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Meeting of
June 9, 1869

Report of
Stastn&-L rs
Committee on
Col. of the
Bibl e

Report of
Comr. on the
Col. of Arts.

                       Wednesday Morning, June 9, 9g A. M.
     The Board met pursuant to adjournment. Present Curators
E. M. Bishop, (Chairman) J. B. Bowman, Benjamin Gratz. Joseph
Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, Joseph Smith, W. L. Williams,
E. C. Ricketts, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbitt, Jno. Shackelford, Jr.
Enos Campbell, Jas. L. Caldwell, L. B. Wilkes, Jno. Aug. Williams,
Andrew Steele, F. K. Hunt.
     The Stan&i.L% Covaittee on the College of the Bi'ble wads their
report which was received and adopted. It reads as follows;
     "The undersigned Committee Recommends
     1. That the services of a third and regular Professor, who
shall live in Lexington or vicintty as the law requires, be se-
     2. That the course of study and other details which Presi-
dent Milligan proposes for publication in reference to this Col-
lege be referred to a Committee of three Curators who shall
revise and prepare the same for publication in the catalogue.
                             R. C. Ricketts
June 9, 1869.                L. B. Wilkes.

                        Kentucky University
                   Lexington, Ky. June 9, 1869

     The Standing Committee on the College of Arts made their
report which was received and on motion adopted. It is as
     The Standing Committee on the College of Arts made their
report which was received, and on motion adopted. It is as
     "The Committee would state that they have examined the
report of President Graham, and find the same very full and
satisfactory. The Committee recommend that the suggestions of
Pres. Graham as to compensation for the extra labors of Tutor
C. R. Williams, repairs on the College buildings and gounds,
and increased room accommodations for the Professors and
Tutors, be referred to the Exec. Committee for action on the
                             Z. F. Smith, Chairman
                             A. H. Bowman
                             Enos Campbell.



June 9, 1869

Report of
the Com.
on Finance

of Pres.

  J. Shackel-
  ford. Sr.

  Con. on

  Com. on
  new Prof.

  Discus sion
  of question
  of partizan

  on Pres.
  )Lilligan' s

     The report of the Committee on Finance was then read as
     "The Committee would report that they have considered the
report if and conferred with the Treasurer, and find that the
probable estimate of the funds available to meet the expenses
of the University the next session is $30,000.
                                Z. F. Smith, Chairman
                                D. S. Goodloe
                                A. E. Borman."
     On motion,this report was received and adopted.
     The Executive Committee, through their Secretary Curator
Joseph Smith presented the resignation of Pres. Pickett, the
same having been accidently omitted from their report of yes-
terday. This resignation was referred to the Committee an-
pointed yesterday for examining the report of the Executive
     Curator John Shackelford, Sr. having presented by letter
his reasons for absence from this, and from the last annual
meeting of the Board, these reasons were, on motion, declared
sufficient, and hence his seat not vacant thereby.
     On motion, a Committee on Nominations was directed to be
appointed. by the Chair. The Committee consists of Curators
Joseph Smith, Goodloe and Caldwell.
     On motion of Curator Joseph Smith it was resolved that a
Committee on New Professors be appointed to act in conjunction
with the Committee on Finance. The Committee consists of
Curators Joseph Smith, Gratz and Shackelford, Jr.
     Curator 'Wilkes offered the following resolutioni
     Resolved. that no political question or subject of a parti-
zan character shall be discussed at any public exercise of this
University or af any Society thereof.
     After some consideration the following Substitute was of-
fered by Curator Jno. Aug. Williams.
     Resolved. that this Board direct the Special attention of
the Several Faculties to the 3d Section, p. 27 of the Laws and
Statutes, and respectfully suggest that they enforce the sa me
with a liberal but prudent spirit.
     After discussion, on motion of Curator E. Campbell, the
whole subject was laid on the table.
     The Committee of Conference with the Faculty of the Bible
College on the matters presented in Prest. Milligan's report,
was appointed by the Chair as follows: Curator Jno. Aug. Wil-
lihms, Z. F. Smith, G. W. Elley.
     On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 2 P. M.



