xt7rbn9x3x56 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7rbn9x3x56/data/mets.xml Survey of Federal Archives (U.S.) Maine Survey of Federal Archives (U.S.) 1939 iv, 49 leaves 28 cm. UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program libraries. Call Number: Y 3.W 89/2:43 F 317/ser.12/no.18 books  English Rockland, Me.: National Archives Project  This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Maine Works Progress Administration Publications United States -- Veterans Administration -- Archives Maine -- Archival resources Inventory of Federal Archives in the States. Series XII, The Veterans' Administration, no. 18, Maine, 1939 text Inventory of Federal Archives in the States. Series XII, The Veterans' Administration, no. 18, Maine, 1939 1939 1939 2021 true xt7rbn9x3x56 section xt7rbn9x3x56 SITV OF KENTUCK





NO. 18





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Prepared by

The Survey of Federal-Archives - , - w

Division of women's and Professional Projects
Works Progress Administration

The National Archives
Cooperating Sponsor


‘NO. 18. MAINE 3‘"


Rockland, Maine
The National Archives Project




The Survey of Federal Archives

Philip M. Homer; National Director,
Ella C. Newman, Supervisor National Archives Project

Division of Professional and Service Projects

Florence Kerr, Aesistnnt.Administrator
Helen Irene Tw0mbly,,Stete Director


F. C. Harrington, Administrator
John C. Fitzgerald, State Administrator








The Inventory of Federal Archives in the States is one of the products
of the Work of the Survey of Federal Archives, which operated as a nation-
wide project of the Works Progress Administration from January 1, 1956 to
June 50, 1937, and has been continued in Maine since that date as a state
project of that Administration.

The plan for the organization of the Inventory is as follows: Series I
consists of reports on the administration of the Survey, acknowledgments,
and general discussions of the location, condition, and content of federal
archives in the states. Succeeding series contain the detailed information
secured by Workers of the Survey, in inventory form, a separate series num—
ber being assigned to each of the executive departments (except the De-
partment of State) and other major units of the Federal Government. Within
each series No. l is a general introduction to the field organization and
records of the governmental agency concerned; the succeeding numbers con—
tain the inventory proper, separate numbers being assigned to each state in
alphabetical order. Thus, in each series, the inventory for Alabama is No.
2, that for AriZOna No. 5, that for Arkansas No. 4, etc.

For each local office information regarding each Series, or unit of re-
lated records, is presented in the following order; title, inclusive dates
("to date" indicating an open file at the time the information was secured),
general description of informational content, description of the system of
filing or indexing (if any), a statement of frequency and purpose of use,
form of the record itself (bound volumes, sheets in folders, etc.), linear
footage, description of the containers, physical condition of the records
(not stated if satisfactory), location by room number or other identifying
information, and finally, the number of the Form 588A on which this in-
formation was originally recorded by a Survey worker and from which it was
abstracted for the Inventory. This form is on file in The National Archives.
When it contains substantial information on addenda sheets which has not
been included in the mimeographed abstract, indication of this is given by
use of the reference "See addenda."

In Maine the Work of the Survey was under the direction of Judge Edward
K. Gould, Regional Director for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, with
Ella C. Newman as his assistant from its inception until June 30, 1957.
Since that time the Maine Project has been under the supervision of Ella C.
Newman. This Inventory of the records of the Veterans’ Administration in
Maine was prepared in the Rockland office of the Survey and was edited be-
fore final typing by Miss Elizabeth Edwards of the washington office.

