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The Kentuckian
University of Kentucky
Volume 119

UK Student Publications | 032 Grehan Journalism Building | Lexington, Ky.
Printed in Canada

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Rick Slone shoots off a bird cannon, a
noisemaking device shot to scare birds
from certain areas, in the parking lot of
Commonwealth Stadium on Oct. 8. Bird
droppings can cause annoyance and property damage in high-traffic areas, and also
are a potential health hazard.
Photo by Tessa Lighty

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From the Editor:
I’m 24 years old. And pretty soon, I’ll be 25. For the past
six years this city, this campus and this school have
served as my home. I never imagined what a profound
impact the University of Kentucky would have on my life.
The years here have truly been the best years of my life.
The stories I could tell you are numerous. More stories I
can’t (I have the right to remain silent). I’ve taken life-altering classes, seen the inside of a hundred taxis, woken up
in strange houses, celebrated championships, made and
lost friends, fallen in and out of love ...
And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
This book is like a time capsule for me, and I hope it is
for you as well. The faces aren’t my own, but every one
tells a story. And each story reminds us of one of our
own. Pardon me if I wax poetic, but this book is a testament to what we’ve gained and lost, to our time and
effort, and to how we’re better people for having been a
part of it. This is the Gospel according to “Us.”
Years from now, I hope to look through these pages and
say, “Damn, remember that time ...”
I’d go on, but my attorney advises I not. So there you go.
Live free and Go Big Blue.

J. Beamer, Editor

The Kentuckian


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Campus Life


Photo by Emily Wuetcher

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The Kentuckian


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President Eli Capilouto speaks with Leigh Niyonizigiye and her friend Aug. 22 at a philanthropy event that raised
money for Habitat for Humanity. Photo by Adam Chaffins

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Capilouto and his wife, Dr. Mary Lynne Capilouto, stand on the field at halftime of the
homecoming game vs. Georgia on Oct. 20. Photo by Genevieve Adams

Mr. President

Eli Capilouto’s
second year as
UK president
tackled budget
cuts that would increase the university’s revenue while dealing
with needs to upgrade campus

facilities and improve retention
rates.  Capilouto has put his
focus on undergraduate education, with larger incoming classes
and more Honors students as
part of a plan to fulfill what he
calls the Kentucky Promise. This

initiative includes improvements
to student housing, which have
begun this year with construction of Central Hall on what used
to be Haggin Field, and a focus
on Honors and other undergraduate academic programs.

The Kentuckian


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Biology freshman Shaumia Turner, left, and business sophomore Elaina Musleh
eat during the lunch rush at the Student Center dining hall on Feb. 8.
Photo by Eleanor Hasken

The Kentuckian


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The Wildcat does pushups at Big Blue U,
an event introducing new students to
campus by teaching them cheers and the
fight song at Commonwealth Stadium on
Aug. 18. Students also posed for a
class picture on the field.
Photo by
Tessa Lighty

The Kentuckian


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More than 11,000 students and others gathered at Johnson Center fields
on Aug. 24 to break the world record
for biggest water-balloon fight.  The
event was organized for the fifth year
running by the Christian Student
Fellowship, whose members work for
months to fill up enough water balloons for the minutes-long fight.

The parking lot at Commonwealth
Stadium was crammed and long lines
were seen at the entrance gates to
the Johnson Center fields as people
waited to get into the event. A live DJ
kept the crowd on its feet dancing
while waiting for the event to begin at
12:15 a.m. 
Within seconds of the start, balloons
began flying through the night sky like
splatters of paint on an artist’s canvas, with water exploding in the air on
As of 12:18 a.m. Aug. 25, the record
stands at 236,484 water balloons
thrown by 11,622 people. Students
hope the tradition of attempting to
break the world record each year


Photo by Becca Clemons

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The Kentuckian


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Clockwise from left


Catherine Dawahare, Maddie Suchor and Abby Grooms jump
into a cold pool of water for the Polar Plunge, hosted by fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa on Nov. 9. Photo by Logan Douglas

Erin Thomas, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, participates in the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash at the
Lancaster Aquatic Center. Photo by Adam Pennavaria

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reek organizations hosted activities and came out to support
not only philanthropic events but the Lexington community.
Participants did everything from jumping in pools of ice-cold
water during the Polar Plunge to dancing through Greek Sing and
cheering during Bring It On.

Greeks hosted such events as Stomp-A-Palooza and the Miss UK
pageant, and often were leaders of events like DanceBlue. Proceeds
from philanthropic events benefited such organizations as the MakeA-Wish Foundation, the Special Olympics of Kentucky and the Court
Appointed Special Advocate Association.

