xt7rjd4pmg3c https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7rjd4pmg3c/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19781117 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, November 17, 1978, no. 252 text The Green Bean, November 17, 1978, no. 252 1978 2014 true xt7rjd4pmg3c section xt7rjd4pmg3c I H E   W2     tyo     ucc ( ovyyo   N    i E A N
UNIVERSITY OF T¤v>¤ ew. -·»··  ;.;: -·—:;,·,; ,~;;·¤...i,¤:» .· .· _,`»    T  ,_ V , . ` A _
l7 November — Library Faculty Meeting, 8:30 am, Gallery
l7 November — The Gallery Series - Contemporary Arts Songs: Mary
Anne Kirk, soprano; Aimo Kiviniemi, tenor.
23 November ~ Thanksgiving holiday
24 November — Library closed for fumigation
l December ~ Richard Taylor reading fiction and poetry from "Girty"
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Current Display: Gallery — Department of Special Collections —
Applachian Sources (through November 30).
Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Anne Campbell, Peggy Lewis,
Nancy Baker, Rebekah Harleston (editor), Ruth Brown, Barbara Hale, Faith
T’UBLlSH}Z]'> iFf.ZZ;E§L‘;   Ml   4 rm;    eva;    ;o2;·—;T114_c;;V»; ·,.‘ , T.T;s~;;N<;;ToE, KY. 1+0506

 - 2 -
Appalachian Sources I
The Gallery's current display, "Appalachian Sources," features i
selected items from the manuscript collections of such noted
Appalachian authors and personalities as James Still, Herndon J.
Evans, Harriette Simpson Arnow, and John Fox, Jr. The display is
in honor of the first Appalachian Sources Conference, which was I
held November 3-4, and also the distinguished writer James Still,
who is visiting the UK campus November 6-18. Also an exhibit of
Doris Ullman photographs is on display in Special Collections.
The photographs represent an important record of Southern Appalachian (
life in the l930's. The exhibits, which are sponsored by Applachian l
Collection, will be shown throughout the month of November.
Green Bean E
, The Green Bean will not be published next week. E
Information from ACTS I
The results of the election to fill the two vacancies on the ACTS
Executive Committee have been tabulated. The winners are: Diane
Carrico, Medical Center Library, and Susan Marler, Agriculture
Library. Congratulations! y
First Notice: The ACTS General Meeting will be held on December 6
at 9:30 am in the Gallery, King North. An agenda will be sent to
all members a week before the meeting. In the meantime, if anyone Z
- has any suggestions or something that they want brought to the (
attention of ACTS, please contact anyone on the Executive Committee: I
Joan Gatewood (Cataloging), Cecil Madison (Admin. Serv.), Peggy Q
Lewis (GPD), Diane Carrico (Med. Ctr.), or Susan Marler (Agr.). g
Reference Department  
This past summer, the Reference Department in King Library received l
the first volume of the new Arts and Humanities Citation Index.
This index offers the most comprehensive and up—to—date multidisci-
plinary indexing to the world's leading journals in architecture, art,
classics, dance, film, TV and radio, folklore, history, linguistics
and philology, literature, music, philosophy, theater, theology and
religious studies. It covers every substantive item in each of the
900 journals indexed including articles, letters, editorials, notes,
meeting abstracts, discussions, corrections, errata, poems, short
stories, plays, excerpts from books, musical scores, chronologies,
bibliographies, discographies, filmographies, as well as reviews of
books, films, records, art exhibits, TV and radio programs, dance
musical and theatrical performances, AHCI is issued twice a year with
annual cumulations.

