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9/294 and a Cga'zm... GLSO Boarb News Social Concepts Dance

In the musical Cabaret, m the There are quite a number of Social Conoeptsis a GLSO spon-
smoke "”e‘? K" Kat CIUb’ a motley issues before the GLSO Board at sored group that holds several events
crew of "ladies" are Introduced to the this time and we want the communi- each month primarily for women. We
audience by the MC--Joel Grey for ty to know what we are considering have planned a Valentines Dance for
my generation a’ld Allan Cummings even though some decisions are yet Saturday, February 12 at the
for this generation. They werebn: to be made. First of all, an apology. Kirklevington Clubhouse, starting at 8
beautiful 'In the classm sense, . u The Pink Pages are way over due PM. This is the same location as our
that dldm stop them from being and as we have recently been able to New Year’s Eve Party which was a
great entertainers. . look over what we have, we feel that great success.

The same might be said Of. some it is not ready to print. The board is Some food is planned and you
brave members of .the Lexmgton very sorry that this has happened are welcome to bring a snack espe-
Me ”.8 Chorus who W'” 9°“ makeup, and we are considering our options. cially if you are a good cook: it is
Wigs' and tortuousw mgh heels to We are l" the Process 0’ matCh‘ BYOB (please don’t drink and drive.)
take the stage at the Bar Complex ing ads With payments and have They do not allow smoking in the club-
Wed' Februarytoth at 9pm.. For the found a few checks that were never house but there is a nice balcony
thud year, LMC.W"' present Men m turned into our treasurer. We will be which smokers can use. This is a free
'Tlghts".a benefit-drag show. . writing letter to all advertisers as we - event but keep in mind that we need

Thls show differs from others m asses the situation more completely. help in cleaning up so we will not for-
that me".‘”“° do not-usually do drag There is a potential here to put feit any of our deposit
3'? com/med by “friends that they together a 2000 edition but we will We plan for this t'o be an intimate
WI” '°°‘.‘ 9.“?3‘ for ”us one evening. need more ads in order to make it and special evening We welcome all
M0“? Significantlyhthese men love financially worthwhile. We are con- members and any new friends that
musrc so the evening selections are sidering how best to use the boards want to join the party Come comfort-
wonderfully waned and entertaining. energy and we will be looking for able or dress to the nines good

. 30th the M?“ Chorus and the individuals willing to help. All adver- music 00d friends good fun}
Prlde Center WI” receive proceeds tisers will have the opportunity to .- W’9.WW_W 'WWW_ W,
from this show. Headlined as always update their ads. . E
by the ever radiant sisters Tuesday In a unrelated matter, Terry #J i: . 3,53,: M, i
and Sundae De La Rouge; the am“ Mullins has taken a leave of absence
enoe is sure to be thoroughly enter- from the Board. Mary Crone will be ~
tained. The COS? is $5 f“ the door..... acting President for the next few ; \l rC
Be there and ”mg a "'end' _ months. Terry will still be scheduling 7 ‘
, , events at the Pride Center but any , V/l i .C
, ,- ,. J 7, other GLSO Board business should " ' ‘ " ‘ ‘ '
W. H‘l v , '7 N ' be addressed ...continued on page2 . ' l

