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., Lesbian The GLSO News 0!
it Services
w." Organization March 2009
A Publication of the Lexington Gay Service Organization Volume 31 Number 3
(iLso Kroger Cards 13th Annual Falsies Awards
We Appreciates Your Support to honor
Thanks to everyone who attended N. ' d
one of our February Fundraisers. We Icole Dlamon
appreciate your support. We had a lot The Academy 01" Drag Arts and Sci-
of People at Applebee’s, The manager ences Will bestow ltS Lifetime Achieve—
said it was the largest turnout he had ment Award on Empress 21 Nicole Dia-
-ever seen for a fundraiser. The group at mond at the 13th annual Falsies Awards
Cici’s was smaller, but the weather was ceremony on Tuesday, March 31, at the
not in our favor, As we go to Print the Kentucky Theater in Lexington. Tickets
bowling night has not happened but are $10 at the d001‘: WhiCh opens at
People are looking forward to it. 8:00pm, ceremonies begin at 9:00.
Thanks to everyone for helping pay our The awards program, sponsored by
utility bills in March. the Imperial Court of Kentucky, tradi—
This month we are beginning our tionally attracts a capacity crowd for an
Kroger Card project. It works this way: over—the—top evening featuring world—
we get Kroger cards and Put $5 on each class entertainers and the presentation of
card. We then give them to supporters awards for outstanding achievement in
for $5. You are giving us $5 and then Hair, Makeup, Beat Dramatic Performer,
you are receiving a card with $5 on it. Best Comic Performer, Best Bartender,
You then recharge the card at any and more.
Kroger store and use it for food, pre— NiCOIC iS originally from Kentucky,
scription drugs, flowers, cigarettes, and has a Masters Degree and is a partner/
Kroger gas. As you Pay for groceries, Mgt consultant with a local architecture
the cost of each purchase will be de- firm. Nicole is also the owner of Inspired
ducted from your card. It works as a Apparel, a costume shop catering to the
debit card. community. Continued on next page
When we have friends and family
recharge their cards for a total of
$5,000, we will start receiving 4% of all Sponsor 0f the Month
the mone on s end. When we dis— .,. ,
tribute th: Zards [we have now, we will ’7er Debra HGDSIGy
get more. You will not have to get a mag State Farm Insurance
new card unless you lose your card. ' ‘
Cards are available through board ,- ‘2 859-276-3244
members and at the Pride Center. Peo— _ _
ple spend a lot of money on groceries 1513 NIChOIaSV'IIe Road
Continued on next page

 ‘tfiégfl GAY .‘’The ‘Imperial ceourt cFalsie’s
*fing/l LESBIAN Continued from page one
fig?” SERVICES Nicole has worked several years in the
5’ ORGANIZATION community and has performed both region-
Lexington, KY ally and nationally for some time. She cur-
Incorporated as rently travels and performs at many out of
The Gay Service Organization town Coronations of the International Court
System. She represents our region as an Heir
P '0' Box 1172 Lex., KY40588 Apparent to Nicole the Great, the current
titular head of the International Court
‘NVM‘M Council.
.ngOpC.Org A number of regional and nationally
renowned entertainers will be on hand to
also NEWS honor Diamond, including Cher-
impersonator extraordinaire Candi Stratton.
VOLUME 3’ ”0- 3 For guest entertainer updates and additional
News Editors information, please check our website at
. . www.imperialcourtkentucky.org.
Mary Crone & Sarah Phillips An opening production by Reigning
Assembly & Distribution Empress 27 Eve St Mychal and members of
Debby Hemstock her female line will kick off the show. Pro-
— ceeds from the evening will benefit charities
Pride Center Office Manager of the Court including Moveable Feast Lex—
Bill Chandler ington and others. begin at 9:00.
_— (Project rDrag ‘Rgnway
GLSQ BOARD A sew—a—thon fundraiser
Mary Crone President surgdaydlrarlfil IIChflIi Slipper
’ n 8— '
Ginger Moore, Secretary “- y,'al nerd m 8
Jane Minder, Treasurer www.1mper1 cou {entucky.org
Thomas Collins
Virginia Morman GLSO—Kroger Cards continued page 1
TTe" “Girl. medicine and gas. We hope to eventually
Kerry Tu 'lns bring in $350 or more a month through this
D arlill‘ Il'ay Cf)!‘ d project. This will help us pay the monthly
Daeaiis ill/Vilri-Igat‘l’ery expenses of the Pride Center. Thank you.
Lexington Downtown Pride Festival
GLSO Membership Community invited to Festival Committee
IndifI‘iglllirlgggfiiples Saturday, March 21 10 am
$20 per year Pride Center 289 Waller Ave.
Page 2

