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are n r‘ ‘ Kentucky Press Association 0' 5. ”mg“ '
t 9%? s—a ”ea 1» Frankfom KY 40601 G‘“3°w* KY 421‘” .
/ ,’ Wig!" an “54%" " % Permit No. 939 I
,5” * K . ‘ |l ’ L513 ”figggm “9%? '
/ K a ' > ‘4 1% F (UK) LEX 405
. Q}, t ,, + a, ‘ . ‘k’ H . _ - SSEERAL SERIALS RECORDS :
r I a; =' a AR ET' K'NG LIBRARY .:
i , 2% fit; .. f: GTON KY 40506 ,5
--—~' 22%; n ‘ ’ i (Ate: ‘33”: 5 '
"\‘J December 2005 - Published by Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service f ‘
l“ and Notes KPA announces speakers for annual w1nter event :3
t I By DAVID GREEK "1*?” e r" A '
Sr Schurz announces Member Services Director ”i“ ' r” 5;.
Wage ' ' '
. W” . " I '
new chairman The 2006 KPA convention . ’
Schurz Communications Inc. Jan. 19 and 20 in Lexington may ~ , . ,
announced that its board of directors offer members one of the most - g _ " ' ,
has named Franklin D. Schurz Jr. to diverse programs ever. 133%,, ,. ‘ W
serve as the company's chairman of Those attending will hear gage?“ :., - v , , i .
the board and chief executive officer. breakout sessions on ICChIlonlngXaaa .r f: .1: p E . . n . p ”a,
. SUCCEEdmg him as Prefldent and d - ' It'- ht ;:-;.. ' j i:
chief operating officer is Todd F. “eWSPaPer re eslgn 011.3 ‘g m , gee If,“
Schurz, his nephew. budget Ideas for Inseasme your fear a W , ;
SCI owns four newspapers in , newspaper and onhne revenues, §|.v”.:";‘"fif§:fiféi““"’ " a , . p '
Kentucky, including The Advocate NIE success stories, and research i" . If“ _ a, .
, Nlcholasvxne, The Interior-Journal and kee in mm readers 1 , I ‘ .
of Stanford and The Winchester Sun. p , g y g , ' {.35 an,“ ' ' ' ”Wig" .» ’
Frank Schurz has been the com-- In addltlon, there S a tour Of H ~':
pany’s president and director for the The Herald-Leader, a message _ H 1::
past 23 years. Todd Schurz most from a renowned expert on high— '- ‘f ' 33‘ i'}
r ’ , v act" '
fécently Served as the company 5 school reform and even a chance M _ ‘ . ,
Vlce presrdent of technology and to meet in person the real Chloe . ,3
busmess development d W d th t d f ‘. :2:- an . .,
He previously has held top man- an 90 y’ e C_“ e Ogs ea‘ " ‘ 7 “315"” .
agement positions at WSB'ILW The tured 1n the Tails From the PHOTOS SUBMITTED ;;
South Bend Tribune and the Bluegrass serialized stories, and . . . _ a .
Associated Desert Shoppers of Palm much more. Donna Reed; left, v1ce preSIdent of news, publishing, With Media General, ;
Springs. Th t' . h d 1 d w111 present Content that drives readership as part of the Kentucky Press
”Schurz Communications began e conven Ion 1_S SC 6 u 6 Association Winter Convention. Jim Pumarlo, a longtime small—town edi- C
with two entrepreneurs who for ThurSday and FndaYa J an. 19 tor in Minnesota, will conduct a session entitled ”Bad news and good judg- :3
launched the South Bend Tribune in and 20 at the Embassy Suites ment. . Lj‘
‘ . 1872. Our firm has grown and HOteL 1801 NCWtOWD Pike, in 'g
thrived over the generations, all of Lexington. The registration desk p.m. Bus seating will be limited Donna Reed, Vice president of ,f
' Whiim have been falthful Stewards and KPA Trade Show Open at 11 to 44 people. The opening recep— news, publishing, with Media ,
3:: :c;?::;3é?dtfig Vgslfighla‘fll am. Thursday. At 2 pm. tion and vendor showcase will General, based in Richmond, Va. '3
loolffbrward to gZidingpSCI into the Thursday, a bus departs the bowl begin at 6 pm. Reed Will present “Content that
future, Todd Schurz said. -, headed for a tour 0f newspaper The registration desk opens at drives readership: excerpts from ,é
‘ The company publishes 511; daily emicrofilming operations on the 8 am. on Friday and kicks off an the front lines.” In' her position E
- “e".VSlF‘Per$ arld fmlltiple‘ weekly UK campus and :then on to The exciting day of interesting and with Media General, Reed leads j
aid “‘91“? pumlcauons “nth, a C0“? Herald—Leader for a tour before inforrhative breakout, sessions. efforts to improve the company’s :
bined Circulation of 225,000 in medi- - . _ , . . . . . .
. , ' . - amv1ng back at the hotel by 5.30 The mornlng Ibegins .w1th newspaper Journalism while ;
‘ ' - “ See NEWS onPage 5 ‘ ‘ . ‘ See CONVENTION on Page 6 y

