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     Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, for the regular monthly
meeting, November 24, 1919.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Univer-
sity of Kentucky met in regular monthly session in the office of the
President at the University on Monday, November 24, at 11:00 o'clock,
a. m.  The following members were present: Richard P. Ernst, R. G.
Gordon, and P. P. Johnston, Jr.. ?resident McVey and Wellington
?atrick, Secretary, were also present.

     The meeting was presided over by R. P. Ernst, vice-chairman o4
the Committee.   The minutes of the previous meeting were read and
on motion adopted.

     (1) Bill for Audit of University's Accounts.  A bill for $700
in favor of Marwick, Mitchell, Peat and Company for auditing the
books of the University was presented.  On motion, it 'las directed
that Mr. Peak should be instructed to ask the firm to submit an item-
i2ed statement of the account.

     (2) Bill for Examining Title to Sherffius Property.  A bill
for $75 in favor of J. P. Johnston, for examining the title to the
Sherffius property was presented and ordered paid.

     (3) Resignations, Appointments, Changes in Salary, and Leaves
of Absence.  The following list of appointments, resignations, changes
in salary, and leaves of absence was presented and on recommendation
of the President, approved as presented:


     Appointment of Miss Vivian Moffett as stenographer in the Steno-
graphic Bureau, at a salary of $60 a month, effective December 1, 1919.

     Continuation of employment of J. C. Gentry, county agent, Meroer
County, Kentucky, at a salary of $175 a month, for a period of twelve
months, effective October 1, 1919.



     Continuaticn of employment of George Kirk, county agent, Mason
County, Kentucky, for a period of twelve months, effective October
16, 1919, at a salary of $216 2/3 a month.

     Appointment of Marcus Jerome Clarke, assistant county agent,
Daviess County, Eentuaky, for a period of one and one-half months,
effective November 16, 1919, at a salary of $120.08 1/3 a month.

     Continuation of employment of G. C. Baker, county agent, Lawrence
County, Kentucky, effective January 1, 1920, at a salary of $150 a

     Appointment of John Wesley Sanders, assistant county agent, Hen-
derson County, Kentucky, effective November i6, 1919; for a period
of one and one-half months, at a salary of $120.08 1/3 a month.

     Appointment of 0. J. Stewart, instructor in chemistry for the
remainder of the year at a salary of $1,400 for the remainder of the

     Appointment of E. S. Perry as assistant in the Departent of
Geology for the remainder of the year at a salary of $800 for the
remainder of the year, effective December 1, 1919.

     Appointment of John B. Nelson, assistant in bacteriology in the
Public Service Laboratories, at a salary of $1,800 a year, effective
November 10, 1919, or upon his arrival for duty.   He is a graduate
of the Massachusetts Agricultural College and has been -well trained
from a public health viewpoint, receiving his training at the Harvard
Technology School for Public Health.

     Employment of Miss Marie Jackson at $65 a month in the seed
testing laboratory, the employment to be on half pay, effective
November 15, and continuing until January 1, 1920, when she will
be ready to give full time to the work.


     Resignation of A. L. Brueckner, assistaiht iii'the Department
of Veterinary Science, effective OCtober 31, 1919.

     Resignation of Miss Ruth Chinn, stenographer in the Steno-
graphic Bureau, effective November 21, 1919.

     Resignation of Miss Dorothy Ratliff, home demonstration agent,
Calloway County, effective November 13. 1919.



     Resignation of William S. Brusse, county agent, Simpson County,
Kentucky, effective October 30, 1919.

     Resignation of Miss Hazel Adams, stenographer in the extension
divisizn, effective October l6, 1919.

     Resignation of Miss Katherine MIeier. stenographer in the exten-
sion division, effective October 27, 1919.

                       Increases in  

     Increase in salary for Miss Carrie Lee Hathaway, seed analyst,
from $65 to $75 a month, effective December 1, 1919.

     Increase in salary for Miss Anne McCullough, clerk in the of-
fice of the Director of the Experiment Station, from $60 to $70 a
month, effective December 1, 1919.

     Increase in salary for E. J. Gott to $2,000 a year, effective
November 1, 1919.

