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In Past weeks, the House of Representatives has been the scene of several remarkable
occurances. The House Ethics Committee recommended the official "reprimand" of Democrat
Gerry Studds of Massachusetts and Republican Daniel Crane of Illinois for having engaged
in sexual activity with Congressional pages in 1973 and 1980, respectively. However, after
spending $1 million and 50,000 hours of staff time, the Ethics Committee could find no
evidence of widespread sexual misconduct.
Representative Crane, a "family man" who in a fund—raising letter last year blasted ”moral
Laxness", admitted to having had sexual relations with a 17 year old female page. In a
written statement to the House he stated, "I am sorry that I made a mistake. I'm human,
and in IN) way did 2[ Violate UW’CHHfll of office. I: only hope my wife and children will
forgive me." Representative Studds stood before Congress and admitted that he was wrong to
have had sex with a Congressional subordinate of either sex, saying, ”It is not a simple
task for any of us to meet adequately the obligations of either public or private life,
but these challenges are made sustantially more complex when one is, as am I, both an
elected public official and gay."
On July 20, the House voted 420-3 to censure Studds and Crane. A "censure” requires the
recipients to stand in disgrace before their colleagues and is more severe than a
"reprimand". Studds move to affirm himself as a gay man is considered to be a stunning
victory for gay rights movement. The fact that he was censured for an affair that happened
ten years ago seems rather trivial, :n1 a way, but he has admitted it was an ”error of
judgment" rather than anything wrong or bad.
I cannot pretend that I do not find Mr. Studds affair to be somewhat less than ethical,
but now that he has been reprimanded for it, he should be allowed by his constituency and
colleagues to continue the fine job that he was doing. There is no question that what Rep.
Studds did this past month took a great deal of curage. But why should it have to?
Society, we are constantly reminded, tells us if we are to survive, we should keep our
homosexuality quiet. We have swallowed that line for so very long that even we, sometimes,
spout it like some sort of credo. . ~
A certain amount of discretion may be necessary. However, standing up for what you believe
can only become easier the more you practice it. Be true and honest with yourself. Then if
'you feel that you would like others close to you to know, tell them. It could be risky,
but that risk is diminished by the feeling you get, a feeling of freedom, of
strength——that which you cannot truly have when you are trying to ”be normal".
The gay community in Lexington, as well as in the nation, has made some dramatic
accomplishments 1H1 the past few years. Unless we all pull together and fight for our
rights we will never get thenn I don't know about you, 'but that lnakes Ima terribly,
terribly sad for future generations.
Keith Elston

 behaVIOr not feelings
This ”Editors Space. . ." column first
appeared in February 1983 Newsletter. , l _
Unfortunately, there is still a problem (Courtesy Lex1ngton Hera d Leader)
concerning this situation. Please, PLEASE, Dear Abby: To get right to the point—I am gay,
thlnk about what ls being said. but I don't like being gay. I want a wife,
G 0 . h f Lex'n ton‘ And the children and a normal social life. I also have
S 1.8 ere or you gay 1 g ' a career I enjoy greatly (in banking) in which
oppOSIte should be true also. When there are further advancement is impossible if it
only a handful of people doing the work for becomes known that I am gay
hundridlslof pfiopia thedratethof bu::£:Ut (2:: Psychiatrists and other therapists I have gone
incre : 3;: 1? ’ f an t 1e 1 to have tried to help me adjust to my
accomp ls ment 18 um ortuna e y ow. homosexuality rather than help me to change.
Abby, adjusting to bein homosexual is fine
The excuses of why you cannot help are for those who havg accepted their
endless. IS there really ”NOTHING you can homosexuality. But I haven't. I know I'd be
. contrlfu’ce? Affer all’ .hOW demanding .Or happier straight. Please help me.—UNHAPPY IN
incriminating is attending a GSO SOClal HOUSTON
function, working the GAYLINE, attending and
presenting Ideas at a GSO general meeting; Dear Unhappy: Did you choose to be homosexual?
or sending a much needed monetary donation. If so, then you can choose to be straight. But
HOW tlght can your schedule be that a few if you have always had erotic feelings for men
hours could not be spared once a month? instead of women then face it you are
h I l'd . it to homosexual. Even though you may be able to
AlthOUg respect va 1 dexhculses, lshatever change your behavior, you will not be able to
much to expefct support 8.21:? e p in W change your feelings. Some therapists insist
way you see 1t to give 1 ' that if a homosexual is sufficiently
motivated, he (or she) can become straight.