Rockland, Maine Ella C. Newman, Supervisor
April 11, 1959 The National Archives Project
in Maine







Veterans‘ Administration Facility................. ..... ......... 2
Administration............................................... 2
Personnel Unit............................................ 22

Chief Attorney, Office of the................................... 24
Finance......................................................... 25
Hospital........................................................ 28
Supply Division................................................. 40
Utility Division................................................ 45
Constructipn Superintendent's Office. ..... ................... 45










--_ —-._.m--.-



(A) Old Headquarters Bldg.
(B) New Headquarters Bldg.
(C) Heepital

The first Home for Disabled Veterans in the United States was established
in Togus in 1866. It was then called the National Asylum but was later '
known as the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. Prior to 1866
a Health Cure Sanitarium was maintained at Togus by private citizens. A few
of its records dating from 1859 however have been found. On July 21, 1930
by Executive Order of the President, the Veterans Administration was estab—
lished as an independent establishment. In 1953 the name was changed to
Veterans' Administration Facility. It new functions as a Hospital,Domicili-
ary, and as a Regional Office for the Veterans' Administration in Maine.

The Facility is located at Togus within the city limits of Augusta.
Practically all of the older wooden buildings have been demolished and re-
placed by brick ones to which many of the records have been transferred
since the Survey was made. Useless papers are destroyed upon authorization
from Washington.


1. INDEX TO DOMICILIARY RECORDS, June 5, 1866 to date. Lists veteran's
name, serial history number, date of enlistment and discharge, claim number
of veteran, and miscellaneous material pertaining to identification.
Arranged alphabetically. (Frequently, official.) 5 x 5 cards (10,000), 14
ft. 10 in., in 4 drawers of steel filing cases. R. 100 (Bldg. B). (192)

2. INDEX TO PENSION LEDGER, Jan. 4, 1874 — July 3, 1896. Lists veteran's
name and regiment, amount of pension received, and number of book and page
where account may be found. Arranged alphabetically. (Rarely, official.)
lBfi-x 19 vols. (10), 10 in., on table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 105
(Bldg. B). (96)

3. INDEX TO POSTHUMOUS CASH FUND, Sept. 4, 1876 - June 50, 1916. Giving
name of veteran, regiment, and amount of account. Filed alphabetically list-
ing number of book and page on which account may be found. (Rarely, offi~
cial.) 12 x 18 vols. (4), 2 in., on table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103
(Bldg. B). (95)

4. INDEX TO SUPPLIES ISSUED, Apr. 1 - Dec. 51, 1891. To companies A. B,
C, D, E, F, G, and the following departments: farm, treasurer's office,
quartermaster, carpenters, amusement hall, police, laundry, printing, green-
house, blacksmith, and cemetery. (Rarely, official.) 9 x 12 vol., 2 in.,
on wooden table. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (298)



Togus Facility 5

5. LEDGER, June 22, 1859 " Dec. 5, 1867. Debits and credits of the
Health Cure Sanitarium maintained by private citizens before the Government
acquired it for a National Asylum; debits include express bills, supplies,
subsistence, and wages; credits include board, meals, and the amount reserv-
ed for maintenance funds, also shoemaker's account. (Rarely, official.)
1~% x 19 vol., 2 in., on table. Dirty. 2. 105 (Bldg. B). (102)

6. PENSION ACCOUNT, Nov. 15, 1866 — May 12, 1884. Record of payment of
pensions to war veterans, giving name and address, nearest relative, name
and number of company and regiment, number and date of pension certificate,
amount per month, where payable and date of last payment. (Never.) Vari-
ously sized vols. (4), 5% in., on table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103
(Bldg. B). (44)

7. HISTORICAL REGISTER, Oct. 6, 1866 ~ July 13, 1933. Entire history of
each veteran admitted: military history showing name, age, birthplace, resi-
dence, company and regiment, date of enlistment and discharge, kind of disa-
bility and if caused by service; domestic history showing occupation, marital
status, and address of nearest relative; hospital history covers rate of
pension, date of admission or re—admission, and condition, date and cause of
discharge or death. Each veteran is given a register number, which is enter—
ed on the hospital and domiciliary records. Historical records have been
discontinued but similar data is now carried on under domiciliary records.
See addenda for detailed information. (Frequently, official.) variously
sized vols. (52), 9 ft. 4 in., in 55 compartments of wooden filing cases.
Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (14)

