xt7sj38kdz06 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7sj38kdz06/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) University of Kentucky Alumni Association 1956 v. : ill. ; 28 cm. Quarterly, Publication suspended 1922 and resumed with v. 1, no. 1 (May 1929); v. 5, no. 9 (May 1933) not published; issues for v. 37, no. 2-v. 40, no. 1 (spring 1966-spring 1969) incorrectly numbered as v. 38, no. 2-v. 43, no. 1; v. 40 (1969) complete in 3 no. journals  English [Lexington, Ky. : University of Kentucky Alumni Association, Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky alumnus University of Kentucky. Kentucky alumni 2002- Kentucky alumnus monthly Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 27, 1956 text Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 27, 1956 1956 2012 true xt7sj38kdz06 section xt7sj38kdz06 S  C KY  
LUM ”  
Mw Scturduy  
, 5 M T W T Y 5   V
X 2 3 A 5 I 5 `
6 'I B 9 10 11 12
‘%¥z§§é.§%&¥%% 2
gl"! 28 29 BO SX     `
Registration/\O om.-\'2 noon kN\us\c  
Room,SUB§. ig;  
B1un‘;.\1;\'%·.'&O péwné, Donovsxn \*\o\\. g _ 
e o owe onnuo rneenn   "’*{§
oc; }\\urnnK Assoc;/o\\on. 9    
Recep¥§§>¤;)/3·.$O p.m.·5·.30 pm. kr~A¤><-    
we \oce .     Q;  
A x va · s x/6.00 m.   ;¥3?*
""?é’¤B §2\\`?(§Zm{T“““° "  I  ~—»; L  
  ` ‘~-::5.-; §;;_r_     r `
    .·., ..
0r° | _ U 0 2
REUNION lu Coliseum AL COMMEXI 7l 4 p·m. M
CLAS5 CEM ' emor
1   .I 2,   1 Gy 28, _I m
939 9]] 0
V · *940 · ]9l6' ]9]7 °·m.,
  nmes quoted — C I
M entral Dayh h
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i By 0178 GTHQ BET OT oy (1 y
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{ H6f6 tl16y 31`6 — 111 COllSt3.l1t p1'OC6SS1011 — tl`l6 \Vlll Cl13.lll16l tl16 1110116}/ to tl16 pkl.1`l§1Clll2lI` U111V61'- ____ 
i 21ll1111111 Wl10, 0116 O1` l1101`6 lZ1l116S 21. y6tl1` S6I1(l 111 Slly p1'O]6(>t VVl1lCl1 1166ClS lt tl16 1110St.   K
l contributions to the scholarship fund. With the Published
advent ot a new 1'ieal ear on une 1 there will Kentucky o
g . . . .y I . .’. GET READY FOR THE NEW LOOK atLex1ngto1
. .1 be a new kind ot givnig program initiated; one i2.00._1¥1e:»1
*l . . , . . .. ,, . . ssccw 10
§I which will oiler you an opportunity to CO11If1l)L1t€ A brocluire, The Kentucky Story , IS in the Aiumnus.
_   to a variety ot projects including (21) an Alumni- mail now, describing the new fund plan, urging Mlimbpr koi
.1 . . . . en uc y
ii Faculty House; (b) Scholarships; (e) spec1iie your cooperation and your continued loyalty. Aiumm c
li colleges or departments in which you have a V/hen the annual notice 1S mailed to you this Ofignteridfr
. _ _ . . . . . , ce a e
  particular interest; (d) an unrestncted account month, giving you an opportunity to kick off this mein or?
J , . . . . . » . . . . ni ssocia 1
gi which will be administered by a ]O111t board ot giving p1'Og1`3.11'1-—l)6 ready for 1t—be a part oi .7-E?
r, . . . . . > He en . ‘
  ‘ 21lLll11l1l z11l(l 21CllTll11lStI`2tiZ1V6 OfHC61`S 21l1(l Wl11Cl1 UKs 116W lOOl<. G. Lee McC
if Marguerite
,l` Anne Wiem
. ‘ Homer L.
