President- I have never heard a word of it before.  It may
have been done, but I have never heard of it.

     Mr. Stoll- 1 do not think they sh7nuld be reprimanded in
the class room.

     Mr. !Ac~ee- Do you think that the punishment for jeering
should come under the same rule as any other?

     Mr. Brown- I think it should be left to the Commandant
and his discretion.

     Mr. Stoll- I agree with you,   do not believe it is the
duty of a professor to reprimand any man who interferes with
his class. I believe it is the duty of the President of the
University to see that this is done because Cantain TFairfax
is trying to teach Military Science just as Doctor Tuttle ts
teaching Chemistry, and if a boy tried to raise sand in Doctor
Tuttleld class, it would be his duty to report it to the pro-
per authorities, else Doctor Tuttle doing his duty would
bring down upon himself undeserved orium from the rest of the
boys.  Captain Jrairfax doesn't want to bring that odium upon him-
self any more than the others, nor does he want to make his
department -unpopular.

     Captain Fairfax- Unpopularity is feared little by a man
who does his duty, and I don't shrink from that.

     Mr. Brown- I don't think that Captain Fairfax is in the
same position as professors in the class room. He is head
of the discipline of the campus, and he is the man to see that
discipline is maintained. 'he men we have had heretofore have
found it hard to keep discipline.

     captain Fairfax- I don't take that autocratic power, bat
I do think that I should have the power to act anywhere and
if a boy makes a face at another, it ought to be in my power
to reprimand him and to handle the case right there.

      r. Stoll-  Of course, this is a smatter on which even
Captain Fairfax, who has given the matter some thought, is not
prepared to Take any recommendations. I think it would be r11
to instruct resident Barker and Capotain Fairfex and, this
other committee to make recommendations to this Cominittee what
should be done, at the next regular meeting. Donet you thinl
Captain that is better?

     Captain Fairfax- I think I should have the power to repri-

     Ur. Stoll- That is inherent.

     Mr. Z~rown- I think that it shouald be known that they should
have all due respect to the Military Department.

     Captain Fairfax- It wouldn't do any harm to com2 out on
paper and make that statement to the student body.    t would
show my hand and the rresident's.

     After the United States uniforms are donned, if you choose