 fit)? ”amaze imam-s vale-r mm £57m! N! m mmmmm
wQeIE-Jdeleieieeiddeleyj El“ ”Janie-“9
GLSO News On-Line Lexington Pride Festival 2009
GLSO will be sending out an email Stonewall Lives:
version of our newsletter to individuals celebrating Our Past,
who wish to receive it in that form. We Forging Our Future
plan to send our first edition out as soon . . . .
as we collect 30 or so email addresses. h The Pfilde Festival committese W1“
You can send your email address to us at dave 131““ her210peiliomeeting To: St}:—
lexingtonglso@yahoo.com. Put “on line Cay’ at?“ :3“ 2m]; at e n. e
newsletter” in the subject line. enter: em ers 0 t e community
We do not plan to stop producing are invited. to attend, give suggestions,
the copies we mail out to our community or to consider volunteering on one Of
or place at locations around town. In the the cpmmitte es. thIf you afrrtahmierested
future, we may change the format of the m v0 unteering e da?’ 0 e estival,
har d copies. you can contact Ondine at 859 368-
Once you receive a copy of our e- 4435,51,? liemgirlitee'ilgmailxoli’n. S
newsletter, you Will see that there is a d e] $1127le Egham .3 onP a1:-
way to unsubscribe. There will also be a .111; :y’ line d . 1;: 40:1”! ‘3 ar '
request for a $20 a year donation but you f ah Viee69ߤ ls t acll Rit anniversary
can receive the e—newsletter with a o t $119 . tonew f h 0t? d .
smaller donation or without paying us. e. 11:11:” oMt. e 0%, esrgn
There will be advertising possibilities for-nest ls d 1:33;? 716:; hongratu—
and we are working out the details. More ations an t . ytiu. t ony gave
information will be in next month’s us. ii great destgn incorporating the
newsletter and on—line. We are excited (ligigigal Stoneyadll Bar “$11!; dSee page
about the possibilities including new no veryon; l a great ’0 alleSigning
people we will reach and new contribu— t 18 year an we encourage 0 you
tors to the newsletter. to try again'n'ext year. .
In addition, the voting has been
u; re: 64,? pea. izgu‘firaaapa {Tam .32,- _ completed on the slogan for the Pride
Eflfidm Festival wristbands. You chose Re—
mnmm memberin Stonewall 1969-2009.
ET if; \a'jili b.1111“! E‘Hi, The wristbinds will go on sale around
,meWg‘e April. They will give you special dis-
f’fiRQfiQIEYQQRAfiQySINESS! ‘13::sz counts during the month of June at
DMDWHW'ZZZOOS' 2i Last year’s festival created visibil-
ewe”; ity and raised awareness for the GLBT
wa§147096 community like few Other events in
’Vi/WBrueigrassGYRcom Lexington have. It was one of the most
“we’ve diverse events Lexington has ever seen
Articie about Bluegrass Gay Help us make the 2009 festival even
Phonebook on next page. better.
Page 3