Afternoon Session, June 9, 1869

Report of
the Stand-
ing Cor. on
the Col. of

of the
grounds of
Transylvsani a

     The Board met at     Ml_    Present Curators whose names
are recorded in the Minutes of the morning (excepting Curators
Steele and Z. F. Smith) with the addition of Joseph S. Woolfolk
and A. H. Bowman.
     The Committee on the College of Medicine submitted their
report as follcws:
     The Committee on the proposed Medical Department of the Ky.
University ask leave to report.
     1st. That as present advised they cannot recommend at this
time the organization of a Medical faculty therein.
     2d. But as an initratory LsiJ step to that end, we would
suggest that the Board of Curators authorize the Executive Com-
mittee to organize a Go11ege of Medicine whenever the citizens
of Lexington shell purchase and organize a hospital for the sick,
and whenever a competent F'aculty shall offer to instruct in said
College, and accept the fees of students as their compensation.
     3d. When the hospital is provided and the Faculty organized
as above mentioned, that the Executive Committee shall provide
rooms for instruction in the University buildings.
                       Signed, Joseph Smith, Chairma.n
                               J. P. Tarbitt.

     The Committee on the proposed disposition of the Transyl-
rrnia property submitted their report which on motion, was re-
ceived and adopted.
     The report is as follows: /157/
     The undersigned Committee to whom was referred the subject
of the proposed extension of Mill and Market Streets in Lexing-
ton through the grounds of the University, and the disposition
of the lots cut off thereby, report that the first subject to
which their attention was directed was the title of the property
with reference to the power of the Universrmity to carry out the
scheme in question.
     The whole property extending from Broadway to Upper Street
was acquired in two parts at different times. The one on which
the College building stends extends from Broadway to the middle
line of Market Street extended; the other, known as the Blythe
property, extends from that middle line to Upper Street. To
this last mentioned parcel the University holds an absolute title
with unrestricted power to disposition according to its pleasure.
     The extension of Market Street would               the pre-
sent dormitory building which stands across the proposed exten-
sion. The funds with which the other property, that between
Market Street extended and 'roadway, was purchased, were part
of the residuary bequest of Col. James Morrison. This residuary
fund was bequeathed by  him to the Trustees of Transylvania


June 9, 1869

          University in the language of the will, "for the benefit of
          that Institution, to be applied to the erection of another
          edifice for its purposes to be denominated Morrison College, in
          the to*.7 of Lexington."  His executor, the Hon. Henry Cley,
          purchased the lot in question with part of that residuary fund,
          and conveyed it to the Trustees of the University in June 1831,
          reciting in the deed that it had been purchased by him" with
          the intention of conveying it to said Trustees as a Site for the
          Morrison College or Hall authorized by the will of the late 0cl.
          James Morrison as a part of the residuary legacy," and stipu-
          lating in the deed that it should be held "to the exclusive use
          of said Trustees and their successors for the sole purpose of
          said University without being appropriated to any other object
               In this condition of the title, it is so far doubtful
          whether the University can legally alienate any part of the
          property by either lease or sale, that purchases or leases
          would not likely be taken at anything approaching fair prices.
          unless the right of alienation should be first tested and es-
          tablished in the Courts. This test could be regularly applied,
          and if it is considered desirable to make the proposed aliena-
          tion of any of that property the Committee recommend that the
          right to do so be first tested by legal proceedings.
               We have said that there is no difficulty about the power
          to alienate the "Blythe" lot. But as the extension of Market
          Street would be partly on the other property there would , as
          to that, be the same difficulty in opening that Street by the
          act of the University, as of alienating that property in any
          other mode. This can be obviated, however, by having the street,
          opened by order of the City authorities.
        /P.158/ The Committee are not prepared to make any recommendation
          one way or the other on the subject of extending Market Street
          and selling or leasing the Blythe lot, or of extending Mill
          Street and selling or leasing the property next Broadway, pro-
          vided it is found that this latter can legally be done. There
          is not such a concurrence of views among us, or indeed such
          definiteness of views in some members of the Committees as to
          enable us to unite in a recommendation. But we are all of
          opinion that if it is determined to do either, it is better to
          sell than to lease. There is as much right to do one as the oft
                                       Signed F. K. Hunt, Chairman
                                               G. W. Elley
                                               Benj. Gratz
                                               Jno. Aug. Williams.


