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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESJun-$4,l9O7 Page 179(cont'd)

              President Patterson offered the following resolution:

              Resolved that the request of Professor Tuttle with refer-
         ences to the enlargement of the Ohemistry Bldg. for laboratory
         purposes, be refered to the Executive Committee with power to

              Said motion was seconded by Mr. Brooks, and carried.

              President stated in response to a question from some member
         of the Board with reference to Prof. Tuttle's request that
         provisions be made for some person to stay in the Chemistry Page l1O
         building at night and have an oversight of same, that he would
         make arrangements with Prof. Tuttle to do this.

              Mr. Nicholas, as Chairman of the Finance Committee, asks
         for further time to make report on the reports of the Treasurer
         and Business Agent, which was granted.

              Thereupon upon motion of Judge Lafferty, duly seconded
         and carried, the Board adjourned sine die.

                                                  D. C. FRazee

                                                                Page i8i
               Semi-annual meeting of the Board of Trustees of the A.
         and M. College, held on Tuesday, December 10, 1907, 2 O'clock
         P. M I9M7, at the President's Room, Gymnasium Building, Lexing-
Ceoul~an ton, Kentucky.

A       t     Chairman D. C. Frazee in the chair.

           7  Roll-call showed the following present: Messrs. Clay, Frazee,
\$     -JqIaKinkead, Lafferty, McChord, Nicholas, Smith, Pres. Patterson and
T  A+ q Terrell.    9



     Absent: Nessrs. Bell, Barker, Brooks, Oarpenter, Hopkins,
Metcalfe and Stout.   7

     There being a quorum oresent business was proceeded with.

     Upon motion of Judge McOhord, seconded by Pres. Patterson
and duly carried, all absentees were excused.

     The Secretary read the minutes of the board for the last

     Upon motion of Judge McChord, seconded by Mr. Smith and
carried, it was

     Resolved, that so much of the resolution with reference to
the Lexington and Interurban Railway passing through the yard
and premises of the college as empowers the executive committee
to act in the premises, be corrected as follows: that the execu-
cutive committee be directed to employ counsel to oppose the
entrance of said road upon the premises of the College wherever
such step may be undertaken.

     Upon motion being duly made and carried the minutes were
approved as read with the above correction.

     At this point Judge Stout came into the meeting.

     Mr. Nicholas stated that the matter of buying the coal for
the college for the present winter had. been overlooked at the
June meeting, and that at the request of the business agent, he,
in connection with the Business Agent, had bought the coal for
the college at the price of 43.75 per ton, reserving the right
to cancel the contract at any time the coal might Drove to be



unsatisfactory. He further reported that he had been informed
by the engineer that the coal was entirely satisfactory and
the best college has had for a number of years.

     Upon Motion of President Patterson duly seconded and
carried, the action of Mr. Nicholas in buying the coal was

     Upon motion of Judge Lafferty, seconded by Judge McChord,
the reading of the minutes of the faculty and special faculties
was dispersed with.

     At this Doint President Patterson read his Report to the
Board, which is as follows:

     To the Board of Trustees
        of the Agricultural and Mechanical College
of Kentucky.
        Little has occurred in the history of the College since
June, to warrant the presentation of an extended report.   The
current collegiate year opened upon the 12th of September with
a very gratifying increase in the matriculation over that of the
preceedIng and of former years. The indications are now that
the record will go considerably. beyond one thousand. A feeling
of buoyancy prevaded both students and professors because of
the auspicious conditions under which we began the operations
of the year.

     The Normal School Building has been practically completed
and equipped, furnishing commodious quarters for the Department
of Education,with all the needed modern appliances for effective
instruction. The Agricultural Building has gotten well under
way, although it was not so far advanced as it was anticipated
that it would be.  The building for Mining Engineering was    Page 183
also fairly well advanced and a good beginning has been made
upon the Library Building, the gift of Mr. Carnegie. Within
the last few weeks we have felt to some extent the results
financial depression in the East. Whether the crisis has been
passed and the country will be able to rehabilitate itself in
the near future, will probably be determined in a few weeks.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec.10,1907Page 13(cont'd)

     The Chemical Departmnent is stronger than ever heretofore
and is able to do better work and more of it. Dr. Tuttle and
his two assistants are indefatigable workers. The Departments
of English and of Modern Languages and of Physics have each
been strengthened by. the appointment of regular assistants,
while the Mechanical, Civil and Mining Engineering courses of
study and the DeDartment of Agriculture are each moving for-
ward with increased numbers and increased zeal.

