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By Chris Easterllng
Sports Editor

for the last week finally

WEATHER Partly sunny
E today, high 40x. Cloudy
tonight, [out 30;. lWortly cloudy
with rain tomorrow, high 50x.
CHOKE SLAM ”in-Id Championship

SuperBrawl on Sunday. Column, page 2.


“'hat Rick I’itino has been hinting

Ron Mercer will announce tomor—
row his intentions to enter the NBA
draft after the season, l’itino said in his
prc—'l‘enncssee press conference.

Pitino requested the media not ask
Mercer any questions about his decision
until after tonight's game at Tennessee.

“The reason I am doing it now is to

. . . a.“ ‘,.......




‘The Giant‘ played a key role in

Sophomore to make announcement
‘oficzal at press conference tomorrow

anywhere from the second to fourth
player selected in the draft Marty Blake,
NBA director of scouting, refused to
comment on Mercer, stating the
league's policy of not talking about

“i try to keep kids in school. If he‘s
privileged enough to come out, you
might get some \\ riters and other people
to talk about these kids. but they don't
know what the hell they‘re talking
about," Blake said. "There isn't anybody
in college that is going to help a (NBA)
team next year except {\Vake Forest's
Tim) Duncan."

became official


February 2 5' , I 997


o ‘(flaxrrfiedr 5 (."umpur 6
ZN (fromg‘ord 5 Spam 3


731—177110an l'iec‘pom! 4



Mercer going to the NBA

l‘WIJH season. Mashburn oflit tally
announced his intentions during the
season, ironically, also the day .ittei L'K
faced 'l‘ennessee in Knoxville.

Mercer has purchased an insurance
policy to protect himself in the cient of
a career—ending injury between now .ind
the draft.

l’itino said l)erek Anderson's iniiiry
alerted Mercer to the potential of .i sea—
.son— or L‘JR‘L'F‘t'iitllii}: iniiiry.

“i did it because anything can happen
to any person." he said of the insurance.
“1 talked to my parents and we decided
we need to go ahead and get it."

Mercer said he applied for the policy
soon after Anderson w ent down with the
iniury. but didn't know exactly when it
went into effect.

He said that he didn‘t really feel any

be honest with (the media), as well as
the fans, as well as everybody else."
Pitino said. “if you say you‘re going,
then he can concentrate on the NCAA
Tournament and help us win another

Mercer and Pitino met with Mer—
cer’s mom, Bertie. on Friday while the
Cats were in Nashville, Tenn, to face
Vanderbilt on Saturday.

Although she has said many times
that she wants her son to stay for all

different once he bought the insurance.

“I was lust glad l had it," he said. “lt
didn't affect the way I was going to

.\‘lercer is the third ilaycr to leave
UK early since l’itino has been here.
Antoine \Valker left after last season.
while Jamal .Nlashburn left after the

Mercer's lllt career

Statistics for Ron Mercer's collegiate career. Mercer will announce tomorrow that he is
leaving for the NBA after this season.

four years, she told the Associated Press PPG Rabs' FG% m° 3FG°/° Assails Steals
that she would not stand in her son's VFreshman(1995-96): 8'0 2‘9 457 ‘785 338 50 34
Mercer is averaging a Southeastern VSophomore(1996-97): 18'0 5-2 493 ~781 333 75 50
Conference-leading 18 points a game,
s “hum,“ .m‘q 1.7 VCareer (1995-97): 12.4 3.9 .481 .783 .335 125 84

while grabbing 3.;

assists a contest.
He was iust named the Sl-iC Player
of the \Veek after averaging 33 points
HM. . e . . / ‘1 and 5.5 rebounds in wins over Alabama
" m ‘ ‘ - " ‘ and Vanderbilt last week. it is the sec—
J‘MES CRISP Km”””” ond time this year he has garnered this

GOODBYE Ron Mercer ix leaving after his sophomore reason. The 6-fb0t-7fl17’21‘dnl zruv named in honor. '

the all—tournament team in lartyear’r Final Four, and i5 upfor All-American [union il‘irymr. Plum) projected Mercer would he

VCareer highs (1995-97): Points —- 30 ~— vs. Purdue (12-3-96)
Rebounds -- 13 — vs. Ohio State (12-28-96)
Assists —~ 8 — twice, most recently vs. Florida (2-15-97)
Blocks -—- 2 —- at Vanderbilt (3-2-97)
Steals —— 5 - twrce, most recently vs. LSU (2—1187)









Students clialIt-it-up
outside King library ' .

By Mat Herron

l’eiliurei liditor

Rejected funding hill goes to high court

in a similar matter. the Horticulture Club may
join the appeal.