A very heartfelt thanks to those few people Maybe so, but the chances are slim. Marrying
who d? help wheridthey can.tW1thout you thls and having children may make you happier, but
organization wou not ex1s ' what about the other people you involve? "To
th' If t "-— 1 h '11
We will continue to work and strive for all fingetri? h::pin::s rue on y t en W1 you
of gay Lexington, tired and frustrating as '
it may be. We'll keep pleading for your
help. 3
3 Will we ever get it? D . _3 ..
Tim Banks «“669 A
. Editor 3’4 TIRED OF GIVING 50% OR MORE
T ' . 1 Don’t stay In the dark
3 HIDIHG I lag. ——————-——-._ mum!
CLOSET I-fi ~ 3 f - F
5 ’ i ‘ ’ '\ ! OR ,
‘. HELP] 3_ ‘3 - CORKY OR PAT AT 255-3325, 9 a.m.
3. ' ' '. V" SUPPORT - to 5 p m Monda thru Sat rd
p 3 '.'.‘;.-(.i.!. - - ~ 9 .
* ; 3 ”33! IN ‘83 y u ay
i ,

-.-.r.-)y;k .
”255;?"- ‘ _
+ DIGNI Xington+ \. _
a: Luv—Q96
if Ext. ‘/ .
____________ .__.________._
‘ Q R dS alf 1d
O a e
1641 Nicholasville Road
’ ' .5“ 7 YL/57S Lexin on K 40503
' ' ' f a and lesbian Catho— gt , y.
Dignity 18 a . community 0 g y . d HAIRSTYLING FOR EVERYONE (606} 278-7481 -
lies and their friends who believe that God ma e inc.
and loves us all and that we have a right to full
membership in the faith community including the
right to share in the spiritual and sacramental
life of the Church.
Founded in 1969, Dignity became a national organization .
in 1973 . Presently there are more than 100 chapters MOVING 7
throughout the U.S. and Canada. A chapter formed in . , .
Lexington in March 1983 and is setting up its formal .— .\ .-
structure and officers. You need not be gay or lesbian
nor Catholic to join or attend Dignity functions. Meetings
are held every second Wednesday and the last Saturday
of each month. Please send us your
. . . /L . t Change of address
For more information call 269—8500 or write . Dignity eXing on , b
P.O. Box 1984, Lexington, KY 40593. e ore you move.
Although anti-gay violence is nothing new, it you are not comfortable with. If people in cars or York State, Alaska, and Hawaii; (212) 807-6016
seems to be especially prevalent in areas where on the street ask you a question or request direc- inside those states].
gay people haves high profile. But returningto the tions, yell back a response rather than approach
closet or becoming invisible to avoid attacks is the them.
surest way to make our communities and our own Cl Prolonged or aggravated verbal exchanges “hi I. .0 AM on Ali-Ck
lf- . ti is to take often result in l . har-
:epgfipmfgfikgmggxg to protect asses you. do nztoreegsgml‘lf $3111: 3:: 52:31pm“ D G“ medical ““3““0“ if you need it from the
ourselves if they occur. for a fight. nearest hospital emergency room. Many states
Following are some suggestions as to how 195- [1 Learn some basic self-defense techniques. compensate “cm “1‘ mum” ”Stained during
bians and gay men can protect themselves better Many gay people grow up behaving they are weak :criirze. Find out what benefits you are entitled to;
from street violence. They are based on safety in and can't defend themselves; they underestimate o no let any personal financial constraints pre-
formation published by various local groups in- the power they really do have. Although some vent your getting the medical care you need.
eluding the Madison All-Gays Crisis and Counsel- types of self-defense are sophisticated and take D Report the attack to ”‘9 901109; 37°“ can call
ing Center, Gsy-Male—B/M Activists (New York), years to master. others are simple. easy to learn. from the hospital if “90953317- Don’t 16‘ anyone
the New York City Lesbian/Gay Anti-Violence Pro- and often quite effective. Their purpose is not to discourage you from filing 8 report 01‘ pressing
ject, and San Francisco's Community United . overpower and subdue an attacker butto injures charges. Write down the number 0f the report
Against Violence. Remember that not all attacks vulnerable area so that 33 can escape. form and the names and badge numbers Of W
9913 be prevented or escaped from; these self-de- gfieogéwrzg;fingJE-fskrt§ 660 "1118 shots
fense guidelines should not be construed as an at- , 111' a 800 .