 Bluegrass Gay Phonebook CLAW Party
The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook has On Saturday, March 7 the second
moved its publishing deadline up to annual Claw Party will held at Cross—
May. The change will ensure that the ings. There will be performances by
latest copy of the gay phonebook will be Leather and Bear title holders. Enter-
available at the Pride Festival in June. tainment will be provided by Crossing’s
Advertisers who paid for advertising in own Diva, Clarissa Cumberland, with
the first issue of The Bluegrass Gay special guests cassis Nova, Eve. St. My—
Phonebook will receive a 50% credit chal, and Stehanie Valour.
toward the renewal of their ad place- The fun begins at 9 pm, admission
ment. If you have questions about the is $3. There will be great raffle prizes
change you can call Brian Hill, the pub- and drink specials. Proceeds will be do—
lisher, at 1—859-514—7096 nated to Claw charities. Claw Nation is
The Bluegrass Gay Phonebook is a non-profit organization that donates
holding a Photography / art contest for to a number of charities both local and
the next cover of the phonebook. Artists national. ViSit www.Clayinfo.org for
can submit as many photos as they want. more information.
The winning picture will appear on the
2009/2010 Cover of the phonebook. Rainbow League thurns
Additionally, the artist will be profiled in W b f h R . b
the directo . Submissions can be made ere you a mem er 0 t e ain ow
ry Lea e? Are on interested in 'oinin a
online at: W (see g; b l'y 1 h . J L 'g
link Headlines section). The deadline is GL1: ow ing eague . ere m exmg—
April 22. ton. If so, a new league is being formed.
The Rainbow League Wlll bowl on
TransKentucky Thursday nights at 7:00pm at the East—
land Lanes (Collins Bowling Center) on
TransKentucky meets on the first New Circle Road near Winchester Road.
Saturday ofeach month at 7:30pm. We This is a sanctioned, mixed league
are a support, .social, and _ resource with 3/4 Bowlers per team in any com-
group. Our ""5510” 15 to prov1de a safe bination of bowlers. All skill levels are
place for transgender individuals. We welcome. Fees are $12/bowler/wk. Shoe
include cross dressers, transsexuals, in— rental is included. A7pm sign—up / meet
tersexuals, and others who do not.fit the and greet will be held March 12 at 7pm
standard gender norms. Supportive al— at E astl an d Lanes. All new bowlers
lies are also welcomed. should attend to register and practice.
Meetings are free and you may dress There is no charge to attend the meet
however you feel comfortable. This is and greet.
not a therapy group. For info. and place The league starts March 19 at 6:45
contact TransKentucky@gmail.com pm and will run for a 12—week Spring
Session. For more information or to
register in advance, please contact Mor—
GLSO Kama“ gan Fry at 859-420—6398 or email him
ISt and 3rd Tuesdays at morgan@morganfry.com. Come and
At Crossings join in the fun. Let the good times roll!
Page 4



i fiW . For your insurance and i

3 E i ' ' 7W : financial needs, see your 3

1 *e e State Farm Agent:

i . V “we?“ , Debra A Hensley, Agent

1 v e V 2’ IV 1513 Nicholasville Road

‘ , " Lexington, KY 40503—1409

’ ~ ‘ debra.hensley.b1nl@statefarm.co 1


‘ i ’ g i

l Providing Insfiifiéé’iiia Financial Services

i statefarm.com

i P026038 State Farm Insurance Companies . Home Offices: Bloominglon, Illinois 9/05
—WV 7 7 7 "'.$Z..’g’.;'s”'

 P I'i d e C e n t
Phone 359 253-3233 Office Hours |0 to 3 M-F 389 Waller Ave.
The Pride Center needs your help. Come by and pick up "93"“ , .
a rccharable Kro er card, donate items to the a e sale .r.’ .Mfl‘avgs
g gar g \. % w»... ,5“ ,
(probably in April). If you attend a group or events at fiwg‘: ‘,_W?«
the Center please consider donating what you can in the .3; $1 “3% SW“
basket left out on the table. Money collected can be put iéfiifififi ' ‘t’ff... )‘ii/l
under the office door. ifi iiiéif'flzwr
HIV Tcstin . w V V”
g lnsrght Group
On Thursday, March 5, there will .
be free HIV testing between 6 pm and Fnday’ mam" 6 Pat LUCk
8pm it the Eridefnfinter- T$e :raquifii Friday, March 20 Movie Night
mout swa tec ique w e use . .
This test gives a result in about twenty Prlde Center 7 pm
minutes. If the test is reactive, blood
sample will be taken. The results are Bluegrass Women’s Network
back in two weeks for the confirmatory The Bluegrass Women's Network is
blood tests. Testing will be available at a soc1al group for women who ldenUfY
the Pride Center on the first Thursday as lesbian. Membership is free and there
of each month on an ongoing basis. are no obligation. We have a variety of
activities such as brunches, potluck din—
DIICUIIION GROUP ners, plays, movies, parties, and what—
EVERY WEDNUDAY 7PM ever else We manage to dream up! In
PRIDE CENTER 389 W ALLER February we are having a first meeting
)\I.L ARE WELCOME of a new a book club at Third Street
. . Stuff, Sat. March 7 at 3 pm. We will
. , discuss Scarpetta and talk about books
Lexmgton Lyons & LEV] Cllll) we want to read in the future. Every—
Monday’ Feb 2 at 7 pm one is welcome to attend.
. To announce events and share in—
Prlde center’ 389 Waller AVG. formation, the Bluegrass Women's Net—
work has a private/hidden Yahoo group
"Kee the love . website. It is not listed in the Yahoo
' Get at? “we Oi?” mtg; Directory, and can only be accessed by
'7’ y wan ' group members.
i. Moderators/Facilitators for the
Jessica Bollinger LCSW Network are Debby and Lynn. If you
_ _ . are interested in joining please send a
Imago Relationship Therapist request to thebluegrasswomensnet—
EMDRTiaimaVLbrk work—owner ahoo rou s.com and
g P
Couples, Family, |ndividud the link to the BGWN Yahoo group will
' immunediommm 552-6533 be sent to you. Then you apply to join.
Page 6

