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“lg/“”48 JP Tiifl Ullv.‘.lfl5 31' SENATE .., 110”"1. Billi 9, 1936

mix w_-_‘ 1 ..~,,,‘.=_, ,, .L - ', i __ -. n .- ..- -

iic cnl c-01t SCUHDC net in tie lecnu‘e Room 01 hCV ev l’Iol l mon(ay
v -"qx - c m-_ . .:~-~. , - - -. "
howemuer J, “it” Piesioeit they presiding.

The minutes of UCtober l2 were read and approved.

The Committee on Duplication of Work presented tno following new
' 0

College of Arts and Sciences
New Courses;

ing guidance, Two credits. A study of tmu
crests aid problems 0” young peoyle of high school age Mn
n“ o



to tnem as s has sis £01 evaluation uno

'cn can oe used as background and
, wsgccially in Entn lish and the

i 3 l 5
social stloies. Lectures, C.oss discussion7 practical proolems. A
1m the neeos of prospective teachers.

Libra r3 Science 10?, Function and Use 0" the Library in the School.


Two Credits. A practiCal study ox toe resources and services offern

ed ov too M1901 litre Hrr and tnir use and value in teccning. Lectuies,
class disc Cussi on, and exawination of refo rence aids and teachi 3 tools;
sits to scnool libraries; preparation of orotle ms and indivi dliel pro~
jocts wnicd c rrelote he libiory witn t' lifl”» A non~technicel
course designed to meet the nee d of 3

Ant ééafib. Agymeciotion of Prints. One lecture per week. One credit


pen semester Tois course will under e.ke a systematic exa ination of
pr rin t orocesses. e Lbulhb, e1greving,wood Cut, lithogreihy, etc. -
through pzecthel demonstrations of methods used: stuoy from orib’nels

one reproductions in the collections of the Departmw nt; comparative
st es througn lectures oi t; lan'ern slides one refero 1166
to available literature on the subjecte

v .

history of Social Work. Chan ed from 1L2.


Seeiology a


Sociology 213, Introduction to Social Case Work. Changed from 113.


Sociology o 7, ona need Social Case Worke Changed from 117,

Sociology L)Oi,b. Suoervised Field Work“ Changes frcm 130a,b.
ology 224. notnods of Social Investigation. Changed from 124,
Sociology, 23. Social Treatment of Delinquency. Changed from 123.

Sociology 226. Social Legislation. Chencw d from 18“.

«or.-.» . ~—









.._i_;:_._o~_ . .i..‘_._._i._.-. _‘;.‘:\


,----—-—-—~A .. A A



;‘..‘_-...;s.x:r.mwa:w;~.‘mr—vmmsm.w.-,.Wm”; V .



































. n , ." .1 - ”'1" .
MlHUuGS o: the Uni orsity Senate ~ won “sued , Novemosr 9: 1505



College of Agricnlt ore



New Courses





Agronomy E_: Soils. An introdnc m1 stud; of the origin. oro ti

and management of soils. Loc ture and recite tiuns 3 notrsa ana

cre£its. Prerequisites: Chemistry la—D.

'“rOLn'f 5, Soils Laooratory; Exercises 0: soil texture, soil str

soil classification, soil water, soil erosirn, soil absorption, b

exchange, toil acidity, nutrient sujaly, pnC nitrzto production;

a one~day fiel' tr; to observe important 39115 in central henttc

and the soil 8 xperinent £131u Ht Cagyoelisvilie. Laboratorv 4 ho

Two credits, PrereQuis its, Agronomy }; or preferablr taken joint
Tn.m e two courses, Agronomy sud 5, are to replace Arronomv l,

30111, 4 Crc dits, and A ronom;: l is to be iroppei from too list 0
Courses 0‘; f wr d,


Hone Economics 127, Advsnced Guild DevelW31n nt. The gnrpose of
course is to gi"e students a better unoerstanding of habit formation
and general firrwth 3f the ore—501001 child, Wo'c; includes t

mental, emotional an; social Seveloonenu. Studev Will be Mirectd‘
l t 1

the co1reln ti)“ of information found in the i or tura vitn
oy fiist mend Observation of pre~school C1ildron in tea nursery
find in tn; is home. Three Credits. Prerequisite; Psycnology 7.