Fraternities and sororities cheer during Bring it On, a
competition hosted by Beta Theta Pi and Kappa
Delta on Oct. 9. Photo by Kirsten Holliday

The Kentuckian


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A combination of stomping, clapping and choreographed dancing
demanded the attention of onlookers at the 2012 UK National PanHellenic Council Step Show.
The show ended in victory for the women of Delta Sigma Theta
sorority and the men of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Taking the stage
were members of the “Divine Nine,” all black Greek-letter organizations under the umbrella of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.
Competing for prize money, a trophy and bragging rights, each
organization performed a 10-minute routine.
Spectators and members of the black Greek community poured
into the Lexington Convention Center on Oct. 19 to support
family, friends and fellow organization members as they took
the stage.
“As an alumnus of UK and member of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, I am so excited to be back,” Demichael Kay
said. “This is a chance for all of us ‘old-heads’ to reconnect and come together to support our successors."


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Photos by Latara Appleby

The Kentuckian


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Photo by Tessa Lighty



Photo by David Stephenson

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October 2012, University of
Kentucky students spent
four days in Laurel County
for a four-day documentary
Kentucky Kernel, UK’s

newspaper. The students turned their lenses
on local residents and businesses to tell their
stories through pictures and gain valuable life
experiences that would benefit them professionally and personally.
The Picture Kentucky workshop, which
operated out of the Feltner 4-H Camp from

Clockwise from top left: Photos by Genevieve Adams, Matt Detrich, Quianna Lige, Zach Brake

Oct. 24-27, brought award-winning instructors from around the state and the country to
coach the aspiring photojournalists.
Subjects included interesting people and
places of London and Laurel County, and the
photos and videos were published on the
workshop’s website, picturekentucky.org.

The Kentuckian


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Councilwoman Diane Lawless, right, speaks with then-Rep.
Ben Chandler at Buster’s after she was re-elected to
Lexington’s city council. Her district includes UK’s campus.
Photo by Latara Appleby

Andy Barr and wife, Eleanor, greet attendees at the Marriott
Griffin Gate after Barr was deemed the winner of the 6th
District Congressional race on election night.
Photo by Genevieve Adams


Ben Chandler speaks to a supporter at Buster’s after conceding his Congressional seat to Republican Andy Barr. Chandler
beat Barr in 6th District race in 2010. Photo by Kirsten Holliday


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U.S. President Barack Obama, with first lady Michelle Obama,
waves on stage in Chicago after being re-elected Nov. 6.

The Kentuckian


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Clockwise from left:
David Kring, left, of Kentucky Mud
Works, and Marvin Puckett, right, a
graduate assistant at Morehead State
University, watch sculpture senior
Katelyn Gabbard feed logs into the kiln
on Nov. 17. The kiln was monitored,
stoked and fed wood 24 hours a day
for three days straight at UK’s
Coldstream Farm.
The sun begins to rise as smoke pours
from the chimney of the kiln.
A cermanic head is fired in the kiln.
Wood was fed into the kiln at all hours
of the day and night so that it reached
temperatures in excess of 2,100
degrees Fahrenheit.
Photo by James Holt

You’re fired.

’s Coldstream Farm heats
up as the ceramics program ignites its kiln to
study natural ash glazes.

A group of 25 students fired a ceramic kiln

on Nov. 15 and kept it going until Nov. 18.
The firing lasted 69-hours.
The program built the wood-burning kiln
in the summer and hopes to fire it each

The Kentuckian


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Pound for pound


he Main Event guaranteed two
nights of knock-out fun at the
Lexington Convention Center
Nov. 1 and 2. In its fifth year, The
Main Event featured 47 boxers
vying for the title of champion.
For the first time ever, this year’s competition
featured non-Greek men.
Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Chi put in months


of work to host a successful event. All proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House
and Huntsman Cancer Institute.
In addition to boxing, eventgoers enjoyed a
dance competition among UK sororities and
guest appearances from campus athletes
and celebrities such as Patrick Towles,
Julius Mays, Jon Hood and Stone Cold

Photos by Adam Pennavaria

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The Kentuckian


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Honorable Mention
In a unique Honors Program course offered for the first time, 16 students of different
academic majors explored the future of photojournalism, printed publications and digital media through the kaleidoscope of creativity and imagination.
In nearly all college courses, phones aren’t welcome in the classroom, but in the
Honors 251 class, Buck Ryan and David Stephenson’s The World as an Imaginative
Endeavor, your iPhone is more useful than a pencil.
Every picture on these two pages was shot and edited on an iPhone or similar mobile
device. No high-tech cameras. Just a touchscreen and an overflow of creativity.

