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National crap

dazed and

I am sure you're getting
tired of reading
about this Florida
election stuff. but
too bad.

Florida is having a hard
time counting their
ballots. Chads here,
dimples there, it
sounds more like the
Chippendales than
the vote for
president. Here are
some other things
that may or may not
be going on in the
U.S. as we speak.

President Clinton is
trying to get an
emergency extra
term to appease the
will of the people or
so said one of his
many pollings. In an
unprecedented move,
he has asked for
Congress and the
Supreme Court to
meet at a local pub
to discuss ways that
he could either get a
divorce without
Hillary finding out, or
how to legally retain
the duties of the
president. Congress
was rumored to
mumble, "not again."

Al Gore sees it as a
great idea since he
will not be
responsible for the
daily goings on of the
president. “With all
this free time I can
pursue my childhood
dream of being a
famous inventor."

A very displeased
George W. Bush was
overheard telling his
father, “That’s not
fair dad!"

Florida no longer wants
to part of the U.S.
because all the other
states are making
fun. In a bold move,
Florida tried to suck
in its gut to create a
watery divide.
separating itself form
the bully of the
world, the U.S. When
confused travelers
approached. Florida
donned a hat and
lake mustache and
tried to persuade
them they were in

Floridians are just as
bent out of shape at
being made fun of.
Long being upset at
living in the state
that looks like the
penis of America, this
latest development
has only diminished
the self-esteem of
the great people of

-lton Norton


E-mails to date - 89 This
is an official count
tallied under the
eyes of non-partisan
observers late at
night after the
consumption of
alcohol and an order
of extra-large cheese
sticks from Mad
Mushroom (send me
coupons or
something. I can't
afford to keep eating
them) unbeknownst
to me.


2.7 19

“It's cold out
there...colder than a
ticket taker's smile at

the Ivar Theatre." -TW


VOL. 8106 ISSUE #61


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Mr. Roboto



Student robbed, shot in foot

Be on the watch: Robberies persist despite two arrests

B__y__Tracy Korsliaw

UK Police are still investigating an at-
tempted robbery on campus that happened
early Friday morning.

A UK student was shot in the foot dur-
ing the attempted robbery, just yards away
from several South Campus residence halls.
N0 arrests were made as of Sunday.

Friday's incident was the eighth rob-
bery or attempted robbery since Aug. 30.
Each incident has occurred between the
hours of 11:30 pm. and 2 am.


Cincinnati protest heats up

Arrests have been made in two of the
robberies, according to the UK Police web

site. UK Police will not release the name of

the victim in the latest robbery.

The victim. who lives in Kirwan :i. told
police he was behind Kirwan :l in the grassy
area between the KirwanBlanding (‘om
plex and (Rmtwrstown when he was ap-
proached from behind by a male demand
ing money.

The victim was shot in the foot when he
told the robber that he had no money. He
was treated at UK Hospital and released,

Speaking out: Protestors gather in Cincinnati to show
their disagreement with the TABD, meet resistance


A diverse and spirited group of about 1.000
demonstrators gathered at Sawyer Point in (‘incin-
nati Friday morning to march in protest of the meet-

ing of the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue.

Many demonstrators were from the Ohio Valley
area. including students from UK, ()thers came from
as far as Colorado and Florida tojoin in the protests.

Dave Wilkinson from Indiana Iz'niA
versity said he came to C inciti-
nati because “the idea of the
TABD is to break down trade

But those barriers are labor
protections, environmental regu-
lations and human rights.

Mike Garnett came from all
the way from Florida State Uni-
versity to protest the TABI).

The demonstrations were
spurred by last week‘s meeting
in Cincinnati of the TABI). an
annual conference of U.S. and
European business leaders that
seeks to end barriers to internation-
al trade and investment.

According to information pro»
vided by the Coalition for a Humane
Economy. which organized the
march. the TABI) “is an organization
specifically designed to ‘privatize' pub-
lic policy decision-making and put it
in the hands of big business."