     I beg to call the attention of the Board of the legisla-
tion most urgently needed.

     First:  The Board has entered into an obligation to pro-
vide $2,650 per annum outside of the existing revenue of the
college, foi the upkeep and maintenance of the Carnegie Library,
When completed.  This obligation you assumned, believing that
the next Legislature would cheerfully meet the requirement.

     Second:  Obligations have been incurred in the extension
and erection of buildings, amounting to nearly $100,000. An
appropriation ought to be asked for in order to liquidate this

     Third:  An appropriation is urgently needed for the erection
and equipment of a building for the joint use of the Depart- P.l94
ments of Physics and of Civil Engineering.

     Fourth: An appropriation is needed for additional income
to meet our annually growing expenditures,. The recent Act
passed by the Congress of the United States., by which within
the next four years the revenues of the College will be increased
$21,375, while a very welcome addition to our income, will fall
far short of meeting the exigences of a rapidly growing and
expanding institution.

     As you are probably aware, the War Department sends to the
College each year in May an officer whose duty it is to inspect
and report upon military administration connected with the
College. I regret to say that the reports of this inspection
transmitted to me during the last two years are not very com-
plimentary.. The time for drill has been reduced to three days
per week, and our Seniors and Juniors.have been excused from
military duty. The decadence I take to be 1&tgely due to these
facts, indeed the War Department complains that sufficient time
is not given to military drill and instruction. I think the
College made a great mistake when it excused. the Seniors class
.from drill. It made a still greater mistake when the Junior
Class was excused. I therefore beg that you will re-consider
your action in this matter and place the entire military de-
partment upon the footing of efficiency upon which it ought to



stand. As long as full time was given to military duty and
neither SeniorsMor Juniors were excused, we stood well in the
records of the War Department, indeed we stood among the
first.  Since this relaxation and cutting down of the Military
requirements, we have been distinctly decadent.

     The completion and equipment of the Normal School Build-
Lng has given a fresh impulse to the growth of the Normal
epartment. With the introduction of the Model School we are
now prepared to do better work and of a higher grade than has
ever been done heretofore in this line in Kentucky, and this
too at far less expense to the State than can be done elsewhere.

     For the conduct of the Summer Normal School in 1908, I
respectfully recommend the usual appropriation for advertising
and teaching and the usual appropriation for advertising the
Summer School of Mechanical Engineering.

     The completion in the near future of the Agricultural Build-
ing is also a metter of good omen,  The Grange organization,
which is again looking up, and gaining strength, asks the privilege
of dedicating the Building during the session of the Legislature.
This will be most opportune.   It will present a good object
lesson to the farmers in the State through the farmers who are
members of the General Assembly.. The eh4tire Legislature should
be invited to the dedication. We can give the members a warm
and generous welcome with a handsome repast in Patterson Hall
at comparatively expense. The existing plant and equipment of
the College cannot fail to arrest the attention and impress tthe
intelligence even of the least educated Legislator.          Page l16

     Again thanking you for confidence and support,
           I am, gentlemen with much respect,
                           Your obedient servant.

     Said re ort was by the Ohairman referred the Committee on
President's 1 eport, but it and the communications accompanying
same hereafter noted, were afterwards withdrawn from said Cem-
mittee and acted upon by the Board as a whole.

     President Patterson presented with his report various com-
munications, among which was a communication from Prof. F. Paul
Anderson, Dean of the Department of Mechanical Engineering,



     The President also read a communication from Miss Isabella
W. Marshall, the instructress in Domestic Science, which is as

     To President James K. Patterson
                Kentucky State College
     My Dear Sir:
        I earnestly request you to submit to the Board of Trustees
the question of making the Department of Domestic Science a part
of the regular College course.

     No class can permanently succeed in any school until it be-
comes a part of the curriculum. The fact that a teaching know-
ledge of Domestic Science is being required of teachers by Boards
of Education makes it imperative that young women have training
in this department as in the others of the College.  It is impossible
for the department to have the dignity which belongs to it as
long as no student is required to attent any of its classes.