Photos by Miranda Richardson, Melissa McCormick, Allie Decker, Stephen Chapman, Eric Torres, Jackie
Dallaire, Rachel Newcomb, Sidney Tencza, Katherine McHale, Shannon Newberry and Nicolette Lawrence

The Kentuckian


* 28

* Photos by Jenrette Romberg

The UK Department of Theatre had an excellent
season. The productions had stunning performances and spectacular sets that dazzled audiences.
Taking the audience from an ’80s punk rock nightclub in a unique rendition of “Les Liaisons
Dangereuses” to enthralling them with the wit of
Oscar Wilde in “Gross Indecency,” UK Theatre
engendered laughs and gasps all year long.

The Kentuckian


* Greek Sing

ororities and fraternities
come together every year
at Greek Sing to compete
through themed dance


and skit routines, with proceeds
benefiting the Make-A-Wish
Foundation.  Twenty-eight performances took place at Greek

Sing 2013, hosted by the sorority
Chi Omega and the fraternity Phi
Delta Theta on Feb. 9 at
Memorial Coliseum.

Photo by Adam Pennavaria

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The best around
Photos: The overall winners, whose scores were based on
their Greek Sing performances only, were the women of
Alpha Delta Pi. Performances were judged on total effect of
the theme, originality, enthusiasm and music presentation, with bonus points for comedy. “We get together,
not for parties, not for dating, but we get together
for a good cause,” said UK professor Alan
DeSantis, the event’s master of ceremonies.

Photo by Becca Clemons

The Kentuckian


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Men in Beta Theta Pi fraternity perform their
Olympics-themed routine at Greek Sing on Feb. 9.
Photo by Adam Pennavaria


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The Kentuckian


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For the

DanceBlue exceeded expectations
this year, not only hitting the $1 million mark, but going beyond it, raising
a total of $1,113,189.42 for the
Clinic.  The 24-hour dance marathon
saw more than 800 students participate in raising money and dancing
For The Kids in its eighth year
on Feb. 22 and 23.

Yareli Gomez, 6, runs through a tunnel of student dancers at
DanceBlue, where more than $1 million was raised this year to go
toward fighting childhood cancer. Photos by Michael Reaves

The Kentuckian


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The final total is revealed during the last minutes of
DanceBlue, a 24-hour dance marathon to raise
money for pediatric cancer research, on Feb. 23.
Photo by Genevieve Adams

The Kentuckian


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to the post
Fall and spring at UK means it’s
time for horse racing at Keeneland.
College students flock to watch the
beautiful Thoroughbreds do what
they do best: run. Keeneland is
filled with tailgates, corn-hole
games and printed dresses. Races
are held in the afternoons approximately 30 minutes apart on race
days during the spring and fall

College Scholarship Day is among
the race course’s busiest days
each season.  Students get free
admission to the track and have a
chance to win a $1,000 scholarship after each race, along with
other prizes donated by College
Day sponsors.


Photos by Tessa Lighty

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The Kentuckian


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* Photos by Emily Wuetcher, Kirsten Holliday & Tessa Lighty

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he fall and spring fashion
shoots featured new clothing designs from shops
around Lexington. For men, plaid
prints and darker jeans were in
style for fall 2012. Leather shoes
or boots could be paired with any
men’s outfit to complete a look.

way trends easily made into
ready-to-wear styles. Statement
jewelry grew popular — pairing
colorful necklaces with more
muted clothing made any outfit
pop. Neon colors were also a big
fad, with neon jeans and shirts
seen frequently around campus.

For women, black and white
prints and the color red were run-

The spring fashions grew from fall,
and neon colors stayed trending.

Bright bags and belts made an
ensemble fresh and fun. Floral
prints and patterns were a big hit,
not only for women’s clothing, but
for men’s ties. Pastel colors and
khaki suits paired with loafers and
wide-brimmed hats created a
new look for guys. Aztec prints
were popular for women as well
as floppy hats, which were perfect
for spring races at Keeneland.

