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A Publication of the Lexington Gay Services Organization Volume 31 Number 10
3.. , GLSO Variety Show
' 'A ii , . . On Wednesday, October 14 there
‘ -“r \f’ fl, ; (Tl (I’ll ' 3:6 will be a fabulous variety show at The
7:353 OW V , Bar to benefit GLSO. “That 70’s Bene-
'r“':1.' .\.\‘\C fl, . I . ’ fit Show” will feature talented mem—
L; §\ I - i’ , f , bers of our community in skits, dance,
(fix _, ”<33 _. ‘ fl... r, ' g 3 singing and more. Admission is $6 at
“I”;- ", 3% ' _ Y. the door, $9 preferred seating. Doors
1:. .1} 7» ‘S I“ ”u open at 8 pm, show starts at 9 pm.
- - ,r ' aw“ :3}; Performances will include many of
7 _ ‘ r“ _ V V your favorite entertainers from last
“I. " year as well as some new additions.
' Swin our artner round d Numbers include: The Rocky Horror
round iky her I; and throw her Picture Show, The Village People, The
d ’ TPh GLSO P D . Weather Girls, Donny and Marie, the
own. . e presents ancmg Brady Bunch, The Roller Girls of Cen—
The Night Away! on Friday, October tr al KY and a s ecial tribute to Mi—
2nd, 8pm to 11pm at The Sheraton chael Jackson P
Four Points Hotel, 1938 Stanton Way Performers include LaToya Ba-
(JHSt Off“: Newtown?. . . Call, Burley Thomas, Mary West,
The evening Will begin With the Alana and Bobbie Kenneth J- Squires
delectable DJ Pork Chop SP inning Hunter Hayes Eden Towers Natalie
everyone’s favorite dance tunes from Gaye, Keith (21,.k.a. Sasha Grain), Josh
the 7,0 s to. the Pfisem.‘ DJ Pork Pack, Nicole Diamond, Sundae DeLa—
Chop s set Will tranSition into a mini— rou e Jennifer Grant The KY River
Female Impersonation show as Ms. Quegefis The Wildcat; Clo ers and
Robbie Bartlett prepares to woo us ’ gg
with her heartfelt crooning that more.
soothes the mind and stirs the soul. if" W’ w~ ~ —
There is a $15 cover charge and a ‘ S-onsor 0f the Month
cash bar. Refreshments will be pro—
vided. We will have a basket of rain— ‘
bow glass art made by local artisans 1
and gay allies Judy St Charles Phur— EXI N TON ‘
rough to raflle off. We will also be hav— 1 , 3
ing a 50/50 raffle. Please come out for i l l
a full night of entertainment and help i .
support The GLSO Pride Center/at the ‘ f O l r n e S S
same time! i

 , 2:: ,- GAY Imperial Court of KY
2, and The Laramie Droiect
«by Lesbian Th Jloin the Sou-rt fol: it];I prodigifin of
V - e aramie to ca, cises man
seTWCTS and members of the Teciionic Theatre Pro-
Orgamzatlon ject. This play that features the thoughts
and opinions of many of the residents of
Incorporated as Laramie following the murder of Matthew
The Gay Services Organization Shepard. It will be at:
P. O. Box 1172 Lex., KY 40588 Natasha’s Bistro Oct. 4 - 3pm 8: 7pm
EKU Oct. 9 - 7pm
WWW-glso.org Univ. ofKY Oct 16 - 7:30pm
Morehead State Univ. Oct. 17— 7pm
Gltso New At Natasha’s and UK, the cost for
Volume 31 NO. 10 non-students will be $10. Students can
attend the UK performance for $5. The
News Editors and Staff net proceeds will benefit the Matthew
Mary Crone, Jackie Cobern, Shepard Foundation and the charities of
Ginger Moore-Minder, the Comb. f D kn
Marc Blevins, Judy Sutter, 1“] 0 ar ess
Karen Taylor, Sarah Phillips The Diva of Darkness Pageant will be
David Spencer and at Pulse Nightlife on Wed., Oct 28. Door
, ’ ’ opens at 8:30 and the pageant starts at
Benn/S Wheat/e}, 9:30. A $5 donation is asked at the door.
mr Net proceeds will benefit the charities of
Bill Chandler the cm“
859-253-3233 YARQ §Mfi
GLSO is having a Fall Yard Sale on
GLSO BOARD Oct. 9, 10, and 11. It will be open from
. . 8am to 3pm each day. Location: 3559
Prii'bnrhsazvggflihesyhiggflgg:t Lansdowrie Dig-Lexington 405.17. We are
Jane Minder Secretary ' collecting donations at the Pride Center.
Ginger Moore-nilinder Treas Please call the Center at 859—253-3233 to
’ ' arrange for pick up of large items, to drop
”haw, (‘fmnel GSA items off, or to volunteer on the day of the
Virginia Morman 83h
Jackie Cobern
Mark Johnson Newsletter Team
Jessica Sucik We are looking for people to join the
David Spencer GLSO Newsletter Team. You don’t have to
Samantha James be a professional. We only ask you have a
desire to see the Newsletter excel at report—
Next meeting 0011-3, ing the news and reaching the GLBTQ
7pm at the Pride Center. community.
Page 2

