Jeffrey L. Hill ’78 is vice president of l tered professional geologist and a Linsey W. West ’82, ’85 is a partner
licensing and business development   financial planner. He lives in Goshen. l in the law firm of Woodward, Hobson
for Medco Research, Inc. Prior to     &Fulton in Lexington.
entering the pharmaceutical industry, Duvid J. lsenhour ’8O is an entomol-
he was assistant professor of medicine W ogy technical coordinator for Pioneer Zo ring Robertson '83 has been
and physiology in the cardiology divi— l Hi-Bred International, Inc., in john-   appointed to a four-year term as
sion at the University of North   ston, Iowa. He also holds a master’s   Administrative Law judge for the
Carolina at Chapel Hill. l degree in entomology from the l Workers Compensation Board. He
l University of Missouri. lives in Georgetown.
Jerry Ldwson ’79, an attorney, is .
· counsel to the inspector general of Brion T. Evuns ’8'I is vice president y Timothy Crowford '84 is an attorney
the National Archives and Records   of business development and re-engi— l with the firm of Scoville, Cessna, W
Administration in College Park, l neering for American Standard Inc.,   Crawford&Ecabert in London.
Maryland. He lives in Burke, Va. in Piscataway, NJ.
l Lorry D. Godfrey '84 is an assistant
Tereso Ann Is¤¤c '79, an attorney, is y Edgel L. Lester Jr. '82 is an attorney professor and extension entomologist
vice mayor of Lexington. She was cho- l with Carlton, Fields, Ward, Emman- at the University of California-Davis.
sen the best elected official in the J uel, Smith & Cutler, P.A. in Tampa, He earned aPh.D. from Purdue.
Bluegrass by Lexington Herald-Leader   Fla. He is a member of the board of
readers. trustees at the University ofTampa.   Kelly Johnson Sherkot ’84, ’9'I, a
l teacher at Warner Elementary School, W
Geroldine Show ’79, ’82, a I John I. Honbury '82 is an attorney W has been named Elementary Teacher
Georgetown College professor of psy- l with the firm of Hanbury, Potter 84; of the Year in jessamine County. She
chology, along with Annie Hines, has l Colley in Ashland. W is married to Fdzi Sherkut ’8'I, ’84,
authored a paper titled "Intrusive     who works for the Kentucky Natural
Thoughts, Sensation Seeking, and W John Merchunt '82 is a partner in   Resources and Environmental Pro-
Drug Use in College Students," pub- the Cincinnati law firm of Peck, W tection Cabinet. The couple and their
lished in the Bulletin of the Psyc/ionomic   Shaffer 8c Williams. y son, Cyrus, live in Lexington.
l John D. Cummins '82 is supervisor W Wendy Lynne Longmire ’86 is a
""` 9 ’’ii 9 'iii W is  ` " l of facility planning and design for 2 partner in the law firm of Ortale,
    Texas Gas Transmission Corp., in 9 Kelley, Herbert 8c Crawford in Nash-
‘ ~~~m---e-- ---- .e —--) » l Owensboro. He joined the company   ville, Tenn.
Wendell Hugh Overcush ’80, an y in 1982 and assumed his current posi-  
attorney, works for the Common-   tion in 1992.  
wealth of Kentucky. He also is a regis- l  
Since I9I3, a tradition · 1
In construction, /    
industrial and /, lf
mining equipment . . . i
" _ |
Ashland (606) 928-3444 Lexington (606)254-2756
• E  Bowling Green (502) 843-3275 Louisville (502) 774-4441
`   i Corbin (606) 528-3140 Paducah (502) 443-3631
. Evansville (812) 425-4651 Pikeville (606) 437-6265
wh3Y“° $“PP'Y c°• · Hazard (606)439-4040 a
Fal] 1994 Kentucky Alumnus 31