Captain Fairfax, Commandant of the 3attalion, appeared
before the Committee relative to the revision of the Military
Bi1l posed by Congress in juna. Captain s'airfa7 eaid:

     Unider the 3lNational iDefanse Act, which beenme a law on
June 3, of this year, provesion is made therein for the as-
ttblishmeat. in institutionrs of learnin. of the Reaesve
')ffie rs Training Corps. 1he object of this Corps Is to
train stu ints for the reeervr  officers, pri;marily for
tieutenant, In tiole of Sanr.  his institation cnn decide
whether or not it desires to come under thre provisions of this
act Qs it seeS fit'  1f It decides not to do so things will
reurain In %tatu quo. as .military instruction Is compulsory
for this class of aducational Institations under the so-called
Morrell kct of 1862.  Lhe 4nr Deartment. however, would like
to know from the lboard of Trustees, whether or not this Insti-
tution desires to have itself enrolled as being prepared to
handle one or more units of thre 1-.O.T.C. om-:)any. that Is,
unate. Another tbing that your comaittee Is to bring before
you is that when this RO.T.C. shall have gone into- effect,
two nonceomissioned officers of the Army will be detailed here
as my assistants.  The sovernment will -iv   them full allowances.
but would litke the Board of Trustees or the Zx~ecutlve Go-ttoo,
to stpte whether or not th6 ey are willing to house these two
non commissioned of0Ifoers.  1t is pr2balb  that one of them
will be married. the other single.  -he   earried man would pro-
bably require a four or five room house somewhere adjacent to
the Uiversity.   'Ihe Single man coald live In a. room In one of
the dormi teries.  f a reosn In one of the dormitories coad be
svarecl, It would not involve any rent to be  aid.  Tbe o ther
would require a certain amount of rent to be paid. -'ut the
prioalipl e qngstion to decide is whether the sehool will adopt
the Reserve  fficers Training %orps or not.

     Your Committee will not ex4laln what the 3&eserve %Crps
eoeets to do for the atudent and what the 4overnment ez-Pets
in return. I &.m not going Anto It In all its details but
broadly, It i thise

     The two lover cl asses, as now, will be required to drill
three hours per week, but only those who are nhysi9oaly fit
for war as covered by the army regalAtlons will be admitted to
the R.O.T.C., due ellow-naes being made for youth and thre pro-
miss of physioal fitness, if not at tiae of examination up
to said standard upon arrival at Military age. &L11 of theos
Men who pass the physisol amanminatior and enroll In the ieerve
Officers Training '-orpe till be given uniforms free of charge
by the 'aovernment.

     After those two years shall have been coraeleted, if a
cadet, with the nproval of the 2reeldent and aommandaut, then
electg to take two years more, In nature of finishing work,
he has to agree In writing to devote five hours per week to
mnilitary work. g0 still gets his uniform but In addition he
gets thirty cents per day for commutatton of rations all the
time he ti taking this course.   For this additional allowende,
he must Dromnise to attend at least one summer trainign  amp.
similar to those held at  latteaburg, and one more until al
years of age, after which he can apply for and take the examnina-
tion for a 2nd TleUtenantCy, If he so desires to do so but he