  Dr. James C. Nash, 1306 Beach St., Decatur, Alabama Henry J. Beam, 6906 Kingsley, Dearborn, Mich. {nent cg"
  Jacqueline H. Bradley, 1391 Lakewood Dr., Lexington, Ky. Stuart Blazer Foundation 4Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blazer, Ash- W1l}EdA°
i Jewel G. Maher, 8629 Hamlin Ave., Skokie, Illinois land, Ky.» gmm Ve
. Lem Morris, 1433 Lakewood Dr., Lexington, Ky. Philip L. Blumenthal, 6315 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Helen GA
{ W. F. Lawson, 411 State Ave., Alpena, Michigan A. P. Lee, 575 Starks Bldg., Louisville, Ky. Say]-eh. `
.   Troll Young, 110 Covington, Springfield, Ky. Dr. Elias Elvove, 2014 G. St., N. W., Washington, D. C. B' A: S we
_ 5 H. H. Thornberry, U. of Illinois, Urbana, Ill. Mrs. John E. Starrett. 240 Woodstock Ave., Kenilworth. Ill. l°u°s*JUr
_   W. Kenneth Clore. 1210 Edificio Chapa, Monterrey, Mexico. Norbert A. Heichelbech. 1118 Mulberry St., Louisville. Ky. MIiS*§‘ ell;
Z Q William C. Scott, 460 Park Ave., New York City Mr. Wm. Perry Drake, 1943 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas, R Q Tuul
. ' Frederick W. Nessler, 903 Stanley St., Middletown, Ohio Ky. ° cl  
F. R. Childress, 571 Sunset Road, Louisville, Ky. Miss Annasteele Taylor, 107 N. 3rd St., Nicholasville. Ky. J sgwi'1 E
G. P. Hillen, P. O. Box 857. Roanoke, Va. J. Ray Jenkins, Elizabethtown, Ky. ~ 'L ai lste
 ` Palmer D. Evans, 971 Hunt Road, Newtown Square, Pa. Edna Mann. 3420 Preston Highway. Louisville 13. Ky. R. Sxlgggl
’ 1, Don T. Fritts, Marion, Ky. Arthur H. Reeb, 941 E. Main St., Louisville. Ky. 1;:9;; '
, Courtland L. Short, 1511 Westover Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. George G. Scearce, 7136 Fir St., Houston, Texas H d J
` `E Robert W. Poynter, Horse Cave. Ky. . Lloyd E. Teague, 838 Spring Rd., Charleston 4, W. Va. ?;g7:m
` it O. M. Parsley, Box 352, Kenova, WV. Va. Dr. Gerson Lowenthal, 280 Doctors Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio G ld G .
 V ,, J. B. Hutson, 1015 Ring Bldg., Washington 6, D. C. Gertrude Gaines, 471 Sixth St., Lorain, Ohio W°?{{`i Q
¥' i W. L. Valade II, 1499 N. Renaud, Grosse Point, Mich. Wayne W. Garnett, 4802 Washington Blvd., Indianapolis, Ind. élglm L`
E H. H. Emmerich, 63 Interlaken Rd., Stanford. Conn. Fred R. McCrea, 2517 N. Bth St., Terre Haute, Ind. R Rg"Da€
t Dr. Jack O. \V. Rash, 301 Huntington Bldg., Miami, Fla. . Lt. J. E. Schenk, USMC, BOQ 662-249, NAS, Pensacola, Fla. '195é)
_ e J. B. Shelley, 307 ¥Vyoming Ave., Maplewood, N. J. M. B. Holifield, Attorney General Office, Frankfort, Ky. W.u. P
Glenn Barton, Taylorsville, Ky. William P. Tate, 317 Jarvis Lane, Louisville, Ky. {Egg? ‘
t Tom Diskin, WLW, Crosley Broadcasting, Cincinnati, O. Wilbur E. Davis, 1075 Morse Ave., Glendale, Ohio - Dr R 1 h
· Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Frank, R. No. 1, Box 54-A, Gurnee, Ill. Wayne T. Cottingham, 3441 78th St., Jackson Heights. L.I., N.Y. t' ig
` Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Worthington, R. No. 2, Box 160B, Ros- L. C. Davidson. 322 Winding Way, Merion Station. Pa. J gnwagli
well, N. M. Clyde Bland, 135 Romany Rd., Lexington, Ky. °0f`T t
, · J. P. Anderson, R. No. 1, Flemingsburg, Ky. Miss Jean Miller, 226 \V. 2nd St., Lexington, Ky. L ms gust
' Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W. Tapp, 3278 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Gordon E. Wall, 3281 E. 12th Ave., Columbus, Ohio NOW Nixi
· . Calif. Heber H. Rice, 3807 Taylor St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. °{In,;mE[§
` Mrs. W. A. Fitzgerald, 229 W. Main, Frankfort, Ky. J. Kern Hamilton, 23961 Polomar Road, Hayward, Calif. Mm, uerité
Dr. Clarence Deweese. 200 South Hanover, Lexington, Ky. George H. Paine, Jr., 446 Ludlow Highway, Ludlow, Ky. ington U
Sam Huey. Jr., 307 S. Hanover, Lexington, Ky. Margaret Stephens, Independence, Ky. H D Palm
Frank L. Marx, Apartado 1494, Mexico. D. F. Harry Wright, 3rd, 111 N. Drexel Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio 'orél, )
Irvin Goldstein. 1072 W. 35th Ave., Vancouver 13, B. C. Canada W. S. Duty. Jr., 327 S. Maple St., Winchester, Ky. Dx. Ggm, (
-. Alfred P. Shire, 8128 Milredge, Houston 17, Texas Ann Herndon. 465th Air Base Group, APO 253, N. Y. tim (L5,
, Dr. S. C. Ferguson, 1314 19th Ave., Meridian, Miss. R. L. Tuthill, 4 Myra Ave., Riverside, R. 1. senin,. Cl,
` Sidney Halperen, 1602 Union St., Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Charles W. Phillips, RFD No. 6, Franklin, Ky. William;
» J. L. Goldschmeding, Jr., 1355 Washington Lane, Rydal, Pa. J. C. Ray. Berea, Ky. Junior C1
. R. H. Rankin, 30 Montclair Dr., Rochester 17, N. Y. Lt. Paul E. Chism, 3928th Air Base Group (SAC), APO 237, Gm, Pa
‘ David W. Harp, 5607 Riviera Dr., Coral Gables 46, Fla. New York, N. Y. ’
