to look forward to that time, he who Jeers then will find that
he is actually Jeering at the uniform of the United States
Government. This means more to me and it is a serious matter
to me.

     Mr. Brovwn- aere is a question, gentlemen, that will be
off the direct line.   hat will be the feeling of the men who
are forced to drill and put in a separate company on account
of being physically unfit.

     Captain Fairdiax- 'hat will simply be a requirement of
the University and not a requirement of the War Department-

     Mr. Brown- I am not referring to the personal feeling of
that body.

     ar. Stoll- it will have the effect of sending them over
to the gymnasium and getting them physically fit.

     Mr. Brova- there are a great many who will never be physi-
cally fit if they are sent to the gymnasium forever.

     President- Couldn't the XaJor and    prepare all that for
you and give it to you?

     Mr. Stoll- What we want is to get this ready to act upon
at our next regular meeting.

      resident- Please ask Xr. Cover to come in.

      Ar. ;over, teacher of the bana and Glee Flub at the Univer-
sity, appeared before the Buwd upon the invitation of the wres-

     Mr. over stated to the BoRrd that it was absolutely
necessary, if the band was to be continued, that the University
procure new Instruments, as the instruments now on hand were
of little use;  that it was impossible to get the instrumments
in tune, and that they were worn out.

     Captain Fairfax stated that Mr. Oovers had done wonders
with the Ban*; that even with the antiquated instruments Mr.
Cover had made a good ban ;, but that it was necessary in his
opinion how to procure new instruments; that a band: is of the
,reatest hebt to the military department at the TUni-ersity.
t devel-ped that the band had no music, and the Captain Fair-
fax had given out of the contingent fund given him by the
Government gpgne y to purchase music.

     Mr. Cover stated that the new instruments would cost
about $1500.00; that with this money he would buy twenty five
new instruments.  In response tota question by Mr. Brown, Pr.
Cover and Captain Fairfax said that the instruments should last
fifteen or twenty years.

     Mr. Peak, b~usiness Agent of the niverslq, stated that
the University would have money enough on hand to purchase t ie
instrument s.

Thereupon, Mr. Johnston moved that $1500.00, or so much