 00mmunitv news
Who Loves Ya Maskenfilaéy
By Karen Taylor TransKentucky is a support, so—
cial, and resource group serving Lex—
I’m assuming there are others out ington and the state of Kentucky as a
there like myself who have pondered the whole. The group proVides a safe place
question from time to time, “Is God for transgender deVIdha-ls and people
really ok with my being gay?” This is who feel they do not fit into the stan-
the first in a series of articles on that dard gender norms to express their true
topic. I’ve wanted for some time now to selves. . . .
start this dialogue and am looking for— \While the group ‘5 h°t therapeutic
ward to hearing from many ofyou. in nature, there are many resources and
Let me start by sharing a little individuals that can provide help with
about myself. I am 54, divorced, with 2 advice and insights from their .OWh
grown sons, and have been with my life “hl‘lhe experiences. Family and friends
partner, Lisa, for over 5 years now. are invited and encouraged to attend
I was married to the father of my meetings to gain understanding and he
sons for 24 years. I didn’t believe you supportive 0f theh' loved ”hes: We also
could be gay and Christian. Plus, mar- welcome supportive community mem—
riage was forever. I became a Christian bers Who have an interest in issues aris—
at age 15, and have participated in sev— ihg due to gender presentation, iden-
eral churches including Baptist, Meth— tity, and variance.
odist, and Assembly of God, as well as TransKentucky meets on the fit“
non—denominational churches. Saturday 0f each month at 7:30pm,
Then, through a series of events, I doors open at 7pm. We include cross
realized my marriage was never meant dressers, transsexuals, gender queers,
to be and that there are times when di- intersexuals, and others who do not fit
vorce is not only the best thing but the the standard gender norms 01' who are
right thing for all people involved. questioning the“ gender. Meetings are
During that time period when I was free and you may dress however you
becoming aware of this, I was attending feel comfortable. For information con—
an “ex-gay ministry” for help and sup— tact TransKentucky@gmail.com or call
port. Ironically, that is where I met the 859‘963‘6606'
woman I plan on spending the rest of
my life With- Inside this Newsletter
Back to the question, “Is God really . ' . .
ok with my being gay?” Lisa and I Pride Center Activities pageG
struggled with that for about a year be— Lexington Fairness page 8
fore we came to, the conclusion that He Terry Mullins Retires........page 10
was. Starting With the next issue, I plan
to discuss some of the “key” verses used Trans Study ..................page 13
JustFund Pictures ...........page 14
Continued on next page
Page 3