The Kentuckian


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* Photos by Emily Wuetcher

Kentuckian_042-043_Layout 1 3/29/13 1:10 PM Page 2

The Kentuckian


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Students and Lexington community members
participated in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade
in downtown Lexington, on Jan. 21.
Photo by Genevieve Adams


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The Kentuckian


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Jennifer Lyons, an animal science sophomore, plays with
her service dog in training, Rory, in her dorm room. When
the dogs are not wearing their vests, they are allowed to
act and play like normal dogs.
Photo by Emily Wuetcher


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The Kentuckian


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The area off Cooper Drive between University and
Sports Center drives, often referred to as “The
Bowl,” saw many tailgaters before the football
game vs. Western Kentucky on Sept. 15.
Photo by Genevieve Adams

The Kentuckian


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photo by James Holt

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The Kentuckian


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The beautiful game



UK men’s soccer had a 10-9-2 finish to the season under firstyear head coach Johan Cedergren.  The final game was a tough
loss to Xavier, which scored the one and only goal in the 86th
minute of the NCAA Tournament match. This was the team’s first
appearance in the tournament since 2003.

Senior Jacob Kemper
pushes across midfield in
the Cats’ game vs.
Charlotte on Sept. 9.
Photo by James Holt

After eight tries, the UK women’s soccer team won its first NCAA
Tournament game ever before falling to UCLA in the second
round.  With a final record of 14-7-1, the women claimed a fourthplace finish in the SEC. They also recorded impressive wins over
No. 12 Louisville and No. 13 Florida.

Head coach Johan Cedergren poses for a photo
with senior midfielders Cameron Wilder, left, and
Matt Lodge while being recognized for his first
career win at UK on Sept. 7. UK beat Saint
Joseph’s, 2-0. Photo by Becca Clemons

Matt Lodge celebrates with Dylan
Asher after Asher completed the
eighth hat trick in program history,
against Florida International on
Oct. 21. Photo by Kirsten Holliday

* From left

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Kelli Hubly, shown in a win over
Auburn, scored in overtime later
in the season to secure UK’s
first-ever NCAA tournament
win. Photo by Jonathan Krueger

Cara Ledman (22) is hugged
by Caitlin Landis after scoring
a goal vs. UNC Greensboro on
Aug. 31. UK won that game,
2-0. Photo by Tessa Lighty

Junior Arin Gilliland
handles the ball against
Eastern Kentucky at
home on Aug. 24.
Photo by Scott Hannigan

The Kentuckian


* Photos by Tessa Lighty

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he equestrian team had a
fantastic season. UK’s
teams led the region the entire season. The Western
team was awarded the high


point team at eight of its nine regularseason shows. The team had five riders qualify for regionals with three
advancing to semifinals at Morehead
State. As well as the individual riders

going, UK will take Western and English teams to compete in the team
competition at semifinals. Both
teams will be represented at nationals in May.

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Capping a successful season, the UK rifle team finished second at the 2013 NCAA Rifle Championships in Columbus, Ohio.
This is the Cats’ second consecutive runner-up finish since winning the title in 2011. In 2012, the Cats
finished 15 points off champion TCU.
The championships conclude Kentucky’s successful
season, which includes a Great America Rifle Conference regular-season championship and a second-place finish at the GARC Championships.

Photos by James Holt

“I’m proud of our team this year,” Coach Harry
Mullins said. “I thought we had a great body of
work. We only had one regular-season loss. I’m disappointed for the kids a little bit because they obviously worked hard and didn’t achieve the end goal
but part of our end goal was to leave nothing on the
range and that’s what they did.” — UK Athletics

The Kentuckian


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volleyball celebrated the careers of three seniors —
Christine Hartmann, Stephanie Klefot and Ashley
Frazier — with a 3-1 win over Georgia on Senior
Day Sunday with 1,404 people watching. UK volleyball fell to No. 1 Penn State, 3-0, in the NCAA Tournament and
closed the season 22-11 (14-6 SEC) with a second consecutive trip
to the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16. Head coach Craig Skinner was
rewarded with a six-year contract extension. Skinner has led the
Cats into the NCAA Tournament in all eight of his seasons as head

Photos by Genevieve Adams

The Kentuckian


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xx xooooox x
xxxx o
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A disappointing season finish of 2-10, with not a single SEC win and
a close loss to Western Kentucky, brought a close to head coach
Joker Phillips’ 19-year career at UK, after three seasons as head
coach. Injuries and a tough schedule gave the team difficulty, but
hope was introduced with the hiring of head coach Mark Stoops.
Stoops and his new staff already have brought anticipation to the UK
football program with a new standard for recruitment and hopes to
have a top-30 team in the future.

