This Way”. this wonderful night of celebration.
— |

 . Issue 6 20 11 Feature Story
' CONTENTS Raising Pride Page 5
Raising Pride Page 5 GSA Meeting
Every Tuesday, 7 pm.
Pride Center
GLSO Discussion Group
Every Wednesday, 7 pm.
Fairness Awards Pr'de center
' 2
Dinner Lexington Pride Festival Meeting
Sunday, June 5, 3 pm.
. Pride Center
Memories of 6
A“ Empress KY Bourbon Bears Board
Saturday, June 11, 9 pm.
Bourbon Bears Pride Center
Host Successful 12
Event Bluegrass Trans(Gender)
Youth & Families
Saturday, June 11 & 25, 1 pm.
Pride Center
Entertainment _ GLSO Board Meeting
SChedule for Prlde 13 Sunday] June 12, 1 pIm.
Pride Center
If You Want to Imperial Court of Kentucky Meeting
Know the Truth 15 Sunday June 12 & 26, 6 pm.
Pride Center

 GLSO News Issue 6 2011
Dennis Wheatley, President

The GLSO NEWS is PUbliShEd Orvis Kean, Vice President

monthly by and for the Lexington Jane Minder, Secretary

Gay and Lesbian Services Organi- Glenn Blind, Treasurer

zation members and community.

The mission of the Lexington Gay

and Lesbian Services Organization Charlotta Brunson, At-Large

is to provide support and services James Carie, At Large

to the GLBTQQIA community. Mary Crone, GSA
RJ Deacon, Volunteers

The vision of the Lexington Gay Jesse Howard, Marketing/Sales

and Lesbian Services Organiza- Mark Johnson, At-Large

tion is to empower the GLBTQQIA Orvis Kean, Events

community through voice. Ginger Moore-Minder, At-Large
Jessica Sucik, Affiliate Groups

The Lexington GLSO is founded

upon the core values of fun, in- m

clusion, respect, integrity, dignity,

service and competence. Samara Allen, Interim Adminis-
trative Assistant

GLSO Pride Center

Eelxiigltgg, Ky. 40504 The GLSO. is currently looking for

859.253.3233 new contributors and editorial

www. gl so. org staff. If interested, e-mail

2011 GLSO News sponsorship packages are now available!
Email editor@glso.org to pick your package today!

 Almost here! % RAISING N
WOW! Who can believe that the ,. D
2011 Pride Festival is just around » H
the corner. It seems like we just H
started planning! June is chock full
of fun, fabulous events. Corona- /\
tion X)0( kicks off the month's fes- , \ 9§
tivities on June 3-6, with the Ball / \J 23 t ;\
starting at 6 pm. on June 5th at %\ _ ;§ 3/ ,\
the Downtown Hilton. (please see / \1 figs 5/ ‘
article in this issue for more events) ; \ . \EE t :3 / I
, \ : §::: : :; / g
. , .. \-x::: > ~- /
Wednesday June 8th brlngs us the ,\ 1:5? // I
second prelim for "Lexington's Got \ “i=2; ,/
Talent" at Crossing's starting at 9 ‘ i
p.m.. Then, on Friday June 10th, we
have the 2nd Annual Miss Lexington ' , ‘ l t l
Pride Pageant at the Barrel House. l ‘ ‘l
We will give you a little break before '
getting pride weekend off on Friday
June 24th starting with the Fairness .
Awards Dinner at the Hyatt. Imme- K'Ck Off Party at
diately after the dinner, we will "Kick— Barrel HOUSE
Off" the pride festival with a party
featuring DJ D Stu from Florida, a
drag show, strippers and go go boys. By OFViS Kean
Pride Festival Director
Saturday will host the 4th annual
Lexington Pride Festival, start— I would like to invite everyone
'"9 at 1.1 a.m.., Our headliner th's out for some great activities for
year '5 international sunglng sensa' Pride this year. Barrel House is
tlon Amber. J0lnlng AmberIWIll be hosting our Pride Pre-Party on
Mother Jane, DJ D Stu, Lexmgton s F . .