 . . to Mary or to Vice President Peter Pride Month Planning. Traditionally
when»??? Taylor. We are both open to feed- GLSO has called together represen-
feljffjevga‘, back about the pink pages; our tatives from all the LBGT Groups in
t§;:‘1§}§ phone numbers and email addresses Lexington to form a committee that
eager" are on the directory page. coordinates activities, plans advertis-
3‘15 There is also good news; the ing,makes some of the decisions
jgiéflea ” board has recently added two new about events such as the picnic and
/xtnt°"’ Kentucky members, Jordon Summers and eventually votes Of the Wasson and
. Le Rose Helfrich- They are currently Rainbow Awards. The committee is
designing a web page for GLSO. most often chaired by a GLSO Board
T Due to other resignations) we have Member but we are interested in hav-
two other positions open on the ”‘9 some new energy at the helmthis
board so if you have any interest, year. It a member 0f another group
The GLSO News give Mary a Ca”. You are enoour- or an indiViduai Without group afiiiia'
Vol.l4 Issue 10 aged to attend our next Board tion would like to chair or co-chair this
Published Monthly by Meeting on Mon, Feb. 14, 7 pm at effort, please 03” anyone 0“ the
the Pride Center. Board meetings GLSQ Board 0' come to 0t" he)“
, are always open, anyone can attend. meeting 0“ Feb. 14 at the Phde
The Lexington Gay If you have an item for the agenda, Center.
b . . call Mary. One last item: The Pride Center
L83 10” Service More good news, Ginger has and MCC will be talking to the owner
Organization— also been successful at starting a 0f the building we are renting. The
mentoring program. She presented DUITd'hQ '8 Up telee'e and .MCQ '5
32 I Second St. an Orientation to Mentoring assessrng their fmancral Situation. .
Workshop in January which she is We may shrink in Size to conserve
planning to repeat in March it there is money as We consrder our next
Editors: enough interest. The goal of this pro- steps. The Pride Center has some
gram is to provide one on one SUD“ financial SBCUTity but we Stiii pay out
Mary Crone port to people who are cracking open in rent and utilities more than we take
Peter Taylor the closet door. The support can be in from the community. Thanks to
through email or phone converse- Ebony Maie for their recent donation
tions, attending social events togeth- t0 the Center. We Stt“ need all orga-
GLSO Annual Dues er, and so forth. This is not a way for mzatlons that use the space to help
and Newsletter: $15 mentors to get their social or relation- US pay the rent through donations. ti
Dues and Newsletter for ship needs met, however. The train- our t'hehC'at commitment to rent
Couples: $20 ing will provide mentors will informa- decreases, we Wt” announce it here.
tion and tools to form a relationship The future Of the Pt'de Center is
that is helpful but with clear bound- being GISCUSSed W'thlh the communi-
Opinions expressed in the GLSO News are aries. Consider attending the next ty and we may call a community
those at thehauthorsfandhdongLnsagegsarirjy workshop to hear about how this pro- meeting as our options become
represent t 039 0 t e oar ‘ gram follows a national trend as a clearer.
Submrssrons are welcome and become the t . t r C II
property of the GLSO. The staff reserves way 0 888's newcome 3' a
the right to edit submissions and advertise- Ginger at 389'7698'
ments as well as the right to reject any sub— .
missions or advertisements. MOVab'e F3331 is in need 0f gmger Loves Jane
volunteers. Call 252-2867 ‘Happy Vaienfines Day
GLSO Page 2 T