1 Jack D. McNamer, 56 Colorado Ave., Highland Park 3, Mich. William F. Hart, 4304 Oak St., Kansas City 11, Mo. .
~ W. F. Raymer, 413 Walker Road. West Orange, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil P. Sanders, 631 Tuxedo Ave., Deland, Fla. Mrs. Ham
_ James A. Moore. 2001 Fidelity-Philadelphia Trut Bldg., Phila- H. H. Grooms, 2624 Aberdeen Road. Birmingham, Ala. Lexingtc
; delphia 9. Pa. John B. Trice, 1711 Broad St., Hopkinsville, Ky. James B.
‘ Stephen A. Rapier, 6 Halsey Pl., So. Orange, N. J. Elizabeth B. Runsdorf, 510 Elmwood Ave., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. Edward B
I ` J. L. Keffer. 5 De Kalb Place, Morristown, N. J. Frances C. Stamper, Littcarr, Ky. fort
J. W. Atkins, Liggett, Ky. James W. Colpitts, 4441 Greenwich Pkwy. N. W., Washington Paul G. E
: Columbus Floyd, 632 Sunset View Dr., Akron 20. Ohio 7. D. C. Ashland
A. N. Whitlock, 1395 Lakewood Dr., Lexington, Ky. J. Carlisle Myers, Jr., 1211 Richmond Rd., Lexington, Ky. J· David I
Mabel L. Warnecke, USOM-APO 928, c,·‘o Postmaster, San H. B. McGregor, 878 Angliana Ave., Lexington, Ky, William G
, Francisco. Calif. Gcncvieve W. Baxter and Wm. E. Baxter, 424 Kingsway Dr., J- Ray JE!
i John P. Malone. 1542 Clovernoll Dr., Cincinnati 31, Ohio Lexington, Ky. T. H. Harc
L H. L. Thomson, 40-35 Ithaca St., Elmhurst, N. Y. A. E. Wal
1 Adair Cot
I Allen Cot
E Anderson
, burg
. ' S- i

 .., A {
Ly 7718 KQHtuCky AIUIHHMS {  
lI1V€l`-   [ ,
Ballard C0unty—Mrs. Shirley Williamson, Mason County-—William D Calvert Ma sville
The Kentucky Alumnus Wi¢kliff€ Meade C0unty—William Henry Alien y ` ’
_ . . Barren Cqunty—Basil Preston, Glasgow Brandenburg ' j
KP‘¥a1g;}§°‘?Jnql;;gt°g;g1p?l}é g2€tbI`;n{}]:{`i;_3;,t(;,f Bath County—George Gibson, Owingsville Menifee C0unty—Fairel C. Bailey, Frenchburg   i
ter]?. xington Subscriptions to non-members, Bell C0unty—R. H. Barker, Pineville Mercer County—Mrs. Aimee Alexander, 653
$20; Membership (Type A) in the Alumni Bourbon County—Basi1 Hayden, Paris Park Place, Harrodsburg l I
· . . . . . Boyd County—Francis Martin Gute, The Monroe County——Justus L. Ellis Tom kins- » 2
_ 1 Association includes subscription to the Mavo Arcade Ashland vme . p Z
m tw A1um"  Bogie C¢BmiyEJames M. Norvell, Green Montgomery County—Mrs. Rezin c. Howell, 1
- . 1 . .1 A . . ’ cres anvi e , Sycamore St., Mt. Sterling .
lfglllg M§¥2:$:l`ck(;f lgigggla Agggizlgin Sizggigzzz Bxgckeln Qgunty-—M1ss Lillian Hixson, %0Il;‘gB¤bC¤¤¤ty—E8f1 Kinner, West Liberty
_ . . ’ rco sv1 e l u len erg County—Ra1ph "Babe" W 'ght, -
)y‘l1ty· Alumm C°un°l1' Brsckmridge C0unty—F1-ed Peters, Hardins- Box 254, Greenville H i
‘. S Cl M tt t th P t urg Nelson County—Beamis Samuels, Bardstown 1 .