Specifically. they say that 'I‘ABI).
like the World Trade Organization.
“wants to replace public services with
private services.“

At around 11:00 am. protesters began
a march into the downtown area. The
march proceeded from Sawyer Point. near
the Ohio River. into the downtown area
near the Omni-Netherlands hotel where
the TABI) meetings were being held.




See TABD on 10

The recent robberies have raised the
consciousness of many students. but most
feel the campus is still safe.

Lauren Duncan. :1 marketing freshman
who lives lll Kirwan ll. said she takes pre
cautions on campus. usually walking with
at least one friend. if not more

Still. the robbery surprised her.

"I guess I wasn't that naive. but I
didn't think someone would get shot right
outside my dorm." she said,

Her roommate. Iiridget Hunimel.
wasn‘t so shocked, Hoth she and Duncan
were in the residence ball when the shoot
ing happened outside

Robbery or attempted robbery

Student Center parking lot

Small R-3 parking lot behind the human
Blanding Complex

Near W.T. Young Library

Oldham Avenue at the Cooperstown entrance

Marquis Avenue

Hilltop Avenue at Woodland Avenue

Yellow lot of Commonwealth Stadium

Grassy area between the Kirwan-Blanding
Complex and Cooperstown

See ROBBERY on 2


Green party
after election

Still green: Supporters see
election as a starting point

ista acting up
Two unidentified protestors hold
signs that denounce the TABD.
Protestors came from as far as
Florida for Friday's protest in
Cincinnati. mm mm |

By Michael Bratcher


\Vllil Election Zlillll still Inn i lose it)
call. one presidential candidate waits to
see what‘s lli'KI for his political career

Green Party presidential candidate
Ralph Nader may have
lost the presidency. but
iii the eyes of man); stu .
dent supporters at l'K. I
he (lid 21 great job cam i
paigning and improved i
the respectability ol‘ the
(ireen l’arty.

Steve Buttes, a Span
ish sophomore and co
chairperson of the I'K
Green Party. was disap
pointed that the (‘yreen
I’arty didn‘t receive 3 percent of the vote.

"It was very disappointing but we
have gained a lot of momentum." he said

Members of the ilreen l’artv said
they would have liked T. percent. ‘.\hl(’h
would have made the party eligible for
federal matching funds. This .3 percent
would have guaranteed them a spot III
the debates and would have granted
them federal funding tor the i'ir‘t‘ilflil Ill

Nader. who ran on the platform.
"Government of. by and for the people."
hopes to be a strong voice in the party as
he regroups for upcoming elections.

Sarah Tingle. a political science
freshman and secretary for the [K (ireen
Party. said that Nader's platlorni works

See GREEN on 2


Bringing winter holidays
from around the world to UK

Slaymaker works iii the Office


Cultural awareness: Winter festival lets
international students share culture with others

By Tracy Nershaw

For some students. winter is
synonymous with Christmas.

But winter brings a plethora of
holidays for international students.

These students will showcase
their winter celebrations and cus.
toms at “Winter Holidays Around
the World." a program in Jewell
Hall Tuesday night.

Seema Manohar. a resident ad-
viser in Jewell Hall. helped plan the
event. The International Club and
Cosmopolitan Club also helped or-
ganize the festivities.

“It is an opportunity to recog-

nize and respect their holidays and
cultures." she said

Jewell Hall is the crosscultural
learning and living center resi-
dence hall. Manohar felt it would be
a fitting place for the event.

“At this time of year. students
are thinking about their families
and it is nice to share what they
would be doing at home this time of
year." said Karen Slaymaker. L'K's
international student adviser.

It can be an educating experi-
ence for American students. she

“For American students. it is
nice to open your eyes to what is go
ing on in the world." she said.


of Intemational Affairs. They en;
courage students share their cul»
tures and countries.

“We always tell them they are
the greatest ambassadors for their
countries while they are here." she

Winter can be a difficult time
for intemational students who can-
not return home over the break.
she said.

It can also help prevent homer

“It gives them a sense they are
not forgotten." she said.