8. DOMICILIARY RECORDS, Nov. 8, 1866 to date. Original identification
papers of each member having been admitted to the Veterans‘ Administration
since its establishment, including application for admission, certificate of
identification, surgeon's certificate, certificate of acceptance, order of
admission, death certificate, and inventory of effects; enclosed in enve—
lopes and folders, with veteran's name and historical number. Filed numeri—
cally. (Frequently, official.) 9 x ll 5/4 folders and 4 x 9 envelopes, 355
ft. 4 in., in 210 draWers of steel and Wooden filing cases, 6 wooden drawers,
and 5 wooden chests. Rs. 100 and 103 (Bldg. B). (45)

9. MONTHLY ACCOUNT OF PURCHASES, Nov. 1, 1867 - Nov. 7, 1869. Giving
date, department, name of firm, description and quantity of purchase, price,
and total amount. (Rarely, official.) 8 5/4 x 13% vol., 1 in., in canvas
hamper. Damaged by water, dirty, binding broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (336)

10. SECRETARY'S JOURNAL, July 17, 1867 - June 1, 1889. Monthly record
of accounts, covering subsistence, household supplies, hospital expenses,
transportation, construction, farm, and other current expenses, specifying
the materials or supplies purchased, price and name of purchaser; new con—
tinued under "Cost Ledger". (Never.) 8 3/4 x 14 and §*x l E-vols. (5),
6% in., on table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (57)

ll. PENSION RECEIPTS, Mar. 10, 1868 — Dec. 7, 1870. Showing original
signatures of veterans, made when pensions were received. (Rarely, offi-
cial.) 9 x 14 vols. (2), 5 in., on table. SW. corner storeroom, lst
floor (Bldg. B). (290)




Togus Facility , 4

12. LEDGER FOR DEBITS ONLY, Aug. 31 - Nov. 22, 1869. Form FK, showing
amounts for services, pay roll of employees, cash for veterans' pensions,
various other disbursements, and total amount. (Rarely, official.) 9 x 14
vol., 2 in., on table. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (98)

13. POST FUND CASH BOOK, July 27, 1869 ~ July 19, 1919. Receipts and
disbursements for current expenses, showing money received and disbursed for
each department: hotel, hOSpital, store, farm, and theatre; balanced at close
of each month. (Rarely, official.) 8 x 13% and 12% x 18$ vols. (29), 5 ft.
2 in., in wicker basket. Damaged by fire, brittle, torn. R. 105 (Bldg. B).

14. LEDGER, June 30, 1870 - Nov. 30, 1871. List of supplies furnished
veterans and credits of payment for same, also names of merchants furnish-
ing supplies. (Rarely, official.) 145 x 19% vol., 1 in., on table. Bind-
ing broken. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (307)

15. TREASURER'S JOURNAL, Jan. 1, 1870 — Dec. 80, 1882. Monthly abstract
of the accounts of disbursement for transportation, construction, supplies,
subsistence, hospital, clothing, farm, and other current expenses.

(Never.) 9 x 14 vol., 2 in., on table. Dirty. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (39)

16. LEDGER, SHOE SHOP, July 18, 1870 - July 8, 1885. Credits and debits,
covering sales and repairs on shoes, supplies and materials for shoemaking,
and salaries paid civilian employees; balanced at end of each month.

(Rarely, official.) 8% x 14 vols. (3), 2fi-in., on table. Damaged by water,
dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. b). (105)

17. GENERAL ACCOUNT LEDGER, Jan. 1, 1870 — July 50, 1900. Debits and
credits of each department of Home, Asylum, and household current expenses;
current records continued under "Cost Ledger and Consolidated Budget Activi-
ties". (Rarely, official.) Variously sized vols. (11), 1 ft. 4 in., on
table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (99)

18. JOURNAL, CHECKS PAID EMPLOYEES, Oct. 1, 1872 — Sept. 8, 1874. Giv-
ing name of employee, date, and amount of check. (Rarely, official.) 8 x
105 vol., 1% in., in canvas hamper. Dirty, torn, binding broken. R. 105
(Bldg. B). (100)