 . 2 Cmmumtv N ems ,  .
flmages of Blackness service (around 12:15 p.m.),soplease Entry fee for contestants is $20
(2: in 3425“,! 31",“, bring a dish to share. and must be submitted with completed
In honor of Black History Month, We'll also be planning activities application by rehearsal at 8 pm on
Ebony Male will once again bring an for the next few months. People have Tuesday, Feb. 22nd at Crossings.
exciting cast of entertainers to the suggested video viewings, book dis- Interested contestants should see
Bar Complex. The Show will be on cussions and attending Iesbigaytrans LaToya BaCall or contact Leigh
Wed. Feb., 2 and will begin promptly events. If you'd like a say in what we'll Angelique at (606) 2550718.
at 9 PM. A donation of $3 is suggest- be doing, please come out for lunch. The new Miss Lexington
ed to benefit the Aids Medication Remember you don't have to be a Supreme will receive $100 cash,
fund member of the Unitarian Universalist crown and flowers. Featured enter-
This year’s show will include live Church to get involved in this group. tainers include; 1999 Miss Lexington
performers and female illusionists. For more information, please contact Supreme LaToya BaCall, 1999 Miss
Returning by popular demand, D J‘s Davina at 271-6174 or National Ashley Kruiz, The tall and tan-
Larry and Harvey will be spinning artemls427@yahoo.com. talizing Roxanne Cole and Miss Ebony
R&B favorites throughout the night in Male 9798 Rayna Starr.
the Johnny Angel Disco. Please join ”45-941! valentine pageant _
Ebony Male and the Bar Complex for The Royal Sovereign Imperial Gay Men’s Heart Circle
this sixth Annual Images of Court of all Kentucky is planning the Are you a gay man in the
Blackness Show! Ms. Valentine 2000 pageant to be held Lexington-Louisville area interested in
at Club 141 on Wed, Feb 9 starting at deepening self understanding, making
. A Celebration of Cote, 9 sharp. “Love Changes Everything" more meaningful connection with oth-
Trené Star Bacall, Miss is the theme ofthe annual pageantthis ers and integrating more fully your
Bluegrass Pride 2000, presents “A year. sexuality 80d spirituality? WOUId YOU
Celebration of Color." This benefit Co-hosting the pageant are like to explore these issues in the com-
show will be on Wednesday, Feb 9 Niagara Falls and Sundae de la pany of other nurturing and supportive
at Crossings Nightclub. We will Rouge. The style and grace of Miss gay men?
begin a 9 pm and there is a $3 Valentine ‘99, KC Luv, Jordan Taylor, A gay Men's Heat Circle is form-
admission charge. Guest D. JgS are Tiffany Andrews, Rayna Starr, Karen ing that will strive to integrate ritual,
Harvey and Larry. portions of the Kolett, and special guests from the heart sharing, mindfulness practices.
proceeds will go to the AIDS medica- Cincinnati Court will be featured. body work, reading/poetry with the
tion fund. Everyone get ready for a night of fun, goal of connecting heart, mind, and
The show will feature some fab- Valentine love, drag and maybe a few body. Men familiar with Joseph
ulous performers including Latoya cute guys! We will have a photograph- Kramer, Mark Thompson, Christian de
Bacall, Lee Angelique, Rayna Starr, er available. so bring your spouse, la Huerta, Spirit Journeys and/or The
Janelle Claiborne, Davina Littrell, lover, partner, ordatefor somefun pic- Body Electic School are especially
Tony D., Natasha Colbey, and Lady tures. This pageant is expected to be encouraged to participate. Knowledge
Mamaliad. one of the best of the year 2000 so do of these resources is not, however, a
- not miss it. prerequisite.
Interweave Please send a brief note to the
Please join IntenNeave for our M55 LGXN‘ETON SOPRfiMG address below describing your interest
next monthly luncheon, Sunday Feb. Leigh Angelique presents Miss and what you might contribute to the
13at the Unitarian Universalist Church Lexington Supreme 2000 at Crossings ongoing maintenance of the group.
of Lexington (Clays Mill Road). This on Wednesday, Feb. 23rd. The show Michael Taylor, 856 Marcellus Dr. Lex.,
month we'll potluck after the church will begin at 9pm, admission is $5.00. Ky. 40505 ...News continued page4

 C 1-. munityNewsConhnued will be lobbying with us. Let me know contest held annually in Chicago, IL
-‘ ' ' ‘ an ‘ ‘ ‘ ' if you would like to come on one of over Memorial Day weekend.
LOBBY FOR FAIRNESS these days. You can still lobby on The 2000 Mr. Kentucky Leather
The Kentucky Fairness Alliance other days too! The dates are listed activities will begin on Friday, March

Of the Bluegrass Wi” be coordinating below: 24 at 10:00 PM at The Phoenix, 123
lobbying efforts during the legislative Feb 1 Pro-Fairness Elected Officials W. Main St. with a” Meet and Greet"
session which Wi“ 'eSt until the end of from Henderson, Lexington, for contestants and judges, a salute to
March. We are lobbying in support of Louisville, and Jefferson County former Mr. Kentucky Leather titlehold-
House Bi" 7 which would prohibit dis- (was on the 2nd) ers, and special demonstrations. The
crimination in employment and hous- Feb 2 Transgender folks will be a $3.00 cover.