"Winter Holidays Around the World"
will be at 7 pm. Tuesday at Jewell




The Student Newspaper at the Univ—tyol Kentu___ngton








The Low-down

Why can’t
I drop
dead on
Lots of
people did


- Elton John.
53, telling
London's High
Court on
fhursday that he
has no plans to
retire ever.
during a current
trial over the
of his finances.

Fujlmorl steps down

LIMA, Peru ~— President Alberto Fujimori,
whose 10~year authoritarian rule has crumbled
in recent months over corruption scandals, said
in Tokyo early Monday that he would resign
within 48 hours. Fujimori issued a brief written
statement confirming announcements made
hours earlier in Peru by his prime minister and
his second vice president. Second Vice President
Ricardo Marquez said Fujimori. who has been in
his ancestral homeland Japan since Friday, had
asked him to step in as president until special
elections are held in April and a new leader takes
office in July. The statement issued by Fujimori
said he made the decision taking into account
that opposition lawmakers had won control of
Congress last week. He did not elaborate. but a
motion was before Congress to declare Fuji-
mori‘s presidency vacant on constitutional
grounds of “moral incapacity.“

School of the Americas

COLUMBUS. Ga. Police arrested 1,700 pro-
testers who had marched into Fort Benning on
Sunday demanding the closing of the Army’s
School of the Americas. a training center for
Latin American soldiers. About twice that num-
ber. including actor Martin Sheen, had entered
the west-central Georgia post, chanting and car-
rying cardboard coffins and crosses, while others
continued the protest outside the gates. The
demonstrations have been spearheaded for 11
years by Roy Bourgeois. a Catholic priest who
served in Bolivia. Bourgeois blames the school
for human rights abuses committed by some of
the school‘s former students.

Clinton collection arrives

LITTLE ROCK In the hours before dawn.
50 tons of President Clinton's memorabilia were
unloaded Sunday into an old auto dealership re-
modeled to store the country's largest presiden-
tial collection. The first shipment for the Clinton
Presidential Library contained paintings. an-
tiques. books. and gifts from the heads of state of
foreign countries. said Skip Rutherford. coordi-
nator of the privately funded $25 million project.
The gifts. which actually belong to the United
States. have "high intrinsic value and high diplo
matic value." Rutherford said. “They are one ofa
kind.” The first shipment arrived in six tractor—
trailer trucks. Several others will follow until
Clinton officially leaves the White House on Jan.
20. In total. the collection will contain some 77
million pages. 9 million photographs and 75.000
artifacts. The National Archives. which will run
the library. hopes to open the collection to the
public by 2003.

Choosing old-
glamour over
Michael Douglas
and Catherine
were married

night in an
wedding at the
Plaza hotel on
Central Park.
By early
evening, several
hundred people
had gathered to

the limousines
arrive with
Douglas and
spent $2 million
for the gala.

Oasis singer
Liam Gallagher

that he and pop
singer Nicole
Appleton are
expecting a

‘ ‘It’s true and
it's absolutely
great -
hooray," said
Gallagher. 28.

Real-estate recovery

LOUISVILLE. Ky. — Twenty years after a
rocky real-estate start in Louisville, former actor
Roger Davis is back in the game. Davis, a
Louisville native, is most famous for his work on
the 203tory luxury building known as its address
~— 1400 Willow in Louisville. He completed the
high-rise in 1980, but also renovated another
building in the Highlands, the Commodore
Apartments, and downtown’s Seelbach Hotel.
Davis, a self-styled lay architect, began the 1400
Willow building from a mold of a previously
started building that was abandoned because of
cost overruns. Davis, who starred in TVs “Alias
Smith and Jones." had just divorced “Charlie's
Angels" star Jaclyn Smith, when he returned to

Vanishing farms

LOUISVILLE, Ky. .— A growing number of
farmers who live on the outskirts of Jefferson
County are bowing to pressure from developers
and selling their land. More than 15,000 homes
have been built in Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and
Bullitt counties in the past decade, making them
among Kentucky‘s fastest-growing spots. In all.
nearly 70,000 acres of farmland have disappeared
in the counties in the 10 years before 1997, the lat-
est figure available. The building boom comes as
Jefferson County is filling up ~ its population
grew by only 1.2 percent in the past decade ——
leaving farmers in surrounding counties with a
major role in determining the speed and location
of the area’s growth. The number of farms sold is
expected to continue to increase as development
pressures raise the value of farmland. and as ag-
ing farmers near retirement with few of their
children wanting to take over the operations.

