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» CLASS OF 1914.
  Greetings to the class of 1914. _ _
4 At the appointment of J. D. Turner, Secretary of the Association at large, ,
  we are acting as a temporary committee until a permanent Secretary can be duly 1
{ elected to take charge of this work for the Class. We are endeavoring to or- L
Q ganize the Class so that it may indeed become an active part of the Alumni .·
° Association. . » _
§ Our purpose is therefore to obtain information from all the graduates so
’ the members of the class of 'I4 may be brought into closer touch not only with
` each other but with our Alma Mater.
1 We urge that every member of the class be a real live wire in assisting this
Q committee by answering any communication received immediately. The com-
~ mittee is imable to do anything unless it has the co—operation of every member .
of the Class. This co-operation means little time or expense to the individual
I member but means a great deal to the Association and the University.
» We appeal to every member to return at their very earliest convenience
the Record Form sent out to each member by Mr. Turner some time ago. If
this form has been lost or misplaced write to Mr. Turner for another, fill it out
and return to the committee immediately.
In the next issue of The Kentucky Alumnus we hope to be able to furnish '
the members of the class with information concerning their friends and class-
Be a real live wire; Show your loyalty and interest in the Association and
let us hear from you.
, CLASS OF 1915.
, Bv Cum}; P. Tavtox, CLAss Sucnmuuzv.
` Since the publishing of the August number of The Kentucky Alumnus, in-
~ formation has been received of members of the class through friends or the
l Record Form. Many are now busily engaged in their chosen pursuits and the
Y Class Secretary rejoices with others in their successful undertakings.
· Jessie Acker, of Paducah, has entered the Graduate School at State.
N. Y. Barker has entered the Engineering.Department of the C. N. O. & _
; T. P. Railway with headquarters at Danville, Ky. `
Ella Mae Cheatham is teaching in the Hardinsburg High School.
l S. E. Cook has joined the U. S. Survey Corps. Home office, Montgomery,
E Alabama.
i Annabel Grainger is teacher of History in the Paducah High School.
Q Annie Hodges, of Greensburg, Ky., is teaching in the Bloomfield City School.
{ K. P. Howe is with the Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Co., Barberton, Ohio.
} Gatewood Ireland is now engaged with the Consolidated Gas, Electric
‘ Light & Power Co., Baltimore, Md.
l Marion Robert McCauley is attomey-at—law in Lake City, Ia.
, Lester O’Bannon is with the Illinois Steel Co., Engineering Department,
* South Chicago, Ill.
I Nancy Pilcher is teaching in the Ruth Hargrave Institute, Key West, Fla.
Miss Marguerite Elizabeth Schweers is teaching German in the High School
` of her own home town, Frankfort, Ky.
, E. M. Walter is draftsman for the B. F. Sturtevant Co., Dedham, Mass.
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