 Who Loves Ya ...continued
. . . Esperanto Class
against us. I would also like to include F . . .
. ormlng m Lexnlgton
comments from you. You can send your
comments and questions to lexington— Ever want to learn a foreign lan-
glso@yahoo.com. I’m looking forward to guage, but time constraints or lack of
some great conversations as I pray God’s resources prevented you? Then, join
Love, Peace, and Joy for each of you. this upcoming Esperanto class.
Esperanto is five to ten times faster
Sistct‘souflb to learn than a naturally "evolved" lan—
. f , h
SisterSound invites all women to guage Just or starters t ere are no
, , irregular verbs and an absolutely pho—
loin us for our new season. We are a netic writin stem
non—audition chorus. Rehearsals are at 6 g sy ' .
. The vocabulary is mostly from
pm at the Episcopal Church of the Res- .
, , . western European languages, espeCially
urrection, 3220 Lexmgton Rd, Nicholas- . .
. . . . French and Italian, although people in
Ville (on NicholasVille Rd, 5 minutes . .
non-Western countries also find it easy
from Fayette Rd, on the left).
, . . to learn. In use for more than 100
For information, contact Patti years Esperanto has grown by leaps
Owens 859-806-0243 and bounds since the advent of the
Internet, and there is a very large
Bluegrass Women’s Network GLBT presence in the Esperanto com—
The Bluegrass Women's Network is munity.
a social group for women who identify The language comes with its own
as lesbian. Membership is free and there community of very diversity—friendly
are no obligations. We use a Yahoo people around the world, and is espe—
group website to announce and coordi— cially strong in China, Finland, Hun-
nate our events; it's not a chat group. If gory, and Brazil. For more info on
you don't have access to a computer, Esperanto, go to: www.csperanto.org
that's ok, we also have a phone list. and http://www.esperanto-usa.org/
Members plan a variety of activities For info on the upcoming course,
such as potluck dinners, plays, movies, e mail P at r i ck Bu ck at
parties, card games and whatever else plbuck@earthlink.net or call him at
we manage to dream up! Members 268—1640. Feel free to join the list
choose those activities that are appeal- where class announcements will be
ing to them. Our goal is to enrich 0111‘ posted:http://groups.yahoo.com/
lives With great friendships and memo- group/LexKyEsperanto. Tentative
ries of good times spent together. plans are for ten one—hour meetings
To announce events and share in- this fall over a ten—week period. There
formation, the Bluegrass Women's NCt' will be no charge for materials, and you
work has a private/hidden Yahoo group are very welcome to join in!
website. It is not listed in the Yahoo
Directory, and can only be accessed by Interweave
group members. If you are interested in . .
'oinin o to htt -l/ on s ahoo com/ Interweave, a group for Unitarian
J g g P. gr P .Y ' GLBTQ people and Allies, invites eve-
. . . . ryone to a monthly potluck after
and apply to Jain. FaCilitators are h h S d O t 18
Debby Hemstock and Lynn Matlock. c urc on un ay, c ' °
Page 4

 f a i r ne 5
1 E"u1"E‘-l";$Ol”l€. remember leober is
Naliohol Coming CM lwlczhlh.
We are D proud sponsor of The
Z (ELSE) r'le.~'».~'sleller
' Be sure To come wish us; ca h
2 FridG";.vi. Now-ember EOlh ml The
: DDWFITDWD Leximglo h Hotel for
j “Judy’s Old Fashion Holldaw ‘hu
e o gow Thehksglwlhg CEIEPDI'ClilGfl for
2 The whale CC) mmunllw.
For ewerll details, please wlall
- w'~.u'.«w.".lamlmrg