. rlday, June 24th. We Will have
premier drag performers, our new th t , ts f DJ D St (1
Miss Lexington Pride, Emperor and e a en 0 u, “,9
Empress 30 and Chi Chi LaRue. performances by Cammle D"

etrlch, CaVler Towers, Jo Dee
After the festival, Barrel House . _
will again join us in hosting our Monroe, Natalie Gaye, MISS Lex-
first after party featuring many of lngton Pride, Parls BaCaII and
the stars from the festival and Ti— more. We will have special raf-
tan Video Performer Jessie Coul- fles and giveaways, drink spe-
ter. The after party gets started cials featuring Maker's Mark
at 11 p.m.. Mark your calendars (one of our proud sponsors),
now for the month so you won't strippers and go go boys. This
miss anything—See YOU there!!! event has a $5 door donation.

 Memories of an Empress «- r . I ‘
By Helena Handbasket ,' _ , it a
Contributor )3 Mt , Ia
Recently, the question was asked : ‘6‘,” ”t. g ; it."
how I would remember being the '1 a ' ’I‘ ‘3. ' “
Empress of Reign 29 and it made ‘3'. - t L i .m‘ I
me start thinking about all that has g'v‘t' I It“.
happened since I was crowned last ; .m“ ta M ;
June. There have certainly been ' it? A " “waft;
challenges that were sometimes .5? %*
unexpected and that sometimes i a" ' ' . , m 3d
caught me off guard and unsure of » ‘ " a ‘2
how to handle them. I would like K -: {
to think though that what I am tak- Vt? ; it ‘ '
ing away from all of those things fig ,‘ ,f h i
are some life lessons to draw upon .. M” g : «1’ Y .I
when I am faced with new life ex— ‘ ,‘t‘li, . . 3'
periences up ahead. What I tried ‘3. N t j
to do this year was to show people ' g 3.‘ “ " .
that as a community, “We ARE Fam- , _ -' t 'j‘
ily”. We may not agree with every- t‘.‘ i
one but we do need to take care ' . _, 2‘
of each other and love each other. ' 3 ~‘
As time slides on by, the things I »“ '
will remember will not be the chal- A
lenges or the anguish with trying
to know what was the right thing dollar tip for themselves, work their
to do bUt rather the triumphs and numbers for the community. When
celebrations that were shared with you see these girls out and about,
the community and everyone in I ask everyone in the community to
the court. What a great year it mention to them that you appreci-
has been! Together, the court has ate the work they do with the court.
held over 37 events this year, not to
mention the other events that we That pat on the back that you give
attended and participated in that may be the only pay offthey get per-
were hOt sponsored bY the court sonally (other than the inner feelings
of pride for helping their communi-
The hard work of the board of di- ty). Ithinkthat more than anything,
rectors and everyone else that were the memory of the relationships that
involved is directly related to the have developed during this experi-
success of these events. Enough ence will be what I cherish the most.
can’t be said about the performers Of course there have been certain
that time and time again, tirelessly shows that stand out in my mind
and unselfishly show up without any
kind of pay and, not keeping one (Continued on Page 16)