June 9, 1869

Report of
the Com.
to examine
the report of
the Ex. Corn.

Recess at
Chri s tmam

say engage
in other
business not
inte rfe rri ng
with their
duti e s

Salary of
Mi lligen

Lot of
ground in

of Pres.

rec d in

Commi ttee
on investi-

     The Committee to whom was referred the  re Fort of the
Executive Committee made their report as follows;
     The undersigned Committee to whom was referred the consid-
era-tion of the action of the Executive Board of Kentucky Uni-
versity for the past year, have had the same under advisement
and report as follows;
     We recommend that this boy fix by law the period of adjourn-
ment for the different Colleges of the University during the
Christmas holidays, and suggest that the time of adjournment
should extend from the 23d of December until the 2d of January
of each year.
     Your Committee are of opinion that this Board should not
prohibit on the part of Professors and Teachers, attention to
such business arrangements as will not in any way interfere with
duties and engagements in the University.  This Committee are
of opinion that no action of this Board is reouired in the case
of Professor A. R. Milligan in as much as he has faithfully and
diligently performed his duties as Adjunct Professors
     We respectfully recommend to the consideration of the
Executive Committee the propriety of increasing the Salary of
Prof. Milligan if compatible with the financial interests of the
     Touching the sale and conveyance by the Executive Committee
of the lot of ground in Harrodsburg belonging to the University,
we recommend its approval and ratification.
     Your Committee are of opinion that the Board of Curators
should accept the proposed resignation of President Pickett and
spread upon the records a resolution fully endorsing him as a
Christian gentleman and accomplished teacher.   /159/
     All of which is respectfully submitted
                      Signed, Enos Campbell, Chairman
                             James Caldrwell
                             R. C. Ricketts.

     After some discussion with respect to that portion of this
relates to the resignation of President Pickett, that portion
of the report was stricken out, and, on motion, the remainder
of the report was received and adopted.
     Curator Jno. Aug. Williams offered the followings
     Resolved that upon request of Professor J. D. Pickett, a
Commi ttee of three Curators be appointed to investigate the



grounds for the statement which the Professor me-de in his
letter of resignation of April 7, 1869, concerning the Faculty
of the A. & M. College. The Chair appointed Curators John Aug.
Williams, Benj. Gratz and W. L. Williams.
     Curator Jno. 4g. Williams offers    the following:
     Resolved that a Committee of three be appointed to define
exactly and in writing, the duties of the several Standing Com-
mittees authorized by the Board and to report at an early a day
as possible.
     The Chair appointed Curators Joseph Smith, Joseph Wasson and
J. P. Tarbitt.
     The report of the Standing Committee in the Agricultural
and Mechanical College was real, and on motion laid on the table.
This report will be found on file.
     On motion of Curator Caldwell, it was resolved, That, where-
as the Students of the Agricultural and Mechanical College have,
without the knowledge of the law prohibiting the same, purchased
a cane to be presented to Prof. J. D. Pickett, therefore, that
Section 16th page 20th of the Statutes and Laws of the University
be suspended so as to allow said presentation.
     On motion of Curator Caldwell, it was ordered, That the
Executive Committee be authorized to employ such counsel as they
may deem necessary to defend any suit brought against the Univer-
sity and to give such legal advise as may be necessary.
     On motion of Curator Wilkes it was resolved, That a Committee
of three be appointed to report the best way to furnish Security
in case of suits in cases in which Ky. University is a party.
The Chair appointed Curators Caldwell, J. B. Bowman and J. S

