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Top Ten
Things To
Do While
Giving Blood

l0) Watch the bag till.

9) Hyperventilate.

8) Pull the tube out of
the bag and drink
from it.

7) Race to see who fills
their bag first
(requires 2 or more

6) Puncture the bag near
the top and see
whether they pull the
needle out of your
before the blood
squirts out.

5) While they're not
looking, substitute a

bag of orange liquid
L and complain they


you too much Tang.
I" 4) Insist that you want

to give 2 pints.
3) Faint.

2) Tell them you saw the
bag twitch.

Yell, "Hey, you used that
needle on the last


Unless you have been
buried under a rock.
you know that this
weekend is the
weekend UK takes on
UT. One thing you
may not know is that
every year UK and UI
have a blood drive to
benefit the blood
banks. What better
way to show those
Volunteers that we
bleed “true blue”
than win this battle
of the blood. If you
haven't given blood
recently, do so this
week. The Central
Kentucky Blood
Center will be all
over campus for your
convience. Call them
at the blood center
and find out where
they are hanging out
or check updates in
the Kernel. (Oh and
we suggest that you
not try any of the

Where to go:

College Of
Communications RM
117 9am-4pm

UK Student Center RM
245 IOam-6pm

When to go:
Monday November l5

Compiled by:
Samantha Essid and
Ron Norton


Trina: *row‘s
won the?“

4.7 3.5

Partly cloudy.

VOL. 6105 ISSUE #58






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“a“? r

at $3 $3. K E NTUC KY


Cats lose in
the big one

By Travis Hubbard

The UK women‘s soccer team‘s dream season ended Sun-
day afternoon with a heartbreaking overtime loss to Texas


UK finished the season 1645-2 and set team records for
winning percentage and consecutive

wins. while making their first ever ap-
pearance in the NCAA Tournament.
Despite all of their success. the
season ended sadly with consecutive
overtime losses in tournament play.
The Cats played to a tie against Geor~
gia in the SEC Tournament. but lost in


Last minute
fumble sends UK
bowling | 4

a penalty shoot-out for the right to ad-

vance. last week.

UK held a 1-0 advantage over
A&M after 25 minutes of play in the
first half when sophomore Annie Gage
converted on a penalty kick. The Cats
took the 1-0 lead into halftime. but dur-

Catch up with
the Wildcat
basketball teams
I 5 & 6

ing the 65th minute A&M's Nicky
Thrasher scored on a 35-yard shot to

even the score.

UK pressed the Aggies even more. though. With 12 min-
utes to play a failed free kick deflected off the A&M wall and
resulted in a corner kick. Gage played a beautiful kick to

See LOSS on 5

Despite a16-



are '
is t:


> 4 ”3:32

a New Year




win season. UK women's soccer lost both of its tournament games. The Cats lost in overtime on Sunday.


Men's soccer-scores
MAC Tournament win

By Travis Hubbard

UK men's soccer coach

Ian Collins was named Mid»

American Conference
Coach of the Year last week.
but on Friday night he was
handed the ,hardware he
and his team have coveted.
In a dominating perfor-
mance, the Cats defeated
Northern Illinois to earn


their first MAC Champi-
onship. and more impor-
tantly, that elusive tourna-
ment berth.

It had been the team's
season-long goal to finally
earn a berth to the NCAA
Tournament. They had
came close to the same goal
the past two seasons, and a
MAC Tournament Champi-
onship matchup against
Northern Illinois was the
last chance for seven

See SOCCER on 4


UK bowl bound after Vandy win

. ill“


Council member
opposes ‘X' movie

By John Wampler

Despite a few hold—ups. the
show went on this weekend at
the Kentucky Theatre.

The theater. which had
planned a Friday-through-Sun-
day showing of the X-rated film
Disco Dolls in Hot Skin. met
with some surprising last-
minute opposition. which ulti-
mately didn't stop the film from
being shown.

The controversy began on
Friday. when Urban County
Council member-at-large Scott
Crosbie tried to persuade May-
or Pam Miller to block the film
being shown.

Many UK students didn't
agree with Crosbie‘s attempt to
shut the theater down for the

“It seems stupid to try to
shut porn down in one place
when you have another porn
theater in town.“ said Matt
Thompson. an English and an-
thropology junior.

HOWever Crosbie said that


the reason that he wanted the
film to be stopped was that the
film was being shown in what
he said was a publicly subsi-
dized theater.

“You can buy it at the book-
store or go to the video store.
but we’re not gonna have this
trash playing in a public facility
on Main Street." he said.

Fred Mills. manager of the
Kentucky Theatre. said that
(‘rosbie was mistaken in his im~
pression that the theater is pub-
licly subsidized.

Urban County government
pays no money for the theaters
operation. he said. In fact. every
time the theater takes in mon-
cy. a percentage goes to the gov-
ernment. Mills said.

The Kentucky Theatre Cor-
poration. in which Mills is a
member of. manages the theater
for the Urban County Govern-
ment. which owns it.

