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GLSO Board Needs Volunteers Notional Gov/Lesbian Crisis Line
The GLSO nominating committee is seeking (800) 247-4283
people to 11111 for the GLSO Board. The Board iS Teenage Gov/Lesbian Support
made up of ten individuals, half of whom are up for (800) 347-TEEN
election each year. Five members of the current “”55”" 7plidm9ht
Board are in the middle of their two-year term. They ' '
are: Mary S. Crone, Pres; Peter Taylor, VP; Laura Lesbian At Large
Kaplan, Brad Garrett and Terry Mullins, members- by Linda West
at-large. Of the five remaining members whose
terms expire in June, several are considering running This month's LeSbia” at Large is an interview 0f
again: Ann Olliges, Linda Laporte, Jefl‘ Jones, Thom singer/songwriter Cris Williamson before her recent
Branscum (treasurer) and Brian Throckmorton 00110611111 Lexington.
(GLSO News editor). , . LW: What's the most important thing in your life?
We would like people who are Interested in CW: Happiness.
joining the Board to consider in what capacity they
would like to serve. We will need a treasurer, a LW: And has life been happy?
secretary, and an advertising manager. We also CW: Oh yes! First of all I have my relationship with
need people to work on the phone line, to run Tret. We've been together fourteen years now, living
coming out groups, to help with the newsletter, and and working together, and that has been a
to be part of our speakers bureau. Several of those tremendous strength for me. And then I'm doing
jobs could use volunteers who do not wish to make work that I love and have loved for twenty years. I
the larger time commitment of being a Board Couldn't ask for more. Plus we have a beautiful home
member. in a community that has worked so hard to be the
This is a particularly important year for us and best it can.
Ham “a w w
please notify Mary Crone in writing at 1630 CW' The Northwest. Oregon.
Ashwood Rd., Lexington, 40502 by May 15th. If LW: Oh! Were you there when Proposition 9 was on
you have questions, please speak with a Board the ballot?
member you know or call Mary at 266-5904. The CW: The whole time. Once it was announced that 9
election will be held in June. You must be a member would be on the ballot we didn't leave home except to
of GLSO to vote. do a couple of out-of—state fundraisers to fight it.
It is not too late to become a member. Just send Mostly we stayed home doing fundraisers. In fact,
in the form in this newsletter with $15. continued on page 3
GLSO News - May 1994 - I

 GLSO News Berea's ACE League Meets
The organization for lesbians, gays and bisexuals
- l’ubllehed Monthly by the at Berea College has meetings every Sunday at 4 PM
0 . . . . . at the Draper Building, Room 220.
Lexmgton Gay/Lesbian Serwces Orgamzatlon For more information, call Foula at 986-5669.
l’.O. Box 11471 .
Lexington, KY 40575 Gays 0””
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Layout Editor: lists, send to: jajone02@ukcc.uky.edu.
Elizabeth A. Gilliam
GLSO Annual Dues: $15 GLSO Te?“ supp“ Gm"
Dues for Couples: $20 Making Headway
Newsletter on”: $10 The teen support group program which has een in
the wings for some time now expects to fully come
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO News are those into being in May. Citing letters and calls from area
of the authors and don't necessarily represent those of the teenagers seeking support, GLSO has found there is a
GLSQ Board of Directors. Submissions are welcome. All definite need for this service for those in emotional
subrmsstons become the property of GLSO and must pain.
indicate full name and address 0f the anthor' The Staff For more information or to volunteer please call
reserves the right to edit submissions and ads to meet ’
publishing requirements, as well as the right to reject any 4 Mary at 266—5904‘
submissions. Placement of advertising in the GLSO News .
denotes neither a person's sexual orientation nor a business' Lesbian Study Needs Volunteers
customer preferences. . , ,
Volunteers requested to partic1pate in a survey
, , study on lesbian intimate relationships. Participants
Imperial Court Elections must be at lest 18 years old and have been living with

The R.S. Imperial Court of Kentucky will hold a partner for at least 6 months. All inquiries are
"Coronation XIII, An Imperial Salute to Animation" confidential. All returned survey materials are
on Sunday, May 15 at the Holiday Inn South. anonymous and confidential.