 Page 2 - The Kentucky Press, December 2005
. . J , 3 ‘ ' '
m m TheKeneuekyPreeeeemgteesem :DieeeiemevengeCanneeeeeey
Patrick na 6d new anaglng pbhehed mmegygyehgeedeycmymw ‘ . V.
o o Press AssoczatioanenmckyPress
editor of The Winchester Sun 8:2thth a page . mangwrmggm
'- Pardat Glasgow“ 42141 News ” . '
Long-time Kentucky journalist Randy Patrick has been named manag- Subscrlpfionpncelsw peryear 3;": 33 3 3 : 33 23:3
ing editor of The Winchester Sun. PoshnasterSend ‘(lil’léngéiéfaddrew £033.. DmmctM-Teresa Scenters,313erea’
Patrick, 45, who grew up in Clark County, had pre- . “31(63)de Prue-saw} Consumer Citizen ' C : 3' 3 _3 3- .: ,3* "'..332
Viously had been editor of The Jessamine Journal, a merFTankfomKYWL {502) 2233.; S AL 3 3 f
weekly in Nicholasville, since 1995. 8821’ ‘ I, Q3: "3.33:5.31:3".333333 .' Tat: gargeKe f, ' N E ’1? 3.;
Patrick e 1979 graduate of George Regere Clerk OFFICERS eyes. $35M . “Wain
High School and a 1983 graduate of Eastern Kentucky 333 {3:33:11 ,gton er "'3
career as a part-time reporter for a free publication, 9», g Freeldent— ChmhePOmnmEdqeaWYemlnon33
The Citizen Advertiser, in Paris prior to earning his e” FrmFaVOmEM‘lcveahnG 5:33: ‘
bachelor's degree. ” 13:; Nanattm, OW green
unteer for Habitat for Humanity International’s Global RANDY 1333335.;133'3' ' 33:30“me 35.3,
Village program in Veracruz, Mexico. in 1998; Belfast, PATRICK VicePreSIdent—Knss 1013115011, 52,335} film 3w hummwngaflvmel‘l ,3-333 :
Northern Ireland in 2000, and London, England, in LemgtenI-IeraldeieaderfM3333:33'333’33 ongreen y , 9W3
Patrick is a member of Apostles Anglican Church in Lexington and Treasurer-Tayiorflayes, Advemsméngvmtzn~Steve
serves on the church’s missions committee. KentuckyNewEra-. Wheaties}; 13385 '9 townNews
' Advtemssengenanwflezflerfléii’
See PEOPLE AND PAPERS on Page 12 asgwmviwmgm‘er
' eemaarmeeeewfi
_______ __ gmd1MLodeflré’meLakfimifl’Fm
PASSINGS 3333mm mama;
Owner/Dumber 0f Journal- eeegegmcfltwmmm
Il erprise passes away
owner and Publisher of The Journal-Enterprise neWSPaPer for the Past 42 3mm
'3 3teasers»?1232525? 'j:=;2;f;,:-’;_:f3j; 1:355:53"; ,BQIMBI%Wfld,CEnter
Hust, 81, passed away Get 20, at Deaconess Health sandmdymaaevmmmms
He is surViVEd by his Wife Sue and three Childrenr méejehnMuraLemsMemGr
Barbara Charlie and Betsy. ”“3 CQWJOMdMNB
ty of Webster County ‘e comnyewsAammmf
Hust was also well known for his weekly column r B
”. ’ ’«xj/M -3 3’31“.” :: , t
"Edd-irerially Speaking" eSKeKMeeeeMeeng? hagmaffzomgm
Journal-Enterprise to Edd and Sue Hust. They assumed 1 av
with The Journal-Enterprise, and continued to operate wmdlfiumfleflywmardmmamerk
0“ West Main street in Providence In 1979/ the Husts built a modern office “Wither?“
facility more suited to publishing a newspaper in the computer age, just
across the street. The new facility is located on the corner of Walnut and mwdeI-Rssmgmfieyfigfizmlffgmfifumg:
West Main streets, and continues a successful operation to this day under NewsIoumal mdivgduai'sfirstmmfiififlllfifit
the direction of their son, Charlie Hush 33%; nmgaimgmmm

