thereof as may be necessary, be appropriated for tne purchiae
of new instr  nts for the bands   the motion being duly second-
ed, on the call of the roll, M sors. Nichols, Johnston, oecee
aend Stoll voted aye. and Mir. Brown voted no.  }he s ction was

     Ir. Peak appeared oefore the Board end discussed the
financial condition of the Universit  

     President Barker stated du-ring the discussion that in the
past he had for certain poor students remitted the fees to be
paid to the University; that this vae an old custom. and that
he felt by the remission of these fees stadents could attend
college when otherwise they Vwould be prevented from so doing*
Mr. Brown took the position that no one man should have the
power to remit these fees. 'rl John-,ton stated that it might
be wisa to give to some person or Go;;Ittee such power.   Pr
Brown thought that ome obligation should be given to the
University therefor, and reeldent Barker stated that no obli-
gstion had been required from any of the students whose fees
would be -Did in the fature.   r. Brown questioned the power
[f the *resident to permit one man to attend the University free.
of all fees and to require another to p; ay these fees*

     The discussion eatue up relative to the report of the Bus-
iness Agent en certain accountz which the report showed were
due to the University. After some discussion, the Business
Agent was directed to analyZe the old accounts, to make a report
thereof in writing to the Committee and to report to the Com-
mitt.. which accounts he considered good and which bad.

     In the discussion, :r. Brown stated that he knew of one
girl who had left Patterson lall owing a board bill of something
like $85.00; that if one girl owed that sort of a bill, the
chances arc that others had done the same thing; that this
particular girl had had money enou;, to pay her bill every week,
but that she had evidently spent the money for other purposes.

     Mr. Stoll stated that he had never seen a statement of the
condition of the accounts at Patterson Ball. and that Inas-
much as the University was responsible for the operation of
Patterson Hall, a statement of its acco'nts should be made to
the University.   t developed in the discussion that there was
no Board of Control of Patterson Ball, as Is r equired bj t4c
act of the Legislature which requires a Board of these wmenon
to act as a Board of 4'ontrol, and which requires this Board to
make certpiln reports to the board of Trustees or to the Execu-
tive 0onmittee of the University.

     Judge Barker. in response to a question, stated to the
Board that Miss Pickett was running and operating Patterson
Bal 1 .

     No action was taken at the ;eeting.

     The President stated to the Board that the Southern Rail-
way had seat to the University $1000.00 on account of the scholar-
ship which it had given to the University, the terms of which
scholarship as as follow*s