ing based on a person‘s sexual ori- Feb 3 People of Faith The contest will be held on
entation. We are also lobbying Feb 8-10 Campus days— students Saturday, March 25 beginning at 10
against any “"8 that WOU'd Stop bail and faculty PM at The Phoenix. Tickets are $5.
governments from passing Fairness Feb 8 Mental health professionals Kentucky Leather Productions will be
ordinances and/or rescind ordi- Feb 15-17 Youth producing the Kentucky Mr. Drummer
nances already passed in Lexington, Feb 22-24 Gay and lesbian parents and Drummerboy contests in June.
Louisville, Jefferson County, and Feb 29-Mar 2 Attorneys Individuals seeking information
Henderson. Mar 8 PFLAF-Parents, Friends and about the contest or contestant appli-

We need people to go to Families of Lesbian And Gay people cations should contact Larry Stanley,

Frankfort every Tues, Wed. and (was Mar 7—9) manager of The Phoenix at 606—226-
Thurs. You don't have to have expe- . . 9904 or write Kentucky Leather
rience to lobby. The Fairness boscossoon Group Productions 232 538" Court, Lox”
Alliance has two wonderful, experi- The GLSO Discussion Group is KY 40508; ’phone 606253-0185; or
enced lobbyists, Maria Price and going strong with a variety of people email at Stanley9@gte.net.

Carla Wallace, who will meet you and attending. Jopin us if you are just

guide you through the process. They coming out, are new to the area, orjust Married Lesbians

will have current information on the like interesting conversations. Come There is a new support service on
bills we support and those we out to the Pride Center on Wednesday the net for women who are lesbians, or
oppose and will help you find legisla- nights at 7:30 for some good talk, sup- who are questioning their sexual pref-
tors to talk with. lwent to Frankfort to port, and laughs. Call Jane at 389— erence and who are married to men.
lobby for the first time in January and 7698 for details. This service has been started by a
found it interesting and exciting! - -
Contact me if you would like more PRIDE VOLLEYBALL 5:21;]; (I; £T3ooooaggonairh goth:
information or if you can lobby. You Watch for GLBT Volleyball com- serve at http://onelist.com/oommuni-
should call your senator and repre- ing soon. Get your teams ready for ty/LexMarriedLez. You will have to
sentative, let them know what day this annual sporting event as the become a member to onelistcom,
you are coming, and ask for an Rainbow Dynasty defend their cham- which is free.

appointment. They may not call you pionship title.

back, but that is okayYou will _ 5' kc Signals”
need to arrive at 9 am and plan on Mr Kentucky Leather 2000

being there until about 2 pm. The leg- The Mr. Kentucky Leather 2000 MOflMM. fibruar‘l 23
islators are going to be pressured by contest will be held March 24—25, 2000 7 Pm Kentucku Theater
people who oppose gay rights, so it in Lexington, KY at The Phoenix. The Diversftq Films

is important that they see and hear event produced by Kentucky Leather .

from those who support civil rights for Productions is open to leathermen, at . One worlb Fflm Festival
all people. least 21 years old, who are residents sponsoreb b“ .

We also have affinity lobby of Kentucky. The contest is a prelimi- m Hm"itari“m
days. People from all over the state nary to the International Mr. Leather ”o Charge
GLSO Page 4

