xt7sbc3sxt9q_1 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sbc3sxt9q/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sbc3sxt9q/data/2009ms132.0317.dao.xml Kenzer, William H., 1881-1942 0.04 Cubic Feet 1 folder archival material 2009ms132.0317 English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: William Kenzer letters Love-letters African Americans -- Indiana African Americans -- Kentucky African American women. Theater. William Kenzer letters text William Kenzer letters 2019 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sbc3sxt9q/data/2009ms132.0317/Box_wh_11/Folder_5/Multipage1.pdf 1908-1912 1912 1908-1912 section  xt7sbc3sxt9q_1 xt7sbc3sxt9q 19 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sbc3sxt9q/data/2009ms132.0317/Box_wh_11/Folder_5/WH11_5_0001.jpg 1848 2128 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sbc3sxt9q/data/2009ms132.0317/Box_wh_11/Folder_5/WH11_5_0001_tb.jpg https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sbc3sxt9q/data/2009ms132.0317/Box_wh_11/Folder_5/WH11_5_0001_ftb.jpg Answer at once 
[printed in red]  EN ROUTE
I recieved [sic] your letter this 
morning was very happy
you know Sweetie I want to
come as soon as you send
money Send it by special
delivery and let me know 
when you are going to send
it The fare is $2.70 one way
Now send telegram and let
me know when you are going 
send money & telegram

4- PM
JAN 27 09
310 E Walnut St
Louisville Ky

April 12-09
Dear Sweetie
I guess you
think I take my time
answering but I could 
not answer Saturday or 
Sunday so I answer it 
after all as soon as could
I still have a cold
in my head but other
wise I feel fine I 
thought of you all day
yesterday in your
Easter  suit I received

the express from Anna 
and I it is fine and 
I thought right away
that was your work
I spent a very quiet
Easter at home all day
for I had no hat
I was heart sick Walter
got his new wheel stolen
Friday I hope you was 
good Sunday and all 
the time I think of you 
so much I am sorry you 
are not well tell me all
the news when you write

Kindly remember me to
Minor and Pryer & McKay
It is so windy today
in fact for nearly a week
I am going to tell Anna
in her letter. I dont
like the skirt but dont
let on like you know
it I want one that has
not pleats in it but 
the same kind of goods
But dont tell her for
I may not send it back
Its all right a about
the canday [sic] don't worry

 about that I am so 
worried for I had
nothing to send J. L  I
know he looked for some 
thing Hoping you are
better I am your devoted
girl  E  J.

 [printed logo in blue ink] Schultz's


[handwritten]  Evansville Ind April 1st 1912
Dear [Gill?]
This is the second letter
I have written and received no answer I dont under
stand why dont write I written the other
letter on Tuesday of last week and I expected
and answer by the last any how Little Walter
is still about the same he feet is [swell?] now  
and his nose seems like he has  [cabtack?] But I feel so blue to day it is so lonely over here
I thought of you Saturday night Be good and 
dont forget me You used to say I did not
seem satisfied but if you would see me now
They have asked me now if I was not home

 [printed in blue ink]  Schultz's
[handwritten] sick I want to come home soon 
I dont think little Walter wil
Ever be well I am going to bring 
him if you can arrange if you want to
he getting ready while I am away  Asked Mamma
about your watch fob I still have your keystone
Tell Mamma we are getting along nicely and
don't tell her about Walter I  hope you told her
in the other letter what I told you  Go and 
see her and cheer her up be good and answer
soon Yours as Ever Emma  P.S You take this $1 and 
give it to Mamma and pay 50 cts in K. Central 50 cts
(Need not be afraid to write)  914 Walnut St for the Silver
Now be sure and explain [man?] on the 
it to her she forgets knives & forks.

1 - AM
APR 13-09
Mr. William Kenzer
310 E Walnut St
Louisville Ky

APR 13
8:30 AM

Tell Anna about our plan
and sign Anna name so
if Walter  (?) telegram back
Anna will know what
to say show this letter to
Anna Put on telegram 
Come at Once with Anna 
name not mamma's
Thanks very very much for
my hat I writting this
in a hurry answer this 
right away for i am
anxious to know when
I am coming I will 
shoo the boys something
when I come love to
Mama for me and J-G (6?)
Lots of love & kisses
Yours Ever

Mr William Kenzer
c/o American Dye [illegible]
310 E. Walnut St
Louisville, Ky

OCT 20
830 AM

 Evansville Ind Sept 13-09
I guess you think
I am something awful but
I written you a letter last
Monday but was not sure
of the address and had no
letters so I put on it if
not red [sic] in 5 days returned
to my number and so I
rcd it back this morning
and I am answering this as 
soon as I possible can you 
dont how much I miss you I thought
I would get a letter this morning 
but it was my old oneI

 was so disappointed but I know 
you will answer tonight [anay?]
I am so lonesome for you I
know you dont miss me Gone
to Mamma & J. G. and tell me
if he is back Please send
voile skirt. I have nothing
to wear downtown I spilled
ice cream all over my blue
skirt I want to  come home
He watches me like a hawk
please be careful with my 
letters and you go and see 
Mamma I dreamed about
you Friday night I am 
not so well I took such
a cold if I had you to give 
me some medicine I would be
alright but I hope you are 
well Please answer right away
for I so want to hear from you  Yours  E.J

10-30 AM
SEP 14-09
Mr William Kenzer
310 E. Walnut St
Louisville Ky

 Evansville Ind Jan27-19
I guess you think
I am something awful but
I had a reason I will tell
you when I come I am coming
Saturday at noon I meant I
want to start then or no later
than Saturday night I hope 
you will for give me for
not comming [sic] and not writing
I am sorry to have to disappoint 
you but I could not help if
I had to wait untill [sic] he
would send me so it will

 be just 3 o4 4 days untill [sic]
you see me I am not so
well but I am comming [sic] 
any how I want to get 
a bank for J. C and they
are a $1.00 and I would 
like one for my self I 
[illegible] if you had the money 
to spare you would send 
me some to get them I 
will write Fri and tell you 
when to meet me Love to all
I wrote to mamma to day.
Hoping to see you soon
I am Yours  E.J