 P ride Cen t
Office Hours ID to 3 m 339 W" AVE- Phone 859 253-3233
What Happens Here Buddhist Discussion Group
The GLSO Pride Center is a wel- A Buddhist Discussion Group will
coming Space Where any organization meet at the Pride Center on Saturday,
in the community can hold meetings Oct. 17 from 3 to 4:30. You do not
or events. In August, about 20 meet— have to be Buddhist to attend. In fact,
ings were held at the Center. We have we plan to talk about some of the small
found this to be quite a bit higher steps Buddhism has taught us that can
than other LGBT Centers of compara— make your life easier.
ble size. We plan to include practical topics
We sponsor a number of support/ such as how to improve your communi—
social groups that meet here including cation with others. In November we are
some listed on this page. These groups planning to show a film featuring Pema
welcome individuals who are coming Choden. For more info, contact Jackie
out, looking for new friends, or need— at jcobern@live.com or 859—402-4911
ing a place to socialize outside the 01‘ Mary at 859-266—5904 or mary—
bars. We also have people attend that crone@insightbb.com
just love hanging out with others in
this space. There is a lot of laughter, LCX. LyOIlS Levi & Leather Clllb
love, and support here.
We also house the Pride Library, Monday, OCt' 12 at 7 pm
welcome visitors, and provide infor— Pride Center,
mation to callers. Please drop by, at- 389 Waller Ave., 5116.100
tend one of the groups, or plan an
event here. A movie night or games ,,
night would be great '3.“Keep the love you find.
_ - " Get the love you want!”
InSIght Group .4
Friday, October 2 at 7 pm . .
Pot Luck and a Movie Jessma Bolllnger LCSW .
pride Center, 389 Wane, Ave_ Imago Relationship Theraplst
Dana is looking for someone willing to BVIDRTraurnaWork
organize an Insight get- together on the Couples. Farily, INleiduai
third Friday night of the month. Con— ' imagooonnectionmm @6533
tact him at 859—230-2428.
DIICUII ION GROUP Festival Logo Contest
Every Wednesday at 7pm
Pride Center 389 Waller, Ste. 100 see Page 15
All Are Welcolne
Page 6

 ‘ F
70‘s»: V I ty Show
V‘ ' :r Performance Num-
. ' 1 i "l hers:
« . - .x
Special Tribute to . M V l i ) w‘.‘ , ‘
The King of P0P _ ,\:; fd““\L/,¢J ”'l he Weather (iirls
.. ‘ ‘ . ‘ .. v \ fl , IF" production

lVllLlldLl Jackson. . ‘12,le Rock) Hum"

3. Picture Slum
. *The Village People

,, I, i _, q N , . "Sonny & (‘her

tflfllllillm ”3E ifilmllh 133' ""l)onn) & Marie
'l'he Brad) Bunch
.. Je 'f G t _ *Tlie Roller (Sirls of

V nm er ran .
4‘2. 73%: V 33%;; :‘f p ,.
.5. . film
minessww ’ e
efiflgxa§a«= atmfimii $95-63
Page 7

 I’m COMTHS Out agreed that the late Harvey Milk said
Lexington Fairness 1‘ hes“ ,
“I ask my gay Sisters and brothers
The moments when you tOld your to make the commitment to fight. For
family, friends, co-Workers or strangers themselves, for their freedom, for their
that you were a member of the LGBT country We will not win our rights
community are Still ViVid in your by staying quietly in our closets We
mind. are coming out to fight the lies, the
You were sitting in a living room, myths, the distortions. We are coming
around a kitchen table or standing out to tell the truths about gays, for I
against awall. am tired of the conspiracy of silence,
It was the holidays, a cruel sun so I'm going to talk about it. And I
met, a dark and stormy night or a crisp want you to talk about it. You must
fall evening. come out. Come out to your parents,
There was laughter, tears, shock or your relatives.”
awkward silence. It’s easier to be who you are in

They were supportive, confused, the let century because there were
empathetic, apathetic, llll-l't, 01‘ glad millions of men and women who had
you finally figured it out. the courage to stand up for themselves

Sharing these stories With anyone, and their rights. In a time when being
whether they were happy or sad, can be gay was illegal, one—by-one they left
therapeutic, entertaining and - most ‘ the proverbial closet, challenging the
importantly - empowering. status quo alone and on their terms.

Carrying the burden of the secret, They weren’t all like Harvey
you feel as if the weight of the world Milk, Most of them are not the subject
rests solely on your shoulders. But the of books or documentaries, but all are
first time you tell someone you’re gay heroes. Their awe-inspiring strength is
or transgender, it’s freeing. You lose the reason our nation is having an
the fear and accept yourself a little open debate about gay marriage, do—
more each time the words leave your mestic partner benefits, and adoption
lips. policies.