19. INVENTORY, Mar. 1, 1872 — Apr. 50, 1882. Monthly inventory and
appraisement of property, and supplies belonging to the National Asylum.
(Rarely, official.) 8%‘X 14 vols. (4), 6 in., on Wooden table. SW. corner
storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (553)

20. TREASURER'S ACCOUNTS CURRLNT, Sept. 25, 1873 — Sept. 30, 1877.
Monthly account of receipts and disbursements of each department, and
amount of pay rolls; balanced and certified to be correct by treasurer.
Now kept by each department and balanced under "Cost Ledger" at end of
month in the finance office. (Never.) 15; x 15% vol., 1 in., on table.
Dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. 8). (28)

21. STANDING ORDER OF PENSIONS, June 2, 1875 ~ Dec. 31, 1874; Jan. 1,
1880 - Dec. 51, 1882. Giving name of soldier receiving pension, company
and regiment, amount received, name and address of person to whom part of




Togus Facility 5

pension is to be paid. (Rarely, official.) 9 x 14 vols. (4), 8 in., on
table. Damaged by careless handling, bindings broken. SW. corner store-
room, lst floor (Bldg. B). (335)

22. RECORD OF SHOE SHOP LABOR AND PAY ROLL, Sept. 1, 1874 — Sept. 20,
1875. Amounts paid for labor, giving amount and to whom paid, date of pay
period, debits and credits, and balance on hand, with superintendent's
salary excepted. (Rarely, official.) 8% x 13; vol., 1 in., in hamper.
Dirty, mildewed, binding broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (104)

23. RECORD OF STORE CHECKS, Feb. 1, 1874 ~ July 6, 1887. Advanced to
veterans to be used in place of money, that the latter may purchase merchand-
ise from the store, giving number and amount of check, date, and name of
person to whom issued. (Rarely, official.) 9 x 14 vols. (5), 5 in., on
table. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (117)

24. DAILY RECORD OF REGULAR EMPLOYEES, May 1, 1881 - Oct. 28, 1936.
Giving name of employee, whether butcher, baker, engineer, plumber, mason
or laborer, total hours and wages per day and month, and total earnings.
(Frequently, official.) Variously sized vols. (6), 2 ft. 2% in., in wooden
boxes. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (32)

25. PENSION ACCOUNT, July 1, 1882 - June 30, 1894. {ecord of pensions
received by soldiers, giving regular number, name, rank, company, regiment,
number and date of certificate, date of admission, roll number, and total
amount received for year. (Rarely, official.) 12% x 18 vols. (4), 8 in.,
on table. Bindings broken, dirty. SW. corner storeroom, 1st floor (Bldg.
B). (511)

26. EXPENSE JOURNAL, July 1, 1883 - Mar. 31, 1886. Daily record of all
business transactions, name of department, entries of transportation, cash
received from store, all payments made, and whether made by cash or check.
(Rarely, official.) 9 x 14 vols. (3), 6 in., on table. SW. corner store-
room, lst floor (Bldg. B). (334)

27. LEDGER 0F POST FUNDS, Aug. 1, 1883 - June 30, 1896. Accounts with
various firms, giving debits and credits, specifying materials purchased,
value, and amount paid for same. (Rarely, official.) Bfi~x 15g vol., i in.,
on table. Dirty, covers torn. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (101)

28. INDIVIDUAL PENSION LEDGER ACCOUNTS, Apr. 1, 1883 - Sept, 30, 1905.
Quarterly accounts of each veteran, giving date, folio number, debit, credit
and balance. (Rarely, official.) 13 x 19 vols. (14), 3 ft. 2 in., on
floor. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (303)

29. CASH, STOCK AND BOND ACCO TT, July 1, 1884 ~ June 50, 1885. Monthly
account of cash on hand and value of stocks and bonds on hand, with interest
and fines; balanced and signed by Finance Officer. (Never.) 8 3/4 x 13%
vol., fi-in., in canvas hamper. Dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (16)

