xt7rn872z80m https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7rn872z80m/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky State University of Kentucky 19141008 Accession number: 2015ua025; other titles include Idea, The Idea; published weekly during the academic year newspapers  English Lexington, Ky.: Idea Syndicate of the State University of Kentucky, 1909-1915. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Idea Lexington (Ky.)--Newspapers. Fayette County (Ky.)--Newspapers. The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 7, No. 4, October 8, 1914 text The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 7, No. 4, October 8, 1914 1914 2015 true xt7rn872z80m section xt7rn872z80m 9 ,‘\d _
. *£ 2s '•· V
. \ g [
, University of Kentucky
I -- .--·-s _;ss*-__-;_-4; __.-s.•t_-1-;,— , 4
P d Mr. A. T. "D•.rt" Bryson, a former Oponlng Enhrtalnmont For Yur 8troIl•r• Will I•gln Important Work Six "No Brooks" Program Will Give Dean W. E. Rowe, ofthe College of
l ntnneht nt Btnt°· 'nn tnnnnen °n lent Prov•• Notablo Social ln Early Fall. All 8•nlor• Chance at "Her." (svn Engineering nt State Uht"*’l`”ltY·
[ Wednesday, Sept. 30th, to Miss Juliet E t is planning to have two members of
v•n . t_... ....
Gaines, of Frankfort. OFFICERS ELECTED , Th tr m , d t td nd the Senior class prepare theses on ll
. e s a s o wo s a  
Mr, Bryson graduated ln both the 1 d It m d ilsth H D, th General Delivery System tor Merogn-
' P
Am, lnd Sc|¤nce ‘nd Collggg of ]_,¤w_ The Phllosophlan Literary Society, -——— s Z W ssduzd n s lws sos b tllc Houses for the City or Lelllngtonf
H9 Wl! qulto well known and [DDUIBP compgged of the women student; of The St|'0ll€|‘8 had lhGll‘ Drst IDGGUDK armory on s ay sven ng' cso er This work wlll rgqulpe a great doo] of
, 16, when the llrst dance of the season,
being n ment" °t the versity bass State University, entertained with a of the YGRT Tuesday, October 6, at th I [ d in b , lnvcsllsation 0¤ th? Daft of the writ-
e n w , v
basl telus, oditorssuschsef of The   l'n§§q\]6]‘8,dQ Ffidjy   gt Patterson `vhksh the election of Officers was   ther; nun ag ances 9 8 en   TS all ofliie merchants of [hg  
d, ‘ th g- tud nt of ceo, _]_ E t B m . ] ted l . ' w iave to inve.tl t d d -
sn numerous 0 e 8 8 Hall, ln honor of the Freshman girls. s sn 0 ns was me sc sms This dance given each year for the s ss s an an ss
He has served his district in the Slllé ident; Miss Rebecca Smith, made b dt { th HK t k, H , tlmhte cf th? DTBSGM cost of delivery
  Legislature and ls at presnut prnctlc- The d°"°° wes °n°n°n by ° mend vice-president; Herald Graham, lltllge lss:] bs [ ds ss;   ss' s ;:s obtained.
s o e es ances o e se n. e
lng law ln Ashland, Ky. march, led by Miss Llla Estes, presl- medeeer, end Frenk Keneddy, eeere_ d k t d du H d tdson t ,, ,,, ,,e,,eved that by hdvmg the cm,
c e s a m n ou an er os
Miss Gaines was a popular and dent of the society, and Miss Christine tary. The election of a business man- $100-,,, s yr t c Wd Oh ln routes Bild one truck for
r . e same s or s s.