()n_lan. 2‘) the Horticulture Club presented a bill
that requested 52,690 for student competitions in
Dallas and Stillwater, ()kla.. and an educational
study tour in liurope. .»\ppropriations and revenue
voted not to send the bill to the floor then.

“\K'e haven’t made a decision. \Ve'll take it from
there when we find out more," Horticulture Club
President Brian Roach said.

The defeat ofthe Horticulture Club’s bill in coin—
mittee marked the first time in four years that such a
thing had happened.

History will re )eat itselfwhen the appeal Will be
heard in front of t 1e Supreme Court.

Four years ago when a committee defeated a bill
internally, the group appealed.

But then, the Supreme Court upheld the decision
by refusing to hear the appeal.

money to attend their national conference, and SGA
has delivered with little argument from the senate.
This year, the bill did not reach the senate floor.

“It wasn’t a surprise It was a slap in the face
because it shows they didn't recognize the College of
Phannacy," Ferguson said.

Michael Tomblyn, appropriations and
revenue chairperson, said some members
of the committee felt that KASP members
,, believed the money was theirs.

“They (committee members) felt put off
SGA by the attitude that they felt they were
owed this money," Tomblyn said.

i 2 He added that the committee saved
College of Pharmacy Senator Santos Murty from
ethical questions since he would directly benefit
from the conference.

“He would have been putting himself in a nasty
position,” Tomblyn said.

By Gary Wult

Arrociate New: Editor

A funding bill that was killed in committee in Stu-
dent Government Association may see new life in
the SGA Supreme Court. ,,

Two weeks ago the appropriations and
revenue committee voted not to send a bill
to senate from the Kentucky Academy of
Students of Pharmacy that requested
$2,500 to attend the national conference in
Los Angeles.

Now, the former president of the orga-
nization hopes to overturn that decision in
the SGA Supreme Court.

Althou h Scott Ferguson, former KASP presi-
dent, has filed nothing, he said he plans to later this

For the last two years, KASP has asked SGA for

if words could kill, the death toll would have
been astronomical.

At about 9:05 p.m., a phone call was placed to
the Kentucky Kernel newsroom: “You should
check out the writing (at the library). There are
some stories to be told.“

And tell they did.

()utlines resembling those ofhomicide victims
were drawn with white chalk underneath the walk—
way connecting the two wings of the Margaret l. .
King library.

The drawings were accompanied by sayings

such as, “Budget cuts




equal dead T.A.s" and
“budget cuts equal big~
ger classes.”

..................................................‘C........'................................0...’......I......D.... V
Similar messages were

possible replacements. - written ”" the fountain Creative
enator Coovert said the main reason AE constructlnn dala e in Central Campus and “won-m '
for the dismissal was the lack of the left front entrance of 1.}: h
- - participation and attendance of l’attcrstm Office TOWCF- 1. c t u
SGA meetings. By Brandy Carter they hadn't torn down our old house so (IUYNPUICT science 136001.
I I A strict mandatory policy on Srafan‘m soon,” Hardy said. sophomore Christopher It} great; we
meeting attendance is in lace William ’1‘. Ymm Y SAF, alumnus and l‘immick was walking need more ofit.”
By Chris Campbell for University Senate and GA Construction on the new Sigma Alpha chief donor for the liouse, apolo ized to from the Chemistry V
Anirtant Editon'alEditor For the UUiVCTSi Senate, it is Epsilon social fraternitv house has been the brothers for tearing down their old l’hysics Building past the P ' H b k
mandatory for 31 members ‘0 pushed back from its (original ground- house before plans for the new house were library when he saw a as ”In
geography senior who

group students “retrac-

finalized, said Peter Nesmith, SAE prcsi- .
ing some of the lines and

attend meetings, even if classes

. _ breaking date in the fall due to changes in
are in conflict.

the building plans and bidding for a con-

wa: workin at the

pe ’

College of Arts and Sciences has




not been represented in Student In point, the member Will be tractor. Young decided to give money to SAT“, preparing to leave." Library Ian night.
Government Association meet- excused from C1355 that day if a The future SAP. house will hold 50 for a new house after observing the poor “They didn't look
ings yet this semester. conflict'arises. ' ' members and is being touted as the largest condition their house was in at the time. panic-stricken, but they

Scott Coovert was purged Missmg three UmVCl‘SItY Sen- fratemit house in the nation. The new house will have a brick exterior weren't han gin g
from SGA after failing to submit ate meetings is considered out of The final plans for the house have been with a marble foyer. It will have three around," Emmick said. “They weren’t lollygag-
a letter sayin he could no longer line and is cause for purging. submitted to the UK administrators, and floors and will include an alumni room, gimp"

lle said he did not recognize any nfthe students
at the scene.

