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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, December 1, 1978, no. 253 text The Green Bean, December 1, 1978, no. 253 1978 2014 true xt7rv11vg41j section xt7rv11vg41j UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES' NEWSLETTER
12/1/78 N0. 253
6 December — ACTS general meeting, 9:30 in the Gallery, King North.
8 December - Administrative Council, 8:30 am, 18th floor of Patterson
Office Tower.
8 December - The Gallery Series — Baroque Music for Violin and
Harpsichord, John Lindsey,violin; Wesley Morgan, harpsi—
15 December — Christmas Party.
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Contributors to this issue: Joyce Turner, Pat Boyle, Peggy Lewis,
Rebekah Harleston (editor), Dennis Dickinson, Faith Harders, Nancy Baker,
and Paul Willis.

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 - 2 -
Extended Hours
At the request of the University administration, M. I. King
Library weekend hours have been extended as follows:
» Saturday — AIDS/Media Room and Reserve Desk will be
open from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Access
will be through the door leading directly
into the North end of the AIDS/Media Room.
Sunday — The Library will open at 10:00 am instead
of at noon. The only public service points
which will be staffed between 10:00 am and
l2 noon, however, are Circulation, Reserve,
AIDS/Media, and Serials. All other depart-
_ ments will maintain presently scheduled hours.
These changes are effective commencing Saturday, 2 December 1978,
and will remain in force until further notice.
Acts I
Please bring to the ACTS general meeting your copy of the agenda _
and suggestions by the Constitutional Revision Committee. ,
Christmas Party
The Christmas party this year will be a little different. The
Library Staff Organization would like to do away with the white
elephants and give a helping hand to others. Will you bring a toy
for the needy children in our community? Please wrap the toy and
put on the outside the age and of the child it fits.
We'll be giving again this year to the Medical Center children.
There will be a money box in each department and branch. Please
help if you can. Call Joyce Turner, Acquisitions (7~38ll) for
further details.
Dennis Dickinson, Assistant Director for Public Services, attended
the first Association of College and Research Libraries Conference
held in Boston, October 8-ll, and presented an invited paper on
subject specialists in academic libraries.
Richard C. Davis, associated with Special Collections, was awarded
a prestigious prize for 1977 by the Society of American Archivists
for his reference work North American Forest History: A Guide to
Archives and Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. _
Some special librarians took a special trip to acquire a very “
special press. But more about that later.
Trudi Bellardo attended an ASIS meeting in New York City. Gwen
Curtis went to Atlanta for a "maps convention." .

 . -5-
· •: P*PERS
Theme: Academic Libraries in Transition: Opportunity or Crisis?
Title, abstract and/or outline due no later than January 15.
See Green Bean editor, or write to Dr. David C. Genaway, Associate
Dean of Libraries, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky
4 40475 for further details.
We have been advised by the Lexington—Fayette County Police
Department that you can mount your studded snow tires anytime you
want to. But they begged off from saying when you might need to.
The University of Louisville School of Business is offering a
three—day course entitled "Management Skills for Women Supervisors."
‘For further information, see Faith Harders.
The NEH grant which supports the Instructional Services program 1 I
expires June 30, 1979. President Singletary has agreed to provide
recurring funding for the professional position in Reference which
has been supported by the grant for the past five years. I
As discussed in the Administrative Council, a professional position
is being added to Reference in connection with the transfer of the
AIDS unit and AIDS staff position to the Reference Department.
Anyone interested in being considered for either of these two
positions should see Faith Harders; closing date: January ll, 1979.
Since the basic requirements and salary ranges are the same for both
of these Reference positions, candidates will be selected from one
East Asian Cataloger, Ohio State University. Available: January l,
1979. Salary: $ll,400~$l5,000.
‘ Catalog Editor, University of Tennessee. Available: immediately.
Salary $11,500-$13,500.
Map Reference Librarian, University of Arizona. Deadline: February
28, 1979. Salary, $12,000 approx.
Auburn University: Documents and Microforms Librarian. Salary:
Humanities/Music Cataloger. Salary $l500—$1600.
Both available: March 15, 1979. '
Iowa State University: GPD/Reference Librarian; Monographic Cataloger;
Reference Librarian. Available immediately.
Deadline: December 22. Salary $11,400 min.
Head, Circulation. Available July 1, 1979.
Deadline: January l2, 1979. Salary, $l5,500min.