     The number of voluntary students has dropped ff from last
year and will continue to decrease as the years gabtby, unless
there is some systematic arrangement made. No student is seek-
ing additional work, and she will not be necessarily more attracted
to the classes in Domiestic Science than in any other department
in which no classes are required of her. Neither the personality
of the Instructor nor the attractiveness and real worth of the
department are sufficient to overcome this serious difficulty.

     I would suggest that preparatory and advanced courses be
carried on in the Department.- Now I am compelled to have in one
class students of all degrees of preparation and the work under
these conditions cannot be satisfactory as it should be.

                                     Isabella W. Marshall.

     The President also read a communication from W. H. Wathen,
M. D., Dean of the faculty of the Kentucky School of Medicine,
at LouisVille, Ky.


MINUTES OF TEE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.10, 1907 Page 17(cont'd)

     The Report of the Business Agent was presented at this
point and upon motion of Col. Clay, duly seconded and.carried,
only such parts thereof were read as the Board deemed necessary.
The totals shown by said report were read to the Board by the

     Judge Lafferty offered the following resolution.  Resolved
that the Chairman of this Board be authorized to borrow sufficient.
money to pay for the equipment for all new buildings and an
amount sufficient to pay the balance for constructing the build-
ings.  Said motion was seconded by Judge Stout, and upon roll
call the vote stood as follows:'

     Ayes - Messrs. Clay, Frazee, Kinkead, Lafferty, McChord,
Nicho3,KsX, Smith, Patterson, Terrell, and Stout. '10

     Noes - 0

     The resolution was unanimously carried.

     Upon motion of Judge Kinkead duly seconded and carried, the
original contract with reference to the heating and lighting
of the laboratory building was adhered to.

     Upon motion of Judge McChord seconded by Judge Lafferty,
the report of the business agent was referred to the finance

     At this point Mr. Nicholas made a report to the effect that
the assistant to the business agent, who haS been in that office
for a number of years and was now receiving $40.00 per month
for his services, had. been offered by a business man of Lexington,


M4INUTES OF THE BOkRD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.l0,1907 Page lS(cont'd)

     an increase of its salary to make It $50.00 for the first six
     months and after thst $60.00. Reporting that if his salary
     Was not increased by the college he would accept the other

          Mr. Nicholas thereupon moved the following resolution.

          Resolved that the salary of the assistant to the business
     agent be increased from $40.00 to $50.00 for the first six
     months beginning January l909, and thereafter to $60.00 per

          Said motion was seconded by Judge Kinkead, placed upon
     its passage and upon the roll call the vote stood as: follows:

          Ayes: Messrs. Clay, Kinkead  Frazee, Lafferty, Mc-    Page 1g9
     Chord, Nicholas, Smith, Patterson, Terrell, Stout.  10

          Noes - None

          The resolution was carried unanimously.

          Judge MoChord offered the following resolution.

          Resolved that J. R. Mayes, a student in the college, be
     permitted to change from the classical course to the course of
     civil engineering at the beginning of the January term 190.

          Said motion was seconded by Judge Lafferty.

          Judge Kinkead offered eas a substitute the following' motion.

i&-%44-(4 Resolved that the motion of Judge McOhord be referred to
     the faculty for action. Said substitute motion was seconded
     by Judge Stout, placed upon its passage and upon roll call the
     vote stood as follows:


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.l0, 1907 Page lS9(cont'd)

     Ayes:- Messrs. Kinkead, Patterson, and Stout.  3

     Nays: Messrs. Clay, Frazee, Lafferty, 7,1cChaord, Nicholas,
Smith and Terrell.   7

     The substitution motion was lost.

     Thereupon the original motion offered by Judge McChord was
placed upon its passage and upon roll call stood as follows:

     Ayes:- Messrs. Clay, Lafferty, McOhord, Smith and Terrell.   6

     Noes:-  Frazee, Kinkead, Stout, and Patterson -

     Original motion was carried.