A family affair

NASHVILLE, Tenn. 77777 Each June for the
past eight years, Al Gore and his wife, Tipper,
have headlined a home-state conference of poli-
cy-makers and “real folks” to compare notes on
ways to strengthen family life in America.

This year, the vice president scheduled
his so-called “Family Re-Union" in November —
well after the presidential election # to keep it
focused and void of political overtones.

But Saturday, with the election still un-
decided and arguments scheduled Monday before
the Florida Supreme Court on hand recounts
that could determine the outcome, aides said
Gore and his wife had canceled their trip to
Nashville. Instead. the vice president will kickoff
the conference with a speech by satellite from
Washington instead. Family Re-Union co-sponsor
Andy Shookhoff said Saturday.

Compiled from wire reports.



Continued from page I

“A lot of people were freak-
ing out,” she said. “But these
days, I expect things like this to

She said she walks alone
around campus and has never
felt scared.

Neither Duncan or Hum-
mel have used SafeCats, the
SGA-sponsored escort service.

The use of SafeCats has
nearly doubled from September
to October, said Capt. Ben
Jones, an ROTC instructor. All
SafeCats escorts are Air Force
ROTC students.

They escorted 51 people
from the last week of August
until the end of September.
During October, that number

jumped to 90.

UK Police have added more
security since August, accord-
ing to UK spokesman Lloyd Ax-
elrod. Some officers are work-
ing double shifts, he said, and
are paying close attention to
certain areas of campus. He
could not say which areas those

In 1999, only three rob-
beries were reported to UK Po-
lice, according to their web site.

The number of robberies
reported to UK Police each year
since 1993 has not exceeded
five, except in 1996. when 10
robberies were reported.

Axelrod said UK takes the
incidents very seriously.

“As an university, it is
our goal to maintain a safe
and friendly environment," he
said. “We certainly regret that
anyone was injur



Continued from page i


for everyone.

“I totally agree with a
platform where everyone is
incorporated." she said.
“This platform wasn‘t just
for the wealthy one percent
or just the middle class, it
was for everyone."

Nader's platform gave
people another choice when
deciding who they wanted to
be their next president. The
Green Party campaign has
transformed the once obso-
lete party into the third
largest political party.

“We are now the third
largest party in the nation,
surpassing Ross Perot’s Re-
form Party," Buttes said.

Being the third largest
party gives Buttes hope that
more Green Party candi-
dates will step up in further

Tingle said this election
is not seen as a step back,
but more of a starting point
of where they need to go in

the next four years.

“If we continue to push
for the Green Party, you will
not only see Green Party
candidates but you will see
Green Party elected offi-
cials,” Tingle said.

For now, the Green Par—
ty plans to stay focused on
the issues at hand and be in-
volved around campus, in-
cluding the UK Student Gov-
ernment Association.

“We are planning in co-
operation with the Campus
Progressive Coalition to get
a group of candidates togeth-
er to run for SGA in the
spring." Buttes said. “We
also would like to go to the
Kentucky General Assembly
to try and get a representa-
tive to sponsor a bill for
same-day voter registration
like they have in Virginia
and Minnesota."

As far as the presiden~
tial election of 2004, mem-
bers of the Green Party said
they would like to see more
candidates step forward.
Also, they hope to have
more representation at the
local and national level
in 2002.


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WV m I MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20. 2000 I 3





together... on screen

.........,. f >

' Where do you keep

‘ your Oscar? Affleck

F You're a mean one: Live action

and Paltrow re-team

By Steele Melhaus



In the past few weeks, Ben
Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow
have had to defend their "just
friends" relationship because
they have taken roles in a ro-
mantic comedy opposite each
other. Amazingly. their real-life
relationship fades to distant
memory as the audience be-
comes involved in the relation-
ship of their characters in the
new film Bounce.

