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UKIT Excitement Starts Up Friday
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Pietrowiak Earns Academic All-America Status
Kentucky's senior center Ken Pietrowiak has been selected to this year's Academic All-America football team, which was picked by the College Sports Information Directors of America.
A fifth-year senior and the squad's offensive captain, Pietrowiak played most of the season with various injuries.
Currently he's working on a masters degree
in business administration. Once out of school he hopes to earn a living in sales and someday own a business.
Overall, 19 seniors, three juniors and two sophomores were named to the team.
To be eligible the student/athlete must be a starter or a key reserve while academically he must strive to obtain a 3.2 grade point average or better.
Said head coach Jerry Claiborne of his hard working center,"Hc's done everything you could ask of a kid athletically and academically. There's a lot of good things that go on in sports that don't get publicity. It's always good for a person like Ken Pietrowiak, who's worked so hard, to get an honor like this."
Western Kentucky's Mark Fatkin (offensive guard) was also chosen on the elite team.
Kentucky Basketball Statistics
Date: 12-16-1985				*---	-- Player Season University of			/ Career Kentucky		Statistics -Wildcats				___*							
G	GS	Min	Avr	FG	'FGA	Pet	FT	FTA	Pet		Reb	Ave		PF	I) Ast	To	Blk	Stl	Dnk	Pts	. Ava
WALKER, KENNY Sea 6 Car 102	6 73	174 2999	29.0 29.4	43 548	74 966	58. 1 56.7	36 385	45 515	80 74	. 0 .8	31 69 7	5 6	.8	1 5 252	7 5 110	12 151	4 ' 83	11 83	1 1	122 1481	20.3 14.5
DAVENDER, ED Sea 6 Car 37	6 18	184 909	30. 7 24.6	35 128	63 289	55.6 44. 3	30 108	35 141	85 76	. 7 .6	17 62	2 1	.8 . 7	8 63	16 1 99	14 88	2	14 47	-	100 364	16.7 9.8
BENNETT, WINSTON Sea 6 Car 70	6 33	168 1 701	28.0 24.3	22 171	39 386	56.4 44.3	18 158	19 222	94 71	.7 .2	28 317	/, 4	.7 .5	19 234	1 6 16 53	7 120	" 5 18	... 2 39	-	62 500	10.3 7.1
BLACKM0N, JAMES Sea 6 Car 69	6 26	140 1295	23.3 18.8	22 142	55 334	40.0 42.5	8 52	1 1 95	72 54	7 .7	27 109	1	.5 .6	1 1 123	14 1 141	7 90	6	12 62	1 1	52 336	8.7 4.9
MADISON, RICHARD        Sea 6 Car 29	-	92 494	15.3 17.0	12 58	19 137	63.2 42.3	4 35	6 44	66 79	7 5	16 88	2 3	. 7 .0	1 1	6 1 20	7 36	1 5	1 7	:	28 151	4.7 5.2
LOCK, ROBERT Sea 6 Car 33	4	66 262	11.0 7.9	10 22	21 62	47.6 35. 5	6 1 3	l'6 33	37 39	5 4	14 68	2 2	3 1	13 57	2 1 7	7 19	4 12	2 4	-	26 57	4.3 1. 7
HARDEN. ROGER Sea 6 Car 92	6 55	162 1553	27.0 16.9	12 no	24 282	50.0 39.0	2 40	2 52	100 76	0 9	13 114	2 1	2 2	9 143	42 - 308	15 151	-	10 58	-	26 260	4.3 2.8
JENKINS, CEDRIC Sea 6 Car 25		83 170	13.8 6.8	8 13	24 38	33.3 34.2	10 14	12 19	83 73	3 7	17 45	2. 1	8 8	10 21	-	4 11	2	2	i i	26 40	4.3 1.6
ANDREWS, PAUL Sea 5			7.0		12	33.3	4	4	ioo	0	8	1	6	4	,?T.J...-JL:,			3		12	2.4
Sea 5 Car    15	4	291 26 40	5.2 2. 7	4 5	7 11	45.2 57.1 45.5	jjiijjj^ij 4 4	10 4 8	70 100. 50.	0 0 0	26 10 14	2	0 9	35 6 A	23 "1' i	10 1 1	1 1	5 2 2		73 12 14	1.7 2.4 .9
BYRD, LEROY Sea 5 Car 21	-	37 61	7.4 2.9	3 5	6 10	50.0 50.0	4 4	6 9	66. 44.	7 4	5 8	I	0 4	5 12	6 14	4 10	-	5 6	-	10 14	2.0 .7
THOMAS, IRVING Sea 5 Car 5	-	33 33	6.6 6.6	-	4 4		I 1	I 1	100. 100.	0 0	5 5	1 I	0 0	4 4	3 - . 3	6 6	-	-	-	1 1	.2 .2
Team Sea 6		"				_	_	_:		_	6	1	0								
Wildcats Sea 6		1200	200.	175	348	50.3	127	161	78	9	197	32	8	115	1 104	84	15	62	3	477	79.5
Opponents Sea 6		1200	200.	175	377	46.4	83	123	67	5	204	34	0	154	- 101	128	13	25	1	433	72.2