R ,* much   sir] in the Univefglty Hopkins. After the march, the V"` age]- was postponed unul the next     3 tl Eg 1 { U each route, thG COSt of d€uV€I‘y  
from 1909 to 1913. KTIGUIUDS Wlth the Y meeting. mss srs sm 0 s X no be l‘€dllC€d about seventy-five per cent,
glnla reel was danced, and the long ,,reeke.. ,r, ,,,e ereerem 0, e,e,,,ee,,
°‘“** °' *°‘°· llrrt or charming rlrlr DICIUTGBQUGIY “*° *"°*""°*** “****°"**°‘* “‘”° "’**’”‘ rl l r ll lll r A ""“"“' “""°‘ ‘”°“"’ "‘"° ‘° "° "“"*
, ances, near y every e ow w ge a
_____,.•.,_..__. tl H kl t th [ {tt Hill} all packages for delivery sent to
· rbed W S th rgtucst sg ht the Old ns Op ns 0 s psy comm ee chance to dance with the especially _
AN     lss ' s s D s for the year, and Miss Smith was ap· dd i I llllh depot. the number of packages
FOR     gymnasium had witnessed ln many a polnted by Mn G,-,h,m_ The commu. gr iis, S h T i dl { sent determining the total expense or
< oo w n’s axop one ro w ur-
GBY. tee as it stands is composed of Mr. Id€llV€"Y-
....._. l l l , th t hl h l’ l—.
` 0 L e h Great ingenuity was shown ln the .B0lll¤8. M1'. Graham. Professor ,l;;;_musc 9 program 0 W C 0 __,_•_,___
Kmsssys 'swsssss ss. mss sr crlllrllrrllrl llrlll rrlllll unl ue and “’°°"°"· Ml" S'“"*‘ ‘""’ M‘“ "°** s I l IHOME E N ’
Maryville by th• lla ¤<=¤r• s' y q inns They will select all reductions ssss°°° °f s“""y`sr°°k s°"°‘ C0 OMIC S
clever effects were the result. Witches, ` p | Cecile, I        
°t N t° °· l C I I b put on by the Strollers this yeas l l’m the Gu Who Paid the Rent for
igyps es, 0 onlal dames, wogg e- ugs The D,_dmd,,c cme we, med charge, d R, V YW, kl , __ —
,and devils mingled in happy disregard of the Hall0we'en ,,,.og,.om_ and do.§‘ rs' D en n °‘ ,Bu•inc•• 8c••ion Followed by Social
MISSISSIPPI A. A, M. NEXT. of pictorial he,.mo,,y_ 8,,,,8 ,0 hud dd edmdtdur d,dh,,,_, Eelvicdtdogdgom Sari. Hour ddd Refruhmddn are
e ———— Games and dancing were the order »,—,,,e ie dede ,,, erder ,0 nee, e dee Y · *
` Another parade was "pulled off" IBM of the evening, and after refreshments e,,·· new meteriel in college prizes Sexteue {mm Lucie s°"V°d•
, _ Th Hl C l' i .
Sarturdly lt     Wh¥ UIC vIT· were 8erved• Prof- E-   Farquhur of not hlconsidgrable yung     9 gh ost 0 Lov ng ·—-———
any but lnlrrrlllr 80 to ll srrm ¤·¤¤¤ · clmr ·¤¤¤¤¤ ·¤¤ ¤*¤·¤¤·¤¤ awarded the successful rrrtrrrrrrr. · °°“"“*“‘“*‘°““· ***6 Home E¤¤¤<>·¤*¤¤ CM-b Mid ¤
b cdddld www mdcdmd was in ddd -,,,8 ,,,1,,, ,0,. the ,,,,,8, 0,.,8,,,,1 ,,0,,. The ,,8, or ded, for wmch any 0,,,,] You re Here and l’m Here. so What] pleasant and prorltable meeting Mon-
3 mmd, ,t wes won by Mme Made mdy ddtdr follows, ,D0 We CMB.   day afternoon in the lecture room on
shape as the count shows and the » Sky Leek Love, de hi d d ,
Becker who portrayed the charlctgr l [ T OOP of {IIB Ed\]C8.[i0D  
game was roplote with long and spec- ’ 1. Dramatic readings (girls only). . , l
idduldr mud of "Alloe in Wonderlgnd," ' 2, Dremeue medeleeuee (mer, Benin the Jenn- lng. This society was organized lggt
dm, h rd rd d b the The erue wee e ,,ee,,,,,,d,y beund (ddd., My Croony Melody. May by the Senior girls of the Home