30. PENSION CASH BOOK, Sept. 30, 1884 - June 30, 1906. Debits cover
date, folio and order number, from whom received and amount; credits cover
date, folio number, to whom paid, and amount. (Rarely, official.) 12 x 18%
vols. (14), 1 ft. 7 in., on table. Damaged by water, ink faded, bindings
broken. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (310)




Togus Facility 6

51. RECORD OF PENSION RECEIPTS, May 24, 1886 — Sept. 3, 1889. Name of
veteran, pension number, date, amount paid, and witness to signature.
(Rarely, official.) 2 x 15 and 10g x 15% vols. (2), 5 in., on floor.
Dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (289)

FUND, Sept. 1, 1886 - June 5, 1895. Monthly meetings of the council which
consists of the Governor, treasurer, secretary, and commissary of subsist-
ence, giving date of meeting and members present. All purchases are made
through the treasurer, who gives a report of receipts, expenditures, inter—
est, and total amount on hand. These records are now carried on in the
hospital and may be found in the inactive file room. (Rarely, official.)

8 x 14 vol., %-in., on table. Dirty, binding broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B).
(109 -

33. TRANSPORTATION RECORDS, July 51, 1886 - Dec. 31, 1924. Tickets
issued for disabled volunteer soldiers, for tranSportation to National Home
or from National Home to other places, giving name, number of ticket,
amount, date, and destination. (Rarely, official.) 11 x 18 vols. (28), 4
ft. 8 in., on wooden shelf in steel vault. Binding broken, dirty. Basement
(Bldg. A). (328)

34. LEDGER OF GENERAL ACCOUNTS, July 1, 1888 — June 50, 1905. Semi-
monthly accounts, giving date, voucher number, name, and item; debits cover
internal and cash expenditures; credits cover internal and cash receipts.
(Rarely, official.) 15 x 20 vols. (7), 1 ft. 2 in., on table. Bindings
broken. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (308)

35. MONTHLY LIST OF VETERANS PAID WAGES, Apr. 1, 1889 - June 30, 1890.
Giving company number, number and name of regiment, occupation, and wages.
(Rarely, official.) 9 x 14 and 8% x 15% vols. (2), 1i-in., in canvas
hamper. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (79)

36. EXHIBIT 0F CONTRACTS, June 11, 1889 - June 24, 1908. Contracts with
various firms, giving date, amount, department, name of contractors, and date
of expiration of contract; bond of approval, listing supplies used monthly
under contract, unit price, date of payments, and signed by Supply Officer.
Original contracts now kept in supply office until expiration and then
cancelled. (Never.) 11 x 16% and 12 x 18i vols. (9), 1 ft. 82 in., on
table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (50)

37. BURIAL RECORDS, Oct. 18, 1889 to date. Giving name of Veteran,
register, regiment and company number, date, place and cause of death, dis-
position of body, locality of grave, and number of marker if veteran is
buried in this cemetery. Three volumes have no dates, but apparently were
the earliest records, as they carry the names of many of the first enrolled
veterans. (Frequently, official.) Variously sized vols. (16), 1 ft. 3 in.,
on safe. Bindings broken. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (81)

38. CHECK BOOK STUBS, Feb. 6, 189O - Dec. 31, 1934. For Checks issued.
(Rarely, official.) 6 x 19 and 6 x 9% vols., 14 ft. 7 in., in canvas
basket. Dirty. R. 105 (Bldg. 3). (291)




Togus Facility 7

39. LEDGER, RESTAURANT, Oct. 6, 1891 ~ Jun. 31, 1898. Daily account of
persons furnishing supplies, cash receipts, and total amount of disburse-
ments; balanced at close of each day. (Rarely, official.) 8%‘X 14 vol., 1
in., on table. Dirty, binding broken. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (97)

June 50, 1891 — June 30, 1904. Giving number, name and value of articles,
price and value of appraisement, and total amount; these records are con-
tinued under "Post Fund Inventory and Appraisement". (Rarely, official.)
9)x 14(vols. (2), 4 in., on table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 105 (Bldg.
B . 76