Despite Crosbie‘s efforts.
the movie played to a sold-out
crowd on Friday. According to
the terms of the current con—
tract. the mayor has no control
over the movies shown at the

theater. Mills said.

The saga didn‘t end with
the first night. however. Shortly
after the Friday night showing
ended. the theater was raided
by Lexington-Fayette (‘ounty
police. and the film was seized.

Mills said that while the of-
ficers seizing the film were not
explicit about the charges being
made. a comment was made
that having a retail beer license
and showing material such as
Disco Dolls was against the law.

Mary C. Noble. Fayette
County Circuit Court Judge.
ruled that the film had to be re-
turned, since no official finding
of obscenity had been made.

Mills and the theater were
still charged for distribution of
obscene material. and there is
the possibility of additional
charges being made if the film
shows tonight.

“We‘re standing up for the
First Amendment rights of the
citizens of Lexington.“ Mills

As. of press time. the film
vtrlzsdgomg to be shown as sched-
u .

The Student Newspaper at the University of Kentucky.




we 1-92,“! Q El ”3 I I I I III ifltlm39‘ee‘vvw -~ 4

By John Dobson

are bowl eligible for the second-
straight season after beating Vander-
bilt. despite the fact that the Air
Raid offense spent most of the

sion to secure the 19-17 win. UK
forced four Vandy turnovers and al-
lowed only seven points in the sec-
ond half.

\t'iggins intercepted a Greg Zol-
man pass early in the first quarter.
his first play in a game in which he
would deliver the deciding hit. With
2:14 remaining in the fourth and UK
holding to a slim ISM? lead. Wiggins
forced the t‘ommodores‘ Rodney
Williams to fumble on a third anrl
short play at the Cats“ :ll~yard line.
leading to a recovery by Jeff Snede
gar. Not bad for a first-time starter in
the (,‘ats' biggest game of the year.

"It‘s really incredible. I want to
thank my family. I want to thank
(iod for putting me in this position. I
never really imagined that I could be
here and be able to come out hero
and do what I needed to help this

NASHVILLE. Tenn. The Cats

evening on the tarmac.

It was the Cats‘ defense w hich
' came into the game ranked last
in the Southeastern (‘onfer-
ence . that rose to the occa

Strong safety Patrick Wiggins.

making his first lTK start. showed
signs of the Cats newt‘ound dcfeir
sive prowess early on.

See WIGGINS on 5


weasel mm srm

Sell-proclaimed “aggressive hard rock" band Negadeth played Friday at the
Palace Theatre In louisvllle.

The boys of metal



Megadeth's tours. like their music. are often epic in nature.
When they tour the band members are no strangers to getting out on
the road for stints of almost Homeric proportions.

I caught guitarist Marty Friedman, who has been with the band
since February 1990, in his hotel room on month five of what is look-
ing to be another 18-month tour of duty.







I ‘ ‘



.. . wrWeAWW—L‘Mim‘fL

z i thflfltfii 15.1999 I “"7““ «secs


The Low-down

I’d lit“; to

killed off. I
want to
have a
scene Wlth
B d

on .

Now that

would be

fierce lrosnan.
who stars as
007 in "The
World is Not

Enough," in New

York Daily News.


Mannesmann AG rejects Vodafone bid

LONDON Mannesmann AG. the German
telecotmnunications giant. said Sunday it had re-

jected an unsolicited takeover bid from Vodafone

.\ir’l‘ouch Pl.(‘ as “wholly inadequate." Mannes-
mann‘s aimouncetm-nt followed a meeting be-
tween its chiefexecutiye. Klaus Esser. and V()(lil-
fone‘s chief. (‘liris (lent. There was no itnmediate
comment from \'odafone. which now has the op-
tion of pursuing a hostile takeover attetnpt that
could be the largest in corporate history. The
\'odafone otter had been estimated to be worth
up to $120 billion.

Medicare spending drops slightly

WASHINGTON 'l‘reasury Department fig-
ures show Medicare spending fell 1 percent in fis-
cal year 1999. the first decline ever in the federal
program that pays health care bills for 39 million
Americans. Expenditures dropped to $212 billion
in the fiscal year ending Sept. :it). frotn $213.6 bil-
lion in the prior year. Experts attributed the
drop to cuts mandated by Congress. more careful
billing practices by health care providers and a
crackdown on fraud. But they said that Medicare
spending is unlikely to continue falling because
the elderly population is growing.




ning pop star
Brandy. 20,
who stars in the
UPN television
'Moesha,’ was
being treated at
a hospital
Friday for dehy-
dration. a
spokesman for
the series said.
“The producers
of 'Moesha' are
taking a hiatus
to allow the
show's star,
Norwood, to
recover from a
case of dehy-
dration," the
spokesman said
in a statement.


Money man

Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush, left, is greeted by Ohio
Gov. Bob Taft at a $1000 a head fundraiser in Cleveland. Thursday.