 Lexington’s Got Talent!
Y"/ The Second Preliminary Compe-
tition for Lexington’s Got Talent
. will be held Wednesday, June 8 at
MISS Crossings. Applications must be
registered by 8:30 pm. with form
PR E and entry fee complete. Entry fee
0f is $10/single or $20/group. FREE
admission. Drag Spotlights will also
EXI n on be entertainment for the evening.
The competition is open to ama-
teur acts including but not lim-
ited to: music performance (vo-
MiSS Pride Pageant cal or instrumental), acting,
Set for June 10 comedic, dance, visual art, etc...
The second annua| Miss Lexington The Finalists Chosen on June 8 Will
Pride Pageant will be held on Fri- join those Chosen in May and will
day, June 10th, 2011 at the Barrel compete for the title and a cash
House located at 903 Manchester prize during Pride Festival 2011 on
and the pageant will begin promptly
at 9:30 pm" There .w'” be a $5 do‘ For all rules and updates add and
nation at the door With the proceeds
benefiting the GLSO Pride Festival. check cm the facebook page by
gomg to the search bar and typ—
This event is open to 18 and up. Miss “'19 in "Lexington's GOt Talent
Pride will represent the GLSO Pride Competition". Or you may contact
Festival during the upcoming year. If Chad at Chad@lexpridefest.org.
you are interested in competing for
the title, please contact Orvis (or-
vis@glso.org) for more information.
I’m thinking of moving back to
the Lexington area (my home-
town) and would like to know if
there’s interest in getting a group I ’
togethen..."older wiser lesbians”? I e
Potlucks, support and help for
each other, maybe some hik— angtOnS
ing, picnicing, attend events to-
gether, other outdoor activities. 2:}
Just have lots of fun, {I
with a sense of “family". 0i?
Let’s talk about it! if?

 Pride Prom
A Fabulous Good Time. (C°“ti””9d ”0'" Page 6)

BY Mary Crone, as being favorites... the first being the
Contributor “AVOL Kid’s Christmas” show. Not only
was that so much fun, it is always filled
. . with such a spirit of love and communi-
lhfitzggfhpxan; oan gl'ZEtFrsflZZetgse ty. This is truly a great experience that
,l , ' everyone should be part of next year.
Teens told US: "I am .finally Old I am also especially proud of the “It’s
enough to come I Th's '5 where Just Sex — Get Over It” show that we
' can be me", and "T00 COOIII- did in January when we teamed with
We appreciate all the people and AVOL and not only got a little naughty
organizations that helped make on stage but also worked toward rais-
this possible. The teens that ing awareness and education about
helped plan the dance, made the HIV and AIDS. Sex is a part of life.
decorations, and helped supervise Be smart about it. and Stay healthy.
the activities where awesome. Whether Infected With HIV or not... stay
The chaperones did a great job, healthy and stay With us. You are a
thanks you for volunteering. Vital part of this community. We need
you — we want you — we love you.
We WOUId al-so “k? to thank those What a gift when I got to work with my
who made financial contributions. twisted sisters of sequin and put on a
Our sponsors th'5 year Included: Gospel Show the night of Easter: That
The Gay Lesbian Service Organi- willalways bringasmileto myface. Who
zation, The GLSO Gay Straight Al- knew a bunch of boys in dresses could
liance for Youth, The GLSO Pride be so spiritual? That wasaspecial night.
Festival Committee, The Loving I guess the one thing that will always
Arms of God Church, The Unitar— be SPEClal to my heart from this 9X-
ian Universalist Church, St. Mar— perience came from the 2nd Annual
tha’s Episcopal Church, Sqecial Wags for Drags show that we did. for
Media, Trilby Trent, The Kentucky the 59°“ County i-Iumane Socrety.
Theater, Nature’s Eye Cards,Janet lhat mg.ht' I met M'tChelL" ‘3‘ daChs'
James and Sarah Phillips. und le, who has come Into our
home and melted our hearts. All of
the love that I have shared with the
community has been given back by
Part-Time that loving little dog that we adopted.
AdminiStrative ASSiStant So what will I remember most about
Needed for Pr'de Center being Empress? The love and hugs
, . from all of you that have made this
The GLSO '5; lookrng for a .part- such a rewarding experience this year
time administrative aSSIstant _ and even though I am stepping down
for the Pride Center. If YOU as Empress as we crown Empress 30, I
are interested in applying or will always take those hugs... anytime.
would like more information, Hugs,Kisses,andD.I.V.A.Wishes to yoall.
please email info@g|so.org. Empress 29, Helena Handbasket