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< >Ti.'i; :- ft' (a m k-> i ytr /
2 :30 pm	3'd piaca
 Q)ecem/>r 2/, /p&S
Your Best Shot Will Be "Issel's Parting Shots"
It's the season of giving and if you're a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats nothing could be more appropriate on your last-minute shopping list than a copy of Dan Issel's new book. "Parting Shots."
The former University of Kentucky All American has been making the author circuit for the past couple weeks and if the response to his new book in Denver, Colorado is any indication, it's going to be a blockbuster among Wildcat fans. During a two-day span last week. Issel signed over 2,200 copies in the land of the Nuggets.
Parting Shots is not your typical ex-jock, tell all secrets of former teammates and their per sonal lives. Instead, this book is about a young man who recognized an opportunity and took advantage of it by giving 100 percent to everything he has undertaken in life.
People who have succeeded in life by overachieving will truly admire the Dan Issels of the world and his new book is a testament to a delightful story.
During a press luncheon Monday, Issel recalled a conversation with John Y. Brown many years ago when Brown had to make a decision on the future of the Kentucky Colonels.
It was a time when the business deals were swallowing athletics from the fun angle. Isse didn't understand exactly what Brown meant when John Y. told him that, for business pur poses, he would have to deal off either Issel or Artis Gilmore to keep the Colonels afloat.
"I couldn't dream of a pro franchise existing in Kentucky without me," said Issel. "All I ever thought about was playing ball in Kentucky. I felt like I had never even left school, having gone straight from the UK campus to the Colonels It didn't eVen seem like professional basketball at all."
But true to Dan Issel's good-hearted nature he always recognized the lighter side. Like John Y's assertion that "Dan, I've got to trade either you or Artis and I think Artis will last in the game (pro ball) longer than you."
"Right again." laughed Issel about Brown's prediction. "Here I am retired and Artis is still going."
Of course. John Y. never dreamed either one would stay in the game for fifteen years. But that's Issel, never one to carry a grudge.
Issel said he learned a lot from those Kentucky Colonel days, that basketball certainly was more than just a game of fun. Yes, indeed, it is a business, an everyday job.
But there is much, much more to Issel's book There was the time the late Adolph Rupp told him he would help provide him the additional playing time to break the all-time UK scoring record if he (Issel) wouldn't rebell against then assistant Joe B. Hall's new running program. Later, there would be games solidly in the win column with very little time left in the contest| and Issel would still be on the court.
Once he broke the record, Issel was con gratulated by Rupp who told him (Issel) that he (Rupp) was glad that Cotton Nash's mark had been broken.
During the next couple weeks, we'll review the entire book for our readers, but the wise move for anyone who has a Wildcat friend would be to purchase a copy of "Parting Shots" as the best Christmas sift of all.
Kentucky's 83-66 loss at the hands of Kansas in Lawrence Saturday wasn't the upset of the century. It wasn't even an upset, but the margin, of defeat certainly points to the theory this Kentucky team has a lot to learn if it wants to become a top ten contender by the season's end.