     Judge Lafferty at this point made report of the special com-
mittee appointed to confer with the authorities of the Kentucky
University on the change of the name of the college and read to the
Board a report from the committee of the Kentucky University ap-
pointed to confer with the committee of this college, which is as

     Your committee appointed to confer with a similar Committee P.19D
from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky with x
regard to a change of name desired by that institution, beg leave
to report :-

     The joint committee met in the City, of Lexington and engaged
in free and friendly discussion as to the relations of the two
institutions. The Committee from the A. and M.. College stated that
their Board of Trustees desired to change the name of that college
toOState University, Lexington, Kentucky,-" and contemplated taking
the steps legally necessary to effect such a change; while feeling
that., as the State institution they are entitled to bear the name
of the State, they were embarrassed by the name of Kentucky Univer-
sity, already in existence and in the same city; not wishing,
either, to ask for legislation when might be felt to work In-
justice to a sister institution, they desired first to counsel
with a committee from the Board of Curators of Kentucky Univer-
sity and if possible secure their approval of the change of name.
The committee from the A. and M. College were of the opinion that
notwithstanding the similarity of names, the two institutions


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.10, 1907 Page 190(cont'd)

could work, without conflict, and expressed the hope that they
might have the friendly co-operation of Kentucky University in
effecting the conteTomlated changes.

     Your committee, after having considered the matter very
carefully and in a spirit of friendship toward a sister institu-
tion, have been forced to the conclusion that "Kentucky Univer-
sity, Lexington, Kentucky" and"State University, Lexington, Ken-
tucky" would to most persons mean in effect 'the same thing,  P. 191
and that the adoption of the A. and IT. College of the latter
name would create in the minds of the people endless confusion
that would necessarily prove detrimental to the good. of both in-

     We are therefore of the opinion that it would be unwise for
them to change to the name"State University, Lexington, Ky." un-
less we be reconciled to a chance of name from "Kentucky Univer-
sity". We are fully cognizant that the A. and M. College is the a
State institution and by right is entitled to bear the name of
the State. While Kentucky University is not a State institution,
yet it was given the name before and State University in Kentucky
was contemplated, and as "Kentucky University" it has existed
half a century. The work it has done, the benefits it has con-
ferred, the sentiments and memories that always cluster around
an institution of so long and honorable a history, have endeared
its name to thousands of its students, alumni, and friends.   It
is a matter for real 'regret that it seems necessary to give up
this name. Yet, under the circumstances we must relinquish it,
or be placed in the attitude of opposing the aspirations of the
State institution. Such opposition could not but be injurious
to both and detrimental bo the cause of education in the State,
which Kentucky University has always striven earnestly to ad-

     We therefore recommend that this Board assent to the change
of name desired by the State institution1 and that we take stops
to change the name of Kentucky University to "Transylvania
University" with the under standing.-

     First- That the State of Kentucky will grant to the Kentuck y
University all the legislation necessary to change its name to P. 192
Transylvania University under the control and management of the
present Board of Curators of Kentucky University and enjoy all
the rights and privileges of the Board of Trustees of old Tran-
sylvania University, and that the Trustees of the A. and M. College
will assist in all possible ways in securing such legislation.

     Second. - That the A. and DT. College will not assume the name
"State University" until June 1, 1909.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.10,1907 Page 192(contid)

     Third - That the A. and M. College shall pay to the Oiira-
tors of Kentucky University a sum sufficient to defray all
expenses occassioned to Kentucky University on account of the
change; which sun we suggest as $5,000.00

     Your Committee has thought it wise to insert section 2
and 3 above in order that Kentucky University may have-ample
time in which to advertise widely Iits change of name before
the A. and.M. College assumes its new name, and that this may
be done without cost to us.  Inasmuch as Kentucky University
is to give up an honorable name of long standing, we think the
justice of this will not be questioioed.-

     Thereupon Judge Kinkead offered the following resolution

     Resolved that the Chairn-an of the present comnlittee on
change of name be requested to acknowledge receipt of this com-
munication from the Chairman of the Board of Cur&tors of the
Kentucky University expressing our gratification at the cordial
manner in which they have met our suggestion and requesting
another meeting of the'se joint committees in which they shall P 193
di scuss details, and that power be given the committee from
this Board to carry into effect by legislative government any
arrangements leading t6 the desired change of name which may
be agreed u~oln; and that the members of the present legislative
committee be added to this conference cormnittee; and that the
Chairman of this cowmmittee be notified to direct the Chairmian
of the Kentucky University that the committee from this college
is clothed with authorilysto act and expressing the hope that
the committee from the Kentucky Uinversity may come to the joint
meeting with like powver;-

    Said motion was seconded by Mr. Smith, placed upon its passage
and carried unanimously.