u thm Ogxxegidsgxijggglq K;jsM£, if ?95z, Elms;. Caldwell County—Wi1liam McConnell, Prince- Nicholas C0unty—Miss Marie Flora, Carlisle -
PH; thlS the act of Aug. 24. 1912. Edited by the Alum- C tm? _ _ Ohm C0unty—Whayne Priest, Hartfgpd {
_ ,1, Association Cgililf: ggS;)i:y—§al§hvlBd1ilngtonI&Arli1rl%t;in gy;/{enCC0ul¤ty?E. G.v$rav%lor, Nelxév Lilnerty `
  y- . . a ace, y. iiies 1 e oun y-— ames , ine, Pi ‘1 -
art Oi Helen G_ King __,__,____,_,,______,, __ Editor C°·· C¤YY0Ut0¤ Powell County—Ralph B. Conleeegiaston    
G_ Lee Mcclam ____________ Managing Editor Casey County——George Noble, Liberty Pulaski County—John Prather, Box 106, * 1
Marguerite McLaughlin ,,__ Associate Editor ClU'\j·0{`* C0U¤ty—·Ch81‘l€S Lutfrell, Albany Somerset ,
Anne Wiemam, _______ Vital Statistics Educ,. Christian County—John Trice, Hopkinsville Robertson County—Ray N. Dryden, Mt. Olivet J ~
  Clark C`?/u¤t1i'l—W. S. Duty, Jr., 327 Maple Rockcastle County-—Rudo1ph Burdett, Rent;-0 l '
ve., inc ester Valley
1954-55 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Clay County--Carl Stinson, Manchester Russell C0unty—Othella Gaskins, Russell ,
Homer L. Baker, President, Louisville Ce- C1l¤t01”1 C011¤iyJChar1es l.uttrel1,,A1bany , Springs y
ment Coq Sol S_ Sooond_ Louisville Crittenden County—Louis_D. Chipps, Marion Scott C0unty—J. C. McKnight, Georgetown ·
lr ASh_ will Ed Covlngtom vice president, 2655 VlI·_ Cumberland County—Leshe McComas, Shelby C0unty—French Smoot, Shelbyville ,
‘ · glnla Avon Ashland Bilrkesville Simpson County—Wo0dr0w Coots, Franklin l
md Helen G_ Klng, Executive Secretary, 522 Daviess County—J. E. Abell, 1321 Claranette Spencer C0unty—Haro1d Love. Taylcrsville
‘ Say,-o Aveq Lexington Cf., Apt. 2. Owensboro_ Taylor County-—Harry R. Smith, Campbells-
B. A. smveiy, Treasurer, Department or Ath- BSW €¤¤¤ty—Ste¤he¤ Rice, Irvine ville
lh lll letics, University of Kentucky Fayétlie C0¤¤ty—Mrs. Elmer Gilb, Paris Pike, Todd County-Logan wehb_ Guthrie
kv ' Mrs. T. Jere Beam, Council and Tatum Roads. L€>€1¤€t¤¤ _ _ TUEE C°“m·Y_T°m Masfawr Cadil .
,I,h—Ol“a_ Indian Hllls_ Louisville (Term Expires 1956) Fleming County—Dr. C. D. Blair, Flemings- Trimble C0unty—J. G. Dye, Bedford
" Robert H. gninnmeyer, Hillenmeyer Nur- burg · _ U¤1¤¤ €¤¤¤f>*—Wi11 T¤mWaiI1€¤.M0rza¤fi€ld I ;
KX, series, Lexington (Term expires 1956) Fl0Yd C¤\1¤fy—-Robert Allen, Wheelwright Warren County—Norman Lewis, Royal Music
  J_ Carlisle Myers, _·h·__ 1211 Richmond Roach Franklin County—August Luscher, Jr., c/o Store, 10th St., Bowling Green I V
Loxln ton (Torn-, ox n-os lg56 Schenley Distillers, Inc., Frankfort Washington County-—Charles J. Haydon, ¤
S p >
Richard E_ Cooper, Somerset (Tel-m Expires Fulton County—Dr. Ward Bushart, Bushart Springfield
1957) Clinic, Fulton Webster County—Harold Trader, Providence
Ho,-noon J_ EyanS_ plnoylllo (Term expires Garrard County—Miss Iona Montgomery. Whitley C0unty—Sam Cannon, Corbin
· . 1957) Lancaster Wolfe County—Everett Miller, Campton `
Ohlo Gerald GrifHn'   (Term expires   Graves CQuht}'—-William Parham, Mayfield \VO0dfOI`d COuY°lty·—JOhl"I     JI`-,  
Us Ind wiiham H_ Townsend Fl;-St National Bank Hancock County—Harry Black, Hawesville Versailles , g
’ ‘ Bldg., Lexington (Term expires 1958) Harem C¤¤¤ty—R¤bert McNamara.   l {
Fla R. R. Dawson, Bloomfield (Term expires E1¤¤¤b¤tM¤w¤ _ { l
;»_ · 1958) Harlan county-John crosmwaize, Jr. Atlanta. Ga.—James C. Downing. 1711 r 1
`)' William P. Curlin, Frankfort (Term expires B°?‘ 589 4 _ .BaY"°Sda*9 Way· N·E·   ¥
1958) Harrison County-—W11l1am Renaker, Route Blgmlnghiivlmr AIQTZTM. Thomas Brooks, · {
Dr. Ral ii A 1 ·, 109 E 1 ri , L · - No- 1. Cynthiana Y°W¤· MX S- <
*1** N·Y· ton tgqardngg \';'$·'3gte€S) sp ana E exmg Hart County—R. W. Poynter, Horse Cave Charleston. W. Va.—Robert Bleidt, 514 22nd { i
" J‘ €·$"“"‘“s· *5* E· "“g*‘· L“‘“g‘°“ ‘B°*"d H°“%E?°“ °‘f“‘££yTr“"‘“ E‘““g‘ G1‘°‘*“‘°’ G?r‘r1r'?“é`Fi§rWrrVi4r. rr vrg rr 3700 I
0 rustees) all Oufna , eh erson 11 na j I1 . l ' e 1*,
Louis Cox, Frankfort (Board of Trustees) Hfmry C0‘·mtY_O· L- McEh`0Y· Emmence Qzmter Ave" Manemonti Cmcmnatl 27 I
N, W. Nag], City Enginool-·S ggnco, Henderson Hickman County—Jack Newton, Clinton Ch1¤¤S0r Ul-—P- V· Kéatmgr 1315 N01‘th ,
Hf (Immediate past pre5idgnt) Hopkins County-Mrs. Moss Patterson, Eari- Branch St., _Oak Park. lll.