 l 5,
l ;
‘ The Kentucky Press, December 2005 - Page 3 ‘
' Reflect'ons from the ne s b rea
, Well, I've been sitting here at the Since I don’t have the kind of Frankfort press corps has a ower- .1 3
Kentucky Press Association News The Bureau V” ' ‘ deadline they do, I can sit back a bit ful responsibility. P ,
Bureau for three months now and Beat and watch the proceedings. Coming from a smaller market, I f ' ,
- . I’d like to offer a few thoughts. —-— “7:; State capital journalism is a lot always wanted to promote a sense 1 l
j When I accepted this position, I more like it’s shown in the movies of place in what the staff and I f
E wanted to do a lot of things I By 10hr! WhithCk .“ that I would have expected. wrote. ‘E,
. haven’t seen done before. KPA News Bureau f g A day after Gov. Ernie Fletcher In Frankfort, the target is much "
5 When I was a managing editor, I Director M” announced he would be pardoning bigger. 1f
: always looked forward to getting move me anyone in connection with the Instead of affecting the lives and '
my copy of The Kentucky Press A few 1w e eks ago a press brief— merit-hiring controversy, one par- opinions of a few thousands, the ’E
stuck somewhere in the daily stack i n g was held in a small room inside ticularly witty radio guy turned to Frankfort media has a responsibili- f}
1 of mail. Iliked catching up with the the Capitol that probably served as the rest of the media who had gath- ty to the entire commonwealth. E
. news from around the state - the a broom closet in another life ered for a press conference and said Careers, lives and history itself can A:
. new hires, the promotions and who After about an hour of enjoying “Hey guys, when the Governor be forever changed by what these
. was getting awards. everyone’s aftershave or perfume I gets in here and starts talking, people write. 15E
One of the first things I always retreated to the Rotunda for ' a everybody put a hand up to your "on
read was the legal column by the breather and a sip of water. ear and say ’Pardon me.’” I get papers or newsletters from
‘ KPA legal staff of Dinsmore & I walked around viewing for Pretty funny. just about every press association ‘
1 Shohl. One of the most important the first time sincel was an ele- One of the best things about in the country. These range from gj
. functions of a managing editor is mentary school student the statues watching these guys work is the eight-page tabs that look like they
, keeping your paper out of the law— of famous Kentuckians standing way they conduct themselves. were created and published in
suit if it can be avoided. I always watch in the Rotunda. I’ve always Coming from a community jour- some guy’s basement to slick, well-
2 found these articles to be informa- been proud of being a native nalism background where keeping designed full-color pamphlets E
. tive. Kentuckian but Frankfort was usu- friendly and cordial relations with printed on heavy stock. 3
' One of the first things I wanted ally pretty removed from my sources is important and most of From scanning these other pub- EE', ’
to improve about the news bureau thoughts. the reporters are fairly inexperi— lications, I feel like Ican say that i;
' g was simply letting everyone know I walked to the second floor of enced, it’s good to see the reporters we have it pretty good in the com-
the range of services we offer. the Capitol. Massive coliseum-like from the Herald-Leader, the monwealth. The Kentucky media g: '5,
i ' As an editor, whenever I did marble stairs lead to the Senate and Associated Press and Courier- earns more than its share of nation— ,
' make a call to the KPA news House chambers. Journal ask tough, probing ques- al awards and recognition. 1 ,-
bureau, my requests were always As a child, I wasn’t impressed. tions that demand answers. 0'" - jE