But coming out is not just about The legacy they left behind is the
making yourself feel better. It is part of motivation behind National Coming
something bigger. The riots at the Out Day, which is on October 11th
Stonewall Inn in New York City were every year. The day calls attention to —
the start of the modern gay rights and creates a public dialogue about —
movement but the LGBT battle for LGBT issues. It also encourages those
acceptance spans centuries. When a who are still “in the closet” to take a
person decides to no longer hide a part step outside... and it challenges all of
of himself from the world, it defies us to stand up and be counted for
conventional wisdom and takes every who we are and not for what others
LGBT person one step closer to equal— want us to be.
ity. October 11th will no doubt stir

For a long time, people hated gays up memories of telling people a little
because that’s what they were taught. something personal about yourself. If
Then, they got to know one Of 115 and you don’t have any stories to share,
their attitudes changed. It’s probably consider this

continued. on page. 10
Page 8

 -~ - 4 Pr°5°mS--- "~ «g ' I’gé”
_ “ar/ . lid“! 4;,
3% ' . ’ ' . .. 32%,; f
. .5 1.3.“: "fl . . \ Lg“
~ ~-.. ”4-15,. we" , 4' 347' ‘
“ ~ “ ~ <~ shew-'2 1 a“. .'
For more info contact emperorzskyQ live.com
Page 9

 Terry Mullins Retires board, Vice President of Ebony Male,
Chaired the Pride Committee for sev—
After over sixteen years of service to eral years, and sat on the state Commu—
GLSO, Terry Mullins has retired from nity Planning Group for AIDS Preven-
our Board of Directors. We are tremen- tion for a number of years.
dously thankful for his work with Terry won the Wasson Award in
GLSO and the community. Terry 1998, a community award given at the
joined the board in 1993. At that time, GLSO Awards Banquet. He also was
we met in the homes of board members. awarded the James Herndon Lifetime
Terry introduced the idea of finding a Achievement Award from the Imperial
more public place. Court of KY in 2006. This year he was
In 1995, Terry suggested sharing given the Jennifer Crossen Out for Fair—
space with the Metropolitan Christian ness Award, at the Fairness Awards Ban—
Church (MCC). Since he was also on quet.
their board, we were able to negotiate a We would say that we are going to
deal and shared space upstairs from miss him but with this record, it is clear
where the Pride Center is now located at that he will be working Within the com—
389 Waller Ave. munity for years to come. THANK
Terry became President of GLSO in YOU TERRY!
1997. When MCC moved downstairs,
the Stonewall Networking Group gave
us the money they had collected to open Fairness: Coming Out cont. from pg 8
a Pride Center. So, we opened the first
Pride Center in the upstairs space. day as your first step forward. It would
During his presidency, Terry also make for the start of a good conversa—
started ActOut, which has brought tion: “I came out :n National Coming
many great productions to our commu— Out Day 1“ 2009' .
nity. When MCC moved at the end of Whether 'you choose. to discuss
2000, GLSO took over the downstairs those Stofles ‘5 not the issue. What
office and constructed the Pride Center matters ls that “y?“ 10v: you‘fsflf
we now have. We hired our first em— enough to ”say, I m gay or I m
ployee, Ginger Moore—Minder. Terry transgender and never be ashamed of
stepped down from the Presidency in lt'
2003. ******************X******
Terry has worked for the GLBT The National Equality March will
community in other capacities. He take place in Washington, D.C. on
started with Moveable Feast in Aug» October 10-11, 2009. For info see:
1998. That was two months before they http://equalityacrossamerica.org/.
served their first meals on Oct 3rd 1998.
Terry became Executive Director of If you d? come out to someone
Moveable Feast in 2003. In those 11 and would like to share that story,
th (I and delivered over send it to lexmgtonglso@yahoo.com.
years, ey prepare , ,
250,000 meals and 90,000 grocery bags. We would love to print another series
Terry served as president of the T ri— of coming—out stories. Our deadline
State Gay Rodeo Assoc., both the local for the, NOY' Issue}; 9“ 15’ and ,We
chapter and the three state 0 r ganiza— also Will print stories in the followrng
tions, as Vice Moderator of the MCC months so send them m anytime.
Page 10