  Marguerite McLaughlin, 226 E_ Maxwell, Lex_ mgton Cleveland, Oh1o—R0bert McDowell, 3203 W. i
* ington [Life member` honorary) Jefferson County—Claude Sprowls, 229 Cum- 71st Sl- _
:,,,,,0 H-D.Pa1more, Frankfort (Life member, hon- berland Ave., Louisville 14 Dallas, TGXHS-—Ch€S¥·€¤‘ C- YGUHE. 2921 Falf-
orary) Jessamine C0unty——W1lson Routt, Nicholas- mont _ _ .
Dr. George Wilson, 200 N. Upper St., Lexing- ville Daymn Oh1°T"MrS· Wmsmn Blyth€· 120 *
· ton (Life membaiy honorary) Johnson County-Mrs. Alpharetta Archer, Marston DFIVB
$€¤10l‘_ Class Representative, James Levin, P¤1¤T·5V1U€ Detroit, Mich.—Bruce Mumford, 1870 E. Maple
J Wi11ia%ibu;—g Knoll County-Barnard McKeehan, Barbour- Road, Bipmingham_ Mic};
\1¤101‘ ass Representaf e, H1 V Vi 9 ‘ -
`PO 237, Gm), Paris Pike, Lexmél/on e en ance Knott COumy_C,aud€ Fmdy, Principal, Milind, Texas H. J. Rucker, 207 E. Maple
Hindrnan High School _ ‘ _
I APPOINTIVE MEMBERS Lame (;onnty_stanloy A_ Hagar-_ Hodgon- Middle Tennessee—Robert T. Hanna, Trimble
BNC]. FN-   Hampton C. Adams, Old Keen Plage, ville Road, Nashville, TEDTA.
*· °"“‘g °¤ 1 t -0. w. G in , L d r . - -
7 James B. Arrrr. Box rrr, wrrrrrrrrrr £2,‘L?;..§E.°‘&%.¥..,-G.rrr£‘R.“Brr2‘ér£"r.rrrrr N‘$...3r'$$?§2§;. ]i5`rrv$°°’g° E" ’°“°s‘ ‘°"”
30. N. X- Eizvlifd Bennett, Schenley Distillers, Frank- Lag Cgunty—Dr. Clarence Combs, Beattyville New York C,,_y__Wah€r N Flippin J,. C/0
. Ll`C t-—D Ad ,Hd - , · ' ’-"
rrhrrrgirrr Paul cr. Blazer. Jr., zm Cumberland Arr,. rfiicfer ‘é`f,’l.,§y-§Y"Errny§`Y°€virrr$”sr§Z}r C“"‘°"‘·? TMS 0*1 C°· ud-- 55* Fm ’“’°·
J ighliéldla I V Lewis CO,_mty_Charl€S stnggs_ vanceburg Philadelphia, Pa.—Palmer D. Evans, 971 Hunt
KY- v,)_,,?V 1‘¤¤¤1S. Bovg/ling Green Unwin county-Truman Taylor, Waynesburg Mad- N¤-t<>w¤ $q~· Pa-
, J 1REm GBM. Masonic Bldg., Owensboro Lqgan County-Granville Clark, Russellville Washington. D. C.—Clyde Harrison, 3520 Van
Way D1-- T- H   giglzélbellltowlxl t 1 L _ t Lyon county-J. Phillirp Glenn, Kuttawn Ness St.. N.W.
' ' · en uc um 0 €» Gxmg On McCracken County-Jo n Blackburn. Citizens - - _ · .