N Hong e scc ma e Y copy or Mrs, B,_0wd,dg,d ,,S0dde,e 3, Character dodge, Just a Little Love, a Little Kiss. lgconomlcs Dgpg,rtmeut_
Chtn Wu °hlY '°"°n le" thnn mane ,,,0,,, ,,,0, ,,0,,,,, eee., Mme Becker l’m Crying Just For You. Those eligible to membership are
Wllmlngton· the game from su `   4* music nencing * ’ l
tfnthst ·, my add { , W · dn end M,ee E,,ze,,e,,, Becker ded ,0,, 5, Acmbddd {ddd,. lf I Should Meet you Pace to l·`¤c€.,nll girls taking a two or tour-years’
le ctggebzdcs n nn n · ne Y ,, end M,ee Becker wee ,,,e ,er,e,,e,e   6 Sldlgheddhddd tricks mdg,d Il Trovatore. major course in Home Economics. lt
ve · ° ' ` Saxophone Rag. was the reat l f h ld
ooo etc, . g p easure o t e o mem-
" {rhs ssusivnle mlm ::5 a scraps; The committee of judges was com- The concluding numbers wm be el At the Close of R P€l`t€€‘t W8Y· lbcrs to welcome about glxtggn new
ctseu secu dstm°:1’dduthdw;;sr dd posed of Judge Barker. Professor por, ehort pldy Due on by me Serdlmre Medley of PT€€€dl¤S VVRNZQB- lmembers into their mldgt 5i0nday_
s rong no g o sa a a · • ___ l___o c _ _____,______,__ . ,
war df the wddcd, dddddd, quhar, Miss Mary G. Fisher and Miss merely ,0 ..w,,,d up-. ,,,e ereerem, ,,0,, e,,e,r,,,er,, , A SIDCGFB and grateful welcome ad.
S,e,e»e nre, tedebdewd eeme ene,. Bettie H°npe"· in competition. A committee was also appointed to r sj-sss sss gwsn sy ms prssmsss Miss
e ,,,,,,,,,e 0, ,,,ey,,,e_ Meryvme ldeked The tnneqnemne wen nne ef tne The six turns are open to all Uni-\ select and fit up a studio on the cam-islsis Specs This wss sslswsd by sn
0,, ,0 ,,0,,, ,,,,0 ,0,,,,,,00 ,0 ,,,0 ,,,,y_ mm ¤¤l¤v¤¤l¤ °¤t°*'¤*l¤m°¤*¤ mr rerrlry students, llrlrl nre Strollers purl. At lm rllr Strollers are to llrrr. "‘*""’S*‘***‘ ***n‘ °** ***8 *******°*° °*’ ***6
yerd ,,r,e_ meter. ure, eley wee mm given by the gn`l“· and tne nnnn was hope for a large number of contest-la home of their own! Many plans are   sms sy mss Jsssis Ask"' sbs mm
med ddd Pdrk pddtdd, lddyd dropped successful enough to be ample reward e,,,e_ Fer (,,r,,,er ,,,,,,rme,,e,,, er ,,,r, ,,,0,,,,, ,,,,_rr,,,,,,,ed, and ,0,,,, ,,e 0,_gd,,_ how ll was their desire to cultivate
,, edd Bde reeerered me rdeeldr, er, te" the w¤rk nf tne e°mnnttee· entrance registration, participants , ization practically perfected, the Ura- mm? indus: lussls economics Dsse"`
,,,e ,e,,_,,e_rd dee edd T,,,,,e eerded ,, Serving nn the nncnn entnnnttee may see the Hallowe’en committee,,matlc Club will, without doubt, ex-,mss ss sp is sven possible way
I '
ever_ Before the dderter wee up were Miss Christine H°nnine· che"' Miss Bessie Whlte. Miss Natalie, perience a big year—notable for good [0 bulls up ms “en“""‘“"t·
_ men- wlth Mine Inn Dnrnnn end Miss Wood, John Marsh, Herbert Graham, l productions and remarkable progress. All st ms Hsms scsnsmlss [sschsss
0 =w¤¤¤y—¤*¤¤ ¤<>*¤*¤ Md ¤¤¤¤ *0***** ,,,,,,,,,0 W,,0,,_ .,,,0 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - t- r,.r. llrrrlnl with lll., rin. tml atleast
b tl Bl d Whit , t t — l "'W `G "s"`—"__; _`*_`"  M _
up Y 16 UG on G Won Y S X were ,d charge of Mme Judd vdd Aw   one ls present at each meeting.