 Shambhala Vision,
Meditation and Community in Lexington
The vision of Shambhala begins from research in a wide range of scientific
with the understanding that all humans methods of the advantages and health
at the very ground of their being have benefits of practicing meditation.
basic goodness and wisdom. This vi— Many introductory programs are offered
sion, along with meditation practice in addition to basic training in meditation
and community, began to form in Lex— in different regions of the world and dif—
ington in the early seventies when a ferent nationalities, to different religions
small group of five people begin meet— and spiritual traditions, cultures, lan—
ing to practice meditation and to study guages, ethnicities and races, as well as
the buddhist teachings that had only different ages, genders, sexual orienta-
very recently been introduced into the tions, and differing physical, perceptual,
United States. and mental abilities. Spend some time
The Shambhala teachings were exploring Shambhala throughout the
brought to America by Chogyam world at www.5hambhala.org
Trungpa Rinpoche, who had been As much as Shambhala values diver—
trained as a leader and a teacher in his sity, what we all share is a desire to
native Tibet until the time the Chinese lead sane, dignified, confident lives. As a
invaded that country and some fortu— community, we are not perfect but it is the
nate few escaped to India. He first stud— stated intention — and policy — to welcome
ied at Oxford, in England, started at everyone who enters. Of specific interest
monastery in Scotland, and then mar— to readers of this newsletter is an interna-
ried a young English woman before tional program called Queer Dharma
moving to America. When he started which provides a safe place for our
teaching in Vermont at Tail of the Ti— LGBTQ community to gather, listen, dis—
ger, he attracted a group of shaggy hip— cuss, and encourage study, meditation and
pies who were interested in learning spiritual growth. www..queerdharma.org
about Buddhism and meditation. Here is a link to a recent program in
From that humble beginning, Chicago to give you an idea of What is
Shambhala has grown and now intro- available:
duces programs in more than 170 cen— http://chicago.shambhala.org/
ters around the world, welcoming any— program_details.php?
one who is interested in learning how id=229378£cid=170
to meditate. These trainings are free of
charge and people have. free access to The Shambhala Center of Lexington is
fully trained meditation instructors. located at 315 W Maxwell St. You can call
Meditation is a natural state 0f the 859-225—41 83 for more information about
human mind ’ at rest, open, and alert. their Center and programs offered there
The basic technique predates all reli- during the week, and also on Saturday
gious traditions though used by each of morning.
them in one way or another. Medita—
tion encoura es our inherent qualities .
of stability, clarity, and mental strength Festival Logo Contest
to emerge. There is increasing evidence See Page 15
_ ____—_—___——
Page 11

 Spotlight on the Beautlfill People... ECW‘ . m,
By Helena Handbasket Towns ,1”! , a L
' ”my ,5!"
This column shines the spotlight Ed h b VA? Hg. 4’ ‘3)
on people in the community who de— f en is :2” it? t , .53.},
serve recognition. Beauty is not always per orming (:lr h _ A»; k ‘" . 4"
skin deep and these “beautiful people” d5 years :11: er \,- ‘1: ' ‘ _
either devote their time and energy to a rag , mo er ls 3' . ‘
. . Natalie Gaye. She ' ‘
worthy cause or just plain make our d , h f -
lives better by entertaining us. Either 06,8” t ave a a—
way, it is time that they are recognized vorite performer or song to perform.
for their talents and efforts Instead, it changes as the night pro—
Our October honor shines the gresses... depending on her mood.
- When asked who designs most of her
spotlight on Eden Towers, who has f bul tfi h d “M ,,
been Duchess and Dowager and every— V227 out; on ts 5 de Enswere ’ e '
thing in between. Although she says .(ivw’ ent on an 0 stage... you go
she can’t remember reigns, she was glf ‘ “ _
Empress 18, Miss Gay Lexington My most embarrassing moment
19something, who remembers. Eden is on stage was Whlle performing Be my
from a quaint little town in southern Lover by Labouche at AnlA and I fell in
Kentucky that she and Natalie refer to a hole. It was fabulous. When asked
as Bountiful (aka: Stearns) but has what the biggest misconception or false
been living in Lexington for about 20 rumor about her 15’ she said, MOSt 0f
years, more or less. the rumors are probably true. l-Iow—
She shares her life with her partner ever, I am not” a BltCh’ I m Simply
of 18 years and her Schnauzer sent draWEItIh at ng'Ed h uld
from Heaven, Prudence. After 18 years, {i , h thi 0 en, 03 W0 f you
she and her Jody are the poster chil— drms :1 dslentence; ne 'oh my
dren for being partnered. She says that f eapisfwtz” e to P e orm Wlt or m
what most attracts her to a man is his ron o "”“ , _
honesty, sense of humor, sexy eyes, and ET'" Tom Ci;uise. Iguh. You dld
hot ass. mean sexually didn t you?
~27 V . .
‘ ./ ‘ W '/ Festival T-Shlrts
\ /‘ ‘ Still Available
ONLY $5 including
_,, ‘ free Wristband
Sizes 3X to small
,_ l‘ ‘ ‘v wfl-5’fiv'llLl-f ‘——_.——-——' —
Visit to the Pride Center, 389 Waller Ave., Ste. 100 to pick out a shirt.
Call 859—253-3233 to be sure we are open.
Page 12