 'I'I'Il can
The Imperial Court of Kentucky
GLSO News Monthly Sponsors
SisterSound 859.806.0243
Diverse Music for all Women
Richardson Vision Center 859.278.4201
1757 Alexandria Drive, Gardenside
Shopping Center
KCHIP 877.524.4718
Debra Hensley Insurance 859.276.3244
1513 Nicholasville Road
Lexington Fairness 859.951.8565
Moveable Feast 859.252.2867
474 Silver Maple Way
Unitarian Universalist Church 859.223.1448
3564 Clays Mill Road
Scott Ackerman, Keller Williams Blue- 859.338.8483
grass Realty, ackermanteam@aol.com
Gay and Lesbian Services 859.253.3233
Organization and Pride Center
Lexington Pride Festival 859253-3233

 / i .» j ;
l 3 g

.i:"."\".7§.‘3 :,= ‘- ' xv wan"
2%». gi'wfi ‘ kiwi.‘ w. I13 E1
I I ’ ’ r I r 9
c H I P OT L E
Chipotle Mexican Grill Supports Pride 2011.

 Bourbon Bears HOStS of money raised in one evening at Cross-
. mgs. There were a lot of guys Involved
B'g BaSKets 0f to make this night a seamless success.
the Bluegrass The Kentucky Bourbon Bears would like to
- thank all of the businesses and individu-
by ChUCk Embs’ contrIbUtor als who donated to make the baskets so
‘ . valuable. The donor of the Ipod Touch
Secondly Annual 3'9 h Baskets sosf 64 was QX.net. Other donors include De-
f e th ueglr(asst k a B “9: suBcce lightful Parties, Stag Run Campground,
or e en uc y our on ears. Toyota Motor Manufacturing of George-
On Saturday, May 14’ The Kentucky Bou-r- town, Bluegrass Bakery, Cheddars, Crown
b0" Bears hosted the second annual 3'9 Plaza Hotel, Kentucky Theatre, Crossings,
Baskets Of the Bluegrassl fundraiser at Kentucky Bourbon Bears, Tattoo Char-
Crossmgs Lexmgton. Aways a crowd lies and Corey Profitt Massage Studios.
pleaser, ten local guys wearing undenNear
took to the stage dancing and carrying gift ,, .
baskets to be auctioned off. There were Keep the Love you Flnd,
23 specific themed baskets with matching Get the Love you Want.”
underwear, including ‘Hello Kitty’, ‘Fight-
ing Cocks’, ‘Frisk Me’, ‘Kiss My Blarney _ .
Stone’, ‘Touch Down’ and ‘Big Blue Balls.” JESSICa Bolllnger, LCSW
Ima o Relationshi Thera ist
Included in the baskets were high dollar gEMDRT pW k p
items including a Hello Kitty toaster, gift ral'Jma or
cards for meals and hotel rooms, a foot- Couples, Family, IndIVIduaI
ball signed by Joker Phillips and a bas- Ima oconnection.com
ketball signed by John Calipari. There 9
was also a raffle for an Ipod Touch 64. 859-552-6533
This year’s charities were Lexington Fair- MonthlyWorkshops for Couples
ness and PFLAG' A total 0f $350000 was check web site or call for information
raised setting a record for highest amount
”feigflm Listening is probably the most important factor when
{fay/fl I ‘5 doing business with anyone. whether it he Real Estate
2‘ y?! ,‘l g}; 7 or any other form of sales oriented services.
" ., j.‘ 1;“? A '1." 2'12; ,
- ti “5:: I like to use the term of"emotional intelligence"
:53??? g ' when describing what I bring to my clients.
“ 4.5:: ' '1?
§ eresa om s
I- Realtor. ABR. GR], QSC
gagfe” Accredited Buyer Representative
Cell/Text: 859-489-: I50 kWh)?
Office: 859-423-2000
Email: tcrcsacombsth‘cmaxnct
Web: www.tcrcsacombsrcaltor.con~. MK
in ms 925 5;? Creative Realty

 — 2011 Pride Festival

3—;Enler’roinmen’r Schedule
[32‘M Official Proclamation by ,
Mayor Jim Gray
Lexington’s Got Talent Competition
3 i) Poetry in Pride
Afternoon Drag Show A,
, :21; Mother Jane
Lexington’s Got Talent Finale
:i 1‘ Evening Drag Show A
Amalgamation Fire Nation
o 2 Amber 2
: 330 AM Pride After Party at *_
. “g House __ ,

