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1 Pride Center News
i 309 Waller Ave. 059 253-3233 .Mrm. - Eri. 10:00 - 3:00 i
i Volunteers keep the Center open after3 and on Saturdays. Call to be sure someone is here. i
Save The Pride Center P‘iitle' Center Libttirtitittligttts
How you can help Mysteries for Halloween
1.Subscribe to this newsletter -pg 22 By JANE M/NDER
_2' 3““9 Old cell phones and empty mk Its time for ghosts and all those things
let cartridgesto the center: that go bump in the night. Try some of the
3- Attend our Board Meeting on OCt 17 queer mysteries for some Halloween fright.
and considerjoining the board or one Of Early Graves: Dave Brandstetter Mystery
our committees. by Joseph Hansen (F HansE36)
C m. . N V mb r Eye Contacfby Michael Craft(F CrafE97)
0 mg m 0 e_ e Ghostin the Closet: Hardly Boys Mystery by
Saturday Night at the Pride Center Mabel Maney (1: Mane (3427)
We Will be open '” the evening on the Grave Talent by Laurie R. King (F KingL
second Saturday of each month for films, G775)
games 0" JUSt hanging OUt- Check next House at Pelham Falls by Brenda Weathers
months newsletter to see what we will (FWeatH842)
0'0an 0“ NOV-13th Innuendo: Todd Mills Mystery by RD.
. . Zimmerman (FZimmI58)
Lexm’gton lnszght Lavender House Murder by Nikki Baker (F
Lexington Insight is a group for gay BakeN L399)
men to meet and socialize. We will be Old Black Magic: Robin Miller Mystery by
meeting on the first Friday of each month. Jane Maiman, (F Maim O44)
' Join us on Friday, Oct. 7at the Pride Center One Dead Drag Queen: Tom & Scott
Mystery by Mark Richard Zubro (F Zubr
DISCUSSION GROUP Soul Snafcher by Camarin Grae (F Grae
Every Wednesday 7 pm 8722)
Pride Center 389 Waller Ave. These and many other books and
videos can be check out from the Pride
Open to all. , .
J tl d . k h Center Library. The Pride Center at 389
ane a a yjane y@ya oo.com. WallerAvenue, Suite 100 is open Monday-
Friday, 10-3.
DiVBI'SiIY ill GEIIGEI' Alliance 1%,.“Keep the love you find.
The Lexington Diversity in GenderAlliance 1 , " Get the love you want!”
(LDGA) will be meeting on Saturday, Oct. 1 Q'
at7z30 pm. Callforlocation. L D G A is i
open to all people who transcend gender Jessica Bollinger LCSW
norms orwho are questioning their gender l R l t. h. Th . t
identity includingtranssexuals, effeminate mago ea IONS 'p erapls
men, masculine women, gender queers EMDR Trauma Work
and more. Family and supportive friends Couples, Family, Individual
are welcome. Thisis notatherapy group. imagoconnection.com 552.5533