A shortfall is expected in this year's Lexington
Campus budget.

One reason for the shortfall is that the state

library, computer room, presidential and
vice residential suites, and 25 bedrooms.
The ousc will total 25,000 square feet.

“I think the house will help us get more

A similar penalty for missed
meetings is in the SGA constitu-

The constitution states a sena-

SAE should receive approval in about three
weeks. said Alan Northington, new mem-
ber educator for the chapter.

Changes to the house plans have includ-

be part of t e organization, as
requested by SGA.

Coovert was elected to SGA
last year but did not enroll as a


student at UK for the spring
semester. One of the stipulations
to be an SGA senator is to be a

tor missing more than two senate
meetings per semester may be
pur ed.

ed the deletion of the basement due to
drainage problems at the Newman Center
which could prove problematic at the SAE

members already many other fraternities
are modeling their fund-raising for new
houses after ours," said Kevin ‘isher, an

budgeted enough for a 2.4 percent cost of living
increase for salaries.

full-time student at UK. 1112 said another reason for buildin site as well. The search for an accounting junior. However UK wants to give its faculw a 1 per— 5
“I was enrolled as a part-time Coovert’s not returning this afforda le contractor continues as compa- The construction of the SAE house may cent mums". to keep pace with peer institutions'
student before the spring,” semester to UK could be person- nies place their bids for the job. chan e the entire fraternity system. salaries ‘ \ ~
al — one Of his fTiCNdS commit- While all the brothers of SAE are look- “(gur cha ter size will increase with the ‘ i "

Coovert said. “I knew I wasn’t
planning on coming back, but
there were some problems on the
final touches.”

Steps have been taken to find
a replacement for Coovert before
the semester ends and Arts and
Sciences goes an entire semester
without SGA representation.

ted suicide last semester.

“He’s re- rioricizin his life,”
Cruz said. “ e realize he had to
thin for himself.”

ilc Coovert did not men-
tion the personal tragedy. he did
focus much of his blame on
scheduling and his own lack of

ing forward to the construction of their
new house, some will be sad to leave their
old one.

“I’m excited because it’s a nice house
and it's something we’ve needed, but we
miss the old house. Now that we’re living
in separate places its has kind of divided us
as a cha ter. I’m looking forward to having

house, and t e house will be good for UK
because maybe the fraternity ouses in the
six-pack will follow our lead," said Chad
Dobson, an accounting sophomore.
Nesmith is grateful for the stron finan-
cial su port and encouragement Olgalumni
like oung. former Kentuc governor
Edward Breathitt, and the CEO of Out-

UK President Charles Vi’ethington has asked
Chancellors and vice presidents to work for a plan
to allow for the 3 percent increase. which could
mean reducing the number of teaching assistants
and increasing class sizes.

The Lexington campus also anticipates less
tuition revenue next year.

There will be a reduction of $640,000 to the
Lexington campus only, based on tuition short-

I a,



Arts and Sciences is the personal or nization. us all ivin in the same house a ain back Steakhouse, who made the construc- . . . ,
largest “"983 0" campus With “It was fiicallv me procrasti- because it gill strengthen our brot er— tion of the new house ssible. To increase filabiatlgychancellor 'f the Lexmgton Campus
more than 6,000 students nating and not tting the letter hood,” said Jeremy Hardy, a physical ther- fund-raising efforts t e brothers of SAE ‘ '32: .anscr. . l'k th' In ~ d ' -
emailed. i“ like they (SGA) asked me to.” apy junior. Graduating seniors are disap- sent out letters last spring to alumni, asking h mm"; ”"8”: kl eh '5 colislthsa'o S3087"
Melanie Cruz, executive Coovert said. ~ pointed that the house will not be complet- for contributions. p .y senior ‘3“ ra a ' ‘2' f’ “'0" e ‘ P"“'
To honor alumni who contributed to shift in the King Library. it 5 great; we need more

director of campus affairs, said
that Chrissy Guyer will make a
senate appointment to replace
Coovert’s position.

No word has bead-given as to

“One thing is for sure, and
that is there were no hard feel-
ing: or anything like that which
may have come into (my) getting




ed until after they leave. Construction of
the house is now expected to be completed
in September 1998.

“it’s too bad that the house won’t be
done until’i-ight before i graduate. I wish

the house, SAE hopes to name rooms in ofit.”

the house after alumni. SAE members said
UK administrators have backed the project
100 percent.


