Professor Mutchler, head of the Extension Department, re-
quests that a committee be appointed to audit h3s accounts so
that they can be forwarded to 'ashington for approval.

     In 1911, one of our Atudents, O.L. Day did not graduate
on account of sickness.   n order was made that uroon the com-
pletion of his work, his diploma be given him. This diploma
has been made out but heretofore, by oversight, has not been
delivered to him, nor is there anything to show that it was
ever passed upon by the Board of Trustees. I suggest that this
Committee now has full power to award this diplome, and that an
order be entered giving it to him as of the date he finished
his work.

     Onr musical director renort s that the Instrnments o f the
bani: are entirely worthless and wishes an appropriation on one
thousand dollars ($1000.0O) for new Instruments. I can well
beleive this statement Is true, and   recommend that the band
be furnished adequate inns cal instruments.  Ut as I know
very liatle about music, I request that Mr.  ever be allowed
to come before the Committee to state the matter as it appears
to him.

     The Committee on High School '.ournaments requests an
allowance of about fifty dollars ($50.00) for the purpose of
holding higg! school and intercollegiate tournaments here. ThI
can be done without any additional expense out 46 the money
collected for this purpose and not heretofore appr~priated,
and   hope it will be done.


                                        I.S. Barker,

     The  resident asked that a Committee be appointed to loan
the fund In accordance with the terms of the scholarship. There
was some discussion as to whether or not the fund should be
loaned with or without security.

     Upon eotion of Mr. Brown,, which was duly seconded and car-
ried, the  hairm In appointed the iresideat of the University,
the Dean of the  ollege of AgricuSlture and the 2usiness Agnet
of the University. as a ommittee to loan the fund provided
for in the scholarship, which Gommittee will report to the
Executive Committee the p1in for making the loan, every loan
made when and as made, how made and all action taken on account
of the scholarship.

     The 'resident stated that heretofore the faculty of the
University had been giving a partyand a dance to the students
of the University on Hallowelen bight, but that the faculty
this year dzoit'ed the University to appropriate $100.00 for this
purpose, and he recommended that this sum be appropriated.

     The o0mmittee took no action upon the recommendation.

     The President stated that  lax P. Humphrey of Louisville
had written him stating that an original model of a stateu