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MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 6, 1888 - page 75-76

     The Board met June 6, 1888 10 A. M. in the President's
room in the College.

Present                  Dr. R. J. Spurr       Ch'm,
                         R. A. Spurr
                         W. D. Nicholas
                         J. M. Unthank
                         J. D. Clardy
                         Hart Gibson
                         L. J. Bradford
                         Philemon Bird

     Dr. Clardy presented a section of the report made by
him. The report recommends that the request of Prof.
Shackleford for Book case and Encyclopaedias be provided
when in the judgment of the Executive Committee funds are
available for that purpose. The recommendations of Prof.
Potter are reported without comment. In regard to Col.
Clarks report wherein certain recommendations are made in re-
ference to the discipline of the dormitory and the Military
organization the committee respectfully refer the matter of
the same to the Executive Committee. That part of the report
of the Com. which recommends the keeping of cans to supply
milk and butter for the dormitory, the construction of an
underground cellar, and the cistern is also submitted with
the recommendation that the recommendations be carried out
when practicable. The Committee also advise that the recom-
mendations of the President in his report in reference to the
Normal Dept.  to providing instructors in Agriculture and
Horticulture, in veterinary science, assistance in Natural
History and in the Chemical Dept. and also to the appointment
of a Professorship of Physics and Civil engineering be
adopted and carried into effect if the finances of the
College will allow, and the Executive Committee is
instructed accordingly.

     The recommendation of the Faculty in regard degrees is
adopted and the President of the College is authorized to
confer the following degrees and report the persons herein-
after named viz; Upon George G. Bryan, Fred V. Bartlett,
Belle C. Gunn, Henry E. Curtis and Robt. T. Payne the
degree of Bachelor of Science.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June 6, 1888 - page 76-77

       Upon Thos. H. Morgan the degree of Master of Science.

       Upon Professor Jas. G. White and Professor Francois
  M. Helveti the degree of Master of Arts.

       The Report of Dr. Clardy was thereupon adopted and
  the Committee discharged.

              C_ ei, I ' 7- -A.
       On Motioned ordered that the Secretary notify Professors
yAX\ Potter and Sehwemtz that the Board of Trustees do not consider
  that the best interests of College will be served by the
  further continuance of their connection with the institution
  and that the connection hithertoo existing cease and
  determine from date hereof.

       The Board then adjourned untill 3 P. M.

       At 3-1/2 P. M. the Board of Trustees reassembled.

  Present                  Dr. B. J. Spurr     Chairman
                           Hart Gibson
                           R. A. Spurr
                           Dr. J. D. Clardy
                           Philemon Bird
                           W. D. Nicholas
                           W. B. Kinkead
                           L. J. Bradford

       Col. Bradford and Co0. Gibson a committee appointed
  to examine the accounts of the Treasurer repobted that they
  examined the accounts and found them to be correct, where-
  upon their report was accepted and the Committee
  disc aargea .


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESJune 6, 1888 - page 77-78

     Philemon Bird from the Committee on the Reports of the
President and Professors reported that they had examined
carefully the report of the Director of the Station and
recommended that so far as practicable the suggestions embodied
therein be adopted. The details of appointments ahd salaries
of assistants are referred to the discretion of the
Executive Committee.

     On motion of Judge Kinkead that part of the order which
directs the secretary to notify Prof's. Potter and Schwemtz
that the "' Board of Trustees do not consider that the best
interests & etc."  is so far as the notification of the same
to Prof. Schwemtz is concerned rescinded, his connection
with the college having expired by limitation. Whereupon
Col. Gibson offered the following resolution which was adopted

    That in the absence of any candidate for the position
of Head of the Normal Dept. of the Agricultural College and
the chair of Chemistry the executive Committee is hereby
instructed to fill these positions having in view the best
interests of the Institution and to report to the next
meeting of the Board of Trustees.

     On motion the following Trustees were elected ani
Executive Committee for the ensuing year viz:

                         Dr. R. J. Spurr
                         R. A. Spurr
                         W. D. Nicholas
                         W. B. Kinkead
                         Philemon Bird

     On motion the President of the College is relieved for
the future from the collection and receipt of fees. This
at his own request.

     On motion the salary of the Treasurer W. D. Nicholas
is increased to $300.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June 6, 1888 - page 78-79

     On motion Mrs. Lucy B. Blackburn is appointed Matron
and assistant in the Preparatory Dept. at a salary of
$500 per annum.

     On motion the expenditures for papering the dwelling
house occupied by the President amounting to $286
is ordered to be refunded to him.

     On motion ordered that the request of Prof. White that
he be allowed to contract with D. A. Ving for a plane
table at a cost not exceeding $50 be allowed and that
the reports of Prof's. Neville and Crandall be
received and filed.

     The report on the condition of the Preparatory Dept.
was reported upon by Philemon Bird. The work therein was

     On motion ordered that Judge W. B. Kinkead   Ch'm.
Col. Hart Gibson, Col. Bradford and Dr. Clardy were appointed
a committee to prepare an address on the condition and proa-
pects of the State College, for the information of the
general public.

     On motion ordered that an additional room at a cost
not exceeding $300 be referred to the Executive Committee
with power to act, as an attachment to the college occupied
by the Commandant.

     The Board of Trustees thereupon adjourned to meet at
9-1/2 A. M. on the following day if practicable, if not,
then to meet after the commencement exercises.

     June 7, 1 P. M. Board of Trustees met in the
Presidents room.

Present                  Dr. R. J. Spurr   Chairman

                         R. A. Spurr