Hrabak picked up a stray piece and drew a hap-
haurd cigarette on a teaching assistant “corpse.”
“All T.A.s smoke cigarettes,” to quipped.




 2 Tumluy, February 25', I997, Kmtuth Knnel









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...--_ _ . c-.M.. . _ -._W.


WINNING EMPIRE Handrome (above) will be touring with Silt'erclmir to promote it: xelf—titled debut. The New Y ark band derive: it: members from a mix of
well—known hardrure/punle bands rurb as Helmet, Quicksand and Ireburn.

Handsome's debut tar tram ugly

By Mat Herron

I’eiltm‘ci Ia'ditor
In New York (Iity, hardcore is

reli 'on.

giniler rround groups such as
Youth of ‘oday, Sick of It All and
Bold pounded the pavement
before the Pacific Northwest ever
thought about being a contender.

Surprised that the liig Apple
has launched yet another stagger—
ing group of talented musicians?

I told you so.

Ilandsome's self-titled debut
reinforces my opinion that, "mung
other things. 'I om (Iapone is the
best guitarist ever to arise from the
New York (Iity hardcore/punk
scene. (:aponc, the former leid
guitarist and founding men her of
the influential hardcore group
Quicksand. IDIHS‘ ex Ileltnet meni-
ber Peter Alcngc‘lc. c\'~(‘rov Mags
drummer Petr.- Ilincs, Jeremy

(Ihatelain (from lceburn) and
bassist Ed Nappi for
an awe—inspiiin first
effort. (Ionsitering
the number of “cx’s'
in the preceding sen-
tence, the street cred-
ibility and tnusical
integrity of “and-
some is matched by
few bands, hardcore
or otherwise.

Let not the name



*‘A' **

maior—label effort, Slip. Chate—
lain's lyrics, “\\'e are

built upon false founda—
tions; we are budt
around misplaced







expectations,” show a
erson who moved
beyond angst to find the
root of personal strife.
Clearly, the track
that anchors Hamlmme
is “In My Mind's Eye,"
which features an addic—

dcceive you; these tive melod bv (Ia one
i " )I‘ i I iret (ouroffim) d ,V” ' 'Ii‘h'
guys I a} n) } .tV an eigua }(I'} talc-y
my games w1t “ ,, croon y . iate ain.
music. iiraitrbruising Handsome Midway, the la0."‘¢’Urr> t“... .. .

Kmrurky Ku‘ntl. lamb), l'i‘ffl‘udl‘y 3“. IW.~ 3

tilt tacos last road test at Tennessee

éreen mum meet bulky Vols
inhigtune-upfor South Carolina

I, '

/ w"



Team “mm: Turner
tilt Opponents
.474 Field Goal Percentage .395
.695 Free-Throw Percentage .659
.362 Three-Point Percentage .319
83.8 Points Per Game 61.6
40.3 Rebounds Per Game 33.4
15.5 Off. Rebounds Per Game 12.5
20.1 Assists Per Game 12.5
15.1 Turnovers Per Game 23.1
5.3 Blocks Per Game 2.6
12.3 Steals Per Game 6.8




, ‘ 7

Brandon Wharton ranks among the SEC‘s ieaders in several categories this season. , it

He ranks fifth in scoring, ninth in field goal percentage. first in threepoint
percentage, 11th in tree throw percentage and sixth in three-pointers per game.
Wayne Turner reached the SOC-point mark tor his career on Saturday against -

Vanderbilt, scoring seven points.


The “Bruise Brothers,‘ freshmen C.J. Black and Charles Hathaway, have been two
of the SEC’s most productive rookies. Black leads all freshman in several cote. '
gorles, while Hathaway is the top rebounding freshman in the SEC. Ron

Mercer will be making his second. and iinal, trip to Tennessee.

Jared Prickett has been the Cats’ most consistent player 011 the bench oi iate.

Against Vanderbilt, he grabbed a game-high 12 rebounds, putting him overtha 700‘

rebound plateau for his career. Tennessee's bench is weak in scoring, with onty

Aaron Green posting a legitimate threat.

Tonight is the Vols’ iinat home game, out there will be no seniors honored prior to
the game. Temessoahas no seniors on their roster except walk—on Anthony
Sewelt, who has dodde‘d to return next year to finish work on his degree in biology.

‘ Kevin O’Nelu’s squad is $14 at Thompson-801mg Arena this season.




POINT MAN .‘l/lr'rr [Cilzt'rrrdr I.\ the Cari" turbid/211741 figmi . r; r {fun ru/lrru
lit‘vhlt'r I )r'rel‘ .~lIrr1er:\‘oIr and Ron .\ [error
Wham", Team st