points were added to the second period tu ,, _ . _ _ .
de]o_ ohai,.mo,,_ with Miss Annie ? Z me a iiiontli this tlub holds a joint
end the hen ended with Stats mu" Hodges and Mies Annie Lewis Whit, E , inceting with the Agricultural Society.
three points to the good. worth, For edc0,_e,,0,,e ,0,,,,,, Made   , I Miss Luila Purnell read the constitu-
ln the thtrd qnnrte" the Tennenneane ,d0d,dd M,c,,0, 00,,,, Mme ,,4,,e,e He,,e,_ lldyi ® I tion so that thc new members might
braced and held the "Cats" to one " ' 'l"·" .
lonesome touchdown mddd dddr md were ,_ee,,°de,,,,e, ,. r id, o B`, O becoinc acquainted with its contents.
’ potted plume end golden ,.od· were A     ,.1»f;>e§`v _  Alter thc meeting a social hour was
and of me quart"` In the ust ssl-md` used attractively, and small tea I {Wt `.F` s `    ·1    held and refrcshnlellts served, Tlllg
though State pulled up and &dd€d tdbldd were dddudrdd down dddh due A 5 _ {  6    nas inuch enjoyed by all. '|`he next
another twenty points, Maryville in 0, md ,0dd hd",   1-* \ V  Illt*t*(llll{, \\'lll(‘ll will bc held Monday
thhl ‘lh¤l‘t°" uhm Put hl) lt $°°d n¥ht ,,.,,0, emeere here men, e,,ree,,,,e   elk  uftcrnoon at 323ll o’l·lock. is being an-
and at one time threatened to score _. . l ,_, , _
plans ln view for the coming year, and l   · wv it t Pnten “nh ln*’*=t¤U*`*’·
but two attempts at drop·klck by 3 _, .,,, ,,,_ _ , , _ _. , ,
P' Henry ,,6,, dhdr, ddd by mdhde ddd the Phllosophlan is looking forward to ·. , le *’ ‘**"*· n tle ¤°¢*°t> ¤l`€·
S, td   ved ’ ° the most suocessbul year ln its history. , s :.._ ` ._ P"e“lne"t· Elsie Sn‘*’*`k-
gtdtdleswirdd eddkddld rd, sd ml Mddy mghldlddd drddmmd ded bend .   _ ` @ \’l('t‘-l'l`t’>lid8ll[, Julia Van Arsdllll.
1 e n - * . l   _ _ _ ._
s prepared. and new members will tind ~  0 r ’r-•,, _ .-·· ‘ `~ ll(‘¢l>lllt*!`, Lois Bartlett
ly at will through the Southernor's 3 #» ~_ _; . __ _ _, . ,
the literary society one of the most ·—  , ,,,. "‘ ·. “"*""*"*· Lnlnn '*n`n*`n·
and its work against real teams, such ddjdydbld fddmrdd in Umvdrdny ldd , w [  — l ,,,,,,0, J,_00,e deed,