 Now for her favorite things ( just *** If there is someone in the com—
like Oprah but you don’t get anything munity that you feel deserves to be
free). “My favorite music to listen to is honored in this column, send your re—
dance and/or pop music. My favorite quest to AdvicefromHelena@aol.com
color is red. My favorite movie is a and let’s be myspace friends. Look me
toss-up between The Color Purple and up at http://www.myspace.com/helena
Steel Magnolias. My favorite TV show handbasket
is “The Simpsons”. My favorite actor
or actress is...well, I have a few: Betty
Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Lang, Study Of Transsexuality
Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, Homer Looking ['0]. Participants
Simpson. I don’t have a favorite book.

I believe that if it is any good, they’ll Stephanie Budge, a doctoral student
make it into a movie anyway... and I at the Univ. of Wisconsin—Madison, is
quote. My dream vacation would be a working on a research project to StUdY
trip to Fantasy Island. I always wanted the psychological process 0f transition—
to go there.” ing for transgender-identified people

And now for the more philosophi— (e.g., MTF transsexuals, FT M transsexu—
cal side. Q. If you were stranded on a als, gender queer/gender variant, etc.).
desert island, the three people you The study consists of an online sur-
would want to be there with you would VCY and Will take approximately 20‘30
be whom? minutes to complete. To qualify for the

“My partner because he is so good study, participants need to identify as
at ignoring my bitching, Natalie be— transgender, be 18 or older, and live in
cause she is so fun to bitch with, and the US- This study has been approved
my mother because that would just be by the University of Wisconsin-Madison
fun to watch.” IRB #SE—2009—0403.

Complete the following sentences: To participate go to: httP/IWWW'

The thing I would most want to be surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=PzE69
remembered for would be... “my un- GEIC9—2thWP139St1W—3d—3d
dying ability to overcome evil and just If you have any questions 01' need
have a good time.” info, please contact Stephanie Budge at

The world would be a better Place budge@wisc.edu 01' at (608) 263-9503.
if... “everyone would worry less about
what others are doing and more about
their own mis ivin . In other words,
keep your ming on firm.” The Judy Show

I strive to make the world a better This year’s Fairness Awards, hosted
place by... “Doing just that.” by Lexington Fairness, experienced the

HH: Eden, thank you for taking joys and hilarity 0f THE JUDY SHOW-
the time to do this interview and let- She got rave reviews from everyone who
ting all of our community know you attended.
better. What I have learned through THE JUDY SHOW is coming back
this interview is that your charm is to Lexington! On November 20th) she
genuine and that you have a wonderful Will be performing at the Lexington
sense of humor but you don’t let it Downtown Hotel. The show is spon-
overshadow the more serious side of sored by the Imperial Court Of Ken-
you. I’m glad to know you. Thanks tucky, With proceeds going to Lexington
again, girl. Fairness.