Kentucky has the potential to be a good basketball team by March. Getting beat by 17 to a great Kansas team is no disgrace. In fact, Kansas displayed enough skill and grace to illustrate why some believe Larry Brown's club just may be good enough to win all the marbles in Dallas.
I doubt if there's a team in America that has a better 1-2 inside punch than Kansas with Danny Manning and Greg Dreiling, and that includes North Carolina.
Calvin Thompson. Ron Kellogg and Cedric Hunter were superb, to say the least. If there is a weakness on this Kansas team, it could be depth on the bench, and we're not talking about the coaching staff. Coaching, in itself, is another strong point for the Jayhawks.
If Kansas can whip Arkansas at home this Saturday, don't be surprised if the Jayhawks are ranked in the nation's top four when the selections are made next March.
Back to Kentucky. Sutton will have no trouble is getting his players' attention this week. Kentucky was talented enough to prevent a total blow-out in Kansas, but the Wildcats don't need any taped replays to tell them how poorly they performed.
Sure, there were adverse conditions, but such circumstances are common on the road and that's exactly where Kentucky will play half its games during the SEC season in January and February.
The next four games will tell us a lot about how quickly Kentucky will develop. This team will not improve as quickly in January and February as it did a year ago and that's because this team is a year older and you tend to improve less as you become older.
Kentucky must come out with a lot of enthusiasm this weekend during the UKIT. Anything less than a championship will seriously hinder the Cats' preparation for next weekend's war with Louisville. A two-game sweep in the UKIT is not a lock. This happens to be one of the better fields (record-wise) in recent years.
The Wildcats should take care of East Carolina, but bigger upsets have been scored over the Wildcats before.
This week's UKIT field is a strange one, strange in that it isn't attracting a lot of attention. The four teams have a combined record of 21-3. SMU is undefeated at 6-0, Pepperdinc is 6-1, East Carolina is 4-1 and UK is 5-1.
Now, don't get this field confused with the NCAA Final Four or anything, but Pepperdine is on a roll with impressive wins over Washington State. Nevada-Reno and Brigham Young. Only a narrow 67-61 loss to Kansas in the NIT dents an otherwise perfect record.
Pepperdine has a balanced scoring attack with four starters in double-figures but the big news is 6-5 senior Dwayne Polee who is an interesting story by himself. He's been around for a while, having played at three different schools and was
the subject of a national television feature a couple weeks ago.
East Carolina's record is misleading in that its only legitimate big-time foe. Duke, slashed the Pirates by a hefty 98-66 score.
It should provide a lot of great up-and-down the court action as all four schools have impressive scoring averages this season.
Another plus for the fans are new starting times for the UKIT Unlike past years when times were 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., the games will tip off at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. each night.
More good news for fans. Several hundred tickets are still available for the tournament and can be purchased either at the UK ticket office or the Rupp Arena ticket office right up to game time each night. Tickets are S10 per book (one book is good for both nights).
We'd like to welcome Louisville Radio Station WAVG 970 to The Cats' Pause Sports Hot Line show. WAVG Radio joins Radio Station WVLK in Lexington on our Monday night lineup this week.
The sports call-in show can be heard every Monday evening from 7 p.m. til 8 p.m. Listeners can phone us for comments and or questions by dialing (606) 253-5959.
Next week (December 23, we'll have as our guest the great all-time UK scoring leader Dan Issel who has retired from the Denver Nuggets and now operates his own thoroughbred horse farm in Central Kentucky.
Dan will talk about his new book as well as his days at the University of Kentucky and about the current UK basketball team as well.
Without doubt, Issel has done more for the Kentucky program on the pro scene by virtue of his 15 playing years than any other pro player. He'll be happy to talk with fans and answer any questions you may have.
Don't forget, next Monday from 7 til 8 p.m. on The Cats' Pause Sports Hot Line.