Left: Wide receiver Aaron
Boyd catches a touchdown
pass against Kent State at
on Sept. 8. UK won, 47-14.
Photo by Scott Hannigan

Inset: Joker Phillips gets carried off
the field after UK beat Samford, 34-3,
in the Cats’ last home game of the
year. It was Phillips’ last game coaching at Commonwealth Stadium.
Photo by Genevieve Adams

The Kentuckian


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Running back Raymond Sanders scores a
touchdown during the first half of the UK vs.
South Carolina game Sept. 29. UK lost
to the Gamecocks, 38-17.
Photo by Tessa Lighty


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xx xooooox x
xxxx o
oo o

The Kentuckian


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xx xooooox x
xxxx o
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Clockwise from left:
Quarterback Jalen Whitlow fends off Tennessee's
defensive back Justin Coleman as he scrambles for a first
down. UK lost the Nov. 24 game, 37-17, in Knoxville.
Photo by James Holt
Guard Zach West celebrates with running back Raymond
Sanders after a touchdown vs. Samford on Nov. 17, in
UK’s second and last win of the season.
Photo by Genevieve Adams
Jalen Whitlow gets a pass off before South Carolina's
defense closes in on him in the Sept. 29 home loss.
Photo by James Holt

The Kentuckian


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UK announced on Dec. 2 that Mark
Stoops would be the next head coach
of the football program that went 2-10
in 2012 under Joker Phillips.
Stoops was welcomed to Lexington in
an introductory press conference at
Nutter Field House that felt more like a
pep rally, featuring elated fans, rowdy
cheerleaders and a boisterous band.

Stoops, who came to UK after being
defensive coordinator at Florida State
since 2010, compiled a top-notch
staff, adding Neal Brown as offensive
coordinator and D.J. Eliot as defensive coordinator. Brown, who played
wide receiver at UK from 1998-2000,
previously served as offensive coordinator at Texas Tech, and Eliot was the
defensive ends coach at Florida State
under Stoops.
In just a little more than two months
on the job, Stoops transformed a
middling, 60ish ranked recruiting
class into one bordering on Top 25 in
the nation, as Rivals ranked the
newest batch of Cats 28th.
A newfound excitement swept
through the fanbase. Ticket distribution for the annual spring game
neared 31,000 after a week.
“I always felt like UK — a lot of people
asked me about why here, and why
did you jump on this opportunity, and
why did you seek this opportunity? I
just felt there was great potential
here,” Stoops said. “I felt there was a
sleeping giant here, that we can do
great things and we will do great

Photo by Adam Chaffins

The Kentuckian


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Wildcats on ice

The UK hockey team’s schedule
was packed with new faces and
old rivalries. Most notable of the
rivalries were Eastern Kentucky
and Louisville, which UK played
both at home at the Lexington
Ice Center and on the road.


The team (11-23-0) closed out its
season with a pair of wins over
Louisville, which featured a standing room only crowd of more than
1,000 people. Rink staff were
forced to turn people away at the
door because of fire safety codes. 

“We will remember that crowd forever. That atmosphere was insane,”
senior forward Dylan Rohar said.

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Photos by Jonathan Krueger

The Kentuckian


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The UK dance team had a solid performance at 2013 UCA/UDA
Cheerleading and Dance Team
National Championship, earning an
eighth-place finish in the pom competition. The dancers added to that
performance with a sixth-place finish
in the hip-hop division.


Photo by Tessa Lighty

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The Kentuckian


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stand up &


* Kentuckian_070-071_Layout 1 3/29/13 2:36 PM Page 2


uring UK’s sports seasons, the cheerleading
squad cheers at all home
games for the men’s bas-

ketball, UK Hoops and UK football
teams. UK’s cheerleading team
attempted to win its 20th national
title at the 2013 UCA/UDA

Top & bottom: UK cheerleaders perform at Big Blue Madness, the annual
first public viewing and practice for UK’s basketball teams, on Oct. 12.
Photos by Latara Appleby

Cheerleading and Dance Team
National Championship this year,
but fell short and was named the

The Kentuckian


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Photo by James Holt

* Kentuckian_072-073_Layout 1 3/29/13 2:28 PM Page 2

The UK gymnastics team had a
record-breaking season.  The Cats
scored 196 or higher in three consecutive meets, a first in school history,
the first of which was in a narrow loss
to then-No. 1 Florida. The Cats
boasted a 3-3-1 record in the SEC,
also a program record.
The season featured several great
performances, including Kenzie
Hedges' 9.875 on the vault, for
which the team rushed to congratulate her (left).