0.5., Chinese wrangle over VITO entry

BEIJING in a fifth day of grueling talks.
American negotiators shuttled to and from meet-
ings with Chinese officials Sunday and delayed
their departure yet again in hopes of clinching a
deal that would help clear the way for Beijing‘s
entry into the World Trade Organization. The
US team is pushing China to open its relatively
closed but enticing markets to American prod
ucts and services. As part of a deal, the United
States wants China to open its telecommunica-
tions and financial services sectors. Some Chi-
nese officials complain that the United States is
making too many demands.

Congo's Kabila vows to crush rebels

KlNSHASA, Congo Signaling an impend-
ing collapse of Congo‘s cease-fire. President Lau»
rent Kabila vowed Sunday to crush rebels fight-
ing to oust him. including a Rwanda-backed fac-
tion he described as “dogs." Kabila‘s remarks
were the latest setback for Congo's July 10 peace
accord. signed by government and rebel forces
and their allies. On Saturday. Kabila‘s govern-
ment imposed an overnight curfew in the west-
ern half of the country it controls. declaring that
rebels were preparing for a major assault. Each
side last week accused the other of ceasefire vio-
lations and vowed to return to war if one more
shot was fired.

Heads of state arrive in Cuba

HAVANA Amid much ceremony and
heavy security. European and Latin American
heads of state began arriving in Havana on Sun»
day for a summit that could help boost Fidel Cas-
tro‘s international profile and further draw the
communist country out of its isolation. Mean-
time. opponents of the government held the first
of several planned meetings aimed at bringing
their complaints about Cuba's cotmnunist sys-
tem to the world.

Tax reform talk surfaces

FRANKFORT, Ky. ,7 Gov. Paul Patton has
discussed tax reform with a couple of key legisla-
tors who say any proposal would require a
strong push from the governor to have a chance
for success in the 2000 General Assembly session.
Senate Republican Leader David Williams said
he hopes Patton is seriously considering a com-
prehensive reform proposal for the upcoming
session. but Patton is declining to say whether he
was actively considering a tax overhaul. Several
proposals may come up in the 2000 session. in»
cluding a gasoline tax increase and cuts in prop-
erty taxes on vehicles and on income taxes for
the working poor.


Death penalty
rally held on
Capital's steps

By Andrea Noe

Eonrmautmc wanna


sic rang out frotn the state
(‘apitol's steps Saturday as a
crowd gathered to show oppo-
sition to the death penalty in

“The death penalty is un
ethical. unjust. uneconomical
and unnecessary." said Emily
Rigdon. a chemical engineer-
ing sophomore. one of many
UK students who attended the

The Kentucky Coalition to
Abolish the Death Penalty,
Amnesty International and
the Louisville-based Brat Mag—
azine and Anti-Racist Action.
sponsored the Youth Against
Violence rally. The event was
held to draw interest in Aboli—
tion 2000, the coalition's cam-
paign to end the death penalty
in Kentucky. campaign direc-
tor (‘arl Wedekind said.

The Amnesty Internation-
al chapter at UK helped orga-
nize the event and chapter
president Amy Shelton was
pleased with the rally's

“It's really encouraging
that this many people catne to
show support and have a great
time." she said.

People from the Student
Environmental Action Coali-
tion conference at UK also
went to the rally.

“We’re already working
on human rights and social
justice things. so this rally fits
in." said Suzanne Webb. a co-
ordinator for the conference.

Members of the Kentucky
Chapter ofthe American Civil
Liberties Union was in atten~
dance and Executive Director
.letf Vessels believes that Ken-

tucky could become the first
southern state to abolish the
death penalty.

“What we're trying to do
is provide a legacy for future
generations of nonviolence
and justice that's fair and free
of bias and discrimination."
he said.

But the atmosphere was»
n‘t all violence~based.

Musician and anti-death
penalty activist Steve Earle
performed and was joined by
Louisville acts such as Red
Sun. Skam Impaired and John

High school student Kara
Mauldin and college student
Trevor Cavazos spoke about
why they want the death
penalty abolished. Mauldin
has an uncle on death row and
Cavazos‘ father. a police offi-
cer. was shot and killed in the
line of duty.

“Hate and violence must
be retaliated not with hate
and violence. but with love
and forgiveness." Cavazos




Rally attendants look at a blanket
featuring art opposing violence.





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106 Student Center Annex


.Ieff Snedegar


A..l. Simon


Anwar Stewart

Kentucky vs. Tennessee
November 20th, 12:30 pm.



Anthony White


a: rim IlSSM

#52 Noumea 20111, 1999

Establishing Pride and Tradition

.lames Walen. Jr.


.Iim my Robinson


o 2 O 1“
Lee Wesley



Matt Dining




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a? e3?



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( ioorge Massey















ll! —



:‘fl’fl—lflmfi l—l



___ wrinkle i finiteness6.1999 i 3








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