41. POSTHUMOUS ACCOUNT, INDIVIDUAL LEDGER, Mar. 19, 1891 . May 15, 1931.
Posthumous funds and effects of deceased war Veterans, and payment or de-
livery to nearest of kin or guardian, giving name, amount paid, cash re-
ceived from sale of effects and to whom paid. (Occasionally, official.)
Variously sized vols. (4), 8: in., on table. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (19)

June 30, 1899. Monthly account of disbursements for current expenses from
the amount appropriated, specifying department, whether for subsistence,
construction, supplies, transportation, hospital, or pay rolls, and total
amount; examined and approved monthly by the Manager. These records are now
continued under "Cost Ledger". (Never.) ~% x 14 vols. (5), 4i in., on
table. Dirty, bindings broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (38)

43. RATES OF FARE, Dec. 1, 1892 - Mar. 1, 1900. Record of through rates
of fare to various places via railroads which honored transportation orders
at half rates, giving destination, amount, railroad furnishing transporta-
tion, number of tickets, and miles traveled. (Never.) 12 x 18 vol., 2 in.,
on wooden shelf. Dirty, binding broken. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (22)

44. RECORD OF PENSION CERTIFICATES, June 50, 1892 - Dec. 31, 1906.
Issued to veterans, listing agency, roll number, name, rank, regiment,
company, date admitted to Home, number and date of certificate, rate per
month, date dropped or discharged, and date of death. (Rarely, official.)
12 x 18 vols. (5), 11 in., on table. Dirty. SW. corner storeroom, lst
floor (Bldg. B). (324)

45- LEDGER AT POST BEER HALL, Feb. 20 - Dec. 31, 1897. _Monthly state-
ment of receipts and expenditures. (Rarely, official.) 14% x 19% vol., 1
in., on table. Dirty. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (306)

1918. Giving name, company, date of death, amount of pension and personal
cash, total, and date record of effects was presented to the council meet—l
ing, audited, and sent to nearest relative. (Never.) 8 x 10% and 8% x 13%
vol:. (22), 1 ft. 10 in., on weeden shelves in vault. Basement (Bldg. A).
(48 '

47. PAY VOUCHERS FOR PERSONAL SERVICES, Oct. 51, 1902 - July 51, 1918.
Form 61, vouchers of officers, non-commissioned officers, and employees,
giving name, status, occupation, rate of pay per year, amount of pay ree
ceived on present voucher, with signatures of Governor and treasurer.




Togus Facility 1 _e

ENever.)) 3 3(d)x 82-folders, 9 ft. 7 in., in wooden boxes. Dirty. R. 103
Bldg. B . 2

48. PROPERTY SCHEDULE, Oct. 12, 1904 — Sept. 8, 1918. Listing expendi-
tures, amount of current expenses, name and number of articles in each room,
such as chairs, tables, brushes, toilet articles, and furnishings; rooms
must be accounted for by the heads of each department. (Never.) fi-x 8%
loose papers, 2 in., on wooden shelf in vault. Dirty. Basement (Bldg. A).

49. POST FUND ACCOUNT, July 1, 1904 - Sept. 19, 1952. Showing current
expenses, pay rolls, requisitions for supplies, amount received from sales,
and posthumous funds received from present Board of Managers, also total
receipts and disbursements. (Never.) 12 x 15 loose-leaf books, é-in., in
wicker basket. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (56)

50. GENERAL FUNDS ACCOUNT, July 1, 1908 - June 30, 1931. Receipts and
disbursements, covering household, hospital, subsistence and farm depart—
ments, giving date, number of voucher, and item. (Rarely, official.)

