A · , viii Twenty-jifth Annual Report of the _ ·
. , ` I [ · ‘
F ` I ’ • {
  . OFM   1 n i
` 1,   . Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station ` I
  if FOR THE YEAR 1912 A
  1 The year 1912 has been an eventful one in the history of _
g   the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station,ipartly by -
gg,}  reason of the passage of an act of the General Assembly, _
  approved March 11, 1912, whereby the resources of the
 ji Experiment Station were increased by an appropriation of
  fifty thousand dollars per annum, and partly by reason of
 E the untimely death of the Director, Dr. M. A. Scovell, on the
  fifteenth of August, 1912. Immediately following the death
  of Dr. Scovell, Dr. A. M. Peter, Chief Chemist of the
    Experiment Station, was appointed Acting Director. In this
  capacity he served until October 26, 1912, on which date Dr.
  Joseph H. Kastle, Head of the Department of Chemical .
=:.f:!.-air 1
  Research in the Experiment Station was elected Dean ofthe
  College of Agriculture- of `the State University and Director
  of the Kentucky Agricultural _Experiment Station. It has
  been the aim both of Drs. Peter and Kastle, at least for the
  time being, to carry on the work of the Experiment Station
  as nearly as possible in conformity with Dr. Scovell’s original
 i Tilt? `
  : L;