     Increase in salary of Miss Louise Webb from $80 to $100 per
month, effective December 1, 1919, on a ten month's basis.

     Increase in salary of Thomas Aubrev, fireman in the Engineering
Building, from $75 to $100 a month, effective December 1, 1919.

                        Leaves of Absence

     Sabbatical leave of absence is granted to Professor E. L. Rees
for the scholastic year 1920-1921 on half pay, for the purpose of
travel, study, and rest from his work on account of his eyes.

     Leave of absence is grabted to Professor T. J. Barr for one year,
without pay, effective January 1, 1920, for the purpose of acting as
general superintendent of the Kentucky Block Cannel Coal Company,
Cannel City, Kentucky.

     (4) Salaries.   President McVey discussed with the Committee the
salary situation at the University.   le stated that conditions at
the present time were such that many good men were leaving the Uni-
versity and accepting better salaries elsewhere.    He pointer out
that the College of Agriculture had, in this way, lost about fifteen
men during the last year; that- the College of Engineering has lost
four or five; and that the College of Arts and Science had lost a
number. He made the point that the effect on the University could



not be wholesome.   'There is a twofold effect", said the President
"namely, the nest men who are employed are invariably paid higher
salaries than we were paying to the men who left, and second we do
not always succeed in getting as good men as those who leave us.
The general tone of the Univcrsity is in danger of declining.   It
is difficult for meu to live on the salaries they are getting even
though the University has inoreasoc. salaries during the past two
years about 33%.   Other institutions have been forced to enter up-
on a program of salary increases.   Harvard is now attempting to
raise a fund of $14,000,000 to increase the salaries of their facul-
ties.     Oberlin University the other day received an endowment
sufficient to increase the salaries of their entire staff 50 .
Princeton and other universities are working out plans to meet the

     "I have had under consideration for several days a plan to
offer with the January salary to each member of the staff a flat
bonus of $100.   It is estimated that it would cost the Institu-
tion about $24,000 to carry it out.   It is planned to extend it
down even to clerks and stenographers who have been at the Univer-
sity for at least one year.   Senator Peak, the Business Agent,
has made a report to me on the probable effect on the finances of
the Institution, and in his opinion it would press the Institution
very hard to carry out the plan.   If it can be done, such action
would have a very favorable effect on morale and relieve the situa-
tion somewhat at the present time."

     (5) Carey-Reed Contract for the Patterson Hall Walk.   On his
request, Mr. Carey of the Carcy-Reed Company of Lexington, Kentucky,
appeared before the Committee to discuss with them the status of
his contract relative to the construction of a walk from the campus
to Patterson Hall. -Mr Carey made the point that owing to war time
prices he would not now be able to finish the walk at a cost within
the limits of the agreement, but stated that if the Committee desired,
he was willing to proceed with the work and finish it as agreed.
Whereupon it was agreed that the Company should proceed at once with
the work and finish it according to contract, putting an asphalt
surface on the present walk.

     (6) Report of the Legislative Committee.   President MoVev re-
ported to the Committee the tentative report of the Legislative Clom-
mittee appointed at a previous meeting of the Board and indicated
the program that had been tentatively ouGlined and agreed upon by
them.   After discussion the Committee deemed it desirable th-t the
matter should be presented to the next meeting of the Board ia order
that the members of the Boarc. should be fully acquainted with the
program and have an opportunity to discuss it.



     (7) Board Meeting Changed from December   to 18.    Atter.tion
Was called to the fact that the Inauguration of -Governor Morrow
was set for December 9, the date on which thG next meeting of the
Board falls.   The Secretary of the Committee was directed to call
the next meeting of the Board for December 18 on which date the
Governor has promised to be present.

     (8) Business Agent Authorized to P-orrow $40,000.   President
McVey called *th6 attention of the Committee to the fact that in
order to meet the accounts of the present month, it is necessary
for the Universityto borrow $40,000 until funds shall have been
received from the State.  On motion, duly made and seconded, the
Business Agent was authorized to borrow this money.

     (9) Report of the Business Agent.    The report of the Business
Agent was received, read and ordered filed.

     There being no further business, the Committee adjourned.

                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                            Wellington Patrick,

Secretary of the Committee.