tempt to shift responsibility from the assailant to “he I. .0 II '00 AI“. Attacked D1133; t try to deal with the incident all by 5701;:
the victim. All too often gay victims of violence are 89 . tIon after street attach. victims are also ~
blamed for attacks the D If you 0814'! awhistle—and you should—use 1t. ented and may have difficulty attending even to
y neither invited nor __
deserved The notion that we are responsible for Or yell. Your V01” 15 8‘ powerful instrument, and simple tasks. This 15 normal. A81! your friends for
violence; yelling may deter an attacker as well as getting help in dealing with the police doctors and the
gainst us is as antiquated and destruc- . .
tive as similar notions used to justify rape. your own adrenalin going and alerting others in 01' 1ITliIlfi-l-.111£3'51¢¢3 system.
the vicinity to what 18 happening. [:1 Even when a victim is not physically hurt, the
D W. 11' your assailant is armed fear and emotional trauma of an attack can linger
flow I. “III-ll. lb. .hk OI III-Gk with a gun, stay quiet and still. And never rush at for along time afterward. Many are reluctant even
.. .. someone who has a knife. If the motive is robbery to think about the incident. let alone talk about it;
55512:: 2:381: calmegaxfiigi; 2:33“? 3:13; is: rather than assault, do not resist. so they suffer in silence. Others. in contrast. may
y q B Once violence has begun, however, defend want to rehash it endlessl . Friends should be
tacked Try to avoid these areas if you are alone y
Pi ' . ' yourself. Homophobia assailants are no less vi- supportive and patient. If you have been victim-
ck routes where there is life in the streets. other ,
destrians 0 en stores traffic If it is late and mu" 1‘ y°“ 5“ 9mm" and they “"3“ ‘10“ t ”ed. WM Get mad about it.
pgu a b1. t: take a mi, or bus to our dummy mt much “915131105 from their gay victims. Get it out of your system. If you are having trouble
{ion :3 :0 e y Surprise them. Aim blows at vulnerable areas: the coping, don't hesitate to seek short-term counsel-
' ' face. throat. solar plexus. groin. kidneys. Stomp ing to help you work through it. Get in touch with
36:?! (3.1 must Yalggi?;ggmdifegggetmd 2: their feet. Kick their shins. Knee them in the local support services for gay crime victims by
u set t YE; :0 Show it Assailantsghave a nose for crotch. Scream bloody murder. Andes soon as you calling your local gay switchboard or the NGTF
Viglnel'agymt and are 10.0k1n f0“ 6&8 targets can. run like h91-1- Crisisline [(800) 221-7044 outside New York State.
U y g ‘ y ‘ D A single heavy blow to your face or head could Alaska. and Hawaii; (212) 807—6016 inside those
Make brief eye contact with people who walk to- be fatal If cu fall or are r d to th ro nd ta
ds you to determine whether they are a threat ' y orce e g u ' 3 teen.
war tuck your head into your arms. Cl Let the gay and nomgay community know what
and to let them know you are aware of their ap happened to you If anti-gay assaults are chronic
preach. If you hear someone behind you, don't be ‘ - _
if??? °fibafizizegem “5”“ “mun“ “1‘11 31°: “’3: m to I. I! You So. an Athck 231122218582? gaggithtrgie 13%;; 53552.1;
an: Oioghgid 80:32:0£dz§:1verirfiyze liter. CI Call the lice immediatel from the nearest putting you m touch With ”mung local groups,
Everys end of denial reduces tlfe time on might h I po mm iti y dialin 911 will furnishing standard violence—report forms, and
nmyw secs“ 6 y p one.t n ":33“? wit‘l‘111th 65' li wfitchboard providing information about approaches that
p ' connec you y .. 8,?0 of s ,, ' have been effective elsewhere.