HITS AND MISSES . . . All-American Kenny Walker became No. 10 on the all-time Kentucky scoring list when he surpasssed CHff Hagan'sl.475 points last week with his 12 points against Kansas. Walker is now 28 points shy of Melvin Turpin's No. 9 spot. . . Eddie Sutton says he wants to have a more varied schedule in the future for recruiting purposes and one way to achieve such a plan is to trade Kansas for an intersectional game with the likes of St. John's in New York for a two-game series and then perhaps DePaul in Chicago. Sutton also said he wouldn't mind putting UCLA on the Wildcat schedule. . . Here's another one you might be thinking about. Don't be surprised if Kentucky decides not to renew its series with University of Louisville after next season. It could happen, especially if UK decides to involve state schools in its UKIT. Such a plan might call for two in-state Division I schools (Western. Eastern, Morehead, Murray and Louisville) to be invited to the UKIT each season on a rotating basis with the two schools
playing each other in the opening round. The winner would advance to the championship game against the winner of a game involving Kentucky and an out-of-state school. Either way. Kentucky would be playing another state school on Saturday night, either in the consolation game or the championship contest. Such a proposal would be difficult for any of the state schools to refuse ... On the Kansas trip, Sutton invited three University professors as his guests. "We want to involve the total university with our program," Sutton said, "we want everyone at UK to feel they're a part of our program because they are." . . . While the Kansas series appears to be a part of history, indications are UK may be on the verge of renewing its series with Notre Dame. One insider says the game may be renewed as early as next season. No details on where the games will be played . . . While speaking on the subject of scheduling, you have to believe that UK will do something to pump some life into its annual Freedom Hall game. This season's contest with VMI may be the biggest flop of all. There was a time when the Louisville game was something special. Usually, Freedom Hall meant Notre Dame. But at times, teams like Indiana and North Carolina provided the competition. Of course, that was before Rupp Arena and its 23,000 seats. Still. UK should take better competition to Freedom Hall. The last few years, opposition has been in the form of Purdue and Kansas. While both are excellent competitors, it would be more exciting if the Cats invited someone like St. John's or DePaul or Notre Dame to the woodshed in Louisville . . .By the way, tickets still remain for the UK-VMI game in Louisville on December 30. Those tickets (at S7 each) can be purchased at UK ticket office or at Freedom Hall in Louisville . . . Besides the UKIT this weekend, there are a couple great high school classics on tap that basketball fans will want to see. The big Hillbrook Classic will be staged at Rupp Arena in Lexington all day Saturday with some very outstanding high school teams and stars, including superstar Terry Mills, the one who got away . . . Over in Louisville in the King of the Bluegrass, sixteen teams will be going at it and they include Owensboro Apollo with the senational Rex Chapman and Pulaski County with UK-bound Reggie Hanson. All games there will be played at Fairdale High-School . . . Some real food for thought! Everyone knows just how difficult it's been for UK to beat Tennessee in Knoxville, right? Well, rumors have it Tennessee has offered Kentucky in the neighborhood of $100,000 to help the Vols dedicate their new 25,000-seat arena in Knoxville with a season-opening contest next winter. The catch is that UT does not want to count the game as its regular SEC home game, thus forcing UK to make a second trip to Knoxville in the same season. Kentucky's response? Reportedly, UK is interested in opening the new arena with the Vols, but only on the condition that it will be the Cats' only visit to Knoxville during the regular season. After all. the Cats will have to return to Knoxville in March of that year for the SEC Tournament and not even Eddie Sutton would want any part of the Vols three times in K-town in one season.............. ^7? a
tTTie (oats' S./(//Mr
Jayhawks Snatch Cats From Unbeaten Tracks, 83-66
Twelve years of frustration went down the tube in Lawrence. Kansas, Saturday night when the Kansas Jayhawks posted an 83-66 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats, the Jayhawks' first win in the series since December of 1973.
Kansas, off to a fast 8-1 start and ranked among the nation's top five in most polls, flashed signs of brilliance throughout the game and gave every indication it intends to be a dominant force in the months ahead.
Larry Brown and his charges wasted no time around the launching pad. getting off to a 10-0 lead before the Cats could get on the board with an Ed Davender free throw at the 14:42 mark of the first half.
Kentucky went almost seven minutes before it finally posted its first field goal, the front-end of a three-point play by reserve Robert Lock cut a 14-1 Kansas lead to 14-4.
"For a while there, it look like a Kentucky game I had witnessed before," said Kentucky Coach Eddie Sutton, referring to the Cats' horrendous second-half shooting against Georgetown in the 1984 NCAA Final Four."