A· E- Walker, Box 308, Mt, Starling _ Savmgs Bank Bldg., Paducah \VlIl(l£¤;¤;0xvg’l/. Va. C. R. Wilson, Jr., 109 I
CLUB PRESIDENT-S McCreary County—C. W. Hume, Stearns
Adair Qounty_Ea,.l Huddleston Columbia MCLGZID County—Ch¤Pl€S GY=}l·t0Y`* Sncralllellto Executive Committee meets second Monday
Allen County-John Pgdigo, Séottgvllle M¤EPm¤ Count-Y_L“th€*` R‘C€· S¤1v¤r¤v¤¤*= night of each month. September through
A¤d€¤'50¤ County—Wa1te;· Patrick, Lawrence- Marlon C°u“'·y_Pa“l OW°“s· L°bm"°“ May, 6:30 p.m.. Colonial Room, Lafayette I
burg Marshall County-—J. Homer Miller, Benton Hotel. Lexington

 l- .
even Classes Wl Reune On May 26  
Week-End Finals Tickets for the banquetavilll be avail-    
able at registration, but it-is urgently 129 Graduate T O  
Prngrqm Scheduled requested that you send in your re-  
S€l`\'21[l01'lS for both the brunch and the Speak   Banquet  in
Thlfl€€ll €l€lS5€$- h€¥ld€d bl' llle Gold` dinner as early as possible so that the  it
en jubilee Class of 1906, have been nnlnngenlnnt wm knnn. how many to     W
1 called back to the campus for 1`€lllll0ll$ prepare for. The brunch will be bullet   ii  ,    
` · 011 Skllllfdfl)'. MAY 26- Olh€l` §lO‘~lP$ style and each person will pay for his  "   l    
i called buck are l9?>l. l0l` llS 25lll l`€· lunch at the end of the buffet line.   .   e-=‘  •  
V its lam, ana 1902, 1917, *18, *19 and   __  »i»· . gr
l ’20; and 1937, ’38, ’39 and ’¢l0. Dr-     Pryor: 991    _,__ I  _A     `_ii  
g '1`h(j l)l‘Ogl`Zl111 \\’lll Open OH S2lUll`d?lY             1 ‘;i
` mol-ning with registration from l0 21.m. _  ‘ £;".m. in the l> all Ol ill
1.   imll:3?v;§;:lO3;\Ss Purtics haw been nic and was in charge ol it for seven room of the Student Union. bOYd;llld
y ,,1....,..at ...—   H. .... sa ol as TC .i.. ion   . , . ML Em ls ssmel m=·¤t·s~ lm; f· _
Classes, to bc held Sumfdny night HHH ( He~was born in Palmyra, Mo.. April Ecton Supply C0., Lexington. S h Elm?
, _ the ¤,.....,..a or on s.....nv. Details ol 5; l8=>l>~ =l em Ol the l=ll<=J<2S¢1>ll ll’ll· ———~‘”*"’ ° °°e A
f 1 . these class parties will be furnished l"‘“‘ ff‘l‘lHh`_""3“HFNEEY B’**l€>’ EYYOL DY- lilllll was tl¤€_¤¤tl¤_<>r Olguu  
V * I all registrants when they check ill Sat-   PPM lst   “°‘“€' ai [hai   mYm ous articles on Cl2lSSli;l(j2l[l()ll ol l1n‘K€nmCk\
, - nl-dn}. ,n(nning_ ·Ullm*‘l} ·m()[h€“ dl Sl- Pdll S Col and made many contributions ol fm I »
‘ ll;.r»a.1aum.te sa~v·it¤es are set lor ‘“g°: "‘3“‘ lll l‘*l“‘>"‘“· He “T’°°“'?‘l ll'? llslss te the Am€¤·l¢=¤¤ .l<>¤l¤=¤l Us Qi
. lour p.m. Sunday afternoon, May 27. M`_D` lwglicc flew llc Umvclislty Ol ·‘\ll?llOlllY lllld llll? ·"\lll€lll`illl ]0lll`lll l il
` V at Memorial Coliseum. to be followed Eiilsggliiilglgjglsiimr which hc begun ·'\“lhl`0l’0lOgY· iggaiifls
l bv a baccalaureate tea in the Ball O 7 ni I ‘i‘` i1" l·l€ was listed in l‘Vho`s \\'ll¤· ( Y`
A E Rinmn nr the Student UngOn_ nt which l)r. Pryor came to Lexington in 1890 America, \\l’ho's lll/ho in ,-\l11e1._lbE;_r{n§
. members ny the Student Union Bonn] and began teaching at the University. Medicine, the \~\’ho’s \\lho ol .-\11L1)aci6:: S
_ will be hosts. l·le was tt member ol the American lull AUlll0l`$· \'Vll0’$ lVl10 Alll one drum
Q Monday morning, May 28, at ten Association ol Anatomy, American As- ·*\lll€l`l€illl l)ll)'$l€l of lllcl and El nx-
- Year class will sit together in a special Medical Association, Mississippi Valley l)l`€$b)’l€l`l?lll (llllll`<7ll· ¥llll A; the
.   section at commencement, and will he Medical Association. Kentucky Medical ‘~ll€ S€$$lOll- (ll Wllllll ll? WHS lllll tive com
  called to the commencement platform Association, the AAAS, Sigma Xi, sci- lllc lllllllg €l(l€l`$· tees, th;]
  by the president of the Alumni As- entihc lraterllity, liappa Alpha and HC l$ $lll"l"€(l lll lll$ ll'lll?· llaborato;
