xt7rv11vhs0z https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7rv11vhs0z/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 1960 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, February 1960 Vol.26 No.5 text The Kentucky Press, February 1960 Vol.26 No.5 1960 2019 true xt7rv11vhs0z section xt7rv11vhs0z I I . _ II ,.
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”were ' / ,I ,7 ‘II-
I! I I I: I T I- 1 :’ I , , ' -* i —‘ I z ., ,I . I, _ -. z I ’
‘ I I ' I ‘ I III I 4' I ,. I “ I I . " j I, 1 ‘-
7 , I , e;- , 5,47 . I; . I I ,
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1 mazuthmdggx ”n ”3”,“, ,. _ , ,. .. w—meWWMW. I II I II I.
I Pubiig‘hed in the Interest of Community journalism _ r. 2 0f, 533/5. and For KentuckyNevapapem: I I 3; ‘
lI ——'A~o~—~——‘S'—‘-:=::13mx_u¢:m;::_.__.e”M* ~—~ :.—««.~-_ ,.‘_,'_»;_:' - -~-.v—r_v_;wrmr~ m—rnfie air—m». , “V .7 . 7 ___ A I” I I IIIIIII
be,» ,7? 3‘ ‘ :IjigI T
' ipfj%1///jw mIf‘IlfiififmII ‘ I V II
I $3: W I,
fHCtS m tmi banquets reports on business, luncheonS, KPA—KPS and more round table discus— The News—Enterprise, Ludlow, Charles R. V 2, . I
ie week] n W nd receptions all added up to one of the sions moderated by the members of the Summe, publisher; and The Marion Falcon, II I I
we in tli "ell Host informatiVe and enjoyable sessions in Executive Committee. Lebanon, Mattingly and \Vhitlock, co-pub- “I; I I‘ . I
“The 18?an ilie historv of the Kentucky Press Associa— Mrs. W. E. Crutcher, Morehead, was lisherS. \Vllliflln' C. Pratt, Goss Printing . I: I I ‘ 1
ie Case IlmtI {on I awarded the first prize in the pigeon race Co., Chicago, was elected to associate mem— I I ‘r
re produ: It: I The 915t Annual Mid—VV inter meeting of during the Friday banquet hour. Mrs. Fran— bership. I l I I ‘
the wort:3 i the Association, held in Louisville on Jan- cele Armstrong was given the second prize Election of officers, always an important I . I
‘s Th t . it rv 28—30 got OH to a good start on Thurs— and Mrs. Fred Wachs, Lexmgton, won item for the organization, included Paul I . I 1 I II:
ivs a e21 ism; day! night with a buffet supper followed by third. Balloon fashioning and musical VEI— \Vestpheling, Fulton News, president; W. ' j_ I 3 ‘ h
.3111: (3er mi flusic by pianist Rene Hoffman and group rietv were then followed by dancing. Foster Adams, Berea Citizen, vice president; : II .I i: I I i
hel llelsiealti riii in This was a prelude for the more The highlight 0f the Saturday morning and John B. Gaines, Bowling Green Daily 1 I III I
‘alep ta Inomil SIrit'iiu‘sgbusiness which was to come during session was the recognition of Adron Doran, News, chairman of the executive committee. II “I II
Limit-905 Iah ilie meeting president of Morehead State College, as the Victor R. Portmann was reflected to the I I “l §. I III
in toilsmi'giiMy After an'invocation by Dr. Chauncey Outstanding Kentuckian Of the Year. DI- position of secretary-manager for the 19th §I 2’ .‘II III:
.rtisin aifisld'gl Daley editor of the Western Recorder, and Frank G. Dickey, president of the Univer— time, a post which he has held since 1942. II I‘IIl IIIII
ibitiog e l' an address of welcome by L0uisville'Mayor sity of Kentucky, in his laudatory address, President—elect Westpheling named the fol— II II :. II
31it of] s‘lualI Bruce Hoblitzell the Friday morning ses— emphasized the work of -Dr. Doran, espe- lowing members as the executive committee III ’III I.
ire—fourtigggihnl sion got under way with President Thomas cially in the Southern Regional Educational for the coming year: Frank Bell, Bedford; , it I- IIII I
ional In His L Adams reporting the success of the semi— Association, which merited the honor. Com- Vv. T. Davis, Eddyville; James T. Norris . . I: I: IIIIII
ual coltiibth nar series and commending the officers and mittee Chairman Fred B. Wachs presented ll» Ashland; Basil Caummisar, LOuisville; III ; IIII
n u'“ Committeemen for their support during the the engraved water pitcher and certifiicate Warren Fisher, Carlisle; George Joplin III, E III I II IIIII
nt of WNRI’. vear Secretary—Manager Portmann then re— t0 the citizen of the year and to his lovely Somerset; Fred Burkhard, Liberty; Maurice I I IIIIIII
'am said “hi ported the year’s activities of the Central wife. . . . Henry, Middlesboro; S. C. Van ICuron; I I III IIIII
" t ythlll' Office and the financial status of the or— The morning agenda mCluded 8“ address Frankfort; Larry Stone, Central City, an III I :I-I IIII i;
[S sItreIngIIIIIII ganization. by Ed Schergens, Tell City, Ind., presrderlt George Trotter, Lebanon. . i III III; III III
‘nbv itsselfisi" Later in the morning, three weekly and 0f the National Editorial 553°03’00“: 1“ The meeting was concluded With an in— II III I II iii
7e to the adini one daily round table discussions were pre— which he explained the servrces of the na- formal reception at the Governors man— I II . III: II II II
aprospeds IIIIl sented moderated by members of the execu— tional body to its members and the extreme sion in Frankfort. I I II . II IIII I III.