"We were getting some good shots there at the beginning," said Sutton, "Kenny's first three shots were good shots, they just weren't falling." Sutton wasn't far from wrong on the comparisons. The Wildcats were hitting only 12.5 percent when Lock hit his layup as UK missed its first seven field goal attempts of the game.
Kansas enjoyed just the opposite, hitting a blistering 77.7 percent the first eight minutes while finding the range seven of nine times.
That, combined with some questionable officiating calls, was all Kansas needed to build a margin which proved insurmountable. From the 14-4 margin, Kansas moved on top by 20-6 before Kentucky finally regrouped and mounted a spirited comeback try late in the half.
Danny Manning, the talented 6-10 sophomore, once again proved to be a knife in Kentucky's side just as he was a year ago in Louisville when Kentucky rallied for a 92-89 victory.
Manning did just about what he wanted to, scoring 11 first half points. But it wasn't a one-man show by any yardstick. Senior Ron Kellogg taught UK's guards a lesson or two as he exploded for 11 first-half points and his running mate, Calvin Thompson tacked another 10 first half points on the board.
Kentucky made its most serious bid of the night to get back in the game in the final 10 minutes of the first hall.
Forced to go without junior Winston Bennett who went to the bench at 13:30 with three personal fouls, UK began chipping away at the huge Kansas lead. Kentucky narrowed the deficit into single digits when Ed Davender made a nice steal and drove the length of the floor for a layup. At that point, UK trailed 20-12 with 8:59 to go in the half.
Byrd Underneath; Gets A Helping Hand
The lead stayed between the 10 and 12 points until the final three minutes of the half when Kenny Walker. James Blackmon and Roger Harden went to work.
Walker canned a pair of free throws to slice the lead to 38-30 at 1:26. Kellogg put Kansas back up by ten on a driving scoop which somehow found its way inside the basket, but Blackmon got that back on a driving layup.
With 0:33 left in the half, Kellogg was charged with fouling a Kentucky player. Walker first went to the line, but officials changed their mind and put Harden on the stripe after a protest from the Kansas bench.
What Kansas was unaware of is the fact that Harden is one of the team's best free throw shooters. Ironically, he had not shot a single free throw this season prior to the Kansas protest. He canned both tries and UK trailed by 40-34.
Kentucky had an opportunity to get within four, but a turnover prevented the Cats from getting a shot off. Archie Marshall's offensive board put-back gave Kansas a 42-34 halftimc lead and Kentucky was to never get that close again.
Davender On The Loose
Perfect Form Q)eceml^ 21, /ptfS
Marshall's Held goal gave Kansas an amazing 66.7 percentage from the floor the first 20 minutes. Actually, until the final three minutes of the half, the Jayhawaks were as hot as a Dodge City $2 pistol. With 4:02 left in the half, Kansas was hitting a sizzling 76.4 percentage from the floor, 13 of 17.
About the only thing which prevented a total first half blow-out was Kenny Walker's 10 points. After missing his first three shots, Walker hit three of four and four of five from the line to earn his double-digit half It didn't come easy.
Obviously, Brown and his staff had viewed films of some SEC games of a year ago. Kansas surrounded Walker much the way Indiana did a week earlier. And the results were almost the same.
The second half was more of the first half. Kentucky never got closer than 12 points after the opening minutes, but the crucial play came at 16:51 when the Cats lost Walker's services for the remainder of the game.
It started with a battle under the boards as Walker caught a hand from Robert Lock as Lock challenged big Greg Dreiling for a rebound. Just as Dreiling came down with the rebound. Walker crashed to the floor and Roger Harden appeared to come up with a clean steal.
Officials immediately whistled a foul on Harden. Walker was taken to the locker room and Kansas would be on top by 57-40 a couple minutes later. For all practical purposes, the game was over.
Although Walker returned to the team bench later in the half, Sutton said his star player was suffering from double vision and the decision was made not to put him back in the game.
Throughout his career, Walker has seemed proned to eye injuries. Sutton says it may be to Kenny's benefit to begin wearing a special pair of glasses, like thoses worn by Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Doctors said Walker probably would miss no more than one day of practice from the accident.