 Tee A. Corinne Ii
1943 - 2006- ‘ Wit,
u. 31""; 1’ ‘5'“. 33x"
Y ,7" 315.53 ‘1];
, :1 2‘1 ‘ 7‘ .3 79,, “?
: 3:. V3.7 3' am 3 \‘ Jfiéhé ‘ 1'33 ' 3
‘17; ,3 '3; 3 2- ‘3 \ 5 a ,
a 3 *7 7
‘ I3 , '4 ,' '3 3' 3 ‘3 '
‘ '1 W ,
.lA:-”i‘-"f'"‘“‘ ' ‘ ' i > ~ , 2.
. y ‘ #2 from the serles
Self Portrait ' 3 2‘ "Cancer in Our Lives"
_ 3"}... 'k
. 1 3' ‘ Cori ft ' '
See artlcle and more . ' ‘7‘?! mm 0 en used sela'nzatnon
. t on e 1 1 .éfifilgjl’vue and repeat/ reverse prmtmg to
p1c ures pag :2 (“3.12). L, produce unusual kaleidoscopic
' 3 '7. » . 3 . images, three examples shown
Cummtmwcalth """"'"""""".
.157 3:7”. Yum
g : Tlumd Man 11 :Asyom 'mlutcd Axlmon Iwill Haul
jig .gz‘i ‘ to yum goals and help you reach them with my espeliemc.
‘ ‘3‘ 1
‘ w ,, 31 Your
'4‘ ""' j SHIN Mu.» 1, 1; -» :Afl your skilledNemfiimm. Iwill help
ff , youmroreall anions.rmtcmnldath1llt3'axlreptesufl
your imerexts.
Expem miiu‘ 11 ,1 :Ax you mum! Facilitnlm. Iwillhmdle
‘ all the details and wont to «mm: that the sale 1pm
Teresa Combs. AER. GR]. QSC WMM‘ gays; mgelher
Realtor. Sales Amocinte
(I’ell: 859-439-1150 "I will provide you with excellent service, honesty
F033 859-245"5156 and sum”"'
E—Mail: manabsi'c?‘vammomrmltlrgmacxam
WEB: mm.mmmmnrcm‘thgmuc.vcmz-‘Tcombs
Page 7

 Overcoming Irrelevance in 30 Days alerted, became infuriated and began
Lexington Fairness spreading the word.
The groups have hit the human
There are those among us that love rights aspect. But do you think anti—gay
attention and drama. When they have advocates believe homosexuality didn’t
neither, they tend to throw immature exist in 1776? Our “lifestyle” has been
fits to get what they want- You know blamed for the fall of the Roman Empire!
someone like this or you are that The country’s founders could have
person. Either way, rest assured that banned it from the outset, but they be—
this article isn’t about you, teenage lieved in freedom and privacy. How dare
girls, 01' Kim Jong ll (Hooray, Dear they? I guess guys in wigs can be real
Leaded). Nope. It’s all about Gary jerks. (No offense to the drag queens.)
Tapp. LGBTQ groups have also argued
Gary who? Exactly. that the bill is not in a child’s best inter—
He is a relatively unknown Repub— est. Oh, here’s some irony — the bill is
lican State Senator from Shelbyville. called “The Child Welfare Adoption
He’s the one that filed that Senate Blll Act.” There are thousands of kids in the
68 you may have heard about. In case state’s custody. Some will get lost in the
you haven’t, this gem Will prevent foster system. Some will even commit suicide
care placement and adoption by once they age out of foster care. Did
“cohabiting with a sexual partner out- Sen. TaPP ask the kids What they
side ofa marriage that is legally valid lh thought was best for them. Probably not
Kentucky.” You know what this means, because if he did they might say they just
right? want to be loved and to know that some—
A short session, particularly one in one cares. But what do they know?
which a budget shortfall is the primary They’re just kids.
focus, means there won’t be time for LGBTQ groups have even talked
divisive legislation. This and other dif— about something conservatives under-
ficult problems facing our state have stand— money. The state has none. The
been enough to make even the mo“ focus of the 2009 session was a fiscal
partisan political operatives set aside crisis! The passage of SB 68 puts an even
their personal agendas and work With heavier burden on the state’s finances
the opposition. But not everybody and overstretched social workers. The
bought in to the idea of, you know, General Assembly would have to scram—
actually making a difference. Sen. ble to find millions of dollars to take care
Tapp, for example, saw this as a way to of the additional kids as well as make up
make a name for himself, be seen 35 for the millions lost in federal funding
protector of “family values” and steal due to the policy change.
some headlines from Senate President These are all great points, but it
David Williams. won’t just be coordinated lobbying ef-
So on February 5th, he filed a piece forts that defeat the bill. In the end, it
of legislation that he knew would get will be number of contributing factors —
attention. His adOPtion hill) Wthh also time, the spirit of cooperation, etc. — that
affects straight couples, laid quietly in will most likely kill it when the gavel
the Senate Judiciary Committee until a drops for Sine Die. Regardless, it won’t
couple of weeks ago. LGBTQ groups, be law. When you get right down to it,
including Lexington Fairness, were
Comimied on page 10
Page 8