 Unitarian Views Cain will deliver a sermon concern- we invite you to other church related
ing this disagreement in our Sunday events. On the 2nd and 4th
If you are a regular reader of this service at 10:45 at the U.U. Church Wednesdays of Feb. and March, we
newsletter you will have heard of the of Lexington, 3564 Clays Mill Rd. will be watching video’s of “The
disagreement between the Boy . if you have not had the opportu— World’s Religions” with Houston
Scouts of America (BSA) and the nity to hear Cynthia, she is a great Smith interviewed by Bill Moyers.
Unitarian Universalist Association speaker, humorous and insightful, We show an hour long video and
(UUA). It centers around the UUA's with a commitment to challenging then engaged in discussion for
support of LBGT people as well as oppression in allits forms. If you pay another hour.
their willingness to give UU boy us a'VlSlt on this Sunday, you are “On February 4, the Women’s
Scouts who do not profess a belief in also InVIted to stay for First Sunday Spirituality Group Will be celebrating
God a religious emblem for their Boy Lunch-Bring a dish to share it you Candlemas, a cross quarter day
Scout uniforms. Other religions also WOUId “ke' , . , (those days “a"wa,” between ,a
give such emblems, each denomina- On Feb. 13, Rev. Cam wrll again Solstice and an Equmox.) We Will
tion deciding for itself what the boys be in the pulpit with a sermon in have a brief ritual and hold a group
have to accomplished to earn the honor of Valentines Day. On this dream work discussron. Remember
right to wear it. The BSA has Sunday, Interweave will be having a a dream, and bring it along. We
expressed dissatisfaction with the potluck lunch at 12:15. Please join meet at 6:30 for pot luck and at 7:15
UUA asks, and doesn't ask, of its us. On Feb. 20 we will haveaguest for a program, at the Fellowship
young scouts. delivering the sermon on some House which is the brick building
On February 6, Rev. @nthia aspect of Black History. beside the church. (Dress warmly,
In Addition to Sunday Services, not enough heat at the moment.)
lYG LESBIGAY YOUTH HOTLlNE 1- 800-347-TEEN 7pm-12pm Thurs.& Fri.
;, 2 Real Estate SerVIce With
w a ,
53$: . (Aug. W
; 1;: . ; j’ - . , . Serving Lexington
Scott Ackerman
Mobile: 606-338-8483 DEDICATION
Voice Mail: 606-294—2055
Office: 606-269-7331 3 Q
E-Mail: SAcker4224@aol.com E NTHUSIASM [B W W
amnion”: °“’°““‘““'
Call me With all your Real Estate needs
' GLSO Page 5

 Henderson: REM“ Validation African-American Baptist pastor, have been among the strongest sup-
f F . preached an excellent message porters of Fairness. Tonight was the
"_ ”mess about unity. In his message, he most validating experience I have
from Religious Leaders emphasized the point that each per- known since the fairness ordinance
This article was taken off son is a miracle. vote was taken, especially since we
Lambda Net. Efforts to get permis _ After his message, before a are in the beginning stages of city
sion from the author were made but symbolic lighting of candles, Father commission elections and we are
we never connected with him. Ed Bradley, the pastor of Holy Name anxious.
Thanks to Ben for writing a piece that Church, paused to honor two of the At that moment, I felt really
can give us a lift. "miracles" who were among us. He proud and welcomed in Henderson.
then recognized Henderson's Mayor It's been a long time since I have
Sometimes reall neat thin 3 Joan Hoffman and Commissioner known that feeling. it has been such
ha en -_ and we wantlto share thegm Michele Deep, both of whom were a rough road for pro-fairness people
witEIp our friends Toni ht the instrumental in Henderson's adop- here that we hang on to every sign of
H n derson ommunit atgiere d for tion of the Fairness Ordinance. friendship and solidarity. Tonight's
gervice of (Christian Sngt on Ma rtin He said they had been miracles unity service did not ignore the obvi-
, E ther Kin Da at Holy Name of for our city, because they were willing ous "pink elephant" in our city, but
Jgsus Cathglic ghurch Iatl's a cathe— to take great risks for the sake of instead validated our pro-fairness
dral-size church and there was a everyone and the protection of elected officials at this ecumenical
reall ood crowd The con r ation everyone‘s civil rights. The congre- multi—cultural inter-religious service!
r e ségt was a rainbow 03152) rsit gation gave them a robust ovation. l Thought you would like to know
about ei ht ministers were resehlt was so touched by his boldness and about it. Wow -- it's been a good
and two ghurch choirs s an p so proud for Joan and Michele. MLK weekend.
The Rev David Fgeme an Father Bradley, the staff and the
' ’ congregation of Holy Name Church
GLSO Page 6