 Many Thanks from New Pride Center _
Festival Director Hours
. The GLSO would like to announce E.
I want to take JUSt a moment to new Lexington Pride Center hours ef-
thank a few people for making my fective July 1, 2011 to better serve 1'
pOSItlon' as the 2911 Pride FeSt" the GLBTQQIA community of central ‘,
val Chair much eaSIer. F'rSt Of all, and eastern Kentucky. The new hours .;
I want to say "Thank YOU!" to the will be Tuesdays and Fridays 9 am.
GLSO Board Of Dll’eCtOI'S for spon- to 1 p.m., Wednesdays and Thurs- ?
soring this event in Lexington. days 3 pm. - 7 pm. and Saturdays :
Without their insight and input, the from 11 am. - 3 pm. These hours .
Pride Festival would not happen. will again take effect July 1, 2011.
Next, to the committee (RJ, Adam,
Jamie, Chad, Andrea, Sean, Gin- Volunteers Needed
ger, Glenn, Don, Steve--you all are - - ;
great. We have had some rocky for Pr'de F eStlval r.
spots in the road, but in the end, _ _ :
we all had the same vision and We are needing volunteers for this
knew where we were headed years festival. If you would like to ‘
' volunteer, please email sean@lex— '
I have to say a big thanks to all the pridefest.org or orvis@glso.org. We
reat sponsors we have this year have volunteer opportunities in all
SVithout our assistance we could areas including hospitality, merchan-
not havey done it To all the clubs dising, concessions, first aid, services, '
h h It h ld t C _ activities and more. All volunteers
W 9 ‘1’: eB us Co (liven: rorscs will receive a gift pack (donated by ’
enfdsef cofirseaéarrelnllpoiée negcaho: our sponsors), festival tee shirt and
' 5 ff adm'ss' t the afte .
graciousl! You helped us raise the $ 0 I ion 0 r party
funds to make the event possible. Absolut VIP Tent
Now to two people I must point . _
out-Dennis you are a great men- The Absolut VIP tent IS something
tor and friend. You helped to lead new to the years-pride feSt'Yel' The
when needed and knew when to step Absolut VIP tent gives any pride goer
back That is the quality of a great all access into a meet and greet with
leader. Helena, through all you had :35; favznrfigereacflngiatémse yeaanr: ,
tgfrciig‘: 5:1: tiling/ct: :2 II” 3:33]: Morgan McMicheals we be on hand to '
y . . . p sign autographs or just have you take
organization anytime we called_upon a picture with them. Cool down in the -
you. Thanks for being a friend!! air condition ,Absolut VIP tent and
. also have snacks and beverages pro- :
To the community, thanks. for all vided by Cokeand Bluegrasscatering. i
the support, love and pride you The costofaAbsolutVIPticketisonly
Show eYerydaY'VYe Present Your $50 dollars which includes all this and .
201,1, .Pride Festival. EnJOY the a Pride festival t—shirt. go to www. 7
fESt'V'tles and raise your pride. lexpridefest.org for more informa-
_ _ tion or to purchase ticket in advance.
1" SGWICe and Pride, There are limited tickets available
Orvis Kean

Friday», June 24th3201‘1 ‘ I Y 5,: '
V ‘ Cocktails begin at 6 pm. - . _ ‘ 3
Dinner & Show 611* 7 pm. ' I: _ ‘ ‘
V HyaHRegency Hate-l -   ‘w/gv i ‘ 1
~ ~ ; ~ . to g
» x t . 1
Tiickewsgregmflable at: -
‘ wwwelexfairgrg 7_

wwwfqiméssawmdsmg ‘~ t? ' ’
i 7 .3 E I V Brfic’é‘ Wmch §
. :1 L '_ V Emmy Award winning comedian ;
t : , .. j ' 11/ . tr . :05. 1
T h e 4 f h A an n u a i j
. \e ‘1‘ ~ . . -~ ,. ~ :
’_ “ 1 \\"\_m TheSImaiHciJsfon . .} , . E