Aftleck plays Buddy Amar—
a]. a character who must come
to terms with his own life. after
he gives a plane ticket to a man
intent on getting home to his
family. only to have the plane
crash and the man die. In the
face of the possibility of his
own death as well as the bur»

crashes into an alcoholic haze.
A year later, after rehab. he
realizes he wants to do a favor
for the widow of the deceased.
Enter Abby (Gwyneth Paltrow).
a floundering real estate agent.
Buddy hands her a generous
real estate package and then be
gins to spend time with the
woman. neglecting to tell her
his knowledge of her husband's
death. and starts to fall in one.
Don Roos does a great job
both writing and directing this
film. Both Buddy and Abby are
aided by supporting characters:
office-aide Seth (Johnny Galec-
ki) for Buddy and neighbor
Donna (Caroline Aaron) for
Abby. Seth and Donna act as
the rrrore rational sides of Bud—





Former real life couple Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow play on-screen
den of guilt. Buddy himself lovers In Bounce, the new film from The Opposite of Sex director Dan Roos.

dy and Abby. Abbys children.
Scott and Joey. also add charm
to the moyie. And look for Dirty
[mining ~s Jennifer Grey.

In the film. you see sortie of
l’altrow‘s brilliance. llcr ()scar
doesn‘t lie; she is a great ac
tress. In Bounce. she- becorr‘ies
yulricrable and \yourrdi-d. She is
ready to one again. though.
and does so in a sweet. sincere
ly innocent way. Ilut when she
gets rirad. her sweetness is lost.
She choosos to exhibit her
anger in an emotionally yoid
way that portrays Aliby‘s inner

Affleck Irolds his own quite
nicely against his li':l(ill._§ Iady
lle copes well with the idea that


Unrecognizable Jim Carrey
steals revisionist ‘Grinch’

emotion doesn‘t only come
through dialogue. He shows his
emotions through facial expresv
siorrs. This man also knows
how to cry.

Bonnie is a different kind
of rorirairce. For one. it is actu.
ally yery sad. There is nothing
comedic surrounding the death
of a loved one. Fortunately.
Roos and the characters realize
this and act with respect. It

isn't a lauglr-out-Ioud kind of

rrroyic. Smiles come through
cuteness rather than jokes.

All in all. it is a decent and
entertaining flick. If nothing
else. I’altrow and Allleck are
fun to watch.

Grade: B

(ir'irich being picked on by classmates because
he is green and hairy.

(‘rririch's past they should time made it more be-

:Grinch delivers despite departures ll lllf‘ flillllTlZlkt‘l'S \Vlllllt’d ll) ShfflV lht’

; Bryan Marshall

. It's beginning to feel a lot like (‘hristmas as
' Dr. Seuss‘ Hou' the Grinch Stole (.‘hri'smms hit

i, theaters this past weekend.

This adaptation of the classic children‘s
book stars .Iim (‘arrey as the only person in
Whoyille who does not like Christmas at all.

The film. directed by Ron Howard. adds
many elements to the story not created by Dr.
Seuss in order to make the. film longer.

The plot focuses more on the character of
Cindy Lou Who as she. haying doubts about
Christmas herself. attempts to bring the Grinch
to Whoyille to celebrate the holidays.

The character of Cindy Lou Who is only seen
as the little girl who catches the Grinch stealing
the Christmas tree from her home in the original

Seuss story.

Hollywood also added new elements to the
film that simply seem out of place. dirriirrishirrg

the yalue of the Seuss favorite

The majority of the film attempts to explain
exactly why the Grinch stole Christmas and why

licyable and less cheesy.

The film eyeir incorporates cliche character-
istics of big filrrrs today by including an action
scene that ends with the Grinch diving in slow

motion from an explosion and own a romantic
side story for the beloyed Seuss character,

The wonderful aspects of the film. howeyer‘.

saye the moyie front these insane inclusions.