The focus of the evening's events will be the Please contact B]. at (606) 269-2536. Your
crowning of the Emperor and Empress, who oversee participation Will help “5 to better understand the
the fundraising activities of the year. dynamics 0f lesbian relationships.

Voting for candidates for Emperor, Empress, and
the Council - who control the day-to-day operations LEt the Games Begin!

322:6 lCeuSrtr; $113 {tat}: $323110??? 21:14:13,; Attention people interested in summer volleyball.
‘ '. . . . . . . . ' I would like to get a group together to play at
Maxwell. A valid picture identification, indicating J .
. . . acobson Park on Sunday afiemoons. Pick up games,
Kentucky res1dency is required to vote. . .
The Board of Directors of the Imperial Court anyone can play any time. Call Jo or BOb If
interested at 278-5032.
encourage everyone to come out and vote.
GLSO News - MAY 1994 - 2

 continued from page I fight for that community." There are a lot more
the only performances we gave during the six months people out of the closet in Oregon fie; 9 than before.
before the election that weren't fundraisers for "No , . .
on 9" were when we went to Colorado and did some LWF Thats a diflerent perspective. than ME“, most
. benefits there to help fight Amendment 2. And now straight people expect from us, that idea that 1m 13.0 t
we're doing more benefits all around the country, JuSt fighting for myself, Im fighting for my people.
because of course the Right has introduced these CW: Bxactly. I think that the strength of.the
anti-Gay, anti-Lesbian measures everywhere they collective response 1n . Oregon mined straight
can. When we leave here we're going to Florida to poop 16.5 eyes to the 'ex1stence .Of thls flourishing
do a performance for our community there that's 9mm?“ commumty m the" rrudst that had been
facing the same thing. mvrsrble to them before.
LW: What was it like, going through that in LW: D? you see wimmin's-music _- and I'm spelling
Oregon? that w-1-nt;;n-1-n -- as havmg a role in constructing
CW: It was devastating. It was an unleashin of commum ‘ .
hatred; I mean murderous hatred. People gere CW: (Laughs) You know that spelling dates a
assaulted, two were murdered, homes and businesses person, dont you?
were vandalized, burnt, and LW: Almost everything
it made people realize that "Is not that I insist that dates me anymore. I'm
our community is vulnerable , ettin used to it.
in this country to the worst there 5 °"'_y on? annsw?r g(32W: ihad someone tell me
that bigotry can do. I don't to a queSt'on "kc! '5 't recently that they wanted to
think a day went by that I sexist to weat a T-shirt write a history of wimmin's
didn't hear anti-Gay to the March on music -- and I'm definitely
advertisements by the OCA - s llin that w-i-m-m-i-n. i
in the newspapers, on the yaSh'ngtfi”, ‘5'3: says’ tiligughi "Is it time for the
radio, on TV. You couldn't March, B'tch ? bat I do history books already?" It
get away from it, and it insist that the question really made me feel like a
made it very hard to pretend be asked. museum piece, but what's
that we live the same lives even scarier is watching the
as other Americans. It was very politicizing to au-dience age with me.
3:31? ceV‘fl‘iISmbaertigrlii ligaéfgggvifi themselves at a LW: . So do you think wimmin's music is not
reaching the next generation?
LW: Did it really do that instead of driving people CW: Not like it did women who are now in their
deeper into the closet? forties. And I find that disturbing because of the
CW: Actually it did bOth. In rural areas I think most question you asked about the role of wimmin's music
people retreated deeper into the closet. But in in creating community. Music, any music, whether
Portland and Eugene people came out in droves to it's rap, or country, or blues, or whatever, has a
fight 9. It really depended on the strength of the potential role in creating community for the people
local community. Which is why having a strong Who perform it and listen to it. Music is universal,
community is so important. Where there was a solid but Specific types of music are embedded in specific
Gay or Lesbian community people were scared, yeS, cultures and communities, and when the people
but they also came together and responded to 9 living in those cultures or communities control the
collectively. They were up front about saying "we means of production of the music, the music can
aren't just thousands of isolated people who can be reflect their culture and lives with the clearest
individually bullied, we're a community and will possible voice. That was the whole impetus behind
GLSO News - May 1994 - 3

