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Advisers Honored With Freed ma n Awa rds
Abby Hollander and Larry Grabau were honored as recipi- K ’ » `    
ents ofthe 2009 Ken Freedman Outstanding Advisor Award.  
Hollander and Grabau have been described by their students ·   ` V  
and colleagues as advisers who “go beyond expectation” and =- i ` { , l _ "  
“give renewed energy” to help students reach their goals. e. Eg   2* ...5.a A _  
Hollander is undergraduate adviser for Spanish and interna-   _     It “  
tional studies in the UK College ofArts and Sciences and re- L ( ‘ _ V   ``=· i V;   T  
ceived the award for outstanding professional adviser. Grabau,     .{_  gig;      
a UK faculty member since 1984, received the award for out-     K     `‘`‘    
standing faculty adviser. He currently serves as the director of     J s . l"l@ T.,_ . gl
undergraduate studies in the Department of Plant and Soil  T     E
Sciences in the College of Agriculture.   Yi » `     i.~AV     E
The awards are sponsored by the UK Advising Network and   rx     2:*%; l §
the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Educa- `\ ”°,_      
tion and are named in honor of Ken Freedman, who served as ` l   ·`   E
21 pr0f€SSi0H&l advisér at UK for 15 yéars. Larry Grabau and Abby Hollander are outstanding advisors.
Grad Students Get Professor Wilkinson Honored
Social Networking Site By State Commission
The UK Graduate School is one ofthe Hrst members of Grad- UK sociology professor Doris Wilkinson has been honored as
Share, a social networking community for graduate students. Grad- one of the state’s most outstanding women by the Kentucky
Share allows graduate students across the country to interact with Commission on Women. Her portrait will join the paintings of
each other — asking questions, crowd-sourcing advice and seeking other women who have been recognized for their lifetime
support from their peers. Participants share tips about everything achievements in the Kentucky Women Remembered exhibit at
from research to teaching to how to live on a graduate student the state Capitol.
stipend (one answer: “Never pass up free food!”). In 1957 Wilkinson was the first African-American student to
The Web site also features articles by veteran academics and admin- graduate from UK. Wilkinson became the first full-time
istrators, who offer advice on academic work as well as on maintaining African-American female faculty member at UK in 1967. She
a healthy approach to work-life stress while in graduate school. was the founder and first director of Black Studies, renaming it
the African-American Studies and Research Program. She cre-
U K       ated the African-American Heritage Trail in Lexington and
The UK TObaCCO_FrCC Campus Initiative takes effect NOV, 19) founded the Forum for Black Faculty, the Carter G. Woodson
coinciding with the American Cancer Socictyss Great American Lecture Series and the Black Women s Conference. In 1989 she
Smokcout was inducted into the UK Alumni Association Hall of Distin-
. . . . ' h d Alumni.
The policy prohibits the use of all tobacco products on campus (cig- gms C
arettes, chew, pipes, cigars, snuff etc.) and has been in effect at the UK
Medical Center and all UK HealthCare-owned facilities within _ _ _ _
Fayette County Since last November, The HCWPOHCY applies to an Comprled from UK Web s|tesiUK Pulilrc Relations news reports, and
fthe conti ooo UK cam oo in Lexin oo indoors and out. Ke"r"‘k"A/"m"' "“’gaZ'"‘* Sta"'€p°'t'"g·
BICHS O gu P g[ ,
Approximately 250 other US. colleges and universities have
tobacco-free policies in place for the entire campus.
Patterson School Program In Top 20 Worldwide
The UK Patterson School of Diplomacy and lnternational College ofWilliam and Mary. Among U.S. programs, the Pat-
Commerce has been ranked among the world’s best 25 mas- terson School ranked 16th.
ter’s degree programs in international affairs. The rankings This year the Patterson School will celebrate its 50th an-
were the result of an extensive survey of international rela- niversary. The school prepares students for careers in govern-
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[TIC 'TTICOIY 211ICl Practice of TII[C[II21[1OII21l RClH[1OIIS at [TIC OIg2111iZ;1tiO11S, 211ICl [TIC private sector.
)) 6 Summer 2009