11% x 17 and 15 3/4 x 19% vols. (s), 2 ft. 5 in., on floor. Dirty. R. 105
(Bldg. B). ' (295)

51. RECORD OF DISCIPLINE, July 1, 1908 - Aug. 51, 1934. Report made by
commanding officers on conduct of veterans, giving name, charges, name and
number of major or minor offenses. (Rarely, official.) 9 x 11% vol., 2
in., on table. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (527)

52. ACCOUNTS CURRENT, June 25, 1913 - July 1, 1951. Form 1019, amount
of appropriation, receipts, disbursements, adjustments, payments, and balance
due the United States; balanced and certified to be correct by the disburs-
ing agent. (Never.) 5% x 8 folders, 6 in., in wooden drawer. Dirty. R.
103 (Bldg. B). (6)

53. OFFICIAL LETTERS SENT OUT, Jan. 15, 1915 — Dec. 51, 1934. From the
Supply Officer to the Directors of Division of Supplies, also correspondence
from veterans and employees to the Central Office for transportation
(copies). (Occasionally, official.) 8% x 10% and 9% x 11% vols., loose-
leaf books, and bundles, 4 ft. 2 3/4 in., in wooden boxes and on table.
Dirty. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (114)

54. OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE, Jan. 26, 1914 — July 31, 1935. Relative
to pay rolls, repair of buildings, admissions and discharges, supplies,
transportation requests, reports, claims for compensation, inspection and
insurance reports. Sent by Manager to veterans, various firms, and head—
quarters. (Occasionally, official.) 11 x 12 loose papers, 16 ft. 2i-in.,
in wooden filing cases. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (20)

55. TIME RECORD CARDS, Jan. 1, 1915 - June 50, 1950. Form 134, for
veterans employed, giving name, rating, department, salary, attendance rec-
ord, and amount due. (Rarely, official.) a x 6 cards, 17 ft. 6 in., in 8
drawers of wooden filing case. SW. corner of basement (Bldg. A). (515)

56. BITUMINOUS COAL CONTRACT, July 1, 1918 - July 31, 1919. Giving
name of company, date of delivery, number of tons and total used monthly;




Togus Facility 9

records continued under "Exhibit of Contract and Bids", in supply office.
Arranged chronologically. (Occasionally, official.) 8 x 105 10083 papers,
1 in., in wooden box. Dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (61)

57. CASH BOOK OF HOTEL, Nov. 50, 1918 v Apr. 1, 1925. Showing number
of room, names of occupants, date of arrival and departure, amount received,
also total receipts and disbursements at the close of each month. The hotel
is no longer managed by Veterans' Administration Facili.ty, but is carried on
by private citizens under the supervision of the Facility officials who regu—
late sanitary conditions. (Never. ) 8 x 105 vol., 3 in., in wicker basket.
R. 105 (Bldg. B). (27)

58. CONSOLIDATED MORNING REPORT, July 1, 1918 - June 30, 1936. Of
officars, non-commissioned officers, and members, showing whether on regular
or extra duty, absent with or without leave, number of changes, number ab—
sent with illness or excused by surgeon, with signatures of company command»
er and Manager. (Daily, official.) Variously sized vols. (23), loose-leaf
books (2), and packages (4), 2 ft. 5 in., in laundry basket. Dirty, bind-
ings broken. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (106)

COLLEGES, Oct. 2, 1919 - Sept. 30, 1951. Forms 557 and 572, giving name of
veteran, college, nature of training, length of course, training with or
without pay to the veteran, stating the amount and number of pay voucher.
(Never.) 4 x 6 cards, 5 in., on wooden shelf in vault. Dirty. Basement
(Bldg. A). (25)

60. INVENTORY AND INSPECTION REPORT, Dec. 20, 1920 « May 26, 1929.
Relative to supplies for which the superintendent of post funds is responsi-
ble, giving number or quantity, article, how long in use, condition, and
disposition. (Rarely, official.) 8 x 9g bundles, 2 in., in wooden box on
floor. Dirty. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (296)

24, 1951. Name and address of person or firm by whom sent and dates; rela-
tive to store orders, shortage in shipments, lost checks, library books,
appropriations, uniforms, applications for employment for relief veterans,
and for effects of deceased veterans. (Never. ) 9% x 11§ and 8: x 14 vols.
(12), 1 ft. 3 in., on wooden table. Dirty. R. 105 (Bldg. B). (18)

