_ xxx Twenty-fifth Annual Report of the — »  
T Bulletins. I F ' `  
V N0. A  .,_
‘ 159. A Preliminary Study of Kentucky Localities in which Y`?
Pellagra is Prevalent, having Reference to. the  
» Condition of the Corn Crop and to the Possible j
n .,i‘ r . Presence of an Insect or other Agent by which the .
    Disease Spreads. H. Garman. i`  
.   t, 160. Parturient Paresis ‘(Milk Fever) and Eclampsia; and  F
;   , the Internal Secretion of the Mamemae as a Factor `
  ` ; , in the Onset of Labor. Daniel J. Healy and Joseph ._
,_ j i H. Kastle. - _ _   ‘
. ji   I 161. Soy Beans. George Roberts and E. J {Kinney.  if
  _2 162. The Soils of Webster County- A. M. Peter and S. C. :
`   ` Jones. li
  gi  . 163. Corn Production. George Roberts and`E. J. Kinney. >
      .· 164. The Catalpas and their Allies. H. Garman. Q
    A   165. Investigations of the Etiology of Infectious Abortion of
    Qi g _Cows and Mares. Edwin S. Good. ,
  ij,] 166. The Diagnosis of Infectious Abortion in Cattle; Frank
    M. Surface. C
€_fE_I;>·;rJ',;Z 167. Forage Poisoning or so-called Cerebro-Spinal Menin· I: ·
  gitis in Horses, Cattle and Mules. Robert Graham. }
  168. Commercial Fertilizers. Joseph H. Kastle and H. E. ·- A
  _ Curtis, T A g
    , Circulars. I   .
    Handbook for Agricultural Clubs. T. R. Bryant.  
  Soil Fertility. George Roberts, "
  Airniin. E. J. Kinney. y ~ ,i
  Silo Facts. A. J. Reed. _ I _
  Making Wheat Growing More Profitable in the Blue l _
  _ Grass. E. J. Kinney, ,
  ~ Press Bulletins. ‘ k
  20.* Pneumonia in Swine. Robert Graham. i .
  21- LGSSOUS Derived from the Kentucky Dairy Show, J,  
  J. Hooper,