 J v P Y
F I ~ K J ; ,- 9 l l 5 ,‘ fi 1 j
I’ , - . ; i“ ”A"; I; ‘ Aw‘fl#&'figys
‘ a an . . t”; '6‘
s w: » 4,
if v . .. “ii: 3;, 37%
1W , V. 5 ; f’ufhhwh . :“éfgg’:
v f 6 no 3 1W V ’ M
, mu M 9“ £331,422: mum 2
fl” " -' r” _ @443;
, fWi ” fl. : fl .“ ,~ W U ”_ I T m ; f», ;;
. A .. k Al-FJ I l [ Ll]! } f
; 1"“ l. .-.‘g 4-.."; mo‘t-ad Luna aq‘; I, ' “*0 ”* fi‘m“
Windy-v w“ . ~ *‘ "P“ ,“ " ‘ a???
9:84;; J‘J‘AJiJWJJi-i‘dflg”' a .
"1‘2" A-.. 1— . n c». . I . g on
- ' I I 4 4 .
. E ‘ H1 3}} “telly” “I 5"}
1! I ' l : I H ’J I SJ: D J HAL-L J «J a) J! M j .mmwwwl “WV
4 4 .1 y “AJ‘ .‘
.. ~.: ; ‘ ; g ; t
- .7 4 INL....;.L.$.5-J}Luv-WE“"N"; Lad? .mwuaaAJ
‘ in
x x...
' J
4 % *" I-u‘ “' . $
, ”4“}, “‘Qainw-UJSLQ‘“; we! «1...,1 “gupmam .
l , 4. ,
. , I
'. “anti human “I E
. W” '33.; a ":3, {~19 5 m ; V ,~
,oa-;é'*“"j "2i . . ' _.
" Crossmgs 117 N. Limestone 859 233-7266 , .n m .,
reeon salt-Eczm x
W '!'9.l.-.9!‘.C
l 25w mu ,.-.-.m-.
1 v;:..'-:I" .11 4 ,, . V
Page 9