Page 13

 lustFundKV v
JustFundKY is committed to .xghglfii ” fl .. k)?
achieving equality for all Lesbian, - iii; 3 3! “/13;
Gay, Bisexual and Transgender citi- . 13°" ”1'51 A 3‘
zens of KY. Over the last three years, _ a L :1 ‘ "‘1‘?
they have had three successfill events, . 11W; '- 7 % dig ‘
raising funds to support their mis— “Mfg” ‘. , I Ewmfg? i
sion. ‘7; l 13m}
Their 2009 event, A Night Out, ,5 ‘3?
was held on September 12at the KY ,; l
Horse Park. As you can see in the 1
pictures, everyone had a great time a» ’ ..
and the funds raised will probably \’ .3“- ' “‘n . ‘5' 3,4; 9.5:?"
bring the Fund to the half way mark. , _ ‘ W . p Q54 '2— .= _? 11"!“ ,5 q; ';
They are building towards a million .-" V_ V 1' , _ ‘4 " I ‘3: i; 3+ ‘5" ”7
dollar endowment, that can then be 'f',‘ . e- .5, ’ ,~ 2' J ’ 7
used to make grants to GLBT organi- 4.4,) 67? ‘§ ' ‘= - :*
zations. ’ V
JustFundKY was created in 2007 ‘ " 17 .5»
with the dual mission of reducing . - f. " h";
discrimination through high-profile ’ 5' '1’“;
Public events showcasing the Positive ~" 0 Cit}: 12."; v
contributions of LGBT persons, and H
by funding the educational efforts of
other organizations to increase aware— _ ~ '
ness and understanding of the LGBT ’ r ‘ 1 fl ,
community. Mr. Cliff Todd of Louis— 437’: I ‘_ ‘* “7", " ,
ville, KY offered a very generous ($2? :31ny . $3,?
matching grant to assist us in reach— I 7 , 4!, J ‘ fit-5% . 'T
ing our goal of a million dollar en- ‘ :f‘VVE’f't‘ $5. ,fiw 1,;
dowment —— Mr. Todd will match V- I 5“ Flip 7‘“ t\‘ '14,», '
each dollar up to $500,000. Just _ l $2" «5 (3‘?
Fund Education Project, Inc. is a 501 W 5 l} a ' »f n
f. , 4' ' 0“:
a / ”W
)5 WW fax
, fl“ , 5&2; 3. March Madness
- - Us" _“ ‘. m f “if“ :9» ' 33“ Anon-GLBTGroup
a} . , T :5, i Performed for us
'33, z .171“-.~ . ., ”:4 is»; ~ ’ ..;' ‘ k
,. ,1 «5%?» ”M m»
J: "W“; “”15 ' I Wig“ ‘1 l' Q“, Russ and Ram
[$353 " 1'3“: " 75“" V a . , '1 7 Schneider-Smith
WW“ ”E "M :. 1.
Page 14

 2010 Lexington Pride Festival ings are at 7 Pm 0‘1 the fourth Thurs‘
"A Horse Ovacm Col 01‘" day of each month. Come to the
Pride Center and see how you might
The theme for the 2010 Pride get involved.
Festival has 3 been chosen! To tie in to
the upcoming Equestrian Games. Our -
theme is "A Horse Of Every Color". GLSO News onl‘u‘e
Check out the festival web page To receive the GLSO e—newsletter
(www.1expride.org) to find informa- send an email t0:
tion about the. contest for best theme egls0news@yahoogroups.com.
3:513: f: :gvxl:::§fiie:;g:1:§:eur:ie: Put “online newsletter” in the subject
ing, on t—shirts, on the program and line. It Is easyto unsubscribe: .
more. Please spread the word to all The eNews Will include information
artist you know as we would love to about activities in areas around Central
have a wide variety of artwork to KY WhjCh may be Particularly useful to
choose from! people who do not live in Lexington.
For your artwork to be eligible for There is a request for a .5520 a year
the contest, it needs to be submitted donation but you can receive the e—
by Sunday evening November 15th, newsletter With a smaller donation or
2009. The contest voting will then free.
start on Tuesday morning Dec. 1 and
run till the end of December. The Octo er is G
Festival Committee will make the final _ b LBT
decision on artwork, and the voting HIStOI'y Month 2009
totals will be one of