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Do you realize that a City Directory D
advertisement is a testimonial to the per-
· manency, the stability, of the advertiser?
r i That°s the sort of concern all of us want to patronize,
because we know when they sell us merchandise they are
behind it in every way, today, tomorrow, and for the years
to come.
_ “Fb:·by·night, ” 'Ylre-sale”and other temporary or
» “get·rich·quick” concems rarely appear in the City Direc-
And it is a noteworthy fact that the concerns which advertise one
y€&f lh lZl'1€ city dlICClOl’y BTC tl'l€l’C again I'lCXt yC8r•   of Clll'CClOly {
advertising is renewed.  
Directory advertising, is prolitable. In connection with the class-  _
rlied business headings it is doubly effective.  y'
May we explain how and why it will pay you?  
The Publishers of this Directory