handled in a quick and efficient As an adult, I was moved _ not Too many times, some reporters Later this month, our new web
'1 manner. But there were plenty of only by the price tag this building (and I am also guilty of this from site — kypressonline.com — will '_
E times that I simply forgot about the must have generated _ but by the time to time) let sources or public become active just in time for the
‘ news bureau and would tie a sheer grandeur of it all. I don’t see figures get away with only telling January opening of the General
.- reporter up for a day, paying salary how anyone could walk up those half the story or worse yet, giving Assembly. :57
» 2 and mileage, when the matter stairs and not realize the responsi- some half-cocked response that not Through this site, in conjunction ;}
could have been taken care of with bility that they carry as a lawmaker only doesn’t answer the question with our continuing site —
1 a simple phone call. or a reporter. but adds to confusion. kypresscom — we will be offering a . j
‘E By sending out a lot of emails to While showing me around on At some of the press conferences lot of new content and quick j;
; editors, I hope the news bureau my first day, KPA Executive I have attended at different papers updates on bills which could affect »..
will become more high profile and Director David Thompson said across the commonwealth, I’ve Kentucky newspapers. E1? '
used more Often. Kentucky had one of the most seen reporters take the first answer On kypressonline.com, we will 1: ,
E I want to see the news bureau beautiful capitol buildings in the and move along. be offering unique content and up ‘
become an instrument to promote country. Ibelieve him. . The Frankfort press corps is a to date coverage.
the entire journalism community in If you’ve never visited the different bred. The halls of power In a related matter, don’t forget E
=j Kentucky. Capitol, take a day and stop by. don’t intimidate them. They launch to let me know if you need special 11'
. By doing polls and offering sto— o u o . pointed and aggressive questions coverage of any bill before the
j ries to papers that normally would— Working with the Capital press with important and detailed fol- General Assembly.
n’t have the resources to carry state corps has been a strange new expe- low-ups. We will be sending out regular :: ._.
1 news, I hope that KPA members rience. From time to time, the argument updates on the proceedings but if 5,
( will feel more connected to their While working in my own little of how newspapers will continue there is a bill being considering that
i profession and other Kentuckians private comfort zone, I usually to be relevant in the computer age would have a special impact in
I working in the field. I would like to knew all the other media members comes up. If you could watch these your community, call or email me i;
' see KPA draw more people into the in whatever market I was working newspaper reporters in action, you to arrange coverage. '. 5
community. in. probably wouldn’t worry so much. This service is on a first—come, ’ ,
. So far, I think things are going Coming to Frankfort, that all The printed page is the best outlet first-serve basis so get your ..
E pretty well. changed. for in—depth reporting and they requests in as early as possible. The 1‘
. 0 o o o 0 I had seen bylines from many of will continue to utilize it to its full news bureau is at your disposal. 3
1 I have been a working journalist the reporters I’ve met in the Capitol advantage. Feel free to contact me at jwhit- } ,
‘ for many years now but it’s good to but I hadn’t watched them ply their Along with the prestige of cov- lock@kypress.com or 502-226-3867 E '
‘ know that a few things can still trade. ' ering state government, the for more information. , g