 wimmin's music -- that women's lives, lesbian lives, of being called a prude, I'll say that Gay men need to
could be sung about with the clearest possible voice deepen and diversify the ways they have of
only if women owned their own recording expressing their Gayness that aren't sex-based. Not
companies, because the commercial, male-operated because sex is bad or dirty, but because an over-
recording industry was never w going to record a emphasis on sex can distract from more important
love song from one woman to another. If we forget things in life, and because in this day and age it's
that, it will be to our detriment. dangerous.

LW: Are we forgetting it? LW: But a lot of men would say it's only unsafe,
CW: I don't want to say we're forgetting it, but I do unprotected sex that's dangerous.

see that wimmin's music is not the expanding force it CW: Yeah, I've heard that -- so many times. I've
was just ten years ago, and we do need to touch had this same conversation with my very dear friend
younger fans so that that reservoir of skills and Michael Callen, a very very beautiful Gay man, who
knowledge isn't lost, but gets passed on. sang like an angel and who's now dead. And that

. . . makes me angry for more reasons than I can
LW. Actually. there ls one area 0f growth in the articulate. But I can tell you one reason I'm angry,
wrmmin s mu51c genre and that s mehn s mllSlC. , .

. Tha , G and that s that bigots and
If]: metssgurfi'n ‘3; Our long-term monogamous homophobes aren't
produce their owngGay_ relationships and ourselves tronlfled by dead faggotS-
afl'lrming recor-dings on as ordinary people are far The? “arrow “me ““nds

. . . . arent disturbed by dead
their own Independent more challenging to straight faggots. Only by live
iii: an; 21:12:“;ng society than any amount of healthy, happy, ordinary

u n . . .

. p - be. "sexual liberation " WI" be. faggots. And for that
englrlleeelnng [are 3g reason alone, even if I
:1” 1.11.5 ms; mm“; or course this is also a had no love for Michael at all, I would wish that he

' ’ . h ' ' f AID
byproduct of the fact that Gay culture and Lesblan :33 212:? other Gay man w o S dled rom S was
culture have been undergoing a meshing and '
mer ing. LW: That reminds me of a poem I read once about

g _ '

LW: How do you feel about that merging? how .what straight. people really cant accept about
CW' P 1' ti call . t f tual . l I Lesbians and Gays 15 our ordinarmess.

. ° . ,0 l . y, 1n erms 0 our mu surv 1va ’ CW: I think that's true. They expect us to be bizarre
think its Vital. Culturally, I feel more ambivalent. I . . . .

. . . . and exotic and 00th suic1de or go crazy. And that
think fermnism has to continue as a core value for . .

. , makes our long-term monogamous relationships, and
Lesbians. Its less of a value for Gay men, and not a . .

. , ourselves as ordinary mortgage-paying, lawn-
value at all for some of them. And its not that I . . . .
. . , . . mowmg, standing-ln-lme-at-the-grocery people far
msrst that there 5 only one answer to a question like . . . .
,, . . . more radical and challenging to straight socrety than
Is it sex15t to wear a T-shlrt to the March on ., . . n .
. , . , ,, . . any amount of sexual liberation W111 ever be. If you
Washington that says March Bitch 7 , but I do 1nsrst want to be radical be mono arnous
that the question he asked. Also, there are basic ’ g '
difl‘erences in our cultural emphasis. Sex has a much LW: What do you think the future will bring?
higher profile in the Gay community than it does CW: Icouldn't say. Struggle, the need for courage, a
among Lesbians. The greatest outlet for my recycling of the past -- you know the past is always
Lesbianism, the greatest expression of my being recycled. Maybe freedom. The most important
Lesbianism, is not sex. It's my everyday life with thing is to go on living and passing life on.
Tret and the work I do in our community. At the risk
GLSO News - May 1994 - 4


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