 Fairness continued from page 8 Tee A. Corinne 1943 - 2006
Sen. Tapp probably knew his bill by may crone
wouldn’t pass. He just needed to throw 3 Tee Corinne was an American pho-
legislative tantrum. He desperately tographer, visual artist, writer: and ac-
wanted some love and to overcome his tivist. She was best known for creating
irrelevancy in the State Senate for just a beautiful erotic images of real lesbians.
little while. Hmm, this seems like a dis- Corinne's Yantras 0f Womanlove
cussion for him and his therapist. You (1982) is thought to be the first bOOk of
know, on second thought, don’t give lesbian erotic photographs published in
Gary angry letters. Give the man a hug! the U.S. Not surprisingly, Tee Corinne
was at the forefront of the battle against
Lex Downtown Pride Festival censorship. Printers sometimes refiised
to print her works and art galleries
You are invited to attend the would not show them. But, guess what?
_ . . You can go on the internet and find her
Fest-val Planning Comm-flee art. Several web sites are listed below.
Corinne began exhibiting and pub-
0“ ”turday' Man" 2' 1° “m lishing art in the mid—19605. She had to
pride Center 239 Waller Ave. overcome her fear of producing art that
others might label obscene. She says
that working on the San Francisco Sex
GLSO e-newsletter Information Switchboard helped her
You can use the form below to subscribe become comfortable w‘ih sexuality and
to the snail mail or email version of the . I learned a 28W apprec1ation for sexual
GLSO News. We will be sending out infor$atigmk d ,
the e—newsletter when we have at least ee ro e new groun m a num—
. . . ber of ways; most photographers use
30 emails of people who want to give it a , , , _
try. (We are almost half way there now.) models in creating erotic. art, she did
You can unsubscribe at any time You not; models are usually Wltllln well de-
can also em ailus our email add fined limits of size and shape, her’s
y y. were not; and out lesbians are rarely the
Send to lexingtonglso@yahoo.c0m subject of art. Corrine was committed
to showing the diversity of lesbian
Mail to PO Box 1172, Lexington, KY 40588
City State Zip
$20 1 yr. couple or individual membership and newsletter
Additional donations Welcome
Page 10

 women. She included pictures of women family, was well received by critics.

with disabilities, old women, women of Corinne wrote about art for avari—
color, and women of all sizes and body ety of publications and was the art
types in her work. books columnist for Feminist Book-

Perhaps her most well known photo- store News. She was a co—founder of
graph is a solerized picture of two women the Gay 8L Lesbian Caucus within the
making love that was on the cover of Sinis— College Art Association, and of the
ter Wisdom, a lesbian feminist journal that Women's Caucus for Art, Lesbian 8C
often used her photos. (The picture is ti— Bisexual Caucus. In 1991, she was
tled Sinister Wisdom on some sites.) chosen by Lambda Book Report as one
Corinne took the picture and submitted it of the fifty most influential lesbians
to the Sex Atlas, a sex education text book. and gay men of the decade, and in
The editor rejected it, and in her word: 1997 she received the Women's Cau—

“(He) wrote to me and said that one cus for Art President's Award for ser-
woman’s hair was too short, and the vice to women in the arts.
other’s breasts were too long; the couple To see Corinn’s amazing work go
appeared to have an age difference, and to: www.teeacorinnea_rt.com
people would think it was a sort of mother/ www.queerculturalcenter.org
daughter picture...My response was, ‘1’" www.cla.purdue.edu/waaw/corinne
make that picture famous.’ I didn’t know
how, but I just knew the picture was Cover for The Swashbuckler, 1985.
Within a year, that image had become the .1 3‘ 2W (”Z
poster that everyone in the women’s com- ”‘3 "3' . ' y:fl
munity had on their wall.” ‘ , Eng:

Corinne's use of solarization which a: "“72: :
produces interesting but somewhat obscure 3" 4:3 it'VT-‘
images, has also been commented on by g,” . fig” - V
several reviewers. “This ‘open hidden-ness’ w.- ,, v7, "
is a rich metaphor for lesbian sexuality wiry A! {i EB
itself——invisible unless you know what to _ :1, i" ”THE ,1: fl] _
look for, and then, suddenly, it has been Fag-1w 1'13}; .: , .. “1.31.1": (Joan E- Bite“)

32’3.:'.*‘i’e [+£id'r,‘ '2‘ ii
there all along.” (see page 7 for examples ) org}! ‘ . A 1’31“ 'f “ .

Tee was an outspoken advocate and 4”141"‘~'-.F >11» 'Tee Corinne
activist for lesbian sexual, literary, and ar— “ill:- i‘ Iv * _'_' invented anew
tistic expression. She was a co—facilitator of fi‘ 5 E V v". I Ii; language for
the Feminist Photography Ovulars (1979— J‘l'f" . j “J" 7‘? lesbian sexual
1981) and a co—founder of The Blatant * ~11; 3%01‘ power.”
Image, A Magazine of Feminist Photogra— i i .ai‘w
phy (1981-1983). She wrote several books 3; ' if figfig
won a Lambda Literary Award in 1990 as gift. [ref ,_ fig?” ‘ . ,3
editor of the anthology, Intricate Passions. "mi“ ' / ‘w' '1‘)“ '
Her work was used for covers of a number . _ -... ' ”‘3, . ‘_ .f. _
of books and periodicals. KlttY Tsul: it f