 Page 4 - The Kentucky Press, December 2005 ‘ . ’ ' f"?
More papers sponsor' ng h' gh schools
More Kentucky newspapers newspapers that would be the envy We are preparing to send out our
jumped in during the past month to Oh B _l. of many organizations and industry KHSJA contest mailing to all mem-
sponsor one or more of their area ’ y w groups. ber schools. Word often gets out
high schools in the Kentucky High The Way 3.‘ >. That strong level of support about the contest among high school
School Journalism Association, ._.—._— WQ ' shows that newspapers big and journalism teachers and that often
which is part of the KPA family. «is small across Kentucky — dailies, helps us get a few more new mem-
Sponsoring schools recently By David Greer is ' weeklies and several that publish bers since the contest is open only to '
were: KPA "mimic“ a Mae’s two or three times a week — have member schools.
0 Kentucky New Era, demonstrated their strong and deep The contest is very popular with
Hopkinsville, seven schools With a membership Of 101 at the commitment to encourage, motivate more than 2,200 entries last year
0 Kentucky Standard, end 0f November, nearly 65 percent and mentor the journalism students from more than 50 schools. Several . . .
Bardstown, three schools 0f KHSI A member SChOOlS have of today — many of whom will be the teachers have told me their students
0 Flemingsburg Gazette, two been sponsored by a newspaper. journalists of tomorrow really look forward to competing '
schools Think about it. TWO‘thil'dS 0f the A number of member schools are each year —. either in hopes of beat-
. 0 Nicholas Countian, Carlisle, SChOOlS in KHSJA have received new this school year. And several ing fellow students or rival schools.
one school SUPPOrt and encouragement from a KPA member papers are new spon- Hey, competition is good, right?
0 The News-Graphic, local Paper- That is an incredible sors. A mailing went out recently to The three Kentucky papers spon—
Georgetown, one school number! A big thank you goes to several schools that were members soring the most schools in KHSJA '
0 Winchester Sun, one school each and every Paper that has Spon' last year but have not renewed this will be recognized at the January
Thirty Kentucky papers have sored at least one school. year. Already several have renewed KPA convention. That will be Jan. 19
now sponsored in KHSJA a total of Kentucky high SChOOlS enjoy a and I expect some more will within and 20 at the Embassy Suites Hotel,
65 high schools around the state. level 0f SUPport from the state’s a few weeks. 1801 Newtown Pike, in Lexington. _
points or the WP meenngr/open reeorso survey or a erneyvrne ~ i ' eels
City Commission meeting. Seascy is following up with several 1 9 , “is l“ ' .
» survey released in January 2005 by the Kentucky Press 1' 3 ng’hge - 3'} ' j}: ' .1 iii-:53:if; ” fl$ (high; ’ I
_ Association and Associated Press as well as various newspapers, ' : é? fl wk“ 1 ii: I
professional groups and university student programs. In a small . V . , . . ' . , ,rs’eifim‘ "
. workers, impromptu meetings can occur without conscious Z“ , ‘ I “fl '- if; N *
_ effort, for example at a nearby coffee shop 01. with stopping by . egg: M35; . ,1 . I ’f €
city hall when several other commissioners are visiting. «to f 'fi H .
_ discusses are illegal as well as the importance olrssslvins ere :i . - ,
j . ,o/Inpvisa“‘lr;.;;~:-¢1§,’~, $15113agggs‘vgvkfigyfifiyu’swhcjxfimfi ogo‘, , : .-, 24.-._.>."._g.:;e.;;.;;_‘, .. . ,5 _ . . . 2;.r::,;.;;,.; ewes/ml!~:earlier:-=rs:'=:s.:.<=:z.e:=
‘ o o o o O l '
Wikipedia tightens rules after complaints - - '
: New Woody series coming .
, "Prominent journalist John Seigenthaler Sr. news on Seigenthaler's charge Dec.1. _ q ' , -
: described as 'false and malicious' an entry on Wikipedia has used volunteers to edit pre- WIth the release of'the last chapter Of Tails from the
: Wikipedia implicating him in the Kennedy viously submitted articles. Wales acknowl- Bluegrass, the ten-week serial story by Kentucky .
1 assassinations. When he phoned Jimmy edged the new procedures won't prevent the author Leigh Anne Florence, a new Woody series has f ‘
Wales, Wikipedia's founder, he was told there posting of false information but it might limit been announced for January; . . _ j
was no way of finding out who wrote the them, and make it easier to edit content. The story has appearerecl in 84 daily and weekly 4‘ i
. entry. Wikipedia has since removed the entry Wales told BBC. newspapers across Kentucky.tlus fall.
7 and now requires users to register before In an opinion piece for USA Today, where By. popular demand, ithe Kentucky Press .-
- they can create articles," reports BBC News. Seigenthaler was the founding editorial direc— Assocration is offering a Second serial story by h
'- Site visitors will still be able to edit content tor, the; 78-year-old journalist said only one Florence F0 publish-1n January} 2006' _ ‘ _ . ‘
‘ posted without having to register. » sentence in his Wikipedia biography was cor— - It 5 being W‘httEh now, and the tentative hhe ‘5 Blg , _~ ‘
. The case has highlighted once again the rect - the fact that he was Robert Kennedy's ' Dog Mystery. 5 _ , . '
problem of publishing information online. administrative assistant in the early 1960s. 7 The new: story 15 also. h IO‘W‘EEh seriesnand features ‘ .
_ Online. information can be posted anony— Reprinted from The Rural Blog ' at Woody, thelKentucky Wiener, trylng to discover who , ~ '
. mously byranyone. The Rural Blog broke the www.uky‘.edu/Comm_lnfoStndieS/IRJCI/bloghtm has left huh messages about’a problem. . ‘
. .» _. r I ‘ a, 3", s'."_’ ‘-‘.‘ . .'. '. at "P.“L' ..' ~‘_ _- g‘e' ”a .‘r ,‘N'q .3." ‘.':i. L'l‘.‘ "." . ._ ' y lel . i .-_ ’. .~='. hug)- ..*.~.‘.:‘.:‘r‘.-__.'. ‘ "

