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Minutes 3; the University Faculty, Januagy lg, 1255

The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall,
Monday, January 10, at 4:00 p.m. In the absence of President Donovan
Vice President Chamberlain presided. Members absent were: L. A. Bradford,
A. J. Brown. Lyman Ginger’, Carsie Hammonds, C. K. Hoffman, Frank D.
Peterson, H. B. Price, E. W. Rannells, William F. Rehberg. Roy Sigafus,
Earl P. Slone, D. V. Terrell, Gilbert '1‘. Webster, Frank J. Welch and M. M. White.

The minutes of December 13, 1954 were read and approved.

Dean Stahr presented a recommendation from the College of Law concerning
the drapping of a course and the adding of another course.

Course 33 hi dropped:
Law 142 - Workmen's Compensation (2 semester hours)

Course 32 22 added:
Law 198 a Employment Relations (3 semester hours)

An intensive study of legislation and cases
affecting the rights and obligations of employers and
employees, exclusive of the materials normally covered
in the course in Labor Law and the course in Agency.
Special attention will be given to Workmen's Compensation,
the Federal Employers" Liability Act, the Fair Labor
Standards Act, Unemployment Compensation statutes,
the Social Security Act, etc.

This recommendation was approved by the University Faculty.

Dean Spivey presented a recommendation from the Graduate Council
that certain courses be approved for graduate credit.

I. The Graduate Council recommends approval of graduate credit
for the following courses, previously approved by the University
Faculty for undergraduate credit:

Ancient Languages 180a. Isaiah. (3) Pappenheim

Ancient Languages 180b. The Psalms. (3) Pappenheim

II. The Graduate Council recommends the following course change,
retroactive to June 1, 1954:

Hone Economics 116. Management 2; Food Preparation. (2)
to be changed to:

Home Economics 216. Management 2: Food Preparation.
(2) Price, Taylor, and Barkley
A summer school workshOp of 4 weeks to develop
skill in the management of time, equipment, personnel
and money in food preparation and service. (The course must
be taken with Education 166) Prerequisites: B. S. degree
in Home Economics with major iE—VoeatTEEET—Home Economics.

‘Absence explained.






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Minutes of the University Faculty, January 10, 1955

III. The Graduate Council recommends approval of the following strictly
graduate course:

Library Science 20la-d. Problems 33 Library Science.
(1 each) staff
Individual conferences. assigned readings, and ‘
reports on the investigation of chosen problems
and areas in library science. Prereguisites:

Nine hours of library science at the 200 level.








This recommendation was approved by the University Faculty. 3

Dean Martin presented a recommendation from the Committee on Student
Organizations that two new organizations be approved. These were Gamma
Sigma Delta. honor society in agriculture, and the Circle K Club, a leader-
ship organization sponsered by Kiwanis International. Both organizations I
were apprOVed by the Faculty. F

Gamma Sigma Delta, honor society of agriculture, has as its object ‘flflm
"to encourage high standards of scholarship in all branches of agricultural '1
science and education and a high degree of excellence in the practice |
of agricultural pursuits - ". The constitution and bylaws of this &
organization are consistent with the rules and regulations of the l
University governing student organizations. Twenty-eight members of

the College of Agriculture staff have joined in making this request, a
with the approval of Dean Welch. ‘







The Circle K Club, a leadership organization sponsored by
Kiwanis International and composed principally, though not exclusively,
of former members of the Key Club, the leading national leadership
society in secondary schools, has requested a University of Kentucky
Charter° This organization is devoted to the development and promotion
of leadership among college men with the assistance of leading business i
and professional men in local Kiwanis Clubs. The constitution and
bylaws of this club are consistent with the regulations of the m
University of Kentucky governing student organizations. The Kiwanis ‘lEfip
Club of Lexington and thirty-three students have requested permission ’
to organize and meet on the University campus.

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Dean Holmes presented recommendations from the University Social

Committee that the rules governing fraternity scholarship be amended as 5


For purposes of the following rules, the word fraternity shall include 1
all social fraternities and sororities. '




1. Beginning the second semester 1954-55, any social fraternity whose ;
actives and pledges fail to earn a combined 2.0 average shall be 1
placed on academic probation for one semester with suSpension of 1
social privileges for that period. .



If the fraternity on academic probation fails to earn the required
2.0 average, it shall be continued on academic probation for a second
semester with continued suspension of social privileges and with

any advisory action which the Dean of Men or Dean of Women may

deem appropriate.




Minutes of the University Faculty, January 10. 1955

3. If the fraternity fails to meet the academic requirements for a
second consecutive semester, it shall be denied all rush, pledge.
and social privileges for the third semester and shall be subject
to any other disciplinary action which the Dean of Men or Dean
of Women may deem appropriate.

4. If a fraternity fails to meet the academic requirements for three
consecutive semesters, all fraternity functions will be suspended
and the Dean of Men or Dean of Women may request a review of its
status by a faculty committee to consider revocation of the chapter's

5. Penalties for violation of social probation shall be imposed by
the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women. The Dean of Men may refer
a fraternity violation to the Regulations Committee of the Inter-
fraternity Council for consideration and recommendation. The
Dean of Women may refer a sorority violation to the Panhellenic
Council for the same purposes.

6. Final decisions respecting the renewal of pledging and initiation
privileges denied a fraternity or sorority and the extreme penalty
of revocation of a charter shall be made by the University Faculty
on the basis of evidence furnished and recommendations made by the
Dean of Men or the Dean of Women. These requirements and penalties
may be applied, as far as is practicable, to any campus organization
or group that has organized social activities.

Explanation of Basic Policy Changes

The above rulings will result in the following basic changes from the
present regulations.

1. A.change from a school-year to a one-semester basis for computing
grade-point average and length of the subsequent period of
academic probation.

2. A reduction in the grade point average requirement from 2.3 to
2.0 which is the requirement for graduation from 811 colleges.

3. A reduction from a two-year period to a three-semester period
for duration of probation and possible withdrawal of a chapter's

4. An extension from six weeks to one semester of the period before
depledging for fraternities. All pledges' grades will be counted
in the overall average of the fraternity for academic purposes.

After discussion of these recommendations a motion was apprOVed referring the
matter to the Committee on Rules.

The Faculty adjourned.

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Robert L. Mills