.I further move that the course of instruction outlined by
the tresident and Captain Fairfax be submitted to the Gommittee
of De--ns and that they be directed to cooperate with this
Committee which we will appeint.

     Motion seconded by "'r. Johnston, carried.

     Captain Fatrfax- I may be wrong in what I am going to
say. I are not going to ask you to act upon it now, but to
think it over and decide whether to change your policy. 'here
is a lot of jeering done by the upper elasemen at the lower
classmen who drill. If it were made a rule that everybody had
to drill as is the custom in Germany or any other foreign coun-
try, there would be no Jeering by the upper clasemen. I think
my department is the most unpopular, but the popularityof it
would be increased if every man had to do his part.  I ani a
stranger here and not familiar with things, but   had to call
a young man dorn for jeering the other day. I tiink he whould.
have been called before the discipline committee and reprimand-
ed.   his jeering Al1ces an odium on my department that makes
it very unpopular. 1 think it it a Iase of the upper classmen
trying to Hput it over" the lower.    don't ask for universal
drill but it would do away with a lot of the unpopular feeling
and jeering.A ask you to consider it in your mind and store
it away for future reference.  ^ believe my department w~uld
be more efficient if everybody was compelled to drill.
believe you will come to it within five years and I think It
worth while.

     Ur. Stoll-lVhat solution other Ithan making everybody drill
woald do away with this jeering?  lt is not the jeering; it Is
the spirit underlying the jeering.

     Captain Fairfax- I would have to give it more careful
consideration.    arn new at it and can not give you a panacea
for it now other than universal drill.

     Captain Fairfax- I have had twenty-six years of service,
twelve in the rank8.

     I have seen a man knocked down for lo king ugly and not
saying a word. I dontt want to make my department a guard

     Mr. Stoll_ hhat is the difference between jeering at one
of your Military companies and a man sticking his hld in the
class room and jeering at the class? I don#% see any differ-
ence.  Ihat would you do to a boy who would stick his head in
a class room and jeer at a class?

     President- I think that should come before the Ois8iplline

     Mr. Stoll- "'hat would they do with them?  It seems to me
that the same method could be used In handling one as the other.

     Mr. drown-  t has always been just this way. Xhe upper
classmen have always jeered at the boys that drilled.