 3- Closets on you? Shut up. aters, acting silly and calling each
re The first closet you build your- But still, you seek others out. other baby names. But some things
'e self. Something snaps inside you like There has to be another, someone fall apart and you have to go some-
19 a twig in a forest and before anyone you can tell. And slowly you find one, where else and he just can't follow
e can see or hear the whole tree fall, then another and before you know it, and your heart breaks again. Won't
2: you tie it up, just to keep it quiet. you've got yourself a crew. We were you please come with me,Fiichie? I
You get used to the silence. all in high school together, but most love you. This is the hardest thing.
y Over the years, you learn to lie. You of us still remain friends, even if we're Time wears away the closet
i. lie like a teenager caught late after the shaggiest, nerdiest crew who walls like the sea washing against
9 curfew, you keep your head down ever walked the halls of a high the sand and you forget to be
h and stay out of trouble, because school. it's a group that can quote ashamed of yourself. But it lingers,
e maybe if you're perfect, absolutely chapter and verse in the book of like the scent of falling leaves in
if perfect, no one will call you out and Madonna but couldn't tell you who's autumn.
5 yell that name that makes your hair the best quarterback in New York And you have to forget you were
t stand on end. That word full of hatred (Charlie Ward, if you have to ask). once that scared little boy who
5 that you see scrawled across bath- Once, or maybe twice or three jumped at the sight of his shadow at
,l room walls inside every rest stop in times, you fall for someone. The boy odd angles. You have to remind your-
America. But you're not perfect. who lives down the street, the one self that you're a good boy, you've
v Sometimes you fail. you've known since you were 4, and tried so hard to be a good boy, that's
1 You remember the first time. it's he returns the favor. It is a revelation, all you ever wanted to be. But you're
junior high school and you hadn't a sense of possibility, even if it all never good enough, someone can
paid enough attention to some sport- ended badly when he decides he always criticize your dyslexic, nerdy
ing event or some other worthy goal must fight you on the schoolyard life. it‘s then you realize that you're
of modern American male masculini- playground to prove his manhood the only one you must seek forgive-
’ ty and they say, ever so casually, and you have to take the unfortunate ness from and give permission to
“What are you, some kind of tag?" action of punching his nose bloody. it love yourself and others.
And you shake your head. Maybe still makes you cry, all night. So at last, through the roller-
you automatically wince, just in case When you've put up your guard coaster, bumper-car life you have lived
the point isn't obvious. full- strength, you fall again, this time the best way you could possibly imag-
All we ask from you is to keep to a boy so sweet he‘s like a pack of ine, you move on and you take a ham-
l quiet and lock the door behind you. peppermint gum. And you're a mer to bash those last few walls down.
Here, we'll even build a cover for your teenager again, the kid you never I‘m gay. There, i said it. Did any-
closet. Do we have to quote the Bible really were, making out in movie the- one feel the earth move?
MAL FLEASE SUBSCP'BE. We need more subscribers in Lex. to be able to mail at the lowest bulk rates.
Name ___.________________—_—————-——————
Address ,,______________________.___._
City, St, zip
___$IS membership and newsletter
_$20 couple membership and newsletter
_..._._I would like the newsletter at this reduced rate _..__........__
WE NEED YOU? SUPPOPT NOW! Mail to GLSO News, PO Box 11471, 40575
GLSO Page 7