                  Kentucky University, June 9, 1869

     On motion of Curator J. B. Bowman it was ordered that a
Diploma from the College of the Bible Me= conferred on Manderville
Allen Elston of Columbia, Mo., as recommended by the Faculty of
that College; the Degree of Bachelor of Arts on Charles Jacob
Bronston of Richmond, Ky., and Virgil Pendleton Gibney of Lexing-
ton, Ky., ad recomm ended by the Faculty of the College of Arts;
the Degree of BacbQlor of Science on William Benjamin Munson of
AstolVia, Ill. as recommended by the Faculty of the Agricultural
and Mechanical College, and the Degree of Bachelor of Law on
Drury D. Adams of Booneville, Mo., Wm. H. Ballard of Shelbyville,
Ky., Wilbur F. Browaer of Montgomery, Ala. Malachi T. Bryan of
Winchester, Ky., John J. Doss of Chillicothe, Mo., Benjamin S.
Drake of Lexington, Ky. Walter P. Gaines of Montgomery, Ky.,



Kentucky University, Lexington, Kentucky June 9, 1869.

Meeting of
June In.

Henry J. Gaker of Lexington, Ky. Thaddeus Gayman of Zollersville,
Pa., Culler M. Lincoln, of Plattsburg, Mo. C. Fleming Rogers, of
Lexington, Ky., Wm. P. Talbut, of Lexingion, Ky. Llewellyn P. Tariton,
Jr., of Fayette, Co. Ky., J. Willis Sebree of Franklin Co. Ky.,
J. S. Wortham Breckenridge Co. Ky., and W. L. Yerkis of Danville,
Ky.$   On motion the Board adjourned till tomorrow at 8 A. M.
                          Thursday Morning, June 10, 1869.
     The Board met at 8- A. M. Present Curators Joseph Wasson, G.
W. Elley, A. H. Bowman, Joseph Smith, W. L. Williams, R. C. -Licketts,
Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbitt, John Shackelford, Jr., Jas. L. Cald.
well, Jno Aug. Williams, Joseph Woolfolk, D. 1? Goodloe, Enos
Campbell, L. B. Wilkes.

Com. on
Col. of Law.



Duties of
Co. defined

     After Prayer offered by Curator W. L. Williams the Standing
Committee on the College of Latw were allowed further time to pre-
pare their report.
     The Committee on Music, through Curator W. L. Williams, prey
sented the following report. "We recommend that a School of Music
be established, in which shall be taught vocal and Instrumental
Music, thorough Bass and Composition."
     On motion this report was adopted.
     The Committee appointed to define the duties of the various
Standing Committees, made the following report&
     The undersigned Committee appointed to define the duties of
Standing Committees report, That it shall be the duty of each
Committee to investigate the condition of the School allotted to
it and consider the recommendations of the Regent and presiding
officer, and report to this Board what charnes or impromements
are necessary for the good of the Institution.
                     Signed, Joseph Smith, Chairman
                             Joseph Wasson
                             J. P. Tarbitt.

Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 10, 1869.

Report of
the 0oM.
on the f arm

     The Committee on the Farm through their Chairman Curator
Woolfolk, submitted the following Report.
     The Committee on the Yarm respectfully submit as their report
that they examined the farm, crops, fencing, stock, &c., and pro-
nounce the crops well cultivated and promising except a few acres
planted in sorghum, rhich has not yet come up.
     The fencing is generally in good order, and the whole appear-
ance and conditiof of the farm much improved since last year.
     The stock upon the farm, consisting of cattle, horses, mules
and hogs, all look well.