C] If you think someone is following you, widen CI Blow a whistle. Yell Fire! or Police! Bang
the distance between the two of you. Walk closer to garbage cans. Try to get help. M
the street or cross the street. Walk into a store. [3 If your community has a lesbian/gay anti-vio- The foregoing communlfy-service message is brought to
Run 11' You need to. lence project. call and make a report. If not. call you by the Club Baths — which are major linen-
D AVG1d 010394113 verbal exchanges with people the NGTF Crisisline [(800) 221-7044 outside New 018’ Sunporrers cl NGTF's Case/me.

 Gay Home OwnerShID 81 FlnanCe (A Two—Part Report)
By Mike McCormick
Two people of the same sex may own property and borrow money to mortgage the property the
same as any married couple. There are no legal means to prevent this joint venture and no
mortgage company can turn the applicants down unless credit problems are involved.
There are several ways to hold title to real property or real estate. The first is Estate
by Entity. This is property owned by one individual only. Only one name appears on the
deed and upon that persons death the property will go to his or her next of kin or to the
person named in a will.
The most asked about form of real estate ownership is the -
Joint Tenancy in Common. In a joint ownership, a deceased
party's interest in the property goes to the surviving _ ' , , . ‘~
owner or owners and not the persons heirs or next of kin. / 9 U ‘ J T ‘\g% ‘
The deed would have both parties names appearing on it ‘- I ' ' “-m ‘
and contain a right of survivalship clause. This method JI‘D‘E
of ownership is not exclusive to the married couple. '9
Therefore, any gay couple would have the opportunity to D DB s
own property and contribute their share to its “3‘ II: ‘ NA‘ A
acquisition and maintenance. Furthermore, if a gay couple W
works hard at acquiring property, and something happens 3’" , W
to one of the partners, the remaining partners would not
have to deal with the family of the deceased
Lakeview Plaza
In obtaining property together, the couple can share the 2909 Richmond Road
income tax deductions jointly. These items include 269—6332
property taxes and interest paid on the mortgage loan. '
365 Southland Drive
Another form of ownership is Tenancy in Common. This form 277-6155
of ownership is similar to the above except there is no
survivorship clause. In the event of death, the property 103 w_ Maxwell
would customarily go to the family of the deceased. 2524933
However, the property may be willed to anyone. This may
place an extreme burden on the partner because he/she
would be forced to purchase the entire piece of property . .
or the will of the deceased could be contested by the Famous Garhc SthkS
I. Original Sicilian
f One thing a couple must keep in mind is that if there is . pan pizza
' a joint decision to buy property, there must also be a _
9;; joint to sell the property. You might say that you are Homemade Itahan
"in bed together" even if things don't work out. Spaghetti8tLasagna
g Wytlwwgg it! 1983 Open daily forlunch,dinner,.
snack or carry-out
This myth stems from the view of homosexuality that regards it E
5 in purely sexual terms. Homosexuality is more than a choice of — Lg:
{3‘ sexual partners; it is a way of living and loving. Homosexuals yum”
3 have just as much control over sexual impulses and behavior as' . r" gaggffi/rléfigsfi
{3 anyone else. The stereotyping of gay sexual behavior as .M/-> VIK
3 promiscuous, superficial or compulsive is an example of blaming ngm
the victim. The frequently clandestine atmosphere of gay sexual -—‘lf";. "'v‘ ”13%;,
5 expression results from being denied more wholesome outlets and )5??:,%%&!—£M
‘“ opportunities to integrate sexuality into the rest or our lives. “~~ raising” ! __‘—"’_—'

 (Iuestrons and Answers About AIDS
What is AIDS? What Has Congress Done About AIDS? What Should Congress Do About AIDS?

F Acquirer! Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) The federal government has been slow to The AIDS Project hopes to get $30 million for
is a probably fatal failure of the body's immune respond to the crisis. In 1981, only $200,000 CDC and the National Institutes of Health
system, which makes its victims susceptible to was spent by the entire federal government. for (NIH) for AIDS research in fiscal year 1984. The
an unusual cancer, Kaposi's Sarcoma AIDS research. In 1982, the federal government AIDS Project will continue to seek
and/or special infections like Pneumocystis responded with a paltry $5.5 million out of a supplemental appropriations to augment
Carr'nr'i Pneumonia. AIDS patients start out nearly $4 billion medical research budget for current CDC and NIH AIDS ell'orts. CDC needs
young and healthy. Then they come down 1982. So far federal researchers have been able more money for its essential AIDS research.