Harden Looking For Heip
Gettiri Up With The Big Boys
Game scoring honors went to Manning, who scored 22 points and a team-high 7 rebounds. Kellogg pitched in with 17 points and Thompson added 16. Kansas shot a torrid 61.5 percent form the field on 32 of 52.
Kentucky, meanwhile, hit 21 of 52 for 40.4 percent, by far the Wildcats' poorest of the young season. Kentucky was led in scoring by Winston Bennett, Kenny Walker and James Blackmon, all who scored 12 each.
Despite the loss, it was Blackmon's best exhibition of the season. He was the only player to hit better than 50 percent form the field (Harden was two of four for 50 percent) on five of nine from the field. He had a team-high three assists. Bennett was the game's top rebounder with eight although he played only 25 minutes, spending much of the time on the bench in foul trouble.
UK-KU TIDBITS . . . Much of the pregame hype from the Kansas people centered on last season's game at Louisville when UK won a 92-89 decision. Kansas' Larry Brown was quoted several times in Kansas newspapers as saying that his team was rooked out of the contest, than had the game been played on a neutral court, that Kansas would have won by 20 points. He went on to note that three Southeastern Conference officials worked the game in Louisville and that three Big Eight Conference officials would call the game in Lawrence. Thanks to ESPN and WKYT-TV in Lexington, you were able to judge for yourself if the score was evened last Saturday . . . Eddie Sutton was visited by several friends in Lawrence, including his mother who had driven over for the game as well as Joe Kleine's parents. Joe was one of Sutton's brightest stars at Arkansas . . . Remember Altonio Campbell? He was a star for St. Louts Vashon High a few years ago and recruited by Kentucky. Better known as "Shotgun" by his friends, Campbell signed on with Kansas and is a sophomore with the Jayhawks but isn't seeing a lot of action on the varsity. In Saturday preliminary, Kansas' junior varsity lost a 20-point decision to Dodge City Junior College. Campbell scored four points in that game . . . Sutton was so furious with the officiating in the first half that he was slapped with a technical foul, saying later that he earned it. "I didn't say anything, but I earned it," said Sutton, referring to him leaving the coaching box following a questionable call on Kenny Walker. . . One of those stopping by to chat with Sutton after the game was the NCAA's David Cawood. Cawood has more than just one connection with UK. First, he is a native of Harlan County. Later, he worked at Morehead State University. After that, he was sports information director at Arkansas when Sutton was basketball coach there. Now, Cawood is the No. 2 man with the NCAA behind executive director Walt Byers. Probably more important is the fact that he is a cousin of UK's voice of the Wildcats. Cawood Ledford . . . Don't be surprised if this isn't the last game of the UK-KU regular season series. More on that elsewhere in this edition of TCP.
The Tipoff_An Injured Sky      .   With 12 Points Walker Passes Hagan &7i& (oats'' ($ause
As Usual, Hillbrook Will Showcase Talent
Mills, Munlyn and Mustaf Invade Rupp Arena
While Christmas shoppers and University of Kentucky basketball fans venture to Lexington this weekend for last-minute shopping and the UKIT, another breed of person will also be treated, the high school roundball fanatic.
Starting at 9 a.m. this Saturday at Rupp Arena the fifth annual Hillbrook Classic, four contests featuring some of the nation's top prep hoop talent, are scheduled to take place.
The format is comprised of four in-state teams  Scott County, Mason County, Lexington Tales Creek and Lexington Lafayette  and four non-Kentucky teams  Macon Southwest (Macon, Ga.), DeMatha Catholic (Hyattsville, Md), South Aiken (Aiken. SC) and Romulus (Romulus, Mich.).
Nick Nicholas
Cats' Pause Columnist
"For the average basketball fan who just wants to see good high school basketball this is a good opportunity for them," said Donnie Harville, head basketball coach at Lexington Lafayette and director of the Hillbrook.
"There's probably two or three of these kids that are future first-round NBA draft choices," proclaimed Harville about the type of talent committed to play in the fifth annual event. "Mills is probably a no-miss; Munlyn can probably be and Mustaf is probably a no-miss as first-round draft choices. And possibly there could be some sleepers in there, too."