M()VEABLE FEAST 7:30pm (il.S()1)iseussion 7:00pm Men‘s Chorus 7:00pm LMCC Games
it , , (iroup (Pride Center) Rehearsal (Pride Center) Night (IIMCC) l
‘L l/fiRl: DA Y, 8:00 pm (layflesbian AA 7:30 pm 1.1K Lambda 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA I 1
(All 232-2867 9:00pm lmagesol' (Student Center) tba COLTS (’l‘hel’himnix) l l x , g '. '
Blackness (The Bar) . cu H ., .V
1' . ." VIN"? 1':
.. —————- l , I I 1
6 SUNDAY 7 MONDAY 8 9 10 ll 12 ' 3-? '. ' , ‘
10:45 am Ul 1 Church 8:00 pm AA Step Study 7:30 pm (il,S( ) Discussion 7:00 pm Men‘s Chorus (1:30 pm Women‘s 9:00am Mentoring , ‘. ' '
1 1:30 am LMCC (iroup (Pride Center) Rehearsal (Pride Center) Spirituality (lroup Workshop (Pride Center) . ’ '
12:30am C1.l'Ul"S 8:00pm Gay/lesbian AA 7:30 pm 11K Lambda 7:30 pm (rayflicsbian AA 8:00pm Social Concepts 1 l
(1111 Church) 9:00 pm A Celebration of (Student Center) Valelitine‘s Dance 1 1
1:30 pm 1)i\'ersityl’ilms Color (Crossings) (forfurtherinformation l 1
(Central Library Theater) 9:00pm Missfiay call 389-76) l
- 6:00 Dignity Valentine RS1C(C1uh 141) l | e S aur an
6:00 pm SisterSound reli. ?
(Park Methodist Church) ° t
——~———-———~—— ——-————— —— m ne
l3 14 15 l6 l7 18 19 557 8' Ll es 0
10:45 am UllChurcli 7:00pm til.S()l§oard 7:30 pm (”St ) Discussion 7:00pm Men‘s Chorus 7:30 pm (fay/Lesbian AA 1130 LYONS .
1 1:30 am LMCC Meeting — open to the Group (Pride Center) Rehearsal (Pride Center) (The Phoenix) L6X1ngt0n3 Ky.
12:15 am Inter“ cave public - (Pride Center) 8:00 pm (lay/Lesbian AA
Lunch (,UU Church ) 8:00 pm AA Step Study 9:00 pm Men in lights 25 3 -OO 1 4 1
12:30 am cunes mic Bar) 1
(UU Church) (iLSt ) NISWS DEADLINE. _
6:00 pm Sistchoundreli. SUBMI'I A])J)]'[lt)NS featurlng the famous
(Park Methodist Church) ANl M )R C(.)RRlCC l'lt )NS _
1"( )R N1‘1X'1‘CA1.1€N1)/\R
273-9649 Alfalfa Weekend Brunch
—--—— servm blueberr
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 g y
10:45 an) 1111 Church 8:00 pm AA Step Study 7:30 pm tillSt ) Discussion 7:00 pm Men‘s Chorus 6:30 pm Woniens Spirituality bUCkWheat pancakes)
11:30 am LMCC (iroup (Pride Center) Rehearsal (Pride Center) (1111 Church) . 1
12:30 am CUUPS 8:00 pm (lay/Lesbian AA 7:30 pm(iay/1,eshian AA eggs benedlCt aanlCl, {
(UU Church) 9:00 pm Miss Le\' Supreme .
6:00 pm Sistchound rch. (Crossings) SpaHISh 0m€l€tt€S
(Park Methodist Church)
gourmet desserts,
and much more
27 28 29
0:4' UU ‘ ')( . W ‘ ‘
:W’) 9'3““ 7: ’1“ WW All of our breads and
.. am LMCC folding (Pride Center) .1
12:30 am CUUPS 8:00pm AA Step Study
(UU Church) 7:00pm Smoke Signals FE BR | I AR Si 2 0 O O desserts are baked dal y
6:00 pm Sistchound reli. (Kentucky Theater) ' .
(Park Methodist Church: In our kltChen
1 [SE 1)] [€le TOR Y
T()('(')NF1RA/I Free Evenlng Parking
n i V