with one of the “opportunistic infectionS". If to discover nothing conclusive about the NIH must expedite its funding of outside AIDS
the first infection doesn't kill them, a second cause, transmission, treatment, or cure of AIDS. research proposals. The AIDS Project also
one will. AIDS was first detected in the U. S. in Something is wrong with the federal supports a massive public education program
1979 among gay men. It has now spread government's research priorities. Very wrong. on AIDS, automatic eligibility for Medicaid and
rapidly, attacking Haitians, Hemophiliacs, —_._.—_______—__ Social Security Disability benefits for AIDS
IV—drug users, children and sexual partners of What Has the AIDS Project Done? patients, and greatly improved responsiveness
these groups, and others. No one has "’——__—'—— to AIDS by all federal agencies.
recovered from AIDS. The Center for Disease Gay Rights National Lobby (GRNL).started the %
Control (CDC) is calling AIDS the most AIDS Project in the summer of 1982 when it What Can 1 Do To Help Stop AIDS?

_ complex epidemic since Smallpox. More than became obvious Congress was not going to “——
six cases are reported every day; the total respond adequately to the AIDS epidemic. The Contrary to popular misconception, one
number of cases doubles every six months. AIDS Project did extensive constituent person can do a lot to affect Congress; VISI'I',
AIDS has been reported in 35 states and 16 organizing around the country, trying to WRITE, or CALL your Members of Congress.
foreign countries. Researchers suspect AIDS mobilize the gay community to affect key Write to Rep. MW U. S. House of
may be spread through blood transfusions, members of Congress. AIDS Project staffers Representatives, Washington, D. C. 20515, or
sexual contact with an infected person (who developed numerous press releases, fact Sen. W, U. S. Senate,
may have no symptoms), or other close contact sheets, and reports to keep Congress and the Washington, D. C. 20510. Call (202) 224-3121
(contaminated needles). gay community informed. Members. of (Capital Switchboard) and ask for your member

Congress were directly lobbied atcritical times. of Congress. To find out who your members of
AIDS C8888 1980—84 8000 In December, 1982, the effort paid 00‘ when Congress are, call your local League of Women
Total Number Of Congress appropriated the first major AIDS Voters, or contact the AIDS Project (see below).
gases Baum“; research money, $2 million for CDC. Rep. If you need to know what to say or when to
. very 6 mom 3 Henry Waxman (D—Cal), chair of the Health say it, keep in touch with us.
2600 J" 'Y and Environmental Subcommittee, credited the
5....» law AIDS Project with doing more than any other ORGANIZE an AIDS network in your
1051 (.1500i "'77” outside group to get this funding. In 1983 the community or support an existing one. We
51 . 1%.: ._ in”) "2 AIDS Project has continued: must take care of our victims and make sure
F, "m m "‘5‘ {:3}, Oorganizing gay constituents Congress does its part — only powerful,
‘Projected 1980 -i (5931i 982 319,33 -» ., mi Odirectly lobbying Congress grassroots organizing in conjunction with
1 . ,;;.;,., _;;jfiII}Z-.'i -,Twill Oworking with the media national groups can do this.
(—0——) $200k :3:- “(W-3’”: "airs;- - . -
3 “if! “(M’- {a}? Ornformrng the gay community of
‘_5,5:- {33.33% jig»; Congressional action (or lack thereof) on AIDS
"71Inj- {WE :‘t'i’iji; Obuilding a coalition with gay and non‘gay
egg organizations.
Fiscal Yea. ; 4. , The “PS. “elect, whgfh has magma .GRNL 8:, H61
Spending by ,“ m .11; _ f} top priority, IS expan ing its st rapidly..Wr_h o
NIH,CDC & FDA . - - 70g increased support from the gay community,
AIDS Fed. Spending 1980—84 In the AIDS Project wrll continue to grow and
_ '- - become more effective.
H9173 (13881830 KEUFH .