     The board thereupon entered upon a consideration of the
recommendations contained in the communication from Prof. Ander-
son, the secretary reading said communication item by item.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.10,1907 Page 193(conttd)

     Said communication is as follows:

     President James K. Patterson
           State College of Kentucky
               Lexington, Kentucky
     My dear Sir:-
        I have the honor to request you to present this communi-
cation to the Board of Trustees at this December meeting, for
their consideration.

     In order to properly develop the department of mechanical
and electrical engineering, I make the following recommendations:

     F4rst:- That two hundred dollars be appropriated for adver-
tising 'tuummer School in Mechanic Arts. We are gradually in-
creasing the numbers of students who take simmer work, and we
should like to continjxe this summer term.  Rut in order to do so,
it is necessary to spend some money in presenting the subject   P.194
to the public, and I ask for the same amount that has been ap-
propriated for the last three years.

     Second:- The Fidelty and Casualty Co. of New York has condemned
the boiler in the experimental laboratory, and we have been
operatin this boiler for several years at considerable risk. We
have had standin- in our laboratory, for five years, a splendid
compould engine, that would be a valuable niece of apparatus
in experimental engineering, could we have the same properly
set un. This engine which cost fifteen hundred dollars to
build, was given to us outright by the Buffalo Forge Co., through
the influence of one of our graduates, Mr. J. I. Lyle. We
have never had sufficient boiler capacity to handle this engine,
and on account of the boiler inspector setting the safety valve
of our experimental boiler to forty pounds, we have not been
able to use the boilqr for the experimental laboratory for any
purpose except heating'; and this thrown out of commission prac-
tically all the engine equipment in our experimental laboratory.

     I respectfully request that two thousand dollars be appro-
priated for the purpose of purchasing a 150 horse power water
tube boiler together with its settings.

     Third:- That an additional instructor be appointed in the
department at a salary of six hundred dollars; this man's work
to be largely in the machine shop. We have been getting along
for some time with one regular instructor in our foundry,
blacksmith and machine shop, and we have felt the need for some
time of at least one additional man to help carry on this work
successfully. Our students have increased sO in nuizberq, that
our present instructor, Mr. Joseph Dicker, finds it necessary
to spend all of his time in the blacksniith shop and foundry and
is able to give tie machine shop only imperfect attention.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRULSTEES,Dec.10,1907 Page 195(contid)

     The man I recommrnend to you, for this position, is Mr.
John Dicker, who 1s a cousin of our most faithful and efficient
instructor, M4r. Joseph Dicker. Mr. John Dicker came from
England a short time ago, and is an experience mechanic, and I
am satisfied that he would fill the place most acceptably and
had he been in this country longer, we could not secure his
services for the amount that I have named to you.

     I made a request for two instructors in my June report, and
only one of these was granted. Our machine shop course comes
the second term, and in order to meet the class work properly,
it is imperative that we have additional help.

     Fourth.- In my June report to the Board of Trustees, I made
a recommendation that money be appropriated for an addition to
Mechanical Hall, to take care of the freshman drawing room work
on the second floor, and senior work on 1st floor. This addi-
tion would be used entirely for increased d.rawing room facilities.
With this year's senior class we have be6n compelled to divide
the drawing toom work, and put the class in two rooms, wm.hich is
not the most satisfactory arrangement7. The general supervision
of the class can be taken care of in a much better way by having
all of the senior in design in one room. The attached blue points
shows the contemplated improvements.  In order to build this
addition and eouip same with satisfactory drawing table, would
cost not- to exceed several thousand dollars; and., if possible,
the appropriation for this work should be made at the December
meeting, so that the addition can be put up early in the year.
This work can be done without interfering with classes, for all
the building can be finished before the division walls are torn

     Fifth:- The department of mechanical and electrical engineer-
ing has grown to such proportions that some steps should be taken
to secure a large appropriation for putting the building and equip-
ment on a basis comparable with the great engineering schools
about us.