. 7 - _ . . . ‘ I . Ii i ‘ i t I‘.
12111 invéstmenti tive committee. Topics varied Widely in importance of the Washington office in g I lit .
lo a real selliiII inlflCSt ranging from photography and cir— legislative researchNaérg pilrtlmpatlorfl'ulamej School of Journalism Foundation I I‘I III' II: *
i ‘“ ' ' ' ' M. Willis, state Ciairman, o owe . . IIII III I I
“<1 PTIO‘J‘Ohol‘II “113th to nelws fatgfngglgnd recruiting 0f with the Kentucky report of membership. President George Joplin III, preSIding at II .. Int; IIIIl i .
md raismgfhiI “ex pfirsongfi II’l’oMel e th t 1d the Paul Westpheling and Perry Ashley re— the first annual meeting of the School of III‘III I‘ l IIIIII I
leWSPilPel‘Sh‘l It ur ed 0t ey Ien O 'b’]' f l' 'n serv— Journalism Foundation of Kentucky, Inc., I22; tit" III 3
. dill luncheon rou the must improve them- ported on the p0551 iity o a c1pp1 g III I III IIII .
nedIIUmI?n I‘I 3e]: . g d P t yl _ formation a 5 ice being installed in conjunction with the reported that four newspapers were already II : II II I. I
ake 1t “mallow hle; m. orI er 0 cose 111Fh P dege'di— service already offered by KPA and KPS. participating 'in the scholarships under I‘I Ill llii II
vithoutadeqflll. w 1C . emt In our nation. e ara - 1 d h ttl ccess of the Plan One. Six newspapers were participat— 1 ‘Iil ' I I‘I I5 I §
. i tor said news a ers must supply materials to Dr. Plummer re ate t a re su . II I I III IIII I
iotion. i ' P p ' 1' ' ' ' d ' l r 6 art to in under Plan Two and two publishers, I . illl'lli .
I‘ the public about national affairs which no seminar series was ue, 111 a a g P r g . r . . . in»; _
‘ ' ' ‘ e which was re- George Wilson and James Willis, had estab- ::; - IIIIII i
i other means of communication can bring the Spontaneous respons , , II : IIIIII ,
. ,‘ to the peo 1e He said not only national ceived by those attending the meetings, lished a scholarship for some bright student 2;: . IIIIIIII I
ripping 116(0an news must lie reported thoroughly but state and recommended that similar seminars on from their respective counties of Breckin— I III IIIIII
:. I news organizations should be formed other selected topics should beheld in 1960. ridge andPlIWeage. 1 . 1 ovides a direct I II” 7:
I through which the public can know more Reports of standing committees were Under an ne, wncr pr I I IIIIIII _
l ‘ - t d briefl on grant of $100 per semester to selected stu— .l .I I
khld' about their local affairs. The press must al— heard: S. C. Van Curon repor e Y _ . . . b I. I it: I
the Bur 3“ ' h l 'l t' e committee- dents, the Lexington Herald-Leader csta - I h :ilii :
II. ways work to guard the freedoms which now the progress of t e egis a 1V , . . I II I II II
rles Adams , exist he em hasized rid not rel on cen- William E Crutcher chairman of the llShed tWO SChOlarShlPS for the second year, I .i‘ g ‘1 till
"blidty’form t l" p i a y ' i f P 'it‘ committee re- the Ashland Independent one scholarship i I: ' . III IIIII :
. this issut ra ized governments to protect these rights. Mayo School 0 mm ing , d Th L _ 'lle Courier . I . ‘I. I 1
ng m l During the Friday luncheon, Dr. Niel ported that the school needed a competent for the 5600“ year. l'e 1onisIVi tab- I Ir ,hllf‘il :
I Plummer, director of the University School instructor as Mr. Howell had resrgned. II-Ie JIOIUIrizlal and Tlimles, htIiis sacr1 icpotllyéealiga 5: C31] I . II IIIIII II
ioncv, the CECI 8t Journalism, was awarded the first annual asked for recommendations for possrble in— Isis eD two 8:10:13 sgfiolnshi These six . I I III
. it on or Most Valuable Member” award. He was structors should be made to the committee; 1111' emIocra 7 0 C . K P- . 2‘ ,I IIIIIIIiI .
.ePors . . ' . th scholarship enables SIX well—qualified stu- I - I‘M ,
1th retail salt Clled for the contributions which he made Past Pres1dent W. E: Dawson gave I6 d t‘ b d irls to continue their . . II IIIIIIIIII.
erable consun’ to the success of the seven seminar programs Necrology report. Chairman Landon WIHIS ICE 8,1 oysdIan g ,7 r at the Universitv IllIII I
purchase oltl during the past year. presented the resolutions which were unani— Cifrrli