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The University Faculty met in regular session at 4:00 p.m., Monday,
January 14, 1963 in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall. Vice President
Albright presided.

The minutes of December 10, 1962 were approved as circularized.

The Faculty voted to permit John Pfeiffer, a campus reporter, to
sit in the meeting.

Dr. Lawrence Thompson announced that a Xerox 914 Copier had been
installed in the basement of the new addition to the Library; that it
was available for use by faculty members; that the charge is ten cents
per copy for the first ten sheets, thereafter each sheet is six cents.
He asked that those present announce to their departmentsthe availability
of this photocopfing machine.

Dean Elton asked that Calendar A, which had been circulated to the
faculty, be approved with the following amendment:

that the final examination period for both the fall and spring
semesters be lengthened by one day.

He explained that the purpose was to allow the final examination schedule
to be set up to schedule three examinations in one day rather than the
present four per day.

Dr. Weaver, Chairman of the Faculty Council, reviewed the objections which
had been raised to the new calendar as well as some favorable reaction.
Discussion followed after which Calendar A, as amended, was approved by
the Faculty.

The motion for approval of the recommendations contained in the
Report of the Special Committee on the Graduate Program, which had been
tabled by the Faculty at its December 14th, 1962 meeting until such time
as the Dean of the Graduate School had an opportunity to give his re—
actions, was introduced again by the Chairman of the Faculty Council.


The Special Committee on the Graduate Program was appointed
in response to action of the University Faculty on January 8, 1962,
which action, in turn, was in response to discussions at the
Faculty Spindletop Conference in September, 1961.

The University Faculty action was, in part:

"That the Graduate School and graduate instruction at the
University be strengthened by:

A. The appointment of a committee to study two aspects
of our existing graduate program and to present
recommendations pertaining to:

l. A proposal to expand the functions and authority
of the Dean of the Graduate School. For example,

should he have greater authority, advisory, or

other, in the following matters:

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