w ` s` ZL; , * I st s 4
**“ M*”’l””*l*l’* *· & M·· s“'”****°· (ll"' _, 0 ~ ·*‘f -/»__   .-\SSlSl&Illl ndllor, lllllilel·llll· Mll(‘ll6ll.
clnnatl and University of Tennessee ·m,,,,.e wee e |.·,.,,,,h,,,,,,,, o,,o,,_ ,   , _  
will ne wntcnen with internet ` Whose name was Wllllv Beard. l   .  A , Louisville Club will meet in chapel
e"“t°h°" “'“ n“n ln the “““‘*’ “*, He once hud u wondrous pomp. , ‘;_ _   S T  ®g |Thu··•¤lay. 0m¤•r 8, at noon. eur-
“_TFriI.ima‘El*l5.;;.J"siiitl`i"l ***·* Mw *¤‘· ·**~·¤¤···*·*·** I ` l ‘ •·¤·· ·>· <>·•·¤•l·-
` *\ •

 2 T H E I D E A • I •
Symphonic Orchestra Exclusive Mutual and Universal Program of Moving Pictures (lo Where the G0’s Go. I
”°°‘ IHE ORPHEUM IHEA I RE “"""'°"“‘
Me At Admission l0c
FIROT-CLAS! IN EVERY APPOINTMENT J. H. STAMPER. Jr., Owner and Mena er. OPEN 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. I
4 to 4. 4 9 4 te 4 ·|» Q •|» ·|• 0 O 0 O sl.oul Hound of Anoth0r's Hell, beavcs SMH Fl°|d’ sawrd°y' 3'OO O°|°°k’ last Monday night as usual, with to mum., your laundry bm
EVA TANGUAY. ._ .. . A -»-— _ 1 '
l s No Rest. from an essay of (»0l<>ll+‘l I 1.,,,, F,.,,,,hnm" f,,,,tb,,II ,,,,,,m_ ,,IhI,.h Inesldont Morris presiding. After the; Soph. —l.et me congratulate you on
(im. or tho most Important events Nmvhm the Bl-mah amhm-’ to mm`? at   has been working out daily under thc gnvcl soumled for order, business be I b€l**8 i0l‘ll|¤¤i0 enough t0 secure a
I , 1 · I `
... ...t· young t..t..t.1.-.1 ..t.....t... ls t..» I"‘ 'I'*”“"  ""“H*""“'*""· "‘”"’:’"';;‘:':"I..1rt·t-.1.... of vm:. .1. ... ·.·.g.-.., ....1 ,,,,,, ,,,. ,.,,.,.,,,,,, ,, ,,,.,.,,,,,,,y_ ,, ,,,.,_,.·erm¤¤<»nt Joh. -<...1nt.r..1a Pelican,
announcement of the coming of "'l`hel l ; TT`! uk; 1··  }?r;·9I':U“ “T|;‘k:"*i   nncot the- strong Manual Trnlnlng Illnl. w_um_ut_m_mS` um, hmrmg my mp0rmI 
madcap comedlenne" Eva Tanguay, lnlnm N mm H " N ° A ’ IScI.ooI tcnm, of lxinlsxllle, 011 Stoll I I
a new farce with songs, "Mlss Tobas— which MIB wml an uumimodprn   Field, Saturday aI‘1er..oon, Ot·t..h.~r I0, UI me dmpwm mmmmewi
mn at the Hen Au Friday and S“m__ phase of Russian llfe." .,.h‘_ .Vm_,m`, Num wm nm may on Il<·porI of thc coinmlltcc which had
day. and Saturday matinee. This In H"` mst of Nrhp lenuw lmpkm this date, and the Freslinien will hold *’*‘*'*l ¤*l’l’•’***l'**l lll **•‘****’l *lll*‘*l lv 80**
piece has been the reigning sensation an Such wewknmm names as MI" the- center of interest. crn the- house was accepted by the so-I H   I S
W O · d F I ·, W . .