The rrrain triumph in the film is the perfor»
marrce of Jim Carrey as he absolutely steals the
picture as the Grinch. (‘ar‘rey uses just the right
blend of humor. meanness and sweetness in his
Grinch character. allowing the audience to sym-
pathize and root for him in the end.

(‘arrey‘s amaxirig makeup allows him the
\‘irtue oflooking like the Grinch while still using
his rubbery face to make audiences laugh.

The sets and props of the film. including
\l’lroyille and The Grirrch‘s Lair. are breathtak-
ingly perfect for this fairy tale film as well.

The film is rrot the classic that the book has

become but it is a fun film that. while having
sorrri- adult humor. is still more for kids.

As Dr. Seuss might say... In the end. the film

he is so mean. This brings in a ludicrous back- bit more.
story by using flashback scenes showing a child Grade: B-


Video and DVD

Here’s the best of what’s new this
week, available on Tuesday.


A fallen Roman general turned
gladiator (Russell Crowe) returns to
the Coliseum to seek his revenge. Di-
rected by Ridley Scott.


Usual Suspects director Bryan
Singer brings the famed comic boolr
to lite with a cast that includes
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

Chicken Run

Claymation comedy about a group
of chickens who try to escape from
an egg farm. From the creators of

“Wallace and Gromit."

Price of Glory

Pugilist saga with Jimmy Smits as
the father of three promising boxer

Dirty Pictures

Showtime original movie about the
Robert Maolethorpe exhibit that
caused such a stir in Cincinnati. James
Woods and Craig T. Nelson star.


David Leah's epic winner of seven
Oscars The Bridge on the River Kwai
(1957), Cary Grant in the comedy clas-
sic His Girl Friday (1940), Bing Crosby
tap dancing like nobody’s business in
White Christmas (1954) and Steve
Martin and John Candy road‘tripping
in Plains Trains 5 Automobiles (I987).


is entertaining and definitely not a bore. The
message is still that Christmas means just a little


Russell Crows Dottie: hem dad-






This is not.

Iii f,“ t, .iri iiiilitiiri l\.iii\,"-. Eit'lill l7t')'_lll‘. Ti) bruit

/\t J“ llri\"v 'slll' llil\ Tlll'.l\lllill)ll' lira”: i.".i‘,'r'.

.‘\ii *iiiliiitii iniliy .lnriiilrlii't hr tliir

iv‘.’li .i‘.V.|‘.' lll- r’ i turn i~ :it t:- ' ‘I(

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'Hntory '38 :39 710 4 lion Commons Market


'I N lMeeYtng 710m Baptist Stud rmon ihaoo,
”worms! Alanna Mrg 7m: 7C3 Stud (‘v

'Cimn 'humb Mtg 736 on“ 36 Sud f"
'iihisiSnio om Mtg Born mam {iv
'GodsAnouirod BibieSnim Whom 'i’iruc i."
'Sleoni {Enemies Mtg 7pm 9 Stud f"

'Aiphu Hamlin; 7300!" 35° Stun l"
‘Alphn Phi Omega Pledge Mtg 630w 35¢ Stud (n



‘Unhoriori Unwersolisi Ira-n Bog ninth ' . 30pm Slot! C" "we Court Corner 'oble

'Gotdenlta -rri' nonor'xxiery Mtg born 7313M in

‘UK RUGB‘ Prom: 6Bpm Club Sports ‘Ield

'79! Iron Do (lob Print" hours b 10 Born Alumni Gym .05'
‘Meri : BmAetboll in iodtormlle SI 5pm Curr-mom

'Vlome" r. Basketball r. Miami Ohioi 7am Memorial Iouseum

molt EViNT§

'Winrei ”Ohm AM? "he lion: lam rent ‘10“

— —
roomir T
'Onentdhoo lo! Mummy and Shadowing 349m ‘1 3mm" Bldg “88






'Biology lii’Ipm CrunmmsMortei
‘Spomsh 430 7 30pm (mu Mailer
”law '04 :05 S30 730M “dime Hui.