 ONE OF THEM DAYS aduck inatree? Why don't we keep not a dinosaur. It's, a dragon.
By Fleinefte E Jones movrng? I think Hollering Hank and Dinosaurs don't fly."
_ Hot Tail have everything under con- Call me a sap, but l wanted to
Since Kat and I have been trol. These two are a little weird." know exactly what Hanker was talk-
together, we have met some Interest- Yes, they were saying some ing about, rather it be real or spiritual
"‘9 other couples. As a rule, I dont unusual things, but i was curious or a flash back, I was curious. Kat
write about the people that we know, about what was in the trees. 80, I walked on a little, with the intent that
DUt I can "Gt keep ”“8 to myself any asked Kat to wait another minute or I should follow. But instead, l stood
longer. _ _ two. Hanker had suddenly gotten and asked Hanker to explain what
Back m September we met ”“3 quiet. She slowly turned to look at she had just said. Tail Fire com-
couple m Jacobson Park. Kat and | Tail Fire and calmly asked, "When's mented to Kat, "We‘ll be here all day
were there to feed the ducks. After the last time you saw a duck in a now.“
we had tossed all Of our corn, we tree?" Tail Fire plopped herself down
tOOk a SUD“ around the pond. Th?“ Tail Fire replied, "OK, Hank! So, on the ground, pulled out a silver
when we spotted a woman prancmg it's not a duck. But when's the last case filled with skinny brown cigars,
near a stand Of trees, she had her time you saw a dinosaur in a tree?" and lit one. The smoke had a sweet
head thrown back and she. was "Let me ask you two something, smell; it reminded me of the cigars
searching for something hidden you come to this park all the time, Kat used to smoke when we first
among the leaves and branches. right? Have you ever seen a feath- started dating. Kat must have had
Every so often she WOUId cup her ered dinosaur up in these trees? l the same memory, because she too
hands around her mouth and make a didn't think so. You'll have to excuse took a seat on the ground and ask
°?°k"“9 horse. We thought her pet us; we've been driving for a while Tail Fire for a cigar.
might be In the tree, so we went over and my partner is suffering from Hanker kept searching the tree-
to offer our assrstance. sleep deprivation." tops and talking, and I kept listening.
The woman said her name was “Hanker, i love you. But I am According to her, dinosaurs never
Hanker and her partner was Ta” Fire. going to get in the truck and drive off tlew. The flying creatures were
We hadnt noticed the other WOW?” when the park ranger comes to give pterosaurs, which were reptiles that
who was standing ata distance With you a ticket for harassing the wildlife. ate meat and some had an elongat-
bOth hands on her hips and a frown What say we go get a hotel and get ed fourth finger. She liked to refer to
on her face. , Granted that The" some sleep, Hon’? We are both tired them as dragons. She thought there
’lames were different, bUt the srtua- and road-weary. Maybe we can was a small one in the trees, and she
tron wasnt ‘n""‘”9 enough for US to have a look around town later on. hoped to get a good look at it before
dare aSk what the" moma and daddy Hanker? Hanker!" the cigar smoke scared it off.
had called them at b'nh‘ instead, we "Can you believe this? We Well, it sounded to me like
asked w they needed help. stopped here for a short visit Hanker just might have been having
, Hanker declined our offer; she because we read about the Fairness a spiritual moment after all, and ifshe
said that she was only calling out to Ordinance. And what are we doing wasn‘t, then i didn't want her to miss
the dragon that was perched at the this fine morning? We are in a pub- the prehistoric site of the century. i
very top Of the trees. I thought she lic park talking out of our heads about could find a picture of the thing on
meant that the. dragon was some a freaking flying dinosaur in a tree. the web. It was time for us to go.
type Of an exotic b'rdQ Kat thought Mother-Father!" But Kat wasn't moving; she said
she was havrng a spiritual-moment That woman had a sharp that she was going to finish her
:3: grilzirhztgd‘éfizg Qinggét $2: tongue. Kat clearedher throat and smoke. Tail Fire said that there was
duck on the top branch " Hanker gave me the silent Signal to please no need for us to be in a hurry,
continued to cackle ‘ don't say anything and lets go! And l because she was sure that that piss-
Kat leaned toward me and whis- would have