of most of the prominent European `1 at"? I;;d‘lE(;:°r H (Q1? Ma:] 'Ihe Louisville team will match up ,..9,,. to mk,} effec, at 0nc,._ The rules ` '
~ I ` 4 ` W' , l SB 1
capitals during the past season. lt ls I (`::):;°;;m Jagv vmrde Holton pretty evenly ln weight wlth th.- stat;. mpnrmd and accepted were {MRI are fast in color
from the pens or Janatt Horst and Ar- ' ‘ · ‘ l>o>·>·. uml the semc will vrelielily l>·· d df ‘
. ..dopte¤dYI   up. I
"The Blue Mouse." Miss Tanguay's *‘; when they end the season here with l and has taken on the dignity which,
I _, .. .. I » Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc. Makers
name ls certainly one to conjure wlth.I l’0l88ll & Perlmlltter an uD-t0- I the Freshmen team of the Ilniversltr ,,,.,.,,,,,,m."y b(.I0,,g,, to E body of th,_tI
u ,  
It ls a veritable box ottloe magnet than date garment ln three pieces. made I or Tennessee. ' (_hmacm_·
has never {aged to attract thegtralfrom material in the famous Snturdayl The probable lim--up of tho Fresh-; “r H T nuumme a member Of}   J D  
I . . . . , O O I
goers, and in consequence [hg|•@()f_ ghg‘ l*:\'PIllIlK Post BIOHES of MODtBKU€ m€I1 will bél ' EYE EAR NOSE and THROAT
ig the most, imitated gctrggg in th9;(ll8.FS," Bhd ])l‘PS8lli.0d by MRYIBKQT A. T. S. H8yd0ll ............ . ...... L. E. I uw mst Legislature in this State' was ’ QPECIALIST I
world, I-lor very name inspires new I H. Woods, Wlll come to the Bell All Hickerson ..................... L. T. _"*""*»*`** Sveeker of the **0**59 and lm' Glneee Ground to Order. 4* "
me, jgujty, happiness, and good gel.   Wednesday and Thursday. and Thurs- Simpson ....................... L. G. mediately took up his duties. He was! M°c*°"*"°d ¤**lld**`*9·
lowshlp. She has interpolated fifteen I dey matinee. direct from its secondl Dempsey _________,_______________ (;_ the popular choice of an the m8mbersI °ll`l¢¢ l’h¤¤• TEX Reeldence 73t)t .
musical numbers, all of which were I l’e¤l"S Pull Bl the Cohan Theatre. New   Spalding ....................... R. G. rpgurdless of politics and his service
Wyman by John Ford, and carries he.- York City. This is the play that creat- Serber ........................ R. T. _
_ ` lor the evening proved that he wasl
own special orchestra of tlfteen mus.- I Pd the Sellsetlofl 0f the Season by its I l . Hayden ..................... R. E. I ‘
c|gng_ The company gurrgunding the 0\’0l"Wll9ll`I‘llllg and lml1l€dlBl.0 SUCCESS. I (}I‘&bf9ld€l‘ Ol` S0l(* ............. R. H. the man for the place' and E muster 0fI
star are all actors ot Metropolitan rep- 4 N0 more remarkable and Substantial l Britton ........................ F. B. of Such ¤ Of the l¤¢¤¤>¤t l¤ their w¤rl°€l¤l¤¤ W"' be held- A °°mm**·I   21;** l;"‘i‘::'*g ;” Il':   ‘"h::;   Bicycles and Repairs, Pennants and Posters, l
‘ ‘ tee, composed of Leo J, Sandmann, L. " · K °" ** Y S v · ,
  J_ ammo", and E_ E_ Taylor was up Tuesday evening in the Mining lluild I fishing Tatkle ,
Klnkead (.:03,1 Co, pointed, who will have the entertain- *"“· '*`*'“ """"“’*"l* *’*""**"“ “"“*‘* I   Special Prices on Gymnasium Equipment, Eastman Kodak; ` I l
· • • ment in charge. They will be assisted *“*°"""l: I l I and Sllpplicl. Toy!. '
Anthracltc and Bltumln0u§ in their arrangements by Miss Mar—I w· Hr N""*· l)""”*‘l“'*'·   I F
CQALS ,,,,6,,,,, 1,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,, ,,,,,, J,,,,,,,, B_ S. J. cancun. v1t—t»I·resl¤e¤»t. II I l46-l48 WEST MAIN ST. LEXINGTON, KY. "
_ Lycul <‘hristopher }•lyl, Secretary and ‘
Lexin ton - Kentuck I I . ·I
g ’ tee —e ————ryI All (`¤lll0ll*‘ =·li¤d€¤l¤ of the l'¤l·.‘"*“"“""`· I _;_QQ;"`.._.-.`; 
W. S.   ,.0c°pu0D_ S. J. t‘audill a1.d Mr. ll. t‘. 'Fhoinpson '_'_-  
_ I _______n_ about their experiences Ln the coul     & IMI   f
The Sanltary Grocer I Last year over $11,000 was spent tields last Sllllllllvl`. l I `Fl
Phone   ·   to support athletics at Ohio \\'esleyull M.-, Thomas Robinson, of the ’14  
Cor. 8. Limestone and Vlrglma Ave. lllll’el`Sll>’. class, was at the society meeting. He ,·
.;..—.......—....-.—-- I ·—‘*—·*•*· *··~· _has been employed as mine l°OI`t+llllillI °
I THE SHIRKER ALWAYS l by the Ilarby Coal t‘o., or Darby, Va.,l Incorporatde.