a ', b It" Grammy /M-oiown & Disco Legend
,0 § “5:,ij evénfp-arfhers . i
/\ film“; 5 . '3 1

x ._ ; mee i
, . I; me'nmw’s I’Fecfmfalnw Delivereéfléwj‘fly ' ‘ '3‘; " r '

 and what I do. I have come to believe
If YOU want to Know the that what pleases Him is me living a life
Truth.... of love and devotion to Him and to others.
He isn’t concerned with whom I have fallen in
By PaStor Karen Taylor! love with orchosen to spend the rest of mylife
Contrlbutor with. It is a matter of the heart and choosing
I’m sure everyone reading this has had to have a close loving relationship with Him,
someone at least once make a statement Does He insist that I live my life either in a
like this. Then proceed to give you their straight relationship or be celibate? There
true opinion. You know like, “If you want are many in the church who will say this is
to know the truth, I don’t like so and so”, true and Ithought at one time it may be true.
or “If you want to know the truth, I really
wanted to go with her/him". If you are like However, God never meant for us to be
me, you want the truth about things and alone. He said it wasn’t 900d for Adam
people. I would much rather experience a to be alone so He gave him Eve. He also
relationship built on truth, people who aren’t wants us to live in truth, not pretending to
afraid to be who they are. When it comes be someone we aren’t. I thought I COUld
to religion everybody seems to “have the please everyone else and live a lie. I tried,
truth”. Is there such a thing as truth in re- but it didn’t work. As I think back all those
ligion? In this article I would like to share years living in a straight World trying to fit
with you what I have come to know as truth. in, I realize that no one I saw were living
Webster defines truth as a real state of open lives, not afraid t0 5aY and be who they
things, agreement with fact or reality. were. Everyone wants to be the person ev- _
eryone else likes, yet we don’t really know N
When Lisa and I got together the truth who that is. [don’t want to be like that. I
about being gay and Christian became want to be that person who can say “What
something I sought after harder than ever you see is what you get” kind of person.
before. What was the truth? Did God hate MOSt importantly, WOUld I 90 to hell if Lisa and —
me, did He insist that I be straight, would I committed ourselves to each other? Noll A
I be condemned to hell if I stayed in this
relationship? I read everything I could get Scripture tells us that the way to heaven is
my hands on that were both pro and con. through Jesus Christ. By believing that He is
With each article I would say, that’s true. I who He says He is, and by giving of myself -
followed scripture by seeking Godly coun- to Him, allowing Him to come into my heart, C
sel, on both sides of the issue and I would Ihave a place in heaven. There is nothing in
leave both saying, that’s true. Well obvi- scripture that says I can love God all I want,
ously bom sides cannot be true or can they? serve Him all I want, bUt if I love another
After many months of reading, listening, woman I will not go to heaven. It is a mat— _.
questioning, I decided I had to stop listen- ter of the heart. The heart is what God sees. 5
ing to everyone else and seek God for my These are my truths based on my reality.
truth. To put it another way, I had to "5- God has done nothing but show me time af-
ten to what I believed God was saying to ter time of His love for me, His pleasure in __
me. Now I know GQd isn’t trying to keep what I’m doing with my life. I continue to
secrets from me about how He would want tell Him it's His will I desire for my life. I E
me to live, so I did as any child would and believe With everything in me that GOd PUt
I went straight to the “overseer” of my life Lisa and me together. We complement one
and simply asked the important questions. another in life and in ministry. Icouldn’t have D
found such a perfect life mate on my own. *[
I waited for Him to answer and con—
firm What I heard in His Word. 50, do you want to know your truth? Get
Did God hate me? Absolutely not!! His to know Jesus who is truth. John 14:6
Word tells me He loves me with an everlast— “Jesus told him, I am fl‘le way, the truth,
ing love, that I am the apple of His eye and and the life. No one comes to the Father
that He would radier die than to live with- except through Me.” Do you Wish to have
out me. It is a matter of the heart, How a close walk with Jesus? Come join us at
is my heart toward God? I love my Savior Open Arms of Goo Ministry this Sunday for
and I want to please Him with who I am fellowship and a study in the Word of God.

