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GLSO News, March 2009

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

'7 Gay 8C ., Lesbian The GLSO News a it Services w." Organization March 2009 A Publication of the Lexington Gay Service Organization Volume 31 Number 3 (iLso Kroger Cards 13th Annual Falsies Awards We Appreciates Your Support to honor Thanks to everyone who attended N. ' d one of our February Fundraisers. We Icole Dlamon appreciate your support. We had a lot The Academy 01" Drag Arts and Sci- of People at Applebees, The manager ences Will bestow its Lifetime Achieve said it was the largest turnout he had ment Award on Empress 21 Nicole Dia- -ever seen for a fundraiser. The group at mond at the 13th annual Falsies Awards Cicis was smaller, but the weather was ceremony on Tuesday, March 31, at the not in our favor, As we go to Print the Kentucky Theater in Lexington. Tickets bowling night has not happened but are $10 at the d001: WhiCh opens at People are looking forward to it. 8:00pm, ceremonies begin at 9:00. Thanks to everyone for helping pay our The awards program, sponsored by utility bills in March. the Imperial Court of Kentucky, tradi This month we are beginning our tionally attracts a capacity crowd for an Kroger Card project. It works this way: overthetop evening featuring world we get Kroger cards and Put $5 on each class entertainers and the presentation of card. We then give them to supporters awards for outstanding achievement in for $5. You are giving us $5 and then Hair, Makeup, Beat Dramatic Performer, you are receiving a card with $5 on it. Best Comic Performer, Best Bartender, You then recharge the card at any and more. Kroger store and use it for food, pre Nicole iS originally from Kentucky, scription drugs, owers, cigarettes, and has a Masters Degree and is a partner/ Kroger gas. As you Pay for groceries, Mgt consultant with a local architecture the cost of each purchase will be de. rm. Nicole is also the owner of Inspired ducted from your card. It works as a Apparel, a costume shop catering to the debit card. community. Continued on next page When we have friends and family recharge their cards for a total of $5,000, we will start receiving 4% of all Sponsor 0f the Month the mone on s end. When we dis _. , tribute th: Zards [we have now, we will {fr-"t Debra HGDSIGy get more. You will not have to get a mag State Farm Insurance new card unless you lose your card. ' Cards are available through board ,- 2 859-276-3244 members and at the Pride Center. Peo _ _ ple spend a lot of money on groceries 1513 NIChOIaSV'IIe Road Continued on next page