Cgllcge of Education

New Courses





JduCation 233. The-Ag11nist ration of the Teaching Po rs sonnel A

ized Cou1se i1 sonool nininistration, prim? r117 for prospective suoerm
intendents. Th 8 course will emphazise principles and proctiCe in
teocm1 r pre 9 Hr:.tion, teacher selection and plrcement, measurement of

teacning 0‘1 ficie ency, salaries, tenure, re irelnent, teaching load"
lecve and rel ta 1 problenls , and pe rsonne Pl recoros. Three credi+e






0 g




EduCation 235. History of _Education .in Kentucki. A course designed-
to give the sturie =nt and historical o; rck;round of educ tion in Ken
Toree crcoits.

.édu01tion PBS. Business now'“istr' on of Public Educrtion. A



speciulized course for pres) cti ve super‘; nte ndents covering the following

as>cct:: of schoo l odmir is trat’on~ the organization for business
mamesement; he scope of business administration; appraisal, depre
and insurance of school prope orty; maintenance of the school plant;

ope ration; selettion, traininr, an? pay of the cus M3181 star‘f;


and management of supplies; tex book management; Ml tion and our
of equigment; inventories; and transpOL ation. Tiroec credits.

~2‘ -. L: r" 1 ”‘5 n‘ ’ ,.,., 1,. .,._. _ ‘ :.‘ 1-1 1. . -
3111c o1OIl we .uwo. L JQVLCil I’I‘O:lo‘-.is 1;- ‘11stLJI‘L O; :LCiglCLit 0119 An




ixueo~nnent HJT; c u“se fo“ 5 ients











m 2 1 ml“- i. 1 i 0 ,_ . .
in; lollonlwu; IL380'I1x1mxliLQ lro; 'tflc Colléte of ATrlCQltuvc
were apxrovod;

”w: it 1 :. mul.:«u".~.r ~.- M A
L; .13 l 13:; 1 -1 ‘u 1.1.13 1’lu u .L on. 1:18”; 111. TL}K.A::’L1 S b
, . ~.




c. IIL t_1c (HLLV‘iCW‘luil luxaiihlu u 1 tile Lei/vet“ oi biczu 31‘ 01
SCienCe in A;ri0tltu“e, trop Agrrnomy l, Soils, é Credits,
as c requirel CUU"S“ in tau 5391““ so ester of to: goon;-
mote year and substitute for it Agronomy 4, Soils, 3 credits,

b. In trio curri; 11111111 leading to tno Cleii"‘r;<3 oz" Bachelor of
Science in Home Econtwics, deoo Home Beonomics 17, noon
Sources and Costs, o Cre“its, as a required Course in tno

or year and substitute for it

Home Economics 125, Con umer Problems, 0 Ciedits.”

1’? 1' ac—L -~ 5‘. (‘J‘ am -‘-' b A - .. :
1. .L l ., L. D Video 0 Li 1 511:. 1111.1.

'sen cozlibrning the

Doctor they stated tnnt some qvestion had a"1
nutnori'y of faculty aivis rs to student orfanizations in financial
ano other matters. This q s e ”on to a committee of tnree,
to be aggointed oy the Presi; nt, ano to report mt the next meeting of

.LT, , .1.
one Seneue.

anre was some Lisoussion of possible changes in the time to be
allottei to ,g1vooa io no, but no actinn was taken.


The Registrar preseented the renort o ne Committee Coll 39
of 0

fllur.flCP of the Vejitacry Association e
He stotei that tlis would be mimeOgraoher eno sent to member of the

d wbrou :bt up for

s end decond:ry schools.