508 East Main Street ED @[H] @N [ism
Lexington. Kentucky 40508
Tuesday—Saturday .,
By Appointment Only
2 5 2 — 4 5 9 5 \ ’

 Gays Are Born, Not Made
The mystery really is. . . that I ’rn not like dominant mothers were almost as likely to lished in November I: measured—and
all the nice young men I see strolling hand turn out heterosexual as homosexual. In eliminated—a number, of other potential
m hand in Bloomingdale s on Saturday fact, thesignificance of boys’ relationships factors in the development of homosexual-
mo‘rznmgs. , _ ” . _ With their mothers in particular was found ity. Among them: lack of heterosexual dat-
—— Portnoy s Complaint, by Philip Roth by the researchers to be “hardly worth ing experience childhood isolation from
mentioning.” An unsatisfactory relation- eers traumatic earl h t '_
Alexander Portnoy can hardly believe ship with a father—for both boys and gnce and homosexualseiigzgifriual experi
he s not gay. After all, heihas a mother girlsT—was only slightly more important in Because the researchers could not find
whoseextraordinary domination over Alex predicting eventual sexual preference. any strong connection between childhood
and his father would lead many psychia- One childhood trait recalled by some ho- experiences and adult homosexuality they
trists to peg him as a perfect candidate. But mosexual subjects did seem to set them suggest that the orientation “may arise from
this traditional theory that family relation- apart from a large number of the heterosex- a biological precursor that parents cannot
sh1ps make people gay has now been chal- uals. As youngsters, they failed to conform control.” Such a correlation has yet to be
lenged. Homosexuality, says a. new report to generally accepted forms of behavior for shown- scientifically but the investigators
from the Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex their sex: For boys, this often meant a lack of hope their study Will’stimulate research into
Research, has little to do With overbearing interest in sports and an enjoyment of soli- possible physiological differences between
mothers, distant fathers—or any other in- tary activities like drawing, music and read— homosexuals and heterosexuals
fluences of childhood. Instead,’ the re- ing. Pre-homosexual girls, on the other The Kinsey study is expected-to provoke
searchers found, the condition arises from hand, did tend to enjoy sports and outdoor criticism from both the psychoanalytic '
feelings and needs that appear to be as deep- play, as well as wearing boys’ clothes. They community and homosexual groups. Some
rooted and 1mperv10us to change as the were less interested than the pre-heterosex- gay activists the researchers note view any
heterosexual kind: In some cases, they sug- ual girls in activities like playing house, investigation of the origins of homosexual-
gest, homosexuality may even be deter- hopscotch and jacks. . ity as an indirect attack. And many psychia-
mined before with Dating: This “gender nonconformity” trists refuse to dismiss the family’s role in
. The authors of the new report, psycholo- occurred so early in childhood that the explaining sexual differences “Unless chil-
gisttAlan P. Bell and soCiologists Martin S. researchers view it as a reflection of an dren grow up on an island without adults
Weinberg and Sue Kiefer Hammersmith, already-established homosexual propensi- around ” says Dr. Lawrence J Hatterer a
set out to test factors that could conceivably ty, and not a cause. For girls, gender non- New York psychoanalyst who. has studied
contribute to homosexuality. In 1nterv1ews conformity in childhood was not as reliable thousands of homosexuals in his practice
lasting several hours each, their staff ques- a predictor of adult homosexuality as it was “parents will remain important influences
tioned 979 homosexuals and 477 heterosex- for boys; in fact, only a third of the hetero- on sexual development and choice ,,
uals on such matters as early relationships sexual women said they were “highly femi- Clearly the authors of the new re ort
With their parents, childhood friendships, nine” as children. But even in boys, where don’t pretend to have a final answer pBut
youthful sexual and emotional feelings and the association was stronger, it was not they do firmly believe that the role of par-
traumatic sexual inc1dents. unequivocal. One-fourth of the heterosex- ents in determining sexual preference has
The most Significant—fand unexpected— ual males described themselves as sexually been “grossly exaggerated.” Yet parents
findingiwas that the family backgrounds of nonconforming children, and half the male can certainly help a child adjust to his indi-
the subjects appeared to have little effect on homosexuals had been typically masculine vidual sexuality, they advise by supplying
eventual sexual preference. For example, in their childhood interests and activity. plenty of care, sympathy and devotion
boys who grew up With weak fathers and The Kinsey study, which will be pub- JEAN setioMANN with MARIANA GOSNELL
“18631131 Pfifcrence: Its Development in Men and Wom-
_ ‘ ' ‘ P .