clearung PI-°··Ing’ Anerlng   A     I \\'llt*l‘¢‘, >illl('t: lllli |l,l'u,dUl.|.IiUH, ll\9 llU$l `
**El’***l*NG ' H ld A r I increased the output of tho inline frolll? I  
I "nc wor owes no man any more _ • • ·
..,000 tons to over 6,000 tolls. Mr. Rub-I I h R h N I   S l
I l I I i .? I g  
W. H,   fwan IB wu {ugly tries to put mw t Iinson`s excellent record .•.ttrncted thc! e 1 t O    
` ***" *'***** ***0 $*’“*‘*** lv sel ***0** °***I ,,,,0,,,,,),, of HH, North |·,,,, wml (·,_, I  
• 9 ' I f I X _ ‘ " ‘ '* I
Ladies Work d I°m’*f"H‘*;:*" hr; ’“ *"”“*’“‘* “’ *’"‘ l" ,..... ·.·.,... 1..... .....4. ...11..1 tt. .x....1.».· to .
Specialty -I" “ ‘ “"‘“ ’· °“"‘"”‘*’ "‘“* ““”"' ....t.- .-.....·t· ...· .. I .· ..1.-..- .......... I
tt. ....1.. ....0.. t... ..........- tt t....t·.., u_H__, ` "' " ' (70l.l.E(il·} W()RK A SPE(}lAL'l‘Y
Club R8t€S, 5S\IltS   {but on the tlnal reckoning he will l __r___i_ _ ____ I
to. s. om. .=...... tm-x I·‘~···~ ~*····‘l *·· l·l=· ¤··¢<>¤··¤~t **·*¤~·" Call and get acquainted I24-128 North Limestone Lexington, Ky. '
•_ I Itliink about lt. eltellector. with 0ur advertisers. I '

 I wi,
1f g
° EI 'I` H E I D E A 3
  Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q of Q Q Q Q Q' t1•·st1l11g naborntory ol' the- tTlvll Engl- 1-. ····11 1l1·~ s1..•·· I·l’¢:.l1l1lt·ll uml l,¤·xi11;;-  ·l•-nt att ll:·org•·town College at that Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q
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Iilll lw ··l.I<·l•·Z\llI`I1llI()II llI|`Ull);lI ther vo¤11‘l•·sy1S\m |v.'_mH4iSm U(_wbm_ 24. ` D  ,N I   I
` ' I"rII$'I‘~ U<·toI»or ]6· 'I`I¤*I r"mm“d€'r|(`ur0Iinu, for an IllI.8l`·('l)Ilf·‘gIU.l.H debate   l`r1~si1I¢:nt Ed. A. Tipton. The Mtll- Thu mary H $1 mm to $2000 at y‘_Au_`
I or UI" lrogrmn WIII <*·>l¤•·¤`. lII‘¤¥‘>I 8 3-m- UI 8 D·¤\· Ph€¤€ 8M·X
· · Y |’l‘<1l' li l·` I"l|l'l{llll8,K` of the- Depart ."'* ""'“" m Iiourlwri I UUIIU'- $¢+V*‘¤‘ulI
the Illll‘S ol biology and natural his- Judgt. L)-mlm (·ha[k1(.y' {mmm] a_.·..l,1y · · · t I 1 r _ l _ _' _ Y » ··———-·——··
- . . 111• 11t of l~L11glisl1 has been requested I···I···r MUUQUIS ol btate Unhersity ?•
""Y *‘r*` “"“*’d to b€"°m*` members or to the challenge uml .l.ow1·1l the effects of the- hard game ut State, amiiuonces that urr21n1;en1e11ts o11 'l`l1urst,1i1·11l school, at Louisville, und o11 Ucto— Saturday'-        
Stow, while the T, U. huskles kicked, to be held Ovtober 31, on Stoll Field. Q bor l•; ho will address a. conventionl -—-—·— _ 1 311 W nl . Su I
· passed and ran with the ball and{'l`ho meet is only for the students of   o1` several counties ut Springfield. I bumrday €V€¤l¤S U19 Hiarftage of •
scored almost at will. The report ls: this llnlversity who have not made-. -—-~ 1MlS° mm K' Pmmr to Ml" ”“Ig'“1 The Sr“d°nr· Ph°t°”.Ph“
