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I recieved your 
sweet letter Saturday
but was unable to an-
swer until now I am
sorry indeed you are lone-
ly but it cant be help-
ed now I will say in
next letter just when
I am coming. I am
am glad you will send
something for my trink [trunk?] [trip?]
If you send it this week
send a register letter

 Answer at once
I received your
dear letter yesterday morning
and was exceedingly glad
to hear from you. I am fairly
well but I guess you know
what is the matter. I want
to see you now I have studied
a plan when you want
to see me you telegraph me
but when you get ready
to send you send me the
money first like it was
from Anna the money to

come and then telegraph but 
you let me know a little 
before so I can prepare to
come but you let the telegram
read come at once with
mamma name at the
bottom don't sign your name
for Walter will have to read
it you don't know how I
miss you I take good
care of my self for you
Sweetie please go and see
about my hat over home
and give Lizzie the money
for the hat and ask her to tell

you when she is going to
sent it for I want you
to send me something if
it is not no more than
a piece of laundry in the
box. Your ring has never
been off my finger you
see mamma and cheer her up
for you likes you so much.
I am glad you went to
church. I am very lonely
I can't get sicker than dog
down here please take care
of my letters please I beg
of you good bye lots of love
and kisses yours ever E.K.

OCT 12
Mr William Kenzer
310 E Walnut St
c/o American Dye Works
Louisville Ky

 Evansville, Ind. September 18-09
I received your dear
letter and also the box and thank
you very much indeed I enjoy
the canday so much I am 
eating some of it while I am
writing your letter was so
much comfort to me it was
such a sweet one I am feeling
much better now I took some
medicine I am writing this
in a hurry some don't be sur-
prised if it is not just
right I miss you tonight
as this is Saturday I would
like so much to be home

 to enjoy those cool nights
with you love to everybody.
I wrote mamma yesterday
I wish you would give Willie
$1.15 for me right away Please
I guess you are right busy
now I have some ? ?
in the box at Mamma when 
you get time clean them for me
not right away though be good
and don't run very much for
you know I will find out
when i come home is Clint
getting along I wish I could
see you tonight I am lonesome
I ? looked fine with
love of kisses your and soon

10-30 AM
SEP20 09
Mr W. H. Kenzer
310. E. Walnut St
Louisville Ky

SEP 20
9:50 PM

 Evansville March 29, 1909
I received your
letter Saturday but I
could not answer it till
today but I never forgot
you at all it was
a very sweet letter I
enjoyed reading it
very much I want to 
come home now and
see you and the baby but
I guess I wait a while
I wish you would send
me $2 if you can this

 week I want to buy a 
corset with it I want
one so bad I hope you
will be good and think 
of me and please 
keep my letter so no
one can read them
I am feeling some had
but I have another one
of those bad cold like
I had before love to
mamma and J.C and
go and see them
will write more next
time I am your devoted
girl E.J.

 h [2?]
and send before Thanks-
giving day if you cant
send it before Thanks-
giving day why wait
until next Monday
for they will all be here
Thanksgiving day I was
looking around the other
day at trunks and I saw
a fine one for $11 It was
a fine size too Little Walter
Send Love to you Yes  Anna
wrote me Friday and
she seem a little angry
but that is alright

MAR 30-09
Mr William Denger
310 E. Walnut St
Louisville Ky

7 - PM

 Evansville Indiana
March 17, 1909
I guess you
think I am long about
writing but I have been
suffering with that trouble
what I had when I left
but I have been thinking
of you so much I have
the blues so bad today
I can hardly stay over here
I have not much to tell
you having just left
you Sunday but I must
say I do thank you for 
thinking of me for the
fruit and I candy you
gave me Sunday I

always told you you was
so thoughtful I miss you
so much kiss Anna for
me and tell her I am
looking for my suit
I have not much write
this time love to mamma
and J.C. please go and 
see them for me write
me all the news I
rings I look at them
and think of you and
at dinnertime Be a
good boy and try a save
for I am coming
Good bye yours
as ever E.J.

5 - 30 PM
MAR 17-09
Mr William Kenzer
310 E Walnut St
Louisville Ky


- AM


 Evansville Indiana January 19, 1909
Dear Willie
I received your letter
yesterday and was so happy
to hear from you I am fairly
well and truly hope you are
I expect to come Saturday
or Monday I don't know
just when but will let
you know when I write
and answer your next letter
if not I will write you 
a postcard I want to
come so bad I can scarcely
well I guess you think

I am the limit but don't
feel so but I need another
$1 don't laugh send
it by the next letter
I want you to meet me I
let you know what depot
thanks very much for
what you send me it was 
so sweet of you I have
got something nice to tell
you when I come I will
not write much this
time love to the boys sorry
m? is sick love
to Helen love to ma and J.C.
with lots of love E.J.

5 - 30 PM
JAN 19 09
Mr. William Kenzer
c/o American D. Works
310 E. W [illegible] St.


Love to J.[C?] and Mamma
I am very anxious to
come home too I would
like to come in about 2 or
3 weeks any how so you tell
Emma I am sorry you
are not well I am feel-
ing already It is raining
it was so warm yesterday
that I wore no wrap to
church and it is cold
enought to day for a fire
Walter say he is going to
write you a letter Be good
Hoping to hear from you

before Thanksgiving this
is Monday I mailed this
at 3.30 and you get this
Tuesday and if you write
Tues night and mail
it before the night mail
is taken up I will get
easy Wed look on the
box at Floyd and Walnut
and see when the mail is
taken up you had better
write it before leaving
the work with lots of
love I am your

5 - PM
NOV 22-09
Mr W. H. Kenzer
310 E Walnut St
Louisville Ky.

 Evansville Indiana October 19, 1909
Yours was rescued
Saturday but was unable
to answer until now John
just left last night for
Terre Haute and was so
sorry he did not get to see
you before he left I want
to know when your will be ready
for one I am likely to come any
time I don't see why you
should have anything to
fear for I believe you will be
true to me I never lose 
any hope I wrote Willie today
John was saying Clint

 was so sick I am indeed
sorry I guess it is right
hard on Anna now I have
such a cold but otherwise I
am well now tell me how are
you getting along with your
debt I wish you would please
send me a $1 I asked you
in the other letter but I guess
you forgot it or you must
be studying about your girl
you never say if you are
good or not but I will
ask you again to be so
your letters are not like
they used to be your are
always so sleepy you

 must keep late hours now
as I told about the trunk
I certainly can't use my
old one it all to pieces
I wish you could see it
I wish I could see you but
I will soon go and see
mamma and J.C. We are having
some pleasant weather
now just right answer
soon I believe I have answered
everything in your letter
with lots of love and kisses

12 - M
OCT 20 09
Mr. W. H. Kenzer
310 E. Walnut St
Louisville, Ky