 AHCI has the same format as Social Sciences Citation Index and
Science Citation Index. Each issue has three main sections: the
source index, the permuterm subject index, and the citation index.
The source index provides an alphabetical list of works by author
with full bibliographic citation and author's address. The permuterm
subject index “involves the permutation of all significant works
within each sentence of the title and subtitle of an article to form
all possible pairs of terms." To overcome the problem of undescrip—
tive titles, so frequently found in the humanities, the editors of
AHCI have adopted an enrichment policy. For example, even though an
article on the work of Ernest Hemingway does not include his name in
its title, the editors will still list his name in the permuterm index.
The citation index is arranged alphabetically by cited author with
references to the article in which a work is cited. Artists‘ names
and titles of specific works of art which are the main subject of
articles but are not formally cited are, nonetheless, cited in the
citation index. These implicit citations can be as important as those
formally cited. k
As each subsequent volume of this index is published, AHCI will
undoubtedly become one of the major indexes in the reference collection.
Music V
Gordon J. Kinney, Professor Emeritus, School of Music, has an article
in the series Musicography in English Translation. Judy Sackett will r
have available a microcopy of the checklist of available translations.
Tie a String Around Your Finger _f%§>
”"""‘”""`““"“'“"_"“""""""““_"`"“""""";"`—’—' T"! , i r
  \[\ A/fl
\`—. "' /
Paychecks will be available in the Director“s Office from 8:30 ~ 10 am
on Friday, November 24. Tell them you appreciate their being there in
spite of all the smelly insecticide.
Tutors Wanted
The Academic Athletic Office is seeking tutors for their programs.
If you know of any qualified students, please ask them to contact the
office in Room 23-H, Memorial Coliseum (257~l898) as soon as possible.
By the way, they are currently paying $4.00 per hour.
New Appointment
Jan Knight will be the temporary Assistant Head of Acquisitions,
effective November 2lH
New Telephone Numbers in Reference
Nancy Baker can now be reached in her office (7—l830). Linda Newman
can be reached on the Data Services phone number (8-5609).

 Review of July-September Monthly Reports
Statistics: July—September 1978 compared to Ju1y—September 1977.
Interlibrary Loans
Borrowed - 6.2% decrease
Loaned e 20% increase
Reference questions — 13.5% increase
Circulation — 15% decrease
Attendance (6 branches) - 12% increase
Microforms circulated — 20% decrease
Newspapers circulated ~ 9.6% decrease
Photocopies made M 2.3% increase
No valid conclusions can be drawn from the above statistics. Even
when compared to statistics for all of last year no trends can be
readily discerned.
Literature Searches ~ in July—September of 1977, 57 searches were
made. For the same three months in 1978, 59 searches were made.
The decision to increase charges for this service apparently had no
negative effect on its use.
Lectures — in September, 110 lectures were given for classroom groups.
Government”Documents ~ the number of U.S. documents received July— `
_ September 1978 has increased 32% compared to the same three months the .
previous year. Using the same time periods, the number of depository
microform units has increased by over 500% (5,554 compared to 917).
Collection ~ new serials added in hard copy ~ 76; monographs received —
4,786 volumes.
Cataloging ~ a total cf 7,770 volumes were cataloged during the three
months. This represents 2,908 more volumes than received, and a
sizable reduction in the backlog.
New Services » AIDS ~ a faculty member can request, through AIDS, to
tape a program aired cn KET for classroom showing at a more convenient
New Policies ~
1. All books and atlasses received by the Maps Unit will be
cataloged by the Catalog Department. Government maps will be
cataloged by the Maps Unit with a copy of the main entry sent to GPD.
The purpose of this prccedural change is to make information more
accessible to the user.
2. Ballen was accepted as our major American approvals vendor
because (a) it furnishes publications from a specific, limited number
of publishers; (b) its discount in price and its speed of delivery;
(c) its ability to respond quickly to needed profile changes. Some
units such as Engineering and Art elected to go off the approval plan.
3. The Collection Development Department began entering gifts
into BATAB. .
Studies and Projects ~
* l. The Business Library instituted a "mini" users survey in
September. A detailed tally of the results will appear in the October
2. The Acquisitions Department began a study to determine the
average length of time between requesting a book and receiving it
(placement by a selector of a request for a book and its receipt) and
between receipt and the completion of processing.
3. The Catalog Department is conductinga test run for cards for
one branch library tc determine the extent of the "missing books and
cards" problem. A possible terminal malfunction is suspected as cne

 - 5 -
The Staff Development Committee is interested in any suggestions for
programs for the upcoming year. Some possible programs include
Russian for Librarians, an emergency medical workshop, writing reports,
organizing your time, and organizing meetings. Please direct any
suggestions to Barbara Galik, Reference Department, 7-1631.
yagancies 7
LT III — Art Library
LT III — Circulation — night supervisor
If interested, see Faith Harders by November 22.
Sound Recording Cataloger, Indiana University Libraries. Salary:
$11,000. Deadline: December 15, 1978..
Cataloger, Princeton University. Salary: $11,500 minimum. Deadline:
November 22, 1978.
Personnel Librarian. Salary: $15,000 — $22,000. Search reopened.
Deadline: December 15, 1978.
Assistant Head, MARC, University of Wisconsin—Madison. Salary:
$15,000 minimum. Deadline: January 15, 1979.
Reference Librarian, Ohio State University. Salary: $14,760—$16,680.
Available: January 1, 1979.

 ??"'~ •"%.\