1 I " · " · ‘ t ) A ' I ' H ° I » .
that T. U- wm have mp best mum ` plums on mw of me .VmSm1 mamS·1 .lr. Roy H. Ill0Illd“l, of the class 0f1ll1elp~1 tyreen, ofLh1tag0, will be tele R
~ 1 •¤•‘! o- · s · 3 —. . ‘ · *"“"`  `~*· ‘*
that has represented the University This new fealiiro has aroused consid-? l' "' nmdumpd from um depdrtmemgbldted dt the home Ot Mr' and MrS‘IBenkart A Fotech, Proprlctorl
' ' r · u ` , ' " ) * · .
for several seasons past. erahle interest among the students. lm mrwrb who rds mst ytar a popu j( ‘ b' [Omen On Last Maxwell Stmehl
  _“ Qlur ond successful teacher in the I·`ul·1 Miss Porter is a. very popular und'      
ll, .vol Davies, business agent 0I` the }.·mSmmm ut ·l~.-m,,.y1va,,iu [1mv€.·..to11 High School, is now instructor in 1 attractive State University girl, grad- my South L""••t°n• ggnn
l'11ive-rslty, arrived in Lexington last sity will wear green caps this y€u.·|l1istory and economies in the Shenan- uating in 1913 and taking the master's OPP°‘“° r::xr;?T"K;•°t°' ¤'°°k
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Wednesday from Washington, D. C., 1,-, a(.(·(,rdam.€ gyith the dismiss of thgidoah Military Academy, 1n \\1nches- degree in 1914. Several parties on
, FIR - A W AR D
where he held a conference with Pres- S,,mO,.S_ The Seniors \vil mu-ry canes | ter, Va. this weeks calendar for her: Miss  
ident \Voodrow Wilson in regard to and ..4.,,,- mollwlgs as H mark of Crawl + + + _;__;_+ + it + Muyme Taylor entertained with al Meet Me After the Game ll
V ‘ the coal 111lners' strike in C0l0rad0.|.;1,,tm(-u0n_   + linen shower Thursday afternooml M  
The <·ommisslon for medlatlon of thel _-_._       + + +I Miss Elizabeth Rodes, Wednesday af- C
strike is composed of Mr. Davies and A School of Journalism l1u.s been es· I + °l° °r° °·° + °'°;|° °'° °r °'° + * °|' ,,.ruU(m; Miss Dome };m_ume_ Thu,-S. when ·u il wan md CWD.
\\’. ll. l•`uirley. They have for their tubllslwd ut the l’lll\'€l`>iIl)' of Mon-}\-EXINGTON AFTER day evening; Friday evening. Miss
. secretory H. B. Davies, the son of tant, ut Missoula, Mont., the purpose] FEDERAL COURT }>0pw;· wm bg at h0m9_ {Hot CEOCOIIIO, Clhdy llld [GG
Hywel Davies, who is now in Denver, and course of study of which ure sim-{ .;—..•...—..- 1
(‘ol0rudo, with Mr. Falrley, where they ilar to those of the recently estab-I Mpmbum of E18 Law I)el,m·tm€m NEWS OF THE OLD GIRLS‘  
ure trying to bring about u peaceful lished School of Jouriiulisin at tl1e;m._, quite imt1r(,S“,d in me QHONS to Miss Sue Mg-fhews 114, is in the OF;
· · ·· · ·· W I Ot on
S.·mgmgm_ University ot kentucky. Alhe mtu olltyublisll at l,·l.d€ml Coun in bcxiug. me of Dean Miller of me Arts and • . a,
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