Erotica was not her only subject mat— BOdY Builder . “i ‘i V g I ‘
ter. Family, a collection of mixed media . 3‘1' 7;“
drawings about growing up in an alcoholic l l A mi

Page 11

 r V Stonewall
‘ 9 r The Stonewall riots were a series of
‘ spontaneous, violent demonstrations against
. T a police raid that took place in the early
I 0 morning hours of June 28, 1969 at the
I Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village, New
I N York City. This event is frequently cited as
I ’ the first time gays and lesbians fought back
' b against the sanctioned oppression of GLBT
7‘ Americans.
I. V“, There actually were earlier demonstra-
AI tions and riots, most notably in San Fran—
‘II A cisco, but Stonewall has become the defin—
ing event marking the beginning of the
GTON 5,. modern gay rights movement in the United
\’ States and around the world. More abut
FES I AL ()9 L Stonewall in the April Newsletter.
—' "A - The Pride Festival this year is honoring
Design by Anthony Meiean Stonewall’s 40th Anniversary. Anthony Me—
M 3" 2y § -,;;. jean’s winning logo design includes an im-
“I; ’3 Bl age of the sign from the Stonewall Inn. We
. "t y : A 9‘ have come a long way. Last year’s festival
i‘ :3 :1 had police protection and the protestors
if“: i, k ,, :._\ ,, keep their distance. That is progress, but we
‘ , ,1 \‘“\\% have accomplished more than that.
1 ’ More than ever we are recognized as
E. i: .- , a E 11% part of the fabric of this country. Milk and
W i “I; *1 @‘QZE Sean Penn’s Oscar are indicative of our
‘fffi’fi‘vfiwfinfi p changing status. We enrich our country.
fi‘ T1,“ 5» q “" We have helped create an America that is
‘ E.“ X: diverse, colorful, innovative, curious about
" i‘? ' f‘ 3 difference, and moving forward into a new
world. Come celebrate on June 27.
K moss N65 on
Join Host Bill Melater “3:53;; exmg
‘ Every 1st and 3rd ,
$.an Fundraiser for GLSO
ga l TueSday @ 9 Pm Pride Center of the Bluegarss
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 _. N E w - ' Thursday, March 12, 5 and 7:30 p.m.
: 92:33 a 1 i g . ‘ , Kentucky Theatre
'. .. “-‘e. 3, ,2 5" ARRANGED 90 Min. In English
1.4;"- ;zf .. “"4152: ”211:2:
§_ . _ ,, ' V figfi—zg' This film tells the story of two women,
5;. . ' i m g 5:, one an Orthodox Jew, and the other a
3“}. . ' , ‘1.\\, ’ 2315.13. "3' Muslim, both just starting their reach—
"-:fi_ ..__€'_'.:§_ ing careers in a Brooklyn school. They
:nh W§h§:3§§§ discover they both face "arranged mar—
' ' ' "" ‘ ‘ ' """ riages" according to their respective
Sunday, March 1, 2 and 4:30 p.m. 311mm: The; :11“:qu a friendsllup dbl.”
Central Public Library Theatre “:5: viii: all"; “:03: [sway as t ey e-
WARDANCE 10 M‘ . E 1'11 '
5 1n ( ng 15') Sunday, March 15, 2 p.m
2008 Academy Award Nominee Lex. Public Library Theatre
gm. Bffii Documlsntaiy Sea“? UNDER THE SAME MOON 109 Min.
et in c1v1 -war torn ort em gan a, . _ '
the film follows the lives of youngsters This film shows the dilemma ONE/[61“:
who attend school in a refugee camp cans livmg and working clandestinely in
and find hope through their rich tradi— the U°S' The 5330' focuses .0“ a nine:
tion of song and dance. Their love of year 01d boy livmg ".1 Mexrco W‘th his
music brings joy and excitement to the grandmother who “215565 his mother 5°
P overty—stri cken lives. much that he uses his street smarts to
get to the US. and find her. subtitled
Thursday, March 5, 5:00 and 7:30 p.m.
Kentucky Theatre 109 Min Thursday, March 19, 5:00 and 7:30
. p.m., Kentucky Theatre
UP THE YANGTZE (subtitled) AMAL 101 Min. subtitled
A beautifully ' photographed docu— A multi-layered portrait of contempo-
mentary of China s peasant life and the rary India, this feature film was shot in
cultural up heavaLcaused b.” the largest New Delhi, and is a modern day fable
hydroelectric prolect in history. This that asks the question “what does suc-
documentary gives a human dimension cess means?”
to the changes facrng an increasmgly
globalized China. Sunday, Ma-I'Ch 22, 2 p-IIL,
Central Public Library Theatre
Sunday, March 8, 2' and 4:30 p.m. THE YEAR MY PARENTS WENT ON
Lexington Public Library Theatre VACATION 105 Min. Subtitled
OUTSOURCED 103 Min. English This feature film tells the story of a 12
This romantic comedy shows the year old boy whose parents are forced to
human side of the growing global econ— leave Brazil due to their political
omy. A sales manager in Seattle, who "leanings." The parents take their son
department is being outsourced to In— to stay with his grandfather, an Ortho-
dia, is sent to Mumbai to train his suc— dox Jew. In their haste, the parents
cessor and in the process learns some drop the boy off in front of his grandfa—
important lessons about globalization. ther's apt. building without knowing
that his grandfather died the day before.
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 Spotlight on the Beautifiil People by Helena Handbasket