  _ sociation, to receive their I-lalf-Century Beta Theta Pi social fraternities, and Klclllllll Hllllffllili l)l`Yroved tl1e ni records system has taken place: free 1
.   ;<._. OF CHRIST CHURCH _ _ ll ,_ _ _ ~ _ 1
  The Reverend Robert XV. ESUUV ,49V change of title of Miss Helen G. krng, nrembershrps to graduatrng seniors 1 1
.·-,   · · · __ executive secretary of tl1e Alumni As- have been granted by the Board of ¤
_; ..».·- ;;r.·a~nat1ve of Lexington, and llIl[1l last _ _ · _ _ 1
  rector Of Mt Marys Episeepel socratron for the past nine years, to Trustees. and a system of senior class
  ·i·'·   - ` , , Director of Alumni Affairs. She was elections has been established ir1 each
      church at Mrddlesboro, ky., has ac- _ _ __ _ _ _
n eepted the eeu ee rector Of Christ given the responsibility of co-ord1nat- college of the University. ,
. . . . ' ` . ` ‘ . A h ' ·. ` 1.. I 1 ¤
Church In Lexmgtem hls home Pemshe mg the entire alumni program V e not er rnnoy ation 1"rs seen tre
1 U The Reverend Mr Estiu who ie 98 Beazley, born rn Lancaster, ky., rn Half—Century Club awards given each
time O . · ’ · 1921, was graduated from the Univer- year at commencement to members of
, m Ag}-H years old, rs tl1e Hrst rector of Christ _ _ _ I _ _ . 1
- srtv 1n 1943 w1tlr an A.B. degree. Fol- the ;>0—year class; rnauguratron of a y
[ the mm Church to be born and reared in the I _ _ _ _ · 1
- · lowmg hrs graduation 11e served for spring sports banquet each May under ,
qd Smmyparrsh. He was baptized, confirmed _ _ , _ I
‘_ · -_ one year as an instructor rn the Uk tl1e sponsorship of tl1e Fayette County , ,
m the 1, and ordained there, he was also a chon D e Pl V _ I El t_ el _ C1 I _ 1 el _ A nl f M I 1 1
ne boy and eeolyte et the Church ee e epartment o rysrca ceuca ron. . umm rr 1, ant rerexna o . ma `
_ youth From 1945 through 19:10, Beazley Magna Mater, zr group of students who 1 1
gmmagcl A fermer Student it Episcopal High was employed as a special and local in- are sons and daughters ol` former UK 1 f
OH. ‘ o _ __ _ — _ _ · _
Sch00lV Alexandrim Vee he was ered surance agent, and rn 3951 heDbeca1Ec students. i y
)1_ O[ me uated from Kayanaugh High School in ;?i€°u1;\€ $5%*****1 0 tif damn 6 1
ee 0[ he Lawrenceburg and the University of "Hml 6; O _fO}nm€rCi‘_ tc _ Isl: HF JOHN RICE ENTERS 1
mem ei Kentucky, and holds the B.D. degree Scplcc Ui_I)OS1U(?l;lHS];1r€s01\OClOm` FAMILY LAW FIRM 1
` from the liiisco >al Theolo ical Semi- ISL Promo Km O1 le. Cn uc'}, Um? . . Q
.I<>¤¤‘¤=¤l nary qt C,uLb1,i(1g€ MHS gfhe mcmr ber of Commerce, wlrrch he held until The law Erm of Rice and Rice re- 1
1 ourrn ‘ ”_ _ ’ “_`° ‘ . — ~, ‘ 1 — . ,_ .. I M _- I *
1 J entered hle dleeenete m June 1952 February of [lllSVy€2ll. f E 1 1V rent1y ·1nnoy1ntcli1 tbertetlregre scfrrlerrergl ,
. . r ` ` ` *`. . (". J., 1. r `— 1
VV W1 and was Ordamed m Febmmy 1953. The neu posrtroneo uenc cnector, notrcr jeorn _ e 1 e V e V
3* l" During \,\;Ol.ld X/Ver H he Served established by the Lxecutrye Cornnnt- socrated lnmsell wrth the hrnr lor the
ll ·A“lCl`· aboard a d€Sn.0y€1_ in the exehtic end tee of the Alumni Association with the general practice of law.
*9 Ol *\“; pacific th { H · .- il approval of tl1e Board of Trustees, will The new Erm will be known as Rice.
7 e\ ea ers. e rs marrrec and has _ _ _ ._ . _ . _ v_ _
H10 ·‘“ one daughter {WO ,€,u_s Old make rt possible for an enlarged an- Rice and Rite. john Rrcc was grad-
ld $1113*  nual giving program to be carried on uated from the University of Kentucky
, ilml ·\“* Doctor Pryor by tl1e Association with Beazley COI]- in   majoreing i11·l’oI1Vt1c:rll Scrgrrce.
(Continued from Page 4) centratrng onV greatly increased finarr- He re prcsc1rtyVese1.\1nge nr tre . ..