Senate or their considw e.ti. on
action by the Senate at a la Ote rmeetino.
r orted that he had presented to the Bcar d of
01 the Senate to be allowed to organize FL cr-3dit
e card he .d expres ssecl it? elf as willing for the mem-
ber of the staf: to no as they wished in the matter, yrovided the


'v was not to be involved in any way.

Tue Presimie t called a tention tp a change in the attitude 0; toe
State Administration tOLarG tn“ matter of gaying ex1enses of ’
faculty to as Cietion and other we otilgs. Ho saio that requests

n > ,_ -
:or t" aveling exp enses ne=

d to go tnr ugh the Finance Depgrtmunt at
tly tne G0 eroor hz1

Erank tort and tnat recen . d been asked to take action
on such reques“s. Approval had been given for heads of instit nt’Lons
to have their expenses paid to meetings, and in a.few cases others

had been allOWed to etten& meetings vnere txey re.r sentUo their

-{1. . 1 1 - .1 ---. . -1 _
ingtutions and ~xlaens es nan been pain, H saio Ema it would be imi DOS? 1ble
for a department to gain apgxoval for a numb : of tnpt nepwrtumnt to

atte a meeting a the expense of too State;

Announce ment was m:1ie tnzt tie Tnni”sgiving holiday would extend
through gridey and Saturday, because of the game oeinv glayed at

Knoxville this yefir.

Attention was ca.lle d to the Arnistioe Lay pro»31mn and it was


































Journalism 112. Critical Writing 10




The Universitw Sonate met in the L

December 1%, Witt jresident McVey prcsi
The minutes 01 November 9 were an;

‘ , .‘_1 A _ ,‘_1_.Vm,- .1 a“
T. CO, 11:11, 1, J _*1; =_)_1 fluolluu‘. 101; OI n1

courSes and chang;s in Courses Vnicn we


College 01 Arts

New Courses


r1 ‘\ <11 '1" n ‘ ', " ’2'," r‘
I; I 8.4-5:”. ‘ 111L111»; gulDiLi). 1-1-2 , J. w’eJD


eoturd Room or ficVey flall, hondny


, »- " ~ T.


ork present 1 one followyng new

re apgrovea


and Sciences


‘viticism in Journalism. Review'n of


and books for newspapers, with em1)ha
newsoapers. 3 credits.

Journalism ll”; Publicity for 8010315

and SOCial Service Agencies.


Lectures and practice dealing witx the

aims and methods of writing



news an; scecial articles on the work of schools, collgges, li brzwii leg,
and soci 1 service org nizations. 3 cre(Mi ts.
Journalism 125. Ma {3.zine Article Writing. Lectures, 1m sona.l
conf- renc as and pra tiCe in writing and suomitting mator:al f
nubliCLtion in 'a;czinc , and etc 7y of the markets lor til? material;
:ree—lance article writing. 3 credits.
(The above Journalism 0 our ses are esueciélly iesigned to rflét
til reQuirome nts of sum1ner school stoic; ts and will be ofm


fered only at that tine).
”010;? 133. Pers onzlit1 ‘

1' .‘ ~ .L-., .«A-x',"l ,.,.. fl 1
31:11111~r 1o1 yOLfiLdJ. TJ'““J”° u.acx1c1

will be empuasi ed. The early symptoms
iron tne standpoint of
?ill be ac'uaintei with the background
is neces arr £«r toe int 1911;?t1on of

adults. SAkol s of rearesentative Gas


j maleo¢gstients. The Course iv inten1e€

,. A. ‘, ' 1, .L ‘. " "
men‘s voicn oney are aole to c

h gisturbancos in the home

3 —\ , -1 . la -" ‘ ‘
ELHLL .) 1 3 WHO men, Wlt'l tare


school 0
of more grave mentaldi501eers
mental h


ene. The students



o: scien i
problen c:il



es will sun lV some train