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Minutes of the University Faculty November 1?, 1945 - cont,

Change History 180b, History of the New South, 4 quarter hours, to
History 182 — same title and credit.

History iflio Russia Since 1300, 4 quarter hours. The purpose of this gga.
course is to trace the development of Russion through the revolutionary I
upheavals of the present century, from\a partly feudal and almost wholly
agricultural country under the tsarist regime of the nineteenth century

to a proletarian and industrial state under the Soviet regime. Special
attention is given to a study of the methods, aims, and achievements of

the Bolshevik leaders and the Communist Party; an analysis of the nature

of scenomic, political and diplomatic factors which have made Russia a

leading world power.

Change History 190a, the Far East to 1900, 3 Quarter hours, to History 190%
4 Quarter hours.

Dr. W. D. Funkhouser read to the University Faculty a carefully prepared
statement concerning Opportunites of Negroes for graduate study in the Southern
states. Dr. Funkhouser' s statements were the results of his participation in
the study of this subject by the Association of Deans of Graduate schools of

the Southern States. /// /””"_“““‘j\\

W.— r”

'///)/?<fi //:fi:;»\ :IV/,.j 11%;v/1/V
. Leo N, Chamberlain

' Secretary


The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall Monday.
December 109 1945, at 4:00 p. m. Until the arnival of Bresident Donovan, at
4:30 p. m., Dean Boyd presided. Members absent were H. W. Beers, Leo M.
Chamberlain, L. L. Dantzler, N. R. Elliott, E. F. FarQuhar, James H. Graham,
T. T. Jones, John Kuiper, M, E. Ligon, A. C. McFarlan, L. E. Nollau, Ha B.
Price, Clay Salyers, B. A” Shively, and D. v. Terrell. Afil’

The minutes of November 12 were read and approveda

A. J. Lawrence, Chairman of the Rules Committee. presented the following
report on the action of the committee on the request of Chi Delta Phi to be
allowed to publish a magazine0 The reguest had been referred to the Rules
Committee by the Faculty on November 12.

The request of Chi Delta Phi fraternity to sponsor and publish a
literary magazine was referred to the Rules Committee for consideratiou
and recommendation. The Committee met on Tuesday. December 4, 1945,
at 4 p. m., and heard explanations from a committee of students from the
fraternity and Miss Jane Haselden, prepsed sponsor. The 00mmittee
raised a number of questions as to content, responsibility for supere
vision. and financial responsibilty, a

The following action was taken:

A motion was made. seconded, and passed without dissenting vote
to recommend to the University Faculty that the request of Chi Delta Phi



Minutes of the University Faculty December 10, 1945 — cont.

fraternity to publish a literary magazine be granted with the following
provisions: (1) that the publication be under the direction of the
Publications Committee, or_another faculty committee designated by the
President, and (2) that no issue go to press without assured funds to
pay the cost of that issue.

The University Faculty approved the Rules Committee's recommendation.

On motion, duly seconded and passed, the University Faculty voted to
reconsider the University Calendar for 1946-47 approved at the meeting
November 12. After some discussion covering the opening date of the F811
Quarter and the Christmas vacation, the Faculty approved a motion that the
calendar be left to a committee of which Dean Chamberlain would be the

The Faculty then considered the following recommendation of the POst-
War Planning Committee, which had been deferred from the November meeting.
Whereas this Committee has before it numerous problems of a long range nature
which it feels are not proper to the problems of a Post—War Planning Committee,
we recommend that the University Faculty consider the possibility of a stand-
ing committee whose purpose it shall be to study such problems and to
suggest to the Faculty additiOnal policies in the light of such study. A
motion was made, seconded, and passed that the President appoint a committee
on educational policies.

In accordance with the rules of the UniverSity Faculty, the Dean of the
University had prepared a list of student organizations and their respective

advisers. This list was mimeographed and distributed at the meeting.

On recommedation of the College of Arts and Sciences, the following

‘course changes and new courses were approved by the University-Faculty:

DroE: Physics 151, Introduction to Atomic Physics - 5 Quarter hours
Physics 202, Measurements in Optics, 3 quarter hours.

Change (in description and credit):

Physics 110. §pectroscopy. Credit changed from 4 to 5 quarter
hours. This course considers the production, recording, and
interpretation of spectra, both atomic and molecular. Bohr~
Sommerfield theory, energy levels, normal and excited states,
absorption and Baman spectra. The laboratory will emphasize those
principles of spectroscopic apparatus: theory and use of prism
and grating spectrographs; light sources, photographic procedures;
Wave length and intensity determinations; spectrOphometer and
densitometer; qualitative and quantitative analysis. Prea
reguisites: Sophomore Physics and Integral Calculus.