 ‘ The Kentucky Press, December 2005 - Page 5
The only way to top a record is to . . - . , variety of talents to the mix. cals of making sure that ads are ’
break it again. That's what the staff Advertising 2:. “3 Stephanie handles statewide clas— delivered in a timely manner to all 3
here at KPS continues to do month Pl r sified sales and the Ads Reaching of our newspapers via the accesskpa
, after month. _ us El; 3 Kentucky (ARK) 2x2, 2x3 and 2x4 website. i
This year, despite a soft economy, fl program. Holly is the Indiana Sue Cammack adds to the success ,
we have broken our own monthly Newspaper Advertising Network by helping out with mail runs. Buffy ;
records twice. One of those months, By Teresa R9019” 2:“ (INAN) bookkeeper and advertising Sams and Bonnie Howard are all on 5,
we broke the all time record placing KPS Dmcmr of Sales . assistant. Rachel is the INAN rep top of the bookkeeping side of the
. - - $868,387.76 in advertising. That hap- and the Kentucky sales assistant. business to make sure that we col- 1
pened in October. Stephanie Conrad has a small staff knows that is no Don't expect to find any of these lect the money for the ads sold. 1
4 had a personal best and staff best of small feat. people quietly sitting at a desk, Everyone in the building is con- 5'
$46,947.15 in October for statewide A dedicated staff iS the reason for however. The ad staff is a rowdy sidered a member of the ad staff by f
classifieds. our success. Conrad has worked bunch. But in addition to making a suggesting clients to us all. We rely '
The remarkable thing about our here 19 months. Other staff mem— lot of noise, there is also a lot of fun on those referrals to make sure that f
progress over the past few years is bers adding to 0111‘ success include to be had on the second floor of we place as many ads as we can for ,
, that it has been accomplished with- Holly Willard and Rachel McCarty. KPS. If tearsheets are needed, every- our newspapers. ’ '
out adding staff. In fact, the staff has Holly has worked here for six years. one pitches in to help. If ads need to Thanks to everyone for an incred-
been reduced. We are now operating Rachel has been employed here for be trafficked and uploaded, David ible 2005. 7“
at one and a' half people less than a 20 years. Spencer is our man. We are looking forward to 3 mil-
. year and a half ago. Anyone who Each Of our Staff members adds a He handles all of the mechani— lion dollar month in 2006! 2
' ment, and everything that makes the city unique. new services will include a Web site for the 5
NEWS AND NOTES Editor Jordan Kellogg and reporter Jon Divita Courier, as well as a photo gallery faster-loading '2 r:
7 ' Continued from page 1 will produce the paper. Web pages and it more attractive design for the
The Alexandria Recorder, and 27 other com- New Era. ;
. . _ . munity newspapers published by The . The free Courier site will be online beginning
‘ um and small markets. It also has five telev1310n Community Press in Northern Kentucky and Nov. 17 at wwwfortcampbellcourier.com. 3
' stations, 0"??S or operates 10 radio stations, two Greater Cincinnati, are owned by Gannett Co. Stahl said he expects it will attract the interest 3 -
' cable televismn comp ames, advertismg shopper Inc. of the soldiers families at Fort Campbell, in addi-