     *Michigan has just completed a three hundred thousand addition
to her engineering building, the largeat part of which is de-
voted to mechanical and electrical engineering. Purdue, Illinois,
Iowa, and Ohio all have facilities for instruction in mechanical
and electrical engineering far more comprehensive than is pro-
vided by the State College of Kentucky.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESDec.10,1907 Page 196(cont'd)

     The department of mechanical and electrical engineering
has become a factor of engineering education in the United
States, and although I have called attention many times, to
the need for greater laboratories and shops, I appreciate fully,
the difficulties that have been in the way heretofore.  Condi-
tions certainly are more favorable now, and I earnestly request
that steps be taken to secure from the state legislature at
least one hundred and fifty thousand for the erection and equip-
ment of a great steam and electrical laboratory.

     If the State College should provide facilities such as are
offered by many other states, in mechanical and electrical
engineering work, the results that would be obtained in research
lines, and wholesome effect that would be produced in industrial
development in this state, would be a revelation to the public.
Such an investment has proven most profitable in other slates,
and with the prestige of our school, we would be able toAtven
greater things than have been accomplished by other engineering
departments in our state universities. I therefore request most
earnestly, that you consider some means of securing from the
next legislature, an appropriation of one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars for the department- of mechanical and electrical
engineering of this institution.
                                 Respectfully submitted
                                    F. Paul Anderson

     Judge Kinkead here offered the following resolution.

     I move the adoption f.-:Prof. Anderson'd recommendation
that $200.00 be appropriated for advertising the summer school
of mechanic arts.

     Said motion was seconded by Mr. Smith placed upon its
passage and upon roll call the vote stood as follows.

     Ayes: Messrs. Clay, Frazee, Kinkead, Lafferty, McChord,
Nichol s, Smith, Patterson, Terrell and Stout. 10

     Nays - None

The motion was unanimously carried.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.10,1907 Page 197(cont'd)

     Judge Kinkead offered the following resolution.

     Resolved that $2,000.00 be appropriated for the purpose
of purchasing a boiler for the use of the Mechanical Engineer-
ing Department, as recommended by Prof. Anderson in the second
paragraph of this communication.

     Said motion was duly seconded.

                                                         Page 198
     President Patterson offered the following substitute

     I move as a substitute for Judge Kinkeadts motion that the
matter of purchasing a boiler be referred to the executive com-
mittee with power to act.

     Said substitute motion was seconded by Mr. Terrell, placed
upon its passage, and upon the roll call the vote stood as

     Ayes. Messrs. Clay, Lafferty, McChord, Nicholas, Patterson,
Terrell and Stout.    7

Nays:  Messrs. Frazee, Kinkead and Smith.


     Said substitute motion was carried.

     Upon motion of Judge Kinkead, seconded and duly carried,
Prof. Anderson was asked to come before the Board and make a
statement with reference to the needs of this department.

     At this point Mr. Newberger, a student of the college, came
before the Board as a representative of a proposed college annual
and made a statement with reference thereto, asking the Board
for an appropriation of $500.00 with which to assist in publishing


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Dec.10,1907 Page 199(cont'd)

five hundred copies of the annual stating that the students had
agreed to raise an amount sufficient to meet the deficit be-
tween the cost of publishing the annual and the amount realized
from the sale, together with this appropriation. Mr. Newberger

     Judge McChord offered the following resolution.

     Resolved that this Board appropriate not exceeding $400.00
to assist in publishing of the college annual and that this sum
be paid under similar conditions as the appropriation of last
year was paid; and the question of whether or not these condi-   P.199
tions are complied with is referred to the executive-committee
for action; that this appropriation is made upon the further
condition that the young men publish not less than four hundred
volumes of the annual.

     Said motion was seconded by Col. Clay, placed upon its passage
and upon roll call the vote stood as follows:

     Ayes: Messrs. Clay, Frazee, Kinkead, Lafferty, McChord,
Nichol*s, Smith, Patterson, Terrell, Stout.    10

     Nays - None

     The resolution was unanimously carried.

     At this point Prof. Anderson came before the Board and made
a statement with reference to the needs of his department and
explaining more in detail the recommendationsa made in the com-
munication above copied. Prof. Anderson retired.

     Judge Kinkead offered the following resolution.

     I move that there be appropriated the sum of $600.00 for
the employment of an additional assistant to Prof. Anderson,
whose work shall be chiefly devoted to the machine shop.