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The Provost Niarshal General ot' the Unitctl States has instrne- l nr·lct·tl when these elaitns will he paitl, 'l‘histlt·pcntls on two contin-
tetl tlte l’rovost Xlarshal oi l{t·ntttclt· rt·ttnirt··l ot` claimants. .\nswt·r. An aflitlttvit tltat the claim-
not," as the full name ot` tlte slave is not given; or that names are nnt has nt-t·t·r given t·olnnt..ry aitl or rtniiiiirt to the reheliion, anti
l'llllll*‘lll¥ll’l*`· This ‘l*‘li`*'l lll Vlillllls $¤‘lll lll- €¤lllFt‘$ U5 l¤llll‘ll lwlt- that ht- will support tht- (io:t·rnint·nt. This afliilarit must he sus-
ble antlas tht- Post tltlitre ailtlress is not ;;ivt·n wt- know not wltt·rt· tnintnl hy- the ;tili,litt·it ot' two rt·spt·t·t;ti,le witnesses setting torth
to write to them. l‘artit~s, i\;;entsantl all others reatlin; this cir- that they Intro ht-en well attinaintetl with the applicant and that
cnlar will please t`urnish us with tlte l’ost  lwllli l»t·iievt· that t·l.titns tor slaves art- as _iust anti we presume will he
tlt>ll<* lllilli will llc te wl mul? Ulillllls V*'¤l*l}' lll I-{U lllfllllc lll¤ "**lllllll`· p ti·l as rt-a lily as other claims against tht- (ioverntnent. Parties
sinners when aplitiintetl. lint initil recently there has lteen ne et'- who litt~.··· tilt·.i t-taint: with as will please l‘tn·nislt front time to
tier ttntliorizing the giving ot` t·ertilit·:itt·s *o owners unless they tint · any- .t l litionztl titets they may have it~arnt··l [;t·ont·t·rnin; the
nppearetl in person anti cstalilisltetl their loyalty. The tint ot` sl_tt—t· gl;tilllt·tl_§ alter liling their t·l;tims_ this may assist tts inlintl-
most slaves leaving their homes without the consent oi` their iiiyiniiiy teh my i·,·_·;n—.l it not {nnnl_ th; ljt··t oi` their giving
owners, hut tcw l{ll()\\' Wltere to apply atlttl il` iltt‘}’ tlitl ill tlili`t·rt·nt natnt-s than thtisr they were kltowtt hy at home.
llltl¤_Y VUSU3 ll l`€'lllll`*?‘l lll*ll`U Oxllcllilf lllilll lllcy “`<‘l`th0rS the ret-tn·tl ot` slaves innsteretl in, particularly in l{entut·l;y. We
or their final papers hatl afterwards to he preparetl to go lict`ore have in in our oflice a record ot` tlte 1Gth U. S. C`. l., organizetl at
_ the commission, from these causes hut tew Jflililllilllli have hcen , tjlnrlisyillo, '[`t_~“n_, gtutl rt ligt ol` ;tll slnvgs onlistotl thoro lroni the .
fitrnishedcertificates. Thehlankspreparetlhy·usf`urnisht·tl to agents ` ist of October lstiit to August 1864. All claims heretofore filed
are not tlepentletl on as the final papers but only to i`itrnish tts with .lAs. l’. Ftaxr. will he prosecuted hy tltis company.
with gneh titcts as to enalile us to iiutl tlte ret‘or·l and itlt‘nlil}’ tlte \\'o lint-e ngt-nts in nearly evt-ry county in the State to whom
slave so as to enalile us to make oitt. tlte final papers lielorc sentl- elaintants are reterretl tor i`urther iniormation or to our oiiice,
ini; them out to claimants lor tlicirsi;;·natnrc, etc. llciiire tlte il- No. l2Z• Jetl`erson Street, between stthantl Sth, with S. lil. BER-
nal papers can he matic out the place ot` muster, numlicr of ltcg- , Xl\lll). J. W. CAlll)\\'ELL & CO.
iniont; nntl Company must he ltnowtt iirtmt Ollltiitll il1li>l'lll1lll0lli   l nm ngont, hir .I_ \\'_ C_titnwl-;t.t, X, Co., antl will attentl to all
linnpc it, will he seen that hut very few Vlillllltlllle lll l{¢lllll*‘ltn elaiinants nttlli- Siimipl giutl gtnte that they only want. the certiliratc of lllll5l.0l',
ing enquiry. lst. Whether provision has hecn tnatle hy Congrcii nntl in all cases giving their Post Oflice atltlress. All communica-
tn ptty snelt claims. To this question we answer, yes, for all loyal Mons ,0 J_ “·_ CA,,,,,,.E,,,, & C0, will be ,,dd,.QsScd to me at this
clrtimmtts in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Marylinitl, llelaiviire ,,i,,,.(._
uml li Pnl-t otmottisinittttntl Virginia, sec See. 2·ttli,¤t·t<>f Ctiiigtrss Thu iingimtgt or the Ptmtist Mttrshttl of the lst, 2tl and 3d
,1,,,,,-(,t·.,tt lrelnatttry 24th, 1864. 2tl. Will sncli elninni lie l·=ii