COpyrlght 1981 by NEWSWEEK, Inc. All rights en "'“a mwmw m“
reserved. Reprinted by permission . NEWSWEEK/SEPTEMBER 7, 1981
. ________________________________________________.__———-————-
if 3'- “ A.
g A number of excellent resource books have been published recently: I \”
THE LESBIAN MOTHER LITIGATION MANUAL focuses on the strategies ‘16:? ‘7": . n
-—'—""__—_' _' . - - ' .H‘VA v
l} and legal arguments a lawyer representing a lesbian mother must conSider . ‘ “ """
t Written by Donna Hitchens, Directing Attorney of the Lesbian Rights Pro-
l3: ject (LRP) , the manual may be ordered from the Lesbian Rights Project ,
i 1370 Mission Street, 4th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. Cost: $25.00.
legal arguments against the constitutionality of the Family Protection Act mess
l and the McDonald Amendment . Written bY Rosalyn Richter Of Lambda Legal With the
Defense and Education Fund, the report may be ordered from LLDEF , 132 West ‘ - _ .
43rd Street, New York NY 10036 . Cost: $10 . 00 for individuals and non— Gay
profit groups; $20 . 00 for libraries , law firms and academic institutions; wmmunity
f PLEASE ADD $2.50 postage & handling on each copy. V _ , _

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Please mail above form to 080, 13.0. BOX 11471 Lexinton KY 40 11 IT'S WORTH "IT! 1!! !!!!
William“. Inn “he Park! .I. 1
In hope to better involve the entire gay community in Reliable roommate wanted to share
its social events, GSO w0uld like to make the Volleyball two bedroom apartment near Tates
/Potluck operate on a donation basis. GSO is a non— Creek area. $155 per month plus 1/2
profit organization and understands that everyone is personal electric. Phone 272—1601
not able to pay $3.00. However, there are expenses between 4 and 5 p.m. weekdays only.
that must be met which cannot be completely paid for
by GSO Benefit Fundraisers alone. FOR SALE
If each person would contribute as much as they can, One antique braSS lamp, three early
there should be enough money to pay for the Park Shelter American lamps, two end tables.
and also support GSO during the summer months (tradition— ReaSODbly priced. If interested call
ally slow fund—raising months). Those who can give more Bernie at 266—8859.
please do so, in order for everyone to benefit.
Many people do not have any means of transportation to ’ K .
Jacobson Park. People who plan to attend should offer .
those without transportation, a ride. If you want to . Ha
go, and don't have a way, call someone or call Jim ' PP?) ‘.
Wiechers at 299-0352. He will arrange transportation Bhfhaa ,
and see to it that anyone who wants to go, gets there. ' y
Some people feel as though meeting in a park with other CHARLIE
gay people is just 'asking for trouble' or 'too public'.
GSO has been meeting in the park for volleyball/potlucks “M 8‘ TIM
for several years without incident. So come on out, let
loose, and have some fun! 5 0
G80 would like to get as many people as possible involved. pp t ”r Advertlsers
Different people have varied interests and it would be A I
ideal to have additional activities. If anyone has other '
ideas (i.e. badmitton, horseshoes, jarts, croquet or cards ppreC'ate The”, SUPPO”
bring them along.
. y -. H
:DCaf 53" Frdflc'a‘“ K‘d‘s) After last months excursion to
l. ”d Wncar' our 'lesuanm’ou-S'a Zuni-l- de- magnificent La Belle Farm, the G80
H31: F r (I s F C. H Um callwn’h monthly potluck has come back to town.
'9 (‘6 of malt. .Tales 6 “'3’ "6- . Host for this months potluck is Montie.
It ’ .
Final arranaemmk Augusl'm' |"”P‘v OMJ" 5'” ': H" . fls sudday’ Augus’t 7.“ 1'30 p'm' For
. ' +0 H in ormation- and/or directions please
Lea'Hnevr‘ Gmls 3’6 Nada, LOVC. “who - call 273-5162. Everyone is welcome and
j— . T encouraged to attend.

 0—1.. L»...
((25 GSO Ne edSYou. 99.?
Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thu. Fn. Sat.
GSO General
® I MEETING 8p m GAY A.A. GAYLINE 7-llp Cards & Game-
' ' 8 .m.—Offic— 231-0335 7.06- 35‘!
St.Stephen Church p 8
American Ave -
9 Everyone Welcome” ' _ GAYLINE 7-11p.m.
. Civic Holiday (Canada) 231-0335