( .
`l ` We have recently gotten in touch with several Kentucky State men who
  have been in Chicago for quite a while, but who have remained hidden, so to
3 speak. If you ever attended the University and should chance to come to
.3 Chicago to reside you should not fail to identify yourself with our organization,
lg either as an active or an associate member. Send your address to the Secretary
Q and you will be notified of the next meeting.
{ BY PAUL S. WARD, Pruzsmmzr.
Z On the 23rd of july the Cincinnati-Kentucky State University Club held a
1 mid-summer meeting. The "bunch" gathered at ]`ohn Grier’s Garden (better
’ known as "Dutch ]ohn’s") at 6:30 p. m.
— The assemblying was prompt for such occasions and indicated some gratify-
. ing interest and enthusiasm. Seventeen sat down to a "regular chicken dinner" .
with a good trimming of seasonable vegetables. And if you had seen the Ken-
tucky Korn Krackers work on the "Roastenyears" you would be obliged to
admit the ability and enthusiasm of the entire bunch. Members representing
Q classes twenty—five years ago indicated no Hagging energy or disabled equipment
‘ either in repartee or mastication.
. No war talk or violence was indulged in notwithstanding the heavy hre of
V ammunition poured into our trenches by the Teutonic waiters.
I The meal was completed in the utmost good cheer and the meeting sat for
a short business session. During this session various ways and means were
· discussed for the furtherance of Kentucky State University. Much earnestness
was exhibited by all. Committees volunteered to become responsible to the
Z Club for communications to be exchanged monthly with other clubs. These
to be personal in character and so by the obligation upon a number beside the
‘ officers and directors to keep posted as to the movements of the membership
and so help to add an enjoyable feature to the meetings by bringing news of
, old classmates out of touch with us. ·='
1 This seems perhaps to encroach upon the functions of The Kentucky
V Alumnus, but such is not the aim; we purpose rather to assist the Editor.
BY CHAs. Wnrriz, Sracniarmw.
{ R. E. Mattingly, ,13, who has been out on the road for the Western Electric
A Co., in connection with the construction of the Trans-Continental Telephone
; line, has returned to New York and has been transferred to the Transmission
* Laboratories of the A. T. & T. Co.
¤ C. C. Stackhouse, ’o4, has completed his work on the Panama Canal and is
` now employed in the Circuit Laboratories of the Westem Electric Co.
. A. Akin, ’o5, H. M. West, ’o5, R. C. Hopgood, ’06, C. White, ’09, and J. T.
lj Towl, ,12, returned to Kentucky this year to spend their vacation.
‘ Mr. T. E. West has just returned to Kentucky after a visit here to his
~ sons, Messrs. Perry and Howard West. The boys say that there is nothing
here, worth seeing, to which some of our boys haven’t an entre, either by
l direct connection or association. This is rather gratifying, considering the
_ i magnitude of the surroundings and the short period of time since the Kentucky
  boys began locating in this district.
L _ Even in the Coast Defense Forts, Mr. West reports being highly enter-
g tamed by one of the "Kentucky State" men, who used to be our Major, William