'A(lU Noting Born iii 3m (tr


‘UK Judo Club 56 309m Alum 0w Luf'

‘UK Alida Club 6 300% UK Alumni Gym loll

'iTmTi merit bIOom (m Morlvandttoggm ‘10“ Wed
‘Chemistry BlOpm Commuter

'Oinner in the Dorms HiIcL lavish Stud On; 6 15m Blazer (our You: More Dining Room
"to“: baritone trench (meat-M Group 4 6pm Blorei Hall Pinata Outing loom
: 'Ul Greens Mtg Rpm 7X Stud Iii



Have a great break .’









‘Volleyboll vs. Marquette 5pm. Ioursville Fr. 24


”Newman (enter Moss 6pm



'Men's Basketball vs Penn State Bpn'i Rupp Arena
'Yollevboll Q lourswlle 7pm
'Women s Basketball 51‘ California

Sat 25

'Ioe Kwon Do Club Practice Hours Ilom I? 30pm Alumni Gym loft






'Sponish, 6-I0pm, Holmes HoII
'Hislory IOB/IO9 6A8 30pm, Holmes Hall
‘History I04/I05 Hpm, Commons Marliet


‘Plii Sigma Pi Mtg, 7pm, 230 Stud (tr

'UK Judo Club. Sipni, Alumni Gym loft
"Women's Baskelbol @ California

'UK Ailrido Club. l-3pm, UK Alumni Gym lob

‘Newmon (enter Mass, 9 am, II 300m. 5pm. and 8 30pm
'Noon Bagel Brundi, Hillel/Jewish Stud Org IZOOprn, Manhattan Bagel on Rithmond Rd

Good Luck Women’s
Basketball at California'


'Moth IOB/l09, b-IOpm, Commons Market 8. Noggin Hull and 7»I0pm Holmes Holl

'Sunday School, Upllnk Campus Ministries. “Sum, Culvory Baptist Church

'Colege Prayer Group Uplinlr Campus Minstnes, 6pm, Calvary Baptist Church s College House
'(ollege Worship Service. Uplinlr Campus Ministries 7pm Calvary Baptist Church 5 Sanctuary Basement
'Study oi Hymns, Uplinlr Campus Ministries, 7pm, (olvory Baptist Church's College House

'Unilorion Universalist Dinner/Dimming 7pm, St Augustine's Episcopal Chapel-Rose SI




Sun 26

Good Luck
Cats vs. Penn









- Redshirt freshman
Jared Lorenzen's
passing yards for the
season, a new NCAA
freshman record.


- Interceptions thrown
by Lorenzen this
season. The redshirt
freshman threw i9
touchdown passes.


» Average yards gained
per play by thre Vols,
5 new UT record. Ui
gained 590 yards on
only 54 plays.

~ Years in a row that
Tennessee has
scored more than 50
pomts against UK.

“It would
be great
to lose
will lose

~Jared Lorenzen.
UK redshirt freshman
quarterback. on his
plans for the ottseason.

game —
we never

~0uentin McCord.
senior wide receiver,
discussing the Cats' dis-
appointing 2-9 season.

have been
a little

-Hal Mumme,
UK coach. explaining the
ineffectiveness of his
detenswe unit.



FLORIDA ................ 7

OREGON ............... I3
OREGON ST ....... ..22

MICHIGAN ...........28
OHIO ST ............... 36

ARKANSAS ...........17

S. CAROLINA ........ l4
CLEMSON ............16

AUBURN ................9
ALABAMA .............. O

MISSISSIPPI ......... l4
GEORGIA .............32

LOUISVILLE .........32
HOUSTON ............. l3


The Kernel’s
salute to UK’s 16
football seniors




limols crush Cats in finale




Sympathy for the Cats: Tennessee wastes no time in
putting the Cats’ miserable season to rest on Rocky Top

By Luke Saiadin


It was ugly

It was embarrassing.

It was also expected.

The l'niyersity of 'l‘ennessee put
I'K's tlisastrotis season to an end Satur
day w ith a 35% Bit mercy killing in