publications anId gifghrl‘gefifliany‘hicg Iliasda tion to the soldiers themselves and others in the 5 »‘
presence in n " y’ a y an ’ 00". surroundin communi . :
. Pennsylvania, Cal Florida, Missouri, Georgia and DaVid Paxton elected as The News Era Wethite will continue to be , .
Virginia. available at www.kentuckynewera.com although :
' there will now be a fee for some offerin s such as L
. . ' ' ° . ' new SNPA treasurer its archives and an e-edition, or electrongic version I
tha Ald Efforts announced David Paxton, president and CEO of Paxton of the paper’s printed page. 3
‘ The Gleaner of Henderson and its sister news— Media Group Of Paducah, was elected treasurer Readers Of the local paper should notice the 1
‘ , _ , , _ . of the Southern Newspaper Publishers first of several changes for the site beginning this
paper, The Evansv1lleICour1er &_ Press, are101n1ng Association Nov. 14 at The Breakers during week. '
Wlth NewsZ-S televrsron station and Regent SNPA’s Annual Convention. Online reader’s are now required to register to
Communications F0 .establishha. dlsaster relief Victor H. Hanson III, president and publisher access the paper 5 Web content. Those who regis- 2'
~ fund fortorrli‘ado VlCtlmS and t Elréfmfllés‘ of the Birmingham (Ala.) News, was elected pres- ter will answer questions such as their date of ’
. hgfiamligl ousetafo: dorliagons to e Irlelaeféund, ident of SNPA. birth and zip code, and they will be given a user- : .
' W m W1 .go 0. oca , merlcan e ross Hanson succeeds Dolph Tillotson, publisher of name (their e-mail addressrand password (they j
. Chapters, W111 be Flfth Thlrd Bank. the Galveston County (Texas) Daily News, who may choose themselves) that they will use each i
Donations can be made b3? Eaaét was elected chairman of the SNPA Board of time they log on. i ’
_ NewsZS Tornado REhef’ Flf 1rd Bank, 130' Directors. Stall said the registration is making it possible 1
, Box 778’ Evansv1lle, Ind., 47705-0778' Donna Barrett, chief operating officer of for the paper to improve its services to readers. 2
' u." Newspaper Holdings, Inc. of Birmingham, Ala., The reason for asking people to register is so
I . . was elected to a three-year term to the SNPA we can get a better feel for who our readers are, :_
’ ' Recorder starts new edltlon Board of Directors. said Stahl, who was hired by the Kentucky New 5 . .,
. The Community Recorder has begun publish- . . . _ . Era earlier this summer to help revamp its
' ing a new weekly dedicated to serving the . . Internet offentfigs. . . .11 11 h
. Alexandria community New Courier $1118 to debut fitahl 52:: egg‘stratfn .W‘ ad:wtt;Pan‘ ; .;
The Alexandria Recorder will feature all the Th to .et yen ors . ow W 0 1s rea mg e 51 e, i
.‘ . . e Kentucky New Era and Fort Campbell which in turn W111 help its vendors create adver- ; ._
I news, sports, features and opinion that readers Courier newspapers will be debuting several new tising to effectively target those readers. i.
‘ ' have come .to expect of The Community offerings in coming months that are intended to He said he knows that registering for online, . ~ I
‘ ' Emir? 51:11“le tfher pUbhcahonS “51 Northern bring the news to Internet savvy readers in a content is a hassle for readers, but getting”
.2222. .22..:222222222‘2‘2/222‘22: m... . . andhe ..
’ ’ Dan Stahl, New Era Web publisher, said the istratlon Wlll offset some of those cost ,