The Kentuckian


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From left: Greg Ferrucci, Colby Coleman and Rebecca Hamperian perform dives. The UK swim
team competes in a 200-meter relay on Jan. 26. Photos by Jonathan Krueger

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oth the men’s and women’s
swimming and diving teams
placed ninth at this year’s
SEC Tournament. Several
athletes attended the Bulldog
Last Chance Meet in Athens,

Ga., with hopes of qualifying
for the NCAA Tournament.
Christina Bechtel swam a
career-best in the 100-butterfly and qualified to represent

UK at the tournament. Junior
Greg Ferrucci and sophomore Christa Cabot qualified
to represent UK as divers at
the 2013 NCAA Swimming
and Diving Championships.

The Kentuckian


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Senior team captain Anthony Rossi in a Jan. 20 match
at the Hilary J. Boone Tennis Complex.
Photo by Genevieve Adams


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The UK men’s tennis team reached No. 5 this
season for the first time since 2004.  The Cats
knocked off three top-10 teams early in the season.  Anthony Rossi, Tom Jomby, and doubles
pair Jomby and Kevin Lai were ranked in the top
25 during the regular season.

Heading into the end of its season, the UK
women’s tennis team was looking to improve on
its No. 46 ranking with the help of freshman
Nadia Ravita, who was ranked No. 38 in the ITA.

Freshman Kirsten Lewis returns a serve at the women's
tennis match vs. Eastern Kentucky on Feb. 26.
Photo by Michael Reaves
Junior Maks Gold returns a serve on Jan. 20.
Photo by Genevieve Adams

The Kentuckian


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Track & field
K is coming off an indoor season
that saw the women’s team finish in
a tie for 20th at the NCAA
Championships. The result was the


Top: Kentucky State freshman Rahsaan Allen and UK
sophomore Gabriel Henry in the men's 60-meter dash
during the UK Invitational track and field meet.


program’s highest NCAA Indoor finish since
1994, as the Cats women also boasted the
highest point total since 1994. The men’s
team notched two points, to tie for 49th. 

Bottom: UK junior Katy Achtien in the women's
1-mile run during the UK Invitational track and field meet.
Photos by Adam Chaffins

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Top: The UK softball team huddles together
during a game vs. Western Kentucky on
March 19.
Photo by Michael Reaves


pening the season 19-4, UK
softball started out strong.
True freshman pitcher Katie
Henderson threw a no-hitter, giving
the Cats an 18-0 win over No. 24

Bottom left: Freshman Katie Henderson pitches
the ball during a softball game vs. Iowa on
March 20.
Photo by Kalyn Bradford

North Carolina. Henderson became
the fifth player in UK history to pitch
a no-hitter.  The early success saw
UK ranked as high as No. 15 in the
beginning of its season. 

Bottom right: Freshman infielder Maisie Steed
gets a hit during the Iowa game at the UK
Softball Complex.
Photo by Kalyn Bradford

The Kentuckian


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Left to right


Sophomore Chandler Shepherd pitches
vs. Murray State at Cliff Hagan Stadium
on Feb. 27. Photo by Emily Wuetcher

Sophomore A.J. Reed celebrates
a home run vs. Akron with his
teammates. Photo by James Holt

Junior Lucas Witt beats out the throw
to first base for a single vs. Akron on
March 2. Photo by James Holt

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UK baseball went into 2013 with high expectations for
a successful season.
The Cats were ranked No. 8 by Baseball America and
boasted 15 MLB Draft picks on their roster.
UK opened the season strong and held an 18-5 record
through its first 23 games, including going 4-2 in SEC
After going so close to a deep playoff run in 2012, the
Cats were hopeful to build on their strong start and
make a postseason trip to Omaha and the College
World Series.

The Kentuckian


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big blue


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Clockwise from left:
UK Hoops head coach Matthew Mitchell
opened Big Blue Madness by dressing as
and dancing to MC Hammer.
Photo by Latara Appleby

UK fans waited in line outside Memorial
Coliseum for days to get free Big Blue
Madness tickets.
Photo by Matt Burns

UK basketball player Kyle Wiltjer signs
autographs for fans outside Memorial
Coliseum during the campout for tickets.
Photo by Kirsten Holliday

Former UK basketball coach Joe B. Hall
helps raise a championship banner at
Big Blue Madness on Oct. 12.
Photo by Tessa Lighty

Men’s basketball head coach John Calipari
makes his entrance to the event, which
serves as the first practice of the season and
an offici