been practicing long, anl this conversation was some time in the spring of s866, and I
think either in the month of April or May of 1866.
  G (3iven under my hand this 25th day of May, 1874
"Attest:                                               NANNIE E. ALLEY,
  " CvRus ALLEY."
  Some question was raised after the 25th of April, 1874, as to the
indefiniteness of Mr. Alley's statement relative to the mnonth of my
admission, and on the 27th day of May he wrote, sighed, and made
oath to the following statement:
  "MOREIEAD, Ky., May 27, 3874 -1, Cyrus Alley, state that Thomas F. Hargis was.
-sworn in to practice law in Roivan County Court, at the Court House in the town of More-
head, at the May term of said Court, i866. I have looked over the orders of April, i866,
none being missing, a-nd none in that month in reference to himrt.  I can therefore
state the month, and this was the meaning of the first certificate I gave him. I was then
Clerk of the Rowan County and Circuit Courts.
                                                         "1 CYRUS ALLEY."
  "Sworn to before one, by Cyrus Alley, this 27th May, 1874.
                                                   -JAMES W. JOHNSON,
                                                 "Clerk Rowan County Court."

  ",This is to certifv that I have been acquainted with T. F. Hargis as a licensed lawyer
since the early spring of iS66. He began his studies in the year i 6o, whilst a boy, under
any supervision, and after the war he resurmed his studies for a short time, and was soon
licensed as a lawyer to practice. I have been associated with him in the practice of the
law since the spring of i866. This 27th April, x874.
                                                           -H. G. BURNS."

  iI, Wiliarm Stewart, state that I was Justice of the Peace in Rowan county from 3864
up to 1870 continuously, and that I knew Thomas F. Hargis, and have known him since
July, i865, and I know tbat Tbwomas F. Hargis was and did practice law before me in Try
court, at my spring ternm, i866, in various suits. And I have no doubt about this fact, of
which I arn cetain, he had been practicing law at Morehead before the August election,
a-866, at which election said Ha-rgis 'was a cvrdidate for County Judge. I am a Republi-
can in politics, and have been. I knew siklI Hsugis well in the fall of i86c, and the win-
ter of 1865 and iE86. I was frequently in lis (fifce, ar.d he always had his law-bcols,
and I thslglit he was studyieg bard. Given V110Lr my hand this 25th day of April, 1874.
                                                          "WVM. STEWART.
  - Att: Cyaus ALLEy."

  - I certify that I bave lived in Vou-an county for near eight years (since 15th May, 1866).
and that I knew Thomas F. Hargis during the whole of that time; was frequently in his
laws office in t866. from June till the first Monday in August, and afterward until he moved
to Carlisle. And before the August election, i866, I deopositively know that Mr. Hargis
was practicing law, because I frequently consulted with him. And he was my attorney all
the time he practiced at Alorehead.
  " Given under my hand this 25th day of April, 1874.
                                                           " D. BOWNLING."
   Mr. Bowling has, since the date of his statement, been a Justice Qf
the Peace. I have many other like statements of credible persons not
necessary to publish.    Wherever duty leads me, I will go with an un-
shaken faith in the justice of God and with a clear conscience, trusting
in the power of truth and an upright life to protect my good name.
But the thread upon which my life hangs is too frail; the public trust
confided to me by an intelligent and honorable constituency, who were
fully cognizant of all the calumnies heaped upon me and their falsity,
is too sacred; and my consciousness of my own innocence and of the
ultimate judgment of all good men too profound to permit me to con-
sume my time and strength otherwise than by the faithful discharge of
my duties. And now I enter upon the performance of the onerous
duties of the high office to which I have been called with the purpose
to so live 'and labor that the rancorous fury of the calumny, upon which