 Page . - The Kentucky Press, December 2005 ‘ . The KentUcky Press, December 2005 - Page 7
CONVENTION " .. _ .. ¥ ,_ . _- ‘ . .. v §. . . V ,. . ,. : . . . V ~ 2 .

_ Kentucky connection having graduated from Morehead ., *I'IiII . , 7 7}." ' Iil I 7 . .I C I I I: 'I; . . .; I , , I drug-related death investigations. He is a reporter for It I
president of Gager International. His topic will be “Get ..IEIiIstjff, . -- I ,. I ,7 - _ 29 counties in Southeast Kentucky. '

. the most out of your sales force — seven ways to achieve . H ‘. Q .. 51.37 l . l ' " i . 1.2;» I . ' 3 I ' Greg Swanson of Lee Enterprises leads an afternoon I
. your sales force’s potential.” Gager is an expert at sales . 3 I. - ; i ' . ..: .. . breakout called “The web is not your enemy!” Lee
' effectiveness consulting, sales coaching, sales and sales ‘I i I. 'Vfiwégg '. , . r Enterprises is a 115-year-old company that Oth. ‘58 I ’
management training and team development. .252: '- . -* . ' r-:-. ea... . .. . daily Papers including the St- Louis Pest-Dispatehi and 3.

Sereme Zlatin, marketing manager for smaller—mar— »:”;-3I'—'I:‘-I’ l w ’I {II W II - 7 i 4 ‘ I. i . N““ :f'?‘ if; more than 300 weeklies, shoppers and specialty PUbh' I j

America, will lead a morning session called “Big ideas 7» f- sag . :IIII'I » > 5:" 4 ' I ‘ ' I I 2 ’ lishers, Lee has also embraced the Internet and con- 3
for making big money.” Publishers, ad managers and ad “I j 5 ‘ 'I I I- _ ' . ' . " stantly seeks new sources of revenue. Swanson heads 5 '
sales reps should come prepared to talk about their most : 5 ' ' ' . the eempeny’s Internet divisien- He has a diverse baek- 2"

. suesessuii eeveme—eneadng ieasd Among her dudes ' ....s " ground publishing and mine-
at NAAare editing The Big Ideas newsletter and pro- , . -. "we E egI . I, I‘Wgflgfiw k I ' , “Podcasting, RSS, blogs — modern technologies ‘2

ducing the annual Solutions book, with hundreds of 7 I I L V R ,7 I“ . ” "W“ " invade today’s office,” is the topic of the afternoon KPA

~ " pages of success stories from papers around the country. TERESA BILL DQN ‘ RON iii-Vi: JIM Associates Division breakout session. Led by Don ’ _
’ Phil Hanna, circulation consultant with Anderson, BARTON Ff}. GAGER MCNAY’ ‘. ‘ . HAMBLIN ABBOTT McNay, Richmond Register and syndicated columnist, i
Randles & Associates, will lead a breakout session on , this 75-minute SCSSiOH W111 examine the late“ 3301111010“ E

. cess stories.” . _ 7 7 I .. . WW Whm we .. ..W . . ' " _7 3:9.) {...—a. W Eli-eEQ-Z- fessional lives. McNay’s Columns appear in the ,5.
. The KPA News Editorial Division presents a morning W l”: ' «$1, 3&4.» 5.’ :1: T . ease :I Egg” . a... , Richmond Register and are syndicated to more than 200 ’ . III;
, * brewed with Jim mmade alongside sired-town ed- . , . it see '11“ e markets ”"0ng CW? News Service . i , ‘ r ,. = s
T ‘ good judgment: a guide to reporting on sensitive issues e : " I " E ' “Newsi’apermdemgn 0“ aught bUdgeti” sa‘tefly ‘5 ed“ ' ' '

' in a small-town newspaper. Pumarlo has authored a ‘5 I i .: 7 .7 PP . . . I . l . EL: 7 tor of the Oldham Era, an award—winning weekly in . . I:

_ book by the same name. For example, identifying sui— iii?” ‘E.II_I.III.II77III,II....e IIII . I, II .. ilfigse’efe j; :tif II LaGrange. She has worked With other Landmark 7

- cide victims, reporting names of suspended high school i; ' . “ ”e ... I f r Community Newspaper IncI. weekly edltors on redes1gn ..
are among the many challenging news decisions facing ” l I I- : .. I : 5.»ng paper colleagues. . . . I . ‘
how to handle these stories ethically and professionally. g £ I' " i {is g? breakout 211de at keepmg Kentucky newspapers “1 ‘ - 7 3

“May I help You?” is the topic of a morning breakout ' ' V ' ‘- -’ H g " I a i ’ ‘ a V I V M V a” compliance Wlth IstateIelectlon finance 1aw.I Kentucky " I

V with Janet Rush, an energetic motivational speaker, JIM DONNA BOBBY ‘ SEREME DALE , Registry 0f Election F1nancezcoImply1ng mm the law” ' 3

educator and entertainer. She is president of the Rush PUMARLO REED THORPE'JRv . . ZLATIN MORTON X W111 be presented by Greg Cordler, KREF auditor, and _

_ telephone effectively in sales and customer service. She Bessie/sees Admlmmatlo.“ and Andlt- _ _ . ;
Will also offer tips 011 how to defuse the anger we some- person Kriss Johnson of The Herald—Leader will moder- for