P I'i d e C e n t
Phone 359 253-3233 Office Hours |0 to 3 M-F 389 Waller Ave.
The Pride Center needs your help. Come by and pick up "’83.. , .
a rccharable Kro er card, donate items to the a e sale if: .Mi‘ava
g gar g \. % We ,5“ ,
(probably in April). If you attend a group or events at fiwg‘: ',_Wf
the Center please consider donating what you can in the .3; $1 Mm 3W“
basket left out on the table. Money collected can be put iéjiijg‘rq‘. ' ‘t’ff... )‘li/l
under the office door. ifi iiiéiééflxdwf
HIV Tcstin . w 5 I”
g InSIght Group
On Thursday, March 5, there will .
be free HIV testing between 6 pm and Fnday’ mam" 6 Pat LUCk
8pm it the Eridefnfimer- T$e Era‘lm'fi‘ Friday, March 20 Movie Night
mout swa tec ique w e use . .
This test gives a result in about twenty Prlde Center 7 pm
minutes. If the test is reactive, blood
sample will be taken. The results are Bluegrass Women’s Network
back in two weeks for the confirmatory The Bluegrass Women's Network is
blood tests. Testing will be available at a soc1al group for women who identify
the Pride Center on the first Thursday as lesbian. Membership is free and there
of each month on an ongoing basis. are no obligation. We have a variety of
activities such as brunches, potluck din—
DIICUIIION GROUP ners, plays, movies, parties, and what—
EVERY WEDNUDAY 7PM ever else We manage to dream up! In
PRIDE CENTER 389 W ALLER February we are having a first meeting
)\I.L ARE WELCOME of a new a book club at Third Street
. . Stuff, Sat. March 7 at 3 pm. We will
. , discuss Scarpetta and talk about books
LEXIHgtOH Lyons & LEV] Club we want to read in the future. Every—
Monday’ Feb 2 at 7 pm one is welcome to attend.
. To announce events and share in—
Prlde center’ 389 Waller AVG. formation, the Bluegrass Women's Net—
work has a private/hidden Yahoo group
"Kee the love . website. It is not listed in the Yahoo
' Get at? “we of.” ”17; Directory, and can only be accessed by
'7’ y wan ' group members.
i. Moderators/Facilitators for the
Jessica Bollinger LCSW Network are Debby and Lynn. If you
_ _ . are interested in joining please send a
Imago Relationship Therapist request to thebluegrasswomensnet—
EMDRTiaimaVlbrk work—owner ahoo rou s.com and
g P
Couples, Family, |ndividud the link to the BGWN Yahoo group will
' immunediommm 552-6533 be sent to you. Then you apply to join.
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