After months of unremitting labor the " History of Daviess
C(.onnty" is ready for our patrons. None can better understand
than those who have assisted us, the difficulties to be met in
the preparation of a work of this kind. Public documents have
been examined, newspaper files have been reviewed, old settlers
and prominent men have been visited for the purpose of making
the record as complete as possible and gaining information of
interest and value to the subscribers. The incompleteness ot
the public records and the convicting statements have tended
to perplex the compilers, but we trust in the main the work
will prove satisfactory. Members of a family often differ as to
the spelling of names, contradict each other's statements as to
the dates of birth. settlement in the county, and nativity; we,
therefore, have tried to give preference to the majority. While
errors must necessarily occur under such circumstances we feel
that we have fulfilled our promises and have given as correct a
record, historically and biographically, as it is possible to obtain.
Whatever may be the verdict of those who do not realize the
extent of our work, and therefore make no allowance for the
many ways in which errors may occur, we feel sure that all
thoughtful and just persons will appreciate our efforts, will
recognize the great public benefit that has been accomplished,
and will value the book as a memorial in the years to come
of the lives and adventures of the early pioneers, of the lives
of men prominent in political and business circles, and  of
individuals less prominent but none the less necessary to the
county's history, that would otherwise have passed into oblivion.
  We tender our thanks to the pioneers, county officials, pastors
of churches, officers of societies and members of the press for