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 2012 LeXington ‘ .1 » , t§,$ :" \
Pride Festival I, j .,
Headliner Named: ‘ ,1
Martha Wash the * " in
“Dance Legend" , {1;} ”e
By R] Deacon, _ , " .. .. "
Contributor x "‘ . ,
The GLSO is proud and honored to ' g ' fl - g _‘
announcethe2012 LexingtonPride ' ' "a “
Festival Headliner Martha Wash! ; ‘ it
Martha Wash is the voice behind ‘m _~"'i_.‘ '
the massive #1 Pop Hit songsz" ~ » , ”i_ , i
It’s Raining Men”;" Sweat” (Every— W
body Dance Now);“Strike It Up”;" ""“X g refit
Everybody, Everybody” “Carry On”
Martha's voice has dominated ‘ :3, ' . ,; ,. ' ' x ‘f
the airwaves, and her charisma ‘33 . {£4 f“,
and spirit has embraced mil- ' x fi.".‘7_.{
lions of people around the world. 9 _. ' , t“
in ‘ is!
She is responsible for some of the ‘ J 4.. ., - (
top-selling, most recognizable pop \F ”e“- . ,3“: '63)”
hits of the 805 and 905. "It's Rain- ' ‘ r igfifit
ing Men", the cult pop classic, is ‘ " 3555' “ 3" ' '~
still heard everywhere... the radio,
movies, commercials, TV. "Sweat
(Everybody Dance now)" was the presence that has been instrumental in
highlight of C&C Music Factory's shaping popularmusicaswe hearittoday.
careenandsoldS1/2millioncopies "Martha Wash began her musical ca-
worldwide. Black Box's Dreamland reer at the age 0f tWO in her par—
featured four #1 Billboard Dance ents' ChUVCh in her native 53“ Fran—
singles and three Top 40 hits in- cisco. She went on to study opera and
cluding"Strike It Up",asingle that tour Europe while still in high school.
continues to receives massive air— Martha became part Of a contempo-
play and is still heard at every NFL rary gospel group called Now (News
and NBA game everywhere! A” of Of The World) and the mix Of CIaSSi'
the above have achieved major cal and gospel training accounts for
success and all have one com- her seemingly effortless transition,
mon denominator- Martha Wash. from ballads to dance music to pop.
In addition to her vast career in pop
She is the heart and soul of dance music, Martha has also starred in ma-
music. "Martha Wash "The Collec- J'or theater productions, and has re-
tion":was releasedinJanuary 1998 COFdEd numerous jingles and movie
on Logic Records/BMG, honors her soundtracks (Kiss Me GUidE, First
timelessness and her renowned Wives ClUbI Mighty DUCKS, Gun H0)-

fig 'VWJ o Amber
‘ I J".
. 7, 777-7} H ‘gfl .Wfi‘
I ‘ I! Q, ~ \
’ I I x r
/ \ I www.amber-mcc.com
§ § \ ' I l
/ \ \ I Chi Chi
§§ t/i/ " 1% i5
\ :r' I . ”'1"
I " .U
. . ‘ I '0 ’ ‘ Q Er
‘ ‘ I ‘A- We)?“
\ I
Saturday, June 25th | 11:00 am. - 11:00 pm.
Free Admission | Rain or Shine
120—150 N. Limestone St, Lexington, KY
Absolut VIP Passes gfidag fufparty
On Sale Now At _ , ., fire/Hi?
. sari-ii! .g, D. '
LexPrIdeFest.org £7336",\III'IEW: m. '
_. «sniff/infiw‘
/'l\';@ '3} , 35733.1, ',
Meet&Greet \ ““‘ffij‘f
Entertainers in the fl
Air Conditioned
Absolut VIP Tent! *