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l . . . . l
l Redefining the MBA Electrumc Teaching  
  l‘This is not your father’s l\/IBA" is one waylto describe the bold and Assistant l
l innovative Master of Business Administration program being launched at  
the UK Gatton College of Business and Economics in July. The 11—month Repell B- Glesslhelh plelessel el l
immersive MBA program was designed by what D. Sudharshan, dean of the ehelhlslly lll lhe UK Cellege el_Al'ls ‘
college, describes as "a real-world savvy faculty, with significant input from elld Selellees elld Replleel A- lslllkeh l
the corporate world." Most traditional MBA programs require 18 to 24 plelessel el eelllplllel Science lll lhe  
months of study. Students in this new accelerated program will receive 880 Ulscellege el Ellgllleellllgg llillle  
hours of instruction, the same as in many two—year programs. devlsed e hew llleeehlllg esslslehlll l
The Gatton MBA is process-based with three modules at the core of the lhel ellews slllelehls leeleellellleelly
program: New Product Development, Supply Chain Management, and lest lhell skills lll Ellelllilllg elelllellls
Mergers and Acquisitions. lll Olgsllle e elhls YY e asses-
According to Mary Lee Kerr, director of the Gatton MBA programs, The Eleellehle Pl`egl`elh fel
"Students will constantly move from the classroom to the lab and the field Olgehle Cllelhlslly Helhewelk _  
where they will refine and test Concepts and methods, and apply cross- (EPOCH) eomplllel pmglaml Whlell
disciplinary thinking. In this program, you’ll not find the traditional ‘silos’ Glesslhell desellpes as pelhg llke el
built around accounting, finance or marketing courses." lldlelwlllg leplelsl else speeds the
The 11-month program concludes with a showcase week. "New UK pleeess el gledlllg lhe lesl pepels el
MBA grads will have a portfolio of projects to show to potential employ- uggersraduate elgehle ehelhlslly
ers," said Kerr. s ll eh s· _ _ _
To learn more about the new Gatton MBA program, call 859—257—1306 Develeped Wllh hlllellllg essls’
or visa www.redefinedmba.uky.edu. MFC fwm Prentice-Hall, QM Of the
t nat1on’s educational materials
l France Hunurs   plaufcssula publishers,·Grossman has graded UK
· students with the system for the past
1 John Erickson, UK French professor since 1994, has received the highest me semester;
l academic honor awarded by the French government for outstanding In the EPOCH program, a stu-
contributions to the spread of the French language, literature and culture in dent uses the “drawing tablet" to
the world. draw an organic chemistry molecule
Erickson was named Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques such as ethyl alcohol in response to a
(Knight of the Order of Academic Laurels) for "services rendered to question. After a student submits a
French culture." These include his numerous publications and the interna- response, the program gives the stu-
tional journal L’Esprit Creareur, devoted to French literature and culture, dent immediate feedback about
which he founded and edited for 42 years. whether the response was right or
Erickson also has taught as a visiting lecturer or visiting professor in wrong.
many other universities, including the Universite de Paris IV—Sorbonne; the Pl·emiee-1—I;l]1 is expected te may-
Universite de Provence; Marseille I; the Universite Mohammed V (the ket the chemistry testing system,
University of Morocco) where he was a Fulbright Scholar; and Rice
University where he held a distinguished chair. , ,
New Bioethics Program   (_ 2
The UK Chandler Medical Center’s faculty and staff have a new place to Q
turn for bioethics advice —— the UK Program for Bioethics and Patients’
Rights. M. Sara Rosenthal is the program director and assistant professor of --_
bioethics in the UK Department of Behavioral Science. " 1
The bioethics program provides education, training, clinical support, and I,- ,» ‘
consultation services for UK health care colleges and health care—related     T
disciplines. It also provides a venue for scholarly research.The program
incorporates the UK Hospital Ethics Committee and provides additional Ethyl Alcohol ololooulo
programs in bioethics endeavors at UK.
Dr. Edmund Pellegrino, senior research scholar of the Kennedy Institute
of Ethics, Center for Clinical Ethics. Georgetown University, Washington,
D.C., was the guest speaker at the inaugural UK Bioethics Program Lecture gglgllllgsg Illéll/U;     zllgskgrlzfcilyjlumni
this spring. Pellegrino was the first chair of Internal Medicine at UK. magazine mh mppomnbl