T of Util and a number gf nigcgs {md nephe“·S_ cral contributions from Uk alumni. .-\1rV Force at \'\`1(`1lll1l l· all. T exas, as
H mC1“’“ At the March meeting of the execu· The executive co1111nittee of tl1e Asslsmm .l“dg€ Ad"°"i‘*C·
? WM "“‘ tive committee of UK’s Board of Trus- Board of Trustees also entered into a " I
tees, that bodt ofhciall named tl1e contract with the Alumni Association Mary Pat Kent, ’43. of Shelbyville,
.V V.l._ 1 _ _} Y _ I
I5 lll ('_` iylaboratorlcs In [1lC (l€l)2]_`[`[]]]CI'][ of \\'hCl`€by {111 (1OIl2lLlOI]S of 1:lI]](lS O1` IRIS l`€CCl1[l}' been llI1lll€(l youth S€€l`c‘
U Lexrrru anatomy and physiology in honor of property received by tl1e University tary of the Kentucky Baptist `V()l`Il2lll,S
Lge 5) DI`. PYYOI`. from or through the Association will Missionrafy Ulliim. |
__..-  1 A
LuMN—·THF KENruc1;i  ¤   T luuu‘`-` ,     .. . — .
1 Dr. Herman Lee Donovan, 14, Brat       C ,rr~.;te¤t    lite on September   1950.. I C t
alumnus—president of the University ol   — ``°, >—     ei ` }f_     _   um PmmI)[€d fh IUIUUUS Um. on
. ~ Kentucky, who has guided Alma Mater l. .    .‘¤a_-   »``_·   `lr    Clsllm by two mmlvesl Flmh the ll
= . ¤ ·  .;;*2    —`’·   `~      —·=·   Lei ‘ ` > ·' ` W ·` - ·
, through a hectic World \Var and   i  X ew    . < -   Uhh Olllresldcm Ol lh? Uhhcmll DL .l¢“h‘
ll through a great post—war expansion   ` I   l ..rfl2» i l.  =—_   ll gmslms mlls It mqlllrcs long lh Cargo- Uhm
. . . .        lie ` Y ; , ( · - —, · ,· ·
_ period, will retire as president next       I  ._ »»·  >·  -»-¤   (ll “°Us Glch (hy llhd Ohl_Y A sm sity and pi
l 5€Pt_ ]_   _,.\, Q ‘   ·i·—-   ;.» , _ :~ =  n1an has the energy and drive to H;. and (guma
  —~°`      Q [    - · ‘ ‘ . ,
In a letter to Governor Albert B.     [hc sU‘Uh· The Presldcht musi book publ
Chandler and the members of the Uni-  gg   ‘"     li l    lhchhlhll dhlrh hs lhhsl have the * the Ahllll
· — · i?t,}Q*—€"` l°ll" ~‘ · . -· ¤’·‘l`l     l 2 2 ` ` Z ` ' '
F versity Board ol Trustees in quarterly   ,   “’h_l° l)llh_ lhd °X€°h[€_ llihgrllllh f¤¤ hl
ll session on April 3, President Donovan   I `--    l"‘U€h*€ Ol .l"h· the “U‘lltY U) ll H<>U$€ UU `
i -  ` ¢ <<§f"` :  1 * ` ‘ l ; 1 ' ` " ’
  made the request which was granted, i   U“°hhg· lhhlluhg llhhlp C' lh_ll· Uoh Ul hh
l accompanied by a resolution of regret_   sl’€€°h€s· _“'UUhg UUC €s· TCMSIZ Dr. (iar
4 rr The resolution Said in Pam MTU your . pressirres frem many sourreer, trail check to 1
l il President Donovan and to your ever-   must lslvc llc wllmgc lll gu (lll Uhs l’hYP(’
1   faithful, loyal helpmate, Mrs. Dono-  -t lllllilersltyrilédlhsl All °sl(l°_wllslh_ll" Uhh lslhc
A van, we express in simple and sincere _ , ‘ Q` . lllg lm ‘l gl? Cdn l?mlm‘lm mrlllll
f words appreciation on behalf of the Dr H L Donovan llllh Hs must lslve {li heme Ani lll    
  Board of Trustees, the University of ` ' ' U}“Yll0 Ulcgghléclhhc hie gm? °"—  
r Kentucky, and on behalf of all citizens _ 7 _ SC llllenkfl Che   d {lcd ll? ll    
§ or Our great eerrrrrrrmweerlth whom you mittee. \’\~ hen those l0 are ceitified age is ta mg its to an rno Oil; ___A    
 · . . · . ,· 1 · ,·,  .    
,   have served so rtuthrurry and Wcrr,. to the Got ernor, he will name three have the energy I once hat. My l rv.  
l` In hi; Change Of work qssighment ol the ten to serve with the three alty and devotion to my Alma M1 If 
r Dr. Donovan will be president emeri- hhmd memllcls as sl_COmmlll€€_Ol Slx lllll rlllll llclllllalrllle lll clglsl. lllOllgI    
L tus and professor of history of educa- llhssrsleh <¤¤