1920 - Mar. 14, 1956. Forms 526, 545, 3101, 5102, 3103, 525, and 12D, in—
cludes claims for compensation for World War Veterans; correspondence from
Veterans' Bureau and claimants; official records from Adjutant General,
Marine Corps, pertaining to claims and evidence submitted; affidavits from
doctors and lay persons regarding disability; brief cases showing awards or
disallowance (originals). (Frequently, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 66 ft.
8 in., in 68 drawers of steel filing cases. R. 100 (Bldg. B). (46)

65. ABSTRACT FILE, Jan. 1, 1920 to date. Copies of important infers
mation taken from records of claims for compensation, when folders contain-
ing complete records are sent for various reasons to other Homes or offices.
(Frequently, official.) 5 x 8 cards, 11 ft. 8 in., in wooden filing case
and in wooden tub. R. 100 (Bldg. B). (287)




Togus Facility 10

Semiannual reports covering receipts and diaposition of imperishable proper-
ty. (Rarely, official.) 9 x 11 vol., 1 in., on table. Dirty. SW. corner
storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (297)

65. ABSTRACT OF DISBURSBMENTS, Sept. 30, 1921 — June 30, 1932. Form 85,
quarterly returns of post fund for store, hotel, amusements, repairs, and
pension fund, showing voucher number and amount of money disbursed. (Rare-
ly, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 1 ft. 5 in., in wooden box on floor. Dirty.
R. 103 (Bldg. B). (284)

66. PAY ROLL FOR PERSONAL SERVICE, Nov. 6, 1921 - July 1, 1934. Forms
10130 and 1913D, giving name, department, division, grade, salary rate,
gross amount earned, deductions, and net amount paid employees on annual
salary basis; now continued under "Salary Record Card." (Occasionally,
official.) Variously sized bundles, 2 ft. 7 in., on wooden shelves in
vault. Dirty. Basement (Bldg. A). (3)

5, 1955. Form 58, requests from relatives or friends to the Manager, for
personal effects of members who have died or been transferred, giving date,
name of veteran, date of death or departure, and person making application.
(Rarely, official.)l 9 x 12 loose papers, 3 in., in wooden box on floor.
Dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (286)

22, 1928. Giving name of owner, amount of bonds and interest; bonds de-
posited in First National Granite Bank, Augusta. (Never.) 9 x 11% loose-
leaf book, 1 in., in wooden box. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (42)

69. APPROPRIATIONS FOR CURRENT EXPENSES, May 15, 1924 - Dec. 31, l932.
Listing department, purpose, total allotment appropriated, total encumbrance,
and balanced to date, giving unencumbered balance; now continued under
"Consolidated Monthly Report of Budget Activities." (Occasionally, offi-
cial.) 9 x 14 envelopes and bundles, 5%'in., on Wooden shelf in vault.
Dirty. Basement (Bldg. A). (53)

VETERANS, Nov. 16, 1925. Application for effects of deceased veterans, to
heir other than the widow, giving name of veteran, name and address of
applicant and two witnesses; approved and signed by the Manager. All data
concerning deceased veterans now filed in the clinical folders in the in-
active record room of the hospital. (Rarely, official.) 8% x 11 loose
papers, 1% in., in wooden box. Dirty. R. 103 (Bldg. B). (68)

71. STATEMENT OF DISBURSING ACCOUNT, Jan. 1, 1925 - Sept. 50, 1950.
Form 5215, monthly statements from bank to pension treasury, giving total
checks paid, balance from last statement abstract of checks paid, and de-
posits received. (Rarely, official.) 3% x 8% folders, 3 ft., in Wooden
box on floor. Dirty. SW. corner storeroom, lst floor (Bldg. B). (302)

72. RECORD OF ESTIMATES, July 1, 1925 - Apr. 25, 1951. Relative to
household and Hospital current expen