The three blue-chippers Harville mentioned are: Terry Mills, a 6-9 senior  Romulus; James Munlyn, a 6-11 senior  South Aiken; and Jerrod Mustaf, a 6-9 sophomore  DeMatha Catholic.
Both Mills and Munlyn signed during the November period. Unless you've been touring Russia the past two months, Mills chose to stay within the state borders  Michigan  instead of traveling south to play for the Kentucky Wildcats. Mills (along with J.R. Reid of Kempsville HS. Virginia Beach, Va. and Rex Chapman of Owensboro Apollo), is considered by many of the recruiting experts as the top prep player in the country.
"He's an unbelievable talent," Harville said. "I've seen him in a couple of camps and he 'is' that.
"Everybody in the country, I think, was recruiting Mills, obviously."
Georgia Tech, picked by many this preseason to win it all, added another feather to its cap by landing the services of Munlyn.
"Everybody in the ACC recruited him," noted Harville. "He's on many of the ail-American lists."
Tipping-off the Hillbrook will be Aiken against Tates Creek at 9 a.m., followed by: Macon Southwest against Lafayette, DeMatha versus Scott County and Romulus will take on Mason County in the finale.
Each game has something to offer, from the average hoop fan to those zealous basketball junkies.
In the initial game, Tates Creek, one of two local favorites will battle the South Aiken Thoroughbreds. Though Munlyn and Co. will be tough to stop, Tates Creek does have its share of battlers.
Six-foot senior guard Ben DeVary, 6-1 Brian Lane and 6-4 Clay Green are three reasons why the Commodores should challenge for the 11th Region title come March. Recently, in a 71-64 win over M C Napier in the Coal Classic at Hazard, Green connected for 25 points and grabbed 18 rebounds.
At presstime Tates Creek was 2-1, losing to Henry Clay 78-62 in the Commodores' third game of the '85:86 campaign.
The second contest will display the talents of Harville's Generals against perennial southern power Macon Southwest. Harville noted that Macon will "probably have two or three major college prospects."
Don Richardson is beginning his 16th season of coaching the Georgia prep school and has guided the Patriots to 344 wins including: a national title, five Georgia championships, two Georgia runner-up finishes, eight regional titles and 10 sub-regional championships.
Lafayette, which many people also feel are strong contenders to make the a run at the 11th Region crown, has three top caliber players of its own  senior Bruce Wise, 6-4 forward; junior Prince Stewart, 5-11 guard; and junior Marcus Hill, 5-11 guard.
It may be billed as the nation's best taking on Kentucky's best when the DeMatha Stags will be challenged by the Cardinals of Scott County in Saturday's third matchup.
"They are suppose to be 'THE' program in the country," said Harville in reference to the Maryland school.
However, DeMatha, ranked No. 1 in the country by some preseason polls, has already been upset by a Bluegrass squad this year. Hopkinsville, last year's state champs, knocked off the Stags 74-69 in overtime during the finals of the McDonald's Classic. The championship contest took place Dec. 7th in Erie, Pa.
Revenge may be on the minds of DeMatha.
DeMatha is led by Mustaf, a growing 6-10, 205-pound sophomore.
"He is suppose to be a phenominal talent," Harville said. "As a freshman last year he was 6-8 and you could see that he was bound for stardom. Of course, they're surrounded by some other folks that can play."
Scott County forward Frank Persley, a 6-4, 205-pound senior, will try to upstage DeMatha's Mustaf. Last season Persley helped his Cardinals to an outstanding 30-3 record.
Losing only two lettermen is another reason why Scott County is favored to take all the marbles in '86.
Romulus and Mason County will square off in the final game of the day. Mason County's main objective will be to stop Mills, while Romulus will have its eyes on junior sensation Deron Feldhaus. One of the best third-year players in the state, the 6-6, forward/center averaged 13.5 ppg for the Royals last year.
"Deron is a tremendous athlete," said Harville. "He's a very talented young man, and I think a lot of people are going to be recruiting him."
Wherever the Mason County Royals go it seems they're always followed by a large number of loyal supporters. D