This column shines the spotlight on “ I Q " «135 '
people in the community who deserve " H ffi‘Z-g’ V
recognition. These "beautiful people" ‘ 1‘ ”WM“ ’ V
either devote their time and energy to a g l""”*’3§;‘t
worthy cause or just plain make our lives V "1‘ V‘ , . a
better by entertaining us. Either way, it is ' *5. a“ .
time to recognized their talents and ef— ‘ V ’ €33; ”‘f'T -

This month, I want to shine the spot— : 4 gm”? , a
light on Nicole Diamond. Nicole hails 32%“ 1. ~ 3:
from Owensboro, KY, but has called Lex— if a? aria ’3???“
ington home for the past 20 years. She ”3mg: 2.5331. fligflv
shares her life with her partner, Daddy '3’ C" V” f,“ 935‘ 1,, ‘4.
Wayne, and describes her perfect partner WWWM‘S“ )3”
as being honest, charming, sensitive, Grandmother because she makes me
handsome and smart. Those of us who smile and laugh and I guess I would
know Daddy Wayne know him to have all not be a true Queen if I did not say
Of these qualities. Nicole has been per— Patrick, my designer, so that I could
forming for 12 years and says that she have fabulous gowns designed from fig
never had a drag mother. It is no surprise leaves and palm fronds!"
to any of us that all of her talent is natu— Nicole is a past Empress and cur—
ral. dr , uld _ rent International Court Council
, Her .eam vacation W0 , be Paris member for her favorite charitable or-
m the springtime. Hi” favorite color ls ganization, the Imperial Court System.
blue, favorite actress 15 Ashley Judd, fa— The Imperial Court System works for
You“ movie .15 Pretty Woman, and favor— communities across the United States,
1te TV show is Reba. Nicole says the writ- Canada and Mexico.
ing for Reba is in the style of the Golden Hei' most embarrassing stage mo-
Girls: "It truly makes me laugh!" Nicole merit? In her own words: "My most
loves to perform to Eartha Kitt songs but embarrassing moment on stage was
says it's a dream of hers to share the stage when I was in Omaha Nebraska Per‘
with Dolly Parton because she is such an forming iskyv by Sonique. I had on
entertainer. f _ l v f bul this amazing ball gown that Chelsea

Mo“ 0 NICO es a ous costumes Pearl had designed for me and I felt
and gowns are currently deSigned by Pat— amazing. I had this grand entrance
rick Howell at Inspired Apparel, but she through the crowd at the beginning of
would also like to thand the many others the song. I was going up the ramp of
who have sewn costumes for her in the the stage and ed sliding back
past. down. My shoes were slick and I could

I ‘13de the question,. What. three not make it up the ramp. So much for
people would you want Wlth you If you making a grand entrance! After that I

' ?"
Xgeitrj‘rsiedngdn 24:36:13: :d'naljf just wanted to crawl in a hole."
’ y . P ’ Y "I would say that the biggest mis—

Wayne, because he is my strength, my
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 misconception about me is that I COOKS COW
am a Bitch, but everyone knows that's ,
not the truth! No, seriously, people Welcome to the Cooks Corner, a
think I have a bitchy attitude, but I just new column that .Wlll appear monthly to
don't put up with a lot of bull. I know provide easy i'eCipes, answers to your
what's important and what's not a