Egg Courses: Physigg.ifli. Fundamental gtomic and Nuclear Physics. 5
Quarter hours. This course will stress the fundamental
principles of atomic and nuclear theory and practice thereby
providing a foundatiOn for students interested either in
applied nucleonics or in a breeder study of atomic and
nuclear physics. Topics: atomic nature of matter,
electricity and radiant energy; atomic and molecular
structure: artificial transmutation of nuclei, nuclear





 Minutes of the University Faculty December lO,~1945 - cont.
fission. Prerequisites: Sophomore Physics and Integral Calculus.

2335333 115. Experimental Physics: Atomics and Nucleonics. 3 Quarter %
hours. Methods of producing and detecting nuclear particles will be r
studied. Instruments to be employed in measurements are ionization

chambers, Greiger counters, cloud chambers, photographic films, mass
spectrographs, and Van de Graaff generator. Measurements will be made

on halfalives, absorption coefficients, ranges, particle energies.

The experiments include methods appropriate to alpha particles,

electrons and positrons, photons, neutronsa fission fragments and

mesons. Prerequisites: Physics 155 or concurrent.

Anthrgpglggv and Archaeologz 108. The Development oi Culture.
3 quarter hours. A study of the origin or human culture and of the his-
tory of human cultural behavior. The course will contain a study of
the origin and development of primitive behavior along cultural lines.
It will not be presented as a series of studies of static culture

but rather to show the flow of culture from basic human beginnings to .
present day civilization. m


Upon recommednation of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty
approved the following changes in requirements:

Changes in Reguirements for the A.B. and B. S. Degrees:

Our Committee on Curriculum studied the changes made in our rem
quirements last year and came to the conclusion that it would be wise
not to increase the number of quarter hours for completion of the lower
division and for the degrees of A.B. and B.S. Accordingly, the committee
recommended to the Faculty that the old basis be restored; namely, for
completion of the lower division, 96 quarter hours, and for the A.B.
or B.S., 192 quarter hours. This action, if approved by the University
Faculty. is to be in effect at once.

Changes in Requirements for the degree of A.B. In Journalism.
As a conseQuence of the action described in No. A, the Faculty approved

reduction of Quarter hours reQuired for the degree, A.B. in Journalisn, 5‘
from 206 to 198. The specific changes involved are the following:


General Editorial SeQuence;
ignigp year, change English electives frOm 10 to 5 hours.
Total hours, change from 54 to 49.
Senior year, change general lectives from 20 to 17 hours
Total hours, change from 50 to 47.

CommunityaPublishing Sequence:



Year, change English electives from 10 to 5 hours.
Total hours, change from 54e57 to 49e52
Senior Year, change general elctives from 19 to 16 hours.
Total hours, change from 50~to 47.,. ‘


Advertising SeQuence:
Junior year, change general electives from 25 to 20 hours.
Total hours, change from 51°54 to 46=4°.
Senior year. change general electives from 20 to 1 hours.
Total hours, change from 53e55 to 50°52




Minutes of the University Faculty December 10, 1945 - cont.

On recommendation of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, the
following changes were approved:

Change gi Credit

Horticulture 110, The Principles of Vegetable Gardening, from 3
to 4 credits (Lectures 3 hours; laboratory 2 hours).

Horticulture 103, Pomology; Pome Fruits, from 3 credits to 4 credits

(Lectures 3 hours; laboratory 2 hours)

Horticulture 120, Landscape Gardening, from 3 credits to 4 credits
(Lectures 3 hours; laboratory 2 hous).

The College of Commerce requested the following new courses, which were
approved by the University Faculty:

Commerce £21. Governmental Accounting (4). The reguirements of adequate

accounting systems for various governmental units, including the recording
of usual transactions and the form and content of reports. PrereQuisites:
~Com. 7b or graduate standing.

Commerce 2Q. Principles g£_édgertising (A). An introductory study of the
function of advertising in its relation to the broad field of marketing.
Emphasis is placed upon the scope and organization of advertising and its
economic implications. Advertising media are briefly surveyed and various
testing devices used in advertising are examined. Prerequisite: Com. 10.

Also on recommendation of the College of Commerce, the Faculty voted to drop
Economics 114, War Economics (4). ‘

President Donovan made a confidential report to the Faculty on the reasons
for the recent reorganization of athletics at the UniVarsity. He also discussed
breifly the plans for building up and maintaining an effective athletic program.

YY\0Jp¥hL VVJro~xr a’



The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hell, Monday,
January 14, at 4:00 p. m. President Donovan presided. Members absent were
R. S. Allen, P. P. Boyd, Thomas P. CooPer, L. L. Dantzler, E. F. Farquhar,
James H. Graham, W. B. Hamiltou, W. A. Heinz, G. C. Knight, A. C. McFarlan,
L. E. Nollau, F. D. Peterson, H. B. Price, Clay Salyer, R. E. Shaver, B. A.
Shively, D. V. Terrell, Amry Vendenbosch, and S. B. Walton.

The minutes of December 10 were read and approved.

A